-A continuation of chapter 1 with the story picking up right where we last saw the operator. This chapter focuses more on the Tenno and the Grineer gunner than anything else. If you are wondering about the plot, then don't because there is like five percent of that mentioned here. If you want more then please wait for chapter 3 where it will hopefully be covered. Enjoy!

-As of 05/29/17 This chapter has been altered slightly once again! I just wasn't pleased some minor details, so hopefully this will be the final revise.

Chapter 2: Now we finish this business, once and for all!

The Grineer ship, The Vur'ka, has now become completely enveloped by the Infestation as its occupants have abandoned all attempts to preserve the vessel. In a storage room not too far from the hangar bay labeled Sector 3, the operator remains hidden and still bound. There is nothing quite unsettling as the fear of being cornered with no way to resist or run. His eyes travel the small storage room, but the single bulb overhead does not illuminate much. The sounds just beyond the door, the gunfire, the screams and overall grim ambience of the Grineer ship, leaves him with an uneasy feeling of dread. In his fetal position on the ground, he can only think of what might happen when the gunner returns. She seemed ready to pulverize him before, but surprisingly she became reasonable at the last second. That is, letting the little Tenno continue to exist.

Before he can regret the choice he made in staying put, the door turns green as it opens up. The operator shifts himself to his feet, but is stopped by a putrid smell of decaying flesh. He does nothing but stare directly at the ground and listens to the sound of the wriggling mass. Standing in front of him with its maw agape is large Brood mother, with maggots crawling in and out of the grotesque creature. He throws himself into a corner as he kicks and yells frantically for the monstrosity not to come closer. The Infested beast lumbers awkwardly towards its prey, spewing its maggots all over the floor as it emits a low gurgling noise. It's one large arm grabs the boy's face, lifting him off the ground. A multitude of eyes stare directly at the operator as a voice begins to burrow through the deepest crevices of his mind.

"We have them..."

"We have you..."

"We have her..."

"We will have all of you..."

The creature's mouth clamps down onto the boy's upper torso, head first. It slowly begins to swallow him whole until another loud roar is heard. A thick splatter of blood and other fluids fill the room as the Brood Mother lets out a cry. The creature's throat is tearing in two, its entire body is ripped apart. A robotic arm reaches into the beast and hauls the operator out of the wretched corpse. As he is pulled from the darkness and into the light, he sees his savior.

"Y-you... you came back for me?" Says the out of breath Tenno.

"Of course I came back you runt. I do not exactly have many options, now do I?" The Grineer says. She straps the canister to her back and prepares to untie him when the doors in the corridor behind them open abruptly. A platoon of Grineer consisting of lancers, troopers, bombards and ballistas appear with their weapons raised. One of the bombards steps forward to point his Orgis right at the heavy gunner.

"Look brethren, she aids the Tenno in his escape! Kill the traitor!" The platoon commences firing as the gunner, still lacking any form of armor, makes a hasty retreat with the boy. The two head right for Sector 3, with the female Grineer bashing and dashing her way through the various ongoing firefights between Grineer and Infested. As the gunner dodges the fray, a strange muffled cry begins to catch her attention. She stops and looks frantically around, until she realizes the sound is originating from the operator. It did not occur to her as she ran that she was pressing him tightly against her bosom. With only a thin layer of fiber and cloth separating the two, her one massive melon was completely smothering the little Tenno. As she pulls his face upwards, he gasps for air desperately.

She warns him about his inappropriate behavior, that the consequences will be most severe. The boy agrees with several quick and terrified nods as they reach the wide blast doors to the hangar bay of Sector 3. The doors creak open as hundreds of Infested turn their attention to the duo. There is no way around and no time left to look for alternatives as the ships engines give out. The vessel is slowly being pulled into the atmosphere of the dwarf planet.

"Curse the Void, what do we do now?" Yells the Grineer.

"I have an idea, but you're gonna to have to trust me on this ok?"

He contacts Sudo, his Cephalon, and informs the ghost of their situation.

"Oh operator, are you sure about this? What if I miss or –"

"You won't Sudo. Just do it and do it quickly." Says the boy as he motions to the Grineer gunner to proceed with the plan.

"Okay, Sudo. The operator is counting on you; I will not fail him. Not again." The Cephalon proclaims as he diverts the reserve energy from the Warframes to the ship's thrusters. The Liset proceeds to pave its way through the Infested horde as it scrapes against the metallic surface of the hangar. Then suddenly, the gunner hurdles the operator over the horde towards the ship. Sudo quickly turns sideways to launch the operator's Odonata Archwing. Catching his gear in midair, the operator thrusts back to the gunner. Picking her up was impossible and instead, she was left dangling some feet above the Infested. The two flew towards the ship, kicking and screaming all the way as the monsters closed in around them. Just before his vessel exited the hangar, they made it inside. The boy quickly emptied the new canister of fuel cells into the ship and the powerful thrusters soon propelled them away from The Vur'Ka. Behind them, the Grineer craft descends into Eris and even starts splitting down the middle. The evil that stirs in the Grineer ship grows silent, for now.

With some considerable distance gained, the Tenno's ship comes to a halt as the engines cool down. They are in neutral space that is occupied by several syndicates, but is virtually untouched by the Grineer or Corpus factions. For the moment, everything is calm as the operator addresses his new companion.

"Hey, so, I didn't even get your name the first time around-" The boy greets cautiously before Sudo interrupts.

"Operator, it is politer to introduce yourself first before asking for someone else's name."

"Oh, right! So my name's Ren, and you are?"

The gunner looks at the little Tenno and says in a condescending tone "You may call me Nisha Ver'Koom."

"And I thought Kela de Thaym was long, how about Nisha for short?"

Without responding, Nisha moves towards the short Tenno and stops only inches away from him. Ren tries his best not to look directly at her massive bust, but it soon dawns on him just how much "meatier" Nisha really is. Insulted by Ren's disposition towards her, she moves closer to the point of contact. The taller girl coerces the boy against his foundry. With no more room to back up, Ren objects to Nisha's invasion of his personal space.

"Uh? Is there s-something I can do for you?"

"No, there is not."

"Um, ok. Then c-could you back up, just a bit?" The wee one requests.

"Do not think I do not know what it is you are trying to pull. Just like back on the ship, I have not forgotten nor forgiven you for that!" The large Grineer says with unexpected hostility.

"What are you talking about?"

She shoves him to the ground. "Shut up, you little runt!"

"Hey what's your deal!" Ren yells annoyed. The female Grineer says nothing else, while staring down at him. She spins around and heads off somewhere behind his arsenal to the back of the Orbiter.

"Wow operator, HOW SMOOTH!" Taunts Sudo, who buzzes from overhead.

"What the fuck was that all about?"

"That is hard to determine operator. What part was unclear? Was it when she KNOCKED YOU ON Y-Y-YOUR A-ASS AH-AH-AHA!"

"Man I really need to get you fixed ASAP. I'm tired of your sassy remarks Sudo!" The tired Ren says with a wave of his hand. He heads to his tiny and cramped bedroom in the ship's end. It lies on the left side, where once the Infested corruption resided. He falls back on to his elongated blue mattress in the dark and he considers the day's events.

'This just keeps getting better and better. How could I let myself be captured so easily? Why did the Grineer ship's engines die suddenly, the Infested never destroy them in hopes of spreading farther. What was that voice that spoke to me, just before I was almost eaten? What did I do to Nisha to piss her off all of a sudden? She was kinda ok on the ship, but now that everything's calmed down, she's really defensive and cold. I did touch her butt and all, but it wasn't like I was planning to!'

All these thoughts plague his mind as he twists and turns, unable to find a comfortable position. He frowns in the dark while pulling the covers over himself. Ren likes to sleep in his boxers only as it gives him more free room downstairs. The boy starts to finally put his mind at ease, forgetting about everything and letting his brain wander. His eyes peel back as the light from outside his room hits his face. His door has opened, so Ren rubs his eyes and squints to adjust. It is Nisha that waits at the entrance of his room, wearing some sort of engineering jumpsuit he purchased not too long ago. Her pudgy hourglass silhouette cast a equally curvaceous shadow on the boy's bed. Her hair is now a slightly wilder looking bob cut as her eyes illuminate her face with a green glow.

The boy remains quiet while covering his chest with his blue blanket as Nisha makes her way towards the bed. She puts one knee on the mattress, then the other as she steadily crawls over to Ren. She hovers above the boy, keeping him under her arms and legs. The cold metallic hands touching his sides send goosebumps all over his skin.

She speaks in a more intimidating tone than earlier as she seems more irritated and tense."You do not even offer your guest a place to stay? Such a lack of manners you have Tenno."

"What? You pushed me to the ground and then stormed off!"

"Y-yeah, but... you molested me!"

"It was an accident! I told you like twenty times on the ship!"

"Whatever! I know you are looking for a chance to..."

"A ch-chance for what?" Ren asks, lowering the blanket.

"Huh? The way you kept trying to assert yourself over me since we met. I thought you wanted to- just be silent already! I am done speaking with you!"

Seeing as Ren's resolve will not be swayed, Nisha decides to simply lay next to him. This is where the cramped quarters of Ren's shabby little den become apparent. It is no more than a broom closet in his ship as his bed touches all three sides of the walls, excluding the entrance obviously. The only upside is that the ceiling is nicely elevated and that Ren's mattress is so unusually long that Nisha's feet do not hang off the edge. His mattress is not even a real bed, rather a bunch of comfy large cushions enveloped in several thick blankets that stack up to 4 feet off the ground. Ren finds this more cozy, especially on those frigid nights where Sudo accidentally turns off the ship's engines.

'I don't get it. If she's that worried I'll do something, why didn't she just throw me out? Why did she casually fall asleep next to me! Girls are weird.'

Now he tries to curl up facing his right against the wall, but it is useless as the voluptuous female encompasses too much of the little space available. Her massive rack is squished up against the boy's neck and head as the Grineer too faces his direction on her side. Her soft belly and thunderous thighs touch him as well, he can feel her breathing down his neck. The Tenno cannot fall asleep while so much juicy flesh is touching him, strange thoughts stir his imagination. After some time passes, he begins to ignore his lewd imagery as the fatigue of his journey finally gets to him. Unfortunately for Ren, now is around the time when Nisha rolls on top of him. He quickly comes to his senses as now the large bountiful girl is too close to ignore. Her huge breasts smother his face, suffocating the boy. His muffled cries are once again tossed aside as Nisha snores blissfully unaware. In his panic his flailing free arm impacts one of her ass cheeks, making her meaty bum quake and shake. Ren freezes cold like an enemy hit by Frost's avalanche, but to his surprise she does not react nor wake up. This realization causes his boxers to stretch as he slides the same hand over Nisha's backside once more. A sweat droplet trickles down his forehead as he contemplates the consequences of what he is about to do.

'I sh-shouldn't do this to Nisha, but oh fuck is her ass soft! Just a little grab should be fine right? Y-yeah, she won't even remember a thing!'

The boy's hand squeezes the fat rump roast before him as he frees his other hand from under her to do the same. His member swells with eagerness as the luscious female remains laying on him with her immense weight. As his meat expands, he begins playing with her rear more. Juggling the twin hills, tapping them, digging his fingers into the big buns and even lightly spanking her all entices the hormonal boy.

"Ooooooh man, this butt is just so damn sexy! It's gotta be a crime to have an ass this huge and round! I thought it was ginormous before, but this thing is beyond measuring! Oh Lotus please forgive me for going against your teachings!" The horny Tenno whispers to himself. He has been warned by Sudo to not act upon such urges in the past, because they are primal and distracting he says. Even to the point where Sudo would chastise Ren for masturbating and thus, has left the boy without release for several weeks now. He is at the breaking point of his sanity.

"Nisha and her fat ass thinks she can bully me like that after what happened today? I'll show her!"

He rubs and grinds his still hardening manhood on the girl's squishy, yet firm stomach as he roughly gropes her behind. While he punishes Nisha's butt, he notices the girl beginning to move under his grip. He stares wide eyed as she too speaks, but becomes quickly intrigued to find her talking while dreaming?

"St-stupid Tenno scoom... so weak and... mmmh! Pathetic, little runt! How d-dare you... no you c-cannot... stop it... not in m-my butt! " She whispers aloud while the boy molests her caboose.

"Oh yeah? Well maybe I will stick it to this fat ass!" Ren whispers back as if expecting a coherent response. He cannot resist the urge to touch his own body any longer and scurries out from underneath the girl. In the pitch black room, he removes his boxers next to his slumbering guest to reveal his erect shaft. His cock at full power is a behemoth for someone as small as he. Its girth is thick like his forearm and it goes well above a foot in length. His amazon slayer throbs for attention as he peels the foreskin back slightly, but not fully. His fat dick's weight gives it a curve downwards when not held as his large sperm tanks dangle underneath it. Placing both hands on his meat, he starts to beat himself off with a great fury! His hands run forward and back on his Wukong staff, jerking himself off right above Nisha. He sits with his knees bent next to her as he can now somewhat make out the outline of her posterior in the darkness. Ren moans silently as he continues his mischievous and horny deed within close proximity to the girl.

She unexpectedly shifts again onto her back, one of her arms catching his thigh causes him to move forward suddenly. Ren stiffens as he begins tightening his abs while leaning in. The tip of his cock is being kissed by Nisha's plump lips. Forgetting about the obvious danger, he cautiously rubs his meaty glans all over her soft mouth. He sighs, letting out small gasps as he uses the girl's lips for his own enjoyment. His testicles are filled to burst and the aching pain is too much to bare any longer. Unfortunately he is thrown off Nisha as she moves again, this time facing the opposite wall away from Ren. Now he sits confused and annoyed. He tries to cum by vigorously jacking his fat dick off, not caring if Nisha catches him or not. But the boy is saddened to find that he is unable to reach climax from his hands, the cause being his thick accumulation of man milk building up for too long. Ren is simply too tired to proceed for another hour, so he falls asleep with painful blue cantaloupes.

Around 9:00 a.m. standard space time to be precise, Ren awakens to a terrifying sight. His position has been altered significantly. Due to the cramped confines of his bed, Nisha is now with her back towards him as her bulbous booty is on his pelvis. He attempts to move away before she can notice, but finds that it is impossible. His morning wood has been caught between her meaty thighs somehow, directly rubbing against Nisha's most delicate area. This would not be as problematic if Ren's rod was not basically the Magistar. There is no time to formulate an escape plan as his large Grineer bed mate awakens with a low yawn. His only hope now is that she does not realize and he gets an opening to flee.

'How the fuck is she not going to notice a hot throbbing salami right between her legs? I'm so fucking dead!'

Ren does his best to remain calm and pretend to be asleep still. Nisha turns her half open eyes back to look at the "sleeping" Tenno. She rubs her juicy legs together, forcing Ren's meat to pulsate with joy. The Grineer female then slowly hauls her self off Ren's comfy makeshift bed. As she sits on the edge looking towards the door, she pushes her back with one arm to crack it. While stretching, she is oblivious to Ren as he quietly tucks his rooster away. Nisha proceeds to stand up, with a louder yawn she makes her way out the room. As Ren opens his eyes to check if the coast is clear, he sits up and removes the blanket.

'Something's definitely not right here. What just happened?'

Ren notices next to him lays the engineering jumpsuit, the one Nisha was wearing last night. His eyes were closed the whole time and thus he cannot recall if she was wearing clothes at all. On top of that, he takes a second look at his eager python and finds that it smells. Well of course it has a smell, but what he finds is the stench of another odor he is unfamiliar with. Before he can have time to further investigate, his door slides open signaling his guest entering. He hastily hides his shame, as Nisha walks in wearing one of his dark green bras and Tenno themed thongs.

'Wait a minute, I don't own any thongs or bras!'

Upon closer inspection, it would seem that her wide hips and ample rear have completely devoured one of Ren's boxers. As for her huge chest, it is actually covered by a tank top, but the amount of cleavage, under and side boob bursting out all over gave the illusion of a tight bra.

"If you are wondering about this, that suit was becoming uncomfortable to sleep in. I am sure you do not mind if I borrow these?"

"Well actually-"

"Good!" The girl throws back, cutting him off mid-sentence with a apathetic tone.

Ren looks down away from the girl as blood fills his cheeks, among other places. Nisha scoffs at this display with a dismissive remark. She says nothing more to the boy as she walks out of the room. Emphasizing her full figure by seductively shaking her hips while exiting. Ren puts one hand to his forehead, trying to figure out if Nisha is being flirtatious or hostile.

He wraps a towel around his waist, leaving his top bare as he leaves the room for the shower. The little Tenno stops just outside the room behind the arsenal. Right across is the bathroom, but he looks around to make sure Nisha is not nearby and then runs quickly while holding his towel with one hand. He makes it to the door while staring back. As his head swivels forward it comes to a halt from a wall. The fragrance of salty sweat and cold steel lets him know that it is Nisha. He pulls his head back, standing head to toe, Ren only reaches up to her bust. To which, he takes rapid glances at her gazongas while staring at the floor. Nisha chuckles while gawking at him, causing her breasts to jiggle from the vibration. Ren works up the courage to speak up to her, literally due to his size.

"Nisha? Sorry, w-were you gonna use the bathroom just now?"

"No. But now that you want to, so do I." She huffs with her hands on her hips, blocking Ren's way in.

"What! Fine I'll c-come back later then."

Her arm falls on his shoulder as he turns around. The cold orange and black metallic hand makes him shudder as it touches his flesh."I did not say you could leave, runt."

"H-hey! Nisha, what are you d-doing?"

She pushes him into the bathroom with a shove. The room is larger then his own and maintains the same color palette of blue and white. There is a soft light blue rug on the floor in the center, complimented by a similar colored cover on the toilet seat. On the left is the shower, closed off by means of transparent glass doors.

Ren is on the floor clutching his towel, trying to cover his nakedness from her. The tall busty female orders him to stand up and remove the white towel. The boy feels helpless and his mind is hazy. He does as instructed, but quickly places both hands over his privates. A pathetic attempt as Ren's impressive payload, even while flaccid is too large to cover up. The little Tenno is no longer as he was last night, the boy has shrunk into a miserable state of fragility. His eyes become watery as his legs start to shake.

Now Nisha too undresses, from the already exposing articles of clothing she was wearing. The sight of her nude and thick curvy body sends blood rushing to engorge the boy's manhood. Ren wants to drop dead from the embarrassment of the whole situation, but he does not want to give her that satisfaction.

"Listen up Tenno. You are going to wash me thoroughly understood? I do not wish to wet my arms as the water seeps inside the synthetic muscle tissue." Nisha proclaims as she manages to disconnect her left arm. She barks at the boy to remove her remaining right arm. Ren carefully places both of her cybernetic appendages on the toilet seat. Nisha is not completely without limbs as her augmentation only extends to her elbows, so she is left with her stumpy biceps. Ren slides open the glass shower door and runs the water until it is warm. As he does this, the girl pokes him repeatedly with her breasts. His face remains timid and afraid as Nisha and him enter the shower together. Ren closes the door as the water from the shower head hits him as well.

"Well are you going to stand there all day staring like an idiot! Or are you actually going to do something?" Nisha remarks impatiently.

"Oh, um. S-sorry." Ren says softly as he squirts some shampoo into each hand. Nisha faces towards the water and Ren stands behind her reaching up to her head. He runs his fingers through her now damp and short orange hair. He strains to get to the very top of her scalp, to which Nisha could easily bend down for him but chooses to purposely make him struggle. As he stands on his tip toes to reach, his baby maker rubs all over her back and drips per-seminal fluid on her. Once all foamy white, her head that is, she places it directly under the shower head. The foam and water run down her figure like a race track. Ren tries to keep his raging erection down, to prevent it from poking her but she backs up to feel it caress her skin more. Though she has not directly addressed his situation downstairs, she certainly has no complaints of it touching her.

Ren uses only one hand to pour liquid gel soap onto her back, causing Nisha to shudder from the cold sensation. She stops him just as he is about to rub the soap all over her. Still not even turning to look at him, she demands he use both hands. Evidently, this is because Ren is trying to hold his cock down unsuccessfully with one hand. As Ren lets go of his willy, it forms a rising crescent shape and scoops Nisha's ass cheek as it comes up. He quickly flinches, but she says nothing back strangely. The little Tenno then commences lathering her body starting from her back. His hands caress her ample waist and soft belly. sliding over her upper back and all around her thighs, he keenly avoids certain areas.

The little Tenno thinks for a moment and finally makes his move. He begins with her massive chest, working his way from underneath each breast. The enormous size of each globe is evident as Ren's individual hands on each one are only larger than her areolas. The boy's hands brush past the center of both breasts multiple times as if searching for something.

'She doesn't have nipples?'

His fingers find a slit on each large bosom, and since he is caressing her from the back, tries to stick his fingers inside the strange slits. Nisha yelps audibly, shaking his hands off with a stern warning. He backs away from her chest and turns his attention downwards to her fat behind that he has been poking with his manhood for the last few minutes. As he soaps up Nisha's thick ass cheeks, he begins conjuring up a scheme. But to finalize his plan he needs to ensure a few crucial assumptions are indeed true. While Nisha awaits for Ren to finish up massaging her bum, the boy quietly lowers his head right to her backside. He moves in as close as possible to her underside and wafts her female scent. His monster throbs upon recognizing this smell. Lastly, he tries to test out long he can noticeably rub her thick bum with his equally large shaft. A dark thought crosses his mind as he sees for himself that Nisha is consciously allowing his cock to press against her. Not wanting to push his luck, he ends his experiment after being ecstatic at the conclusion.

As the water is turned off and Ren steps out the shower first, Nisha orders him to fetch her arms. Ren picks them up as told, but then dashes out the bathroom.

"Hey you little Tenno filth, come back here!" Nisha growls as she chases in wet pursuit to reclaim her parts. Outside the bathroom and still nude, she figures Ren must have run into his room as the door is wide open with a trail of water on the floor. She runs inside, but since the lights are turned off she fails to notice Ren's foot trip her on the way in. Without her arms, she falls forward onto the bed. She hears the door lock behind her and tries to get up quickly. The Grineer female feels a small weight push her down, it is Ren. She cannot kick him off with her powerful legs since she is flat on the bed with Ren directly sitting on her butt. The little Tenno pulls her wet hair back so her ear is close to his mouth as he lays on her nude.

Ren yells with irritation and anger clouding his judgement. His burning erection rests on her back."You feel that Nisha, huh?

"Feel w-what you worm? Let go of my hair b-before you really piss me-"

"Shut up already!" The boy yells as one hand reaches behind him to smack her ass, causing it to jiggle from the impact.

"O-ow! That actually hurt Ren!"

"Good, because if you don't close that big mouth of yours then I'll do it again." The boy threatens by raising his other hand. Nisha can do nothing but whine and try to wiggle Ren off her back. Since she is blatantly ignoring his previous statement by resisting, Ren slaps her other ass cheek with more considerable effort than before. The force sends ripples through her flesh as it wobbles. The girl winces from the pain and drops her face into the bed. Not paying her any mind, he winds up for another hit.

"W-wait, I am not resisting anymore! Why are you-" Begs the girl as Ren strikes her cushions several more times.

"A fat ass like this needs to be punished!"

He gets off her back feeling confident she will remain complacent now. He sits on her thighs and spreads apart her reddened backside. His eyes travel from her anus to her vagina, it is decorated by curly orange pubic hair. The girl makes no movements in opposition as Ren runs one hand along her vaginal lips while jerking his large member in preparation. The small Tenno props himself on his knees at the side of her thighs and holds his cock fully erect with both hands. Still the girth and mass of his meat causes it to lean down a bit, so he points it more vertically. He licks his lips at the moment of truth. The heat being given off from her vagina stimulates the head of his phallus as it approaches. But his cock does not make contact with her as he stops himself to devise something more humiliating.

"You know what would be even better than this? If I could see your face as I ram my dick inside you. Turn over!"

Ren moves aside as the girl rolls onto her back, she hides her expression under her stumps for arms.

"I wanna see that face, Nisha! I guess you liked getting spanked huh?" Ren taunts as he grabs her amputated arm and pulls it roughly away. Nisha screams loudly as tears flow over her face and her mouth begins to quiver. She stares at him with the same horrified look Ren had before he was about to be eaten alive by that Infested beast. His vexed expression gradually fades as he sees his fear in her gaze. The boy takes a good long look at his hands, one still red from the spanking he gave Nisha's bottom and the other holding down her own shortened limb. He glances over to Nisha who begins wailing and shutting her eyes as she feels Ren's glans rub all over her vulva.

"Ren, wh-why?" Moans the girl.

"Wait, you're actually crying?" Ren states in disbelief at the sight of this powerful Grineer warrior breaking down in tears as a child would.

"I... I... I j-just wanted y-you to like me! Th-that is why I w-was being so m-mean to y-you! Please j-just stop h-hitting me! If you h-hate me that much, th-then I will leave!"

Ren lets go of her as he sits back stupefied. Someone as physically imposing as her could easily kill him with little effort, but she instead curls into a ball with her legs to her chest. She rubs her face on the stump Ren grabbed forcibly and sobs softly to herself. Ren exhales loudly and looks to the tall girl all balled up away from him. He now sees the visible red hand imprints on her light skin.

He hesitates at first, but then slowly places that very same hand over the marks left. She recoils and groans in fright, thinking he wishes to harm her more. The Tenno rubs the spot to feel how hot her flesh has become as it stings from the pain. He soothes her bottom by gently caressing it with both his hands. The boy positions himself behind the girl, his body against hers. Ren carefully captures her stump once again. Feeling how delicate it seems despite her strength without her arms being more than his still. She continues to whimper as she stutters her words, asking Ren to desist. He whispers in her ears, responding to her pleas.

"I'm sorry Nisha. I'm sorry for not realizing this sooner."

She stays quiet, but listens attentively.

"I promise I won't hurt you anymore. But now that I understand how you feel, I won't let you leave." Ren breathes, finishing up his words. Nisha becomes more relaxed, letting her body fall loose and free. Ren asks if he can touch her huge chest, she nods with a sniffle. The girl lets out a startled gasp as two eager hands slide past her ribs on each side. Nisha blushes feeling his fingers sink into her tits as he applies more strength. The female senses his male lust burning her rump and responds by gyrating her hips against it. She looks back to Ren's delight, but he becomes annoyed to see her avoid his gaze. She glances at his hardened member instead.

"So that's how it is huh!" The boy point out as he compresses her spacious chest.

"Ah! What do you mean?" She finally says.

"You were playing with my dick last night, weren't you? Answer me woman!"

"You are being r-rough again!" She asks trying to shift his attention.

"Do it." Says Palpati- I mean Ren.

"Do w-what again?"

"I want you to do exactly what you did to me last night." Ren says massaging her cumbersome breasts with a tightening grip. Since her arms are not available, she moves one leg up and kindly asks if Ren would lay his member down underneath her. Upon doing so, Nisha closes her legs cautiously to ensure Ren does not decide to accidentally put it in. She repeats the events of the night by moving her thick thighs on his shaft. Ren grunts in relief as he relishes thrusting between her legs. Her plump labia moistens and coats his penis with her juices, kissing his shaft with every piston like motion. Nisha's meaty crotch, thighs and backside all contribute to stroking Ren as his cock is sizable enough for her to see it jutting out from the front. She looks at his face for a moment so she can see the sexual desire in his eyes as he focuses on moving his pelvis.

He lets go of her boobs eventually and stops thrusting to flip Nisha on her back once more. He then moves up to her chest again to confirm his previous notions. She does posses nipples, they are merely inverted. Ren places his hands around Nisha's back, to embrace her fully while he buries his face into her left breast. Ren pecks the slit where her nipple is hidden and then gives it a wet smooch. His tongue slithers around the opening and then her areola. He puts a powerful suction into his kisses, sucking as much of her tit flesh a he can into his mouth. Nisha looks down to see him going to work on her baby-feeders.

Character POV: Nisha

Ren's lips pop as they let go of my breast. My nipple is now exposed and it is covered in his saliva. The sticky wetness causes the air to feel especially cold and makes my skin crawl. I moan as he twists it with his lips. He stares at me with his eyes while vigorously suckling from me like a newborn. When he looks at me like that I cannot stand it and turn away as my face becomes flustered.

I can feel it coming soon. That burning sensation in my chest means it is happening. I wonder how he will react to it, I hope he is not disgusted. He pauses for a moment while remaining latched onto me and the feeling of his slimy tongue lapping up my nipple tells me that he is tasting my "stuff" now. I do not fully understand why, but I tend to lactate if my breasts are stimulated enough. This is the first time anyone has ever tried my bodily secretion, it does not seem to offend him. Stupid Ren. He is enjoying it! His suckling is becoming more intense, I wish he would stop pulling my nipples so hard though. Ugh, why does he stroke his penis so much, it makes my groin feel strange. His mouth once again pops off my breast, leaving the area darkened with my swollen nipple oozing milk out all over my boob. The little runt runs his tongue all around my bosom to clean off the liquid that is slowly coming out of me.

He wipes off his milk mustache and calls me an obese Earth bovine while squeezing my other breast. His hands my be dwarfed by my large bust, but he manages to squish them with such pressure that I find myself trembling under his strength. He proceeds to repeat the entire process again on my right breast. Ren demands that I "moo" as the livestock he seems fond of comparing me to does so. I ignore his request for obvious reasons. I can feel his teeth as he chews and gnaws on my nipples, slurping them with ferocity as he milks me. I wish I had my arms right now to slap that smug look off his face. He is utterly ruining my udders- I mean breasts! My nipples will be all weird and fat after this!

His words before were pleasant, but now he is acting like a male Kubrow in heat preparing to impregnate a female. Ren is so ungrateful! In Grineer society, only the strongest males are allowed to have the privilege of mating. Perverted runts like him get nothing! I am a little scared of having him enter me, I must admit. I have never seen the genitals of any male before this, but I am certain Ren is much larger than average by a considerable margin. The way he rubs it against my stomach is making me anxious.

Back to the Narrator...

Ren finishes teasing Nisha's breast with a loud smack of his lips as they let go of her engorged nipples. Now both her breasts are left riddled with his teeth and suction marks. Her milk still gushes out slowly from her breasts and drips along the round fleshy orbs.

"Your milk is so sweet, I could drink it all day! But I think I've kept you waiting long enough." Ren declares as he caresses his cock head with the palm of his hand. The small male moves to her Garden of Eden, not with his tool, but with his own mouth. Nisha covers her face with her stumpy arms as Ren stretches her vaginal lips apart. He smiles at her shy reaction and sticks his tongue out. It slides up her puffy pussy and then down almost to her anus. She clenches her large cheeks together; to which Ren pulls back surprised at her strong response.

The small Tenno purses his lips as he kiss her clitoris, he sucks on it like a lollipop. Nisha slams her legs together on the boy's head, holding him down on her baby canal. Being trapped, Ren resumes licking her insides. Nisha squirms and gyrates her hips as Ren does not stop for one second, his tongue diligently exploring her walls. The girl thrashes Ren around as her leg lock has him flopping like a fish caught on a line. The boy is freed finally as the girl's chest expands and deflates quickly to regain her breath. He waits for the room to stop spinning before returning to the dripping hole.

Nisha rolls her green eyes to meet his own brown irises, she knows what will come next. Ren can no longer restrain himself, he has been jerking his meat for some time now in anticipation. His hands squeeze her juicy thighs as he holds them open. His glans touch her soaked vaginal lips, her womb begins twitching in preparation. Feeling unsure, Nisha tries to close her legs but lacks the energy to stop Ren from prying them open. He tells the tall voluptuous giant to relax as he penetrates her. Her vagina resists initially as Ren tears her hymen apart. His massive cock bends halfway due to the pressure, so Ren grips the sturdy meat. She whimpers and wiggles from the pain, but Ren holds her in place as his manhood burrows deeper into the female.

"Fuck you're so tight! Nisha stop struggling so much!" He complains.

"But it stings! Go slower!" She whines.

"I'm almost all the way in, just bear with it a little longer. It'll feel good soon I swear."

"It better, or else!"

Having her approval, sort of, the boy forces his entire girth and length inside her inch by inch. Even though Nisha is a big girl with a larger than average hole, Ren's monster rod fully fills her up as it kisses her cervix. He groans hoarsely as the velvet silky sensation of girl's warm inner folds wrap around his meat. With each throb, his dick expands her vagina. The boy starts to move now as he grabs hold of her wide hips for better leverage. His thrusts are awkward, but the strength behind them makes up for it. She cries and moans as he knocks on her uterus, making sure nobody is home. Several times Nisha tries to get off her back, but Ren rams her wildly until she submits. Ren wants to stay on top as he fears his pelvis would not last longer if the girl decided to straddle him. Their love making continues on with Ren using Nisha however he sees fit until well over half an hour passes, and one of them succumbs to the pleasure.

The little Tenno pauses hammering Nisha as she throws her head back to climax. His body drips moisture on to his equally sweaty mate and the scent of raunchy musk fills the poorly lit room. He slows down to catch his breath as the girl gushes out fluids. Her inner folds cling to his member with such intensity that he is unable to pump her further. Ren basks in the sensation, slapping a hand just below her navel. Nisha looks down at her small partner and asks why he is touching that spot. His steamy gaze hits her, but he says nothing as his penis slides out of her twitching vagina. Ren grabs her left thigh and rolls the girl over with all his might. The Grineer's body is moved like a rag-doll as her orgasm has left her exhausted. Nisha knows what the boy wants to do and she musters up all her might to prop herself up. Lying on her stomach again with no arms still and feeling winded; she manages to get one knee on the bed. She raises the other and leaves herself in the most vulnerable position possible. Faced down, presenting her ass to the boy who has been rubbing himself at the display. Nisha offers her mouth to Ren in a last-ditch effort avoid the inevitable, but the feeling of two hands clasping her backside makes her groan in terror.

Character POV: Ren

That glorious ass of hers is in full view, as if begging for me to ravage the area. I rest my member in the middle as I hold her supple meat with my hands. Sliding my dick back, it slips past her plump lower lips and into her special place. I shove it in more brutally and savagely than before as it sends Nisha into loud wails and whines. Even though she's crying again, I don't let up pounding her. The force of my pelvis slamming against her backside, causes her rump to wobble and shake so much. It just makes me want to thrust harder into her, seeing that delicious butt bounce back and forth on me. Her insides coil around my flesh, enveloping my manhood with her gooey walls. She feels my cock pulsating rapidly and opens her mouth for a fumbled mess of words to pour out. It sounds to me like she's saying don't cum inside? Eh, I'm not really sure, oh well! I ignore Nisha's bumbling nonsense as I hump her like an animal. My final thrusts plunge deep and hard against her baby-door. Nisha releases a low whimper as I flood her like a geyser with my cum. It feels as if her insides are milking my shaft dry as I pump her with baby-batter. Almost a minute goes by as her belly is filled to the brim with spunk. When I'm finished; I slide out of her and fall onto the bed breathing heavily. Nisha remains with her big ass in the air, her pussy spasms as my cum oozes out.

Her body convulses and she remains unable to get up. I sprawl her out on her side and cover her with clean blanket. I hop in under the covers as well and my arms bring her close to me. Even though she's a sticky mess right now, I still want to hold and squeeze her. Nisha gazes at me and smiles faintly with droopy eyes. I can't believe it, but she actually seems genuinely happy. This gets my friend up and running within seconds. Seeing my dick rise once more has Nisha tearing up behind her stumps in fright. I tell her not to worry as I leave her for a bit, I think I know what would please her most right now. I return with her robotic arms and connect them to her. Now having her limbs back, she grabs me suddenly with a powerful hug. I had a hunch she would want to cuddle after all that love making. For a Grineer, she is more emotional than I had initially thought.

Being pressed up on her huge tits this close though, lets me see just how fat and swollen her nips have become. They look so tasty, with milk dribbling down each one. I can't resist. I suckle slowly and gently, savoring the flavor on my taste buds. It is thick and sweet like a syrup. She coos softly as I greedily gulp down as much as possible, rotating between both breasts. Nisha strokes my hair as I drink, I can't help... but... feel... so... sleepy.

Once more, to the narrator...

As the boy falls into his dreams, Nisha watches him with content. She embraces her mate happily while he continues to suckle. The girl giggles as Ren occasionally stops to call out her name in his sleep, but she simply silences his mumbling with her bosom. The two snuggle with one another in the dark, lying under the covers, they forget about their Lotus, their Queens, their alliances, their differences.

All is quiet on the ship as Sudo has been observing them with silent interest.