- Ren awakens to Sudoku trying to throw hands at him for smashing too hard, but Nisha is too thick and nothing is resolved. Their new destination, the Vesper relay calls their attention.

-Side note here. I will be revising this chapter to enhance character descriptions as I felt they were weak and inadequate in fully flushing out the main protagonist's appearance and personalities. (06/20/17)

Chapter 3: Bogies Inbound

"Operator! I cannot believe what my sensors have just shown me! You M-MATED WITH THIS A-A-BOMINATION? By the Orokin, what would the Lotus herself think if she knew of this treason. I understand your luck with fellow female Tenno is far below average, but to stoop this low? It is unbecoming of an operator of your caliber!" The Cephalon Sudo nags to Ren as he rubs his eyes, awakening from his slumber.

"Wow Sudo you've never spoken so highly of me in one go before, granted you're actually scolding me right now." Ren says with one arm bent over his head and a cheeky grin filling his expression.

"Operator this is no joking matter! To have relations of all things with such a unworthy partner, wasting your virile seed on her. How can you disgrace the Tenno with no remorse for your actions?"

"Sudo! Enough already! I don't wanna hear you talking about Nisha like that, got it?" Demands the little Tenno sternly. Sudo reluctantly complies, leaving the pair alone as the cephalon proceeds with its daily chores. Nisha dresses herself as she has remained listening quietly to the operator and cephalon arguing. The buxom girl zips up with one of Ren's larger spare transference suits and finds that the it accommodates her extra cargo quite nicely. Her face appears distressed still as she lays back on the bed, turning to the little Tenno for answers.

"Hey Ren. Do you think I am unfit to be your partner?"

"What! Nisha how can you say that?" The boy combats sharply.

"Well it is just that you are so, you? And me; I am fat like an Earth Bovine. How could you possible enjoy intimacy with someone such as myself?" The 7-foot tall curvy female points out sheepishly. She runs one of her cybernetic arms over her ample hips and circles an area with a finger. The black and orange design of her augmentations clash with the blue and white style of Ren's wardrobe.

"Did you ever stop and think that maybe that's what I like most about you? Those curves just make me wanna squeeze you all ni-" Ren teases as a pillow strikes his face. He laughs it off as the pouting Nisha crosses her arms while looking away bashfully. He attempts to inch closer to her side of the already tiny bed, but she keeps him at bay with only one arm. The boy asks her why she pushes him away, not letting him close the distance. The Grineer female does not respond and remains resolute in her form. The boy sighs as he too puts on his own outfit and sits on the edge of the bed. Slouching and motionless, he stares at the ground with its silver and metallic appeal.

"So what happened yesterday between us, you didn't like it?" The boy calmly speaks looking forward.

"No Ren, it is not that. I am just confused by all this."

"Confused by what, I don't understand what you mean. Is it me?"

Before Nisha can part her lips to respond, the ship rumbles with a violent force. The Tenno falls onto his back against the cold unforgiving floor as the lights flicker. Nisha too is thrown off the bed, but her fall is cushioned by the little operator. Ren embraces the larger girl protectively in his hold. The ship quakes for a second time as the pair try to catch their bearings as the shaking ceases momentarily.

"Ugh, the fuck was that? Nisha, are you alright?"

"I am fine, I landed on something soft." Nisha claims as she sits upright on the boy.

"Yeah, me! Get off already!" Ren points out as he shifts her weight off himself. Nisha helps him stand up as the two run out to the ship's front. Ren calls for a status report from Sudo, who pops up immediately.

"Operator! We have been intercepted by hostiles! Our main thrusters have sustained heavy damage and are no longer operational! We will be swarmed within minutes, what ever shall we do?" The machine cries.

"Shit! It looks like whoever these guys are, they mean business. Sudo, begin course for the nearest relay. Nisha, I want you to use the auxiliary cannon to slow them down." The boy delegates to his team.

"But Ren, what will you be doing?" His Grineer companion asks.

"I'm gonna go personally greet our unannounced guests."

The blue and white ship sluggishly turns to its side to reveal an Excalibur equipped with an Odonata Archwing of the same color palette. The operator is jettisoned from the vessel into the blackness of space as bullets zip past him. Coming into line of sight, Ren makes out a Grineer fighter squadron of Dargyns of all varieties. There appears to be at least a dozen or so and four of them have already engaged the operator's ship. Ren's dingy, Neil's Horizon, is not fully capable of direct combat and serves best as an escort or for espionage. Nisha and Sudo must fend for themselves as Ren needs to concentrate on the remaining eight enemies. Immediately, three shield-Dargyns are on the operator's tail with their frontal guns firing rapidly. Ren shifts into maximum overdrive right into two opposite incoming hellion-Dargyns as his pursuers close in from behind. The Tenno zooms past the approaching Grineer units while only taking minimal fire. Dargyns collide and explode into smithereens as only one unit survived the ordeal. The Archwing flips around as the debris clears and lets rip a volley of shots from his Imperator. The hostile is riddled with holes before falling apart, only barely reaching Ren.

Unaware of the lone shield/hellion-Dargyn coming in fast, the Tenno cannot evade the devastating impact of the Grineer unit clipping his left wings. His stability falters and Ren hurdles out of control in desperation to avoid any more damage. The Odonata's missiles are incapable of landing on the Grineer unit as flares send them spiraling into empty space. The Grineer fighter comes around for another fly by as the Tenno's Imperator misses its mark and he realizes he has no energy left to utilize inside the Archwing. Ren's shields shatter beyond regeneration as bullets tear into his Warframe and remaining Wing. The Grineer Dargyn rushes forward at the Tenno warrior to finish him off when a glimpse of light reflects in the Grineer pilot's visor. The Dargyn flies shooting through the pieces of Archwing and splits horizontally across the middle before exploding into bits itself.

Amidst the wreckage, the Excalibur Warframe floats aimlessly while wielding the large Veritux blade in one hand. Ren used his own Warframe's slash dash to propel himself further while gripping the heavy Archwing blade. The cost of his risky maneuver is the destruction of his only Archwing and he now drifts without direction as his life support begins ticking away. His ship eventually catches up to him slowly and brings the Tenno inside. The surviving two Grineer Dargyns flee in the distance as Niel's Horizon gets going.

It appears Nisha successfully fought off the attackers as the ship is virtually untouched from the inside, not including the rumbling that scattered various items all over the floor. The Excalibur staggers into the main deck where the arsenal and foundry reside; he drops to the floor. Next to badly damaged Warframe, the little Tenno Ren appears injured after exiting via Transference. The blue mist of the boy's energy subsides as Nisha comes running to his side and quickly cradles him in her arms. Even with his eyes closed, Ren can feel the metallic texture of the Grineer's synthetic muscle and soft chest to recognize his friend.

While clutching Ren tightly to her own thick body, Nisha administers a health restoration pack onto his injuries. With only minor cuts and bruises, the healing process effectively treats his wounds within minutes. As she cradles him with the attentiveness of a mother caring for her newborn, Sudo yells from above.

"I am glad you are treating my operator with urgent medical care, but C-COULD Y-YOU NOT SUFFOCATE HIM TO D-DEATH! Just thought you should know."

"Oh? What are you rambling on about now? Oh. Oh!" Nisha screams as she finally notices that she is smothering him once again. Ren was simply too weak before to protest, but now having been rejuvenated, the Tenno stretches his limbs with a loud groan of pleasure. He crosses his arms behind his brown pompadoured hair and comfortably lays back onto Nisha's thighs as she sits on her heels. The bountiful female raises her arms up and stares down at the operator with a flustered visage of irritation. Her right bosom is weighed up and down by a familiar cocky little hand. Ren conveys to her his gratitude for resuscitation from certain demise as he pretends to not notice his actions.

"I sure am lucky to have such a strong and reliable friend like you Nisha!"

Nisha speaks through her clenched teeth with focused eyes."And I am sooooo glad you think so Ren, oh and please do not mind me! Just do whateeeeeever makes you happy!"

"Eh? Oh, sorry I didn't even realize! I guess my subconscious is trying to tell me something..." Ren mumbles as he removes his hand from her breast and hauls his body off her. The boy's legs buckle as he tries to regain his balance, he notices Nisha's hand gently grab him before he falls yet again. He smiles to her; stating that he may need a bit of rest as rapid healing is too stimulating for his small body to handle so quickly. The girl rises to her feet and walks Ren to his room by the collar of his transference suit. Ren places his hands on her shoulders while she sits him on the edge of his makeshift mattress of many bundled up sheets and pillows.

As she moves away, the little Tenno's feet touch the ground as he grabs her. The girl lifts an eyebrow, but does not utter a word as their bodies are pressed against one another. The tall girl exhales through her mouth as the boy, who only reaches her chest, nuzzles her bust while his arms just barely connect behind her large hips. Feeling the girl's hand rubbing his hair, Ren buries half his face into her tankards.

"Please just let me hold you, it's all that I want right now..." Ren whispers while still clinging to her.

"No, what you need right now is some rest. Come on Ren, let go." Nisha orders as she removes him and hoists the boy up.

The little Tenno flops onto the bed; Nisha leans in to tuck him beneath the blue covers. Her bountiful chest sways over him, hitting his nose as they swing. Ren could easily grab them, but he does not think Nisha would appreciate that at the moment. He instead reaches up around her torso to her back and tries to bring the tall female down. Nisha feels Ren hanging off her body, like a small primate on a tree and decides to humor his efforts. She falls next to him, to make it seem like he brought her down. The boy then disappears under the blue sheets and digs towards her, like the dune beasts of Mars digging through the sand. He pops up with a gasp, pushing her bouncy baby feeders apart as he appears on top. Besides substituting her breasts for pillows, Ren simply lets his body drift. He rests on his stomach and is careful not to accidentally die of asphyxiation by laying his head on its side. Nisha herself cannot sleep however, she is estranged by this sort of non-perverse affection. It is the kind Ren had shown her after their moment yesterday and it evokes new feelings within her.

"Damned Tenno, why do you cause such emotions to stir inside my being?" The girl whispers aloud, trying to avoid being heard. To her comment, the boy wearily lifts his head up and opens his eyes. His faint grin and sleepy expression meet her own face as it becomes perplexed by his words.

"So does that mean that you actually enjoyed yesterday? " The boy coolly whispers, resting on her sternum as her mountains squish up on both sides of his cheeks.

"T-that question is absurd! What you did to me was barbaric and revolting! I hate you more than ever now! Get off me already you pervert..." Nisha objects, but Ren continues to beam happily.

He moves his face in front of hers, but she looks away to the side despite his compliments. Ren shrugs and presses his lips on her cheek, he pecks her repeatedly until she responds. Nisha closes her eyes while turning towards Ren and purses her lips. She triumphantly huffs as the boy cannot connect his mouth to hers and she goes as far as to childishly stick her tongue out slightly. Ren yells out a quick "aha!" as he catches it with a kiss. He gently places his lips around the tip of her tongue and begins slowly tugging at it. The two then begin a literal tongue tied argument.

"Mnng! Mnng! Mnnnnnggg!" Nisha hums in retaliation.

"Mhmmm! Mhmm!" Ren also hums in disagreement.

Evidently, she is unsuccessful as the boy slurps up most of her into his mouth and rolls it around. Her body squirms as the boy sucks on her tongue, squeezing and tasting it. Nisha opens her eyes; she meets the brown of his own with her green irises. Ren closes his lips tightly around her tongue and pulls back until he no longer has control of it. She remains with her mouth open and panting noisily, her eyes narrow down to Ren's mouth. The boy tries to move away, but Nisha grabs his head with both hands and seals the distance between them with their lips. Ren whines and shivers as the girl bites his lower lip until he opens his mouth to yell from the pain. She takes the opportunity to steal his tongue as he did to her and plays with it more eagerly. As they part lips, their tongues kiss one another goodbye as saliva strands connect them still.

Down below, his member engorges painfully as his transference suit begins to stretch. He tries to pull it out hastily, but Nisha denies him access to her womanly parts.

"No! Keep that thing in your pants, we are not doing anything else!"

"Ah no way! Nisha that's so mean! It's so hard it hurts..." Ren whimpers, trying to persuade her with his charm. His hands encircle her form and squeeze her flesh. Nisha is amused to see the boy grinding his bulging mass all over her gut and navel area repeatedly. She decides to take pity on the little male as he tries to seed her belly with such passion.

"If you promise to wait until tonight at least, then I will reconsider it. But only if you behave yourself." Nisha says bashfully.

They pause as Sudo informs them that their ship has arrived at their destination, the Vesper relay. Ren apologizes for the scene, but Sudo does not bother to give a reply. Ren cannot think of how to mend this distance he is creating between him and his cephalon. Sudo was the one that was there for him since his awakening and has been almost like a mother. Though the cephalon despises when Ren refers to it as such, Sudo enjoys being praised and listened to. Now Sudo must be experiencing some sort of depression due to the recent Grineer hijacking and failing to protect the operator. The boy can only imagine what the cephalon is feeling, Sudo is not a machine as Nisha has stated. Once the cephalon was human; but the person is still there. A person who feels, who loves, who hurts and Ren knows it.

The pair get ready as Ren helps Nisha whip up a quick meal since they missed breakfast due to the sudden attack. After eating and grooming themselves, they prepare to exit the ship when the Grineer female stops her small companion.

"Wait Ren, I forgot to ask you something about before. The attack by those Grineer fighters."

"Oh yeah, what about them?"

"Well did it not seem a little strange? I mean it almost felt more like an ambush than a random encounter." The girl points out.

"I agree. Those guys were definitely too well coordinated for a raiding party or simple skirmish. It's suspicious, but it's not like we investigated the scene afterwards." Ren says plainly.

"Either way it seems odd that there were only Dargyns and no other supporting units, or even a Frigate from which they originated from. I think we should be more cautious from now on Ren, especially since two of them escaped." Nisha communicates with a worried expression, but is reassured as Ren leads her out of the ship. The two walk about the docking bay as many other various ships arrive and the place is bustling with all sorts of Tenno and Warframes. Due to the heavy fire sustained on his Excalibur, Ren trots about in his blue and white transference suit as usual. They walk past the guard checkpoint as the posted officer bows to the boy, but can only gawk at his voluptuous comrade thundering by.

Once past the admissions desk and into the main room complimented by a large Rhino statue, there they can see Syndicate members and Warframes running all over. The busy market of people causes Nisha to scan the room in awe. She tells Ren that she has speculated the insides of these relays when stationed on a Balor Fomorian ship during the Eyes of Blight fiasco. Ren stretches his arms up high to cup her mouth as those around them begin staring with curiosity, realizing that Nisha is a Grineer rather than a Tenno. Ren awkwardly proclaims how terrible that event was as his friend was reminiscing of her capture aboard the ship instead of being a crew member.

"Nisha what in the Void do you think you're blurting out loud!" Ren whispers to her closely, he grasps her metallic hand and pulls her through the crowd.

"I am sorry, I guess it must have slipped my mind." She says embarrassed as she taps her orange hair with her free hand.

"Well just be more careful about what you say out loud, especially around other Tenno. They're not exactly fond of Grineer besides Steel Meridian, got it? Nisha! Uh, Nisha? Where did you go? Shit." Ren exclaims as he finally notices she slipped out of his clasp and is no longer within visible sight.

'Oh great! Now I gotta waste my time looking for Nisha before some pervert tries to take advantage of her! Ha ha, that's funny because I actually, ah never mind.' The boy thinks as he runs around the relay in search of his friend.

Five minutes pass...

'Ah fuck, this is too much work. I'm sure she'll be fine till I'm done. Besides I gave her almost all my credits before heading out anyway.'

Ren abandons his search and decides it is time to get down to business. Meanwhile, the buxom Goliath makes way to her way into the Grineer syndicate where she is greeted by the excited faces of her own kind. The overall ambience of the room is quite relaxing to her as the sounds of steam and Grineer tubing remind her of The Vur'ka. She moves to speak with an important looking female Grineer, but this one seems very busy with instructing Warframe and Tenno supporters.

Instead, Nisha stops to converse with a Grineer vendor offering a wide assortment of items. The aged veteran offers her a multitude of goods and services, none of which interest her as she turns her head side to side.

"Now wait just a moment girly, I think I've got just your ticket. Our leader Cressa Tal won't be able to offer what I'm selling!" Says the old Grineer as from inside a green Grineer container, he pulls out a large black and orange helmet of unknown origin.

"What is it exactly?" Inquires the girl.

"Ha, precisely! You don't recognize this because it's a one of a kind gem. A real beauty, much like yourself missy. If you don't mind me saying."

"Oh, not at all."

"Well any who, this here piece is part of a full set I have acquired. Don't take this the wrong way girly, but not many customers could even dawn this amour due to its size." The vendor points out as Nisha examines the full set. She gratefully declines the generous offer as she only seeks some better fitting clothing for her exotic figure.

"Oy now wait just one minute, if it's the credits I'm sure we can work something out..."

"What did you have in mind?" Nisha asks curiously as the Vendor has her follow into a doorway at the far rear of the Steel Meridian room. It leads the pair to an isolated corridor of Grineer design and with a few locked doors. It is at this point that the old Grineer faces her and begins reaching for his armored pants. Nisha raises her arms up to her chest and moves back against a wall as the vendor quickly looks back to address her.

"Oh sorry Missy it's not what you think he-he-he! Here it is!" Says the vendor pulling out a strange looking gun metal black case roughly the size of a brick. There is a name engraved on the box, it says Tul'Ruk.

"Now girly, I'm sure you know who this is. After all, you're one of his personal bodyguards. Right, Miss Ver'Koom?"

. . .

In another part of the relay, Ren arrives at cephalon Simaris' room to inquire of a peculiar finding. He greets the cephalon, who acknowledges the fine work his hunter has done throughout his devoted service. The boy unsheathes a cylindrical glass tube to reveal a mutagen sample (Luckily the guard was too distracted by Nisha to notice anything else, bringing the plague aboard a relay is strictly forbidden) and proceeds to hand the item off to Simaris. The cephalon begins synthesizing the material to better analyze it and within seconds of doing so, turns its attention to Ren.

"Hunter, what you have brought me is unlike any Infested sample I possess in my database. Where and from what did you acquire this? I simply must know." The knowledgeable Simaris asks.

"To tell you truthfully Simaris, I'm not one-hundred percent sure. It was floating among some wreckage of a Corpus ship and I just happened to be in my Archwing investigating."

"Unfortunate, was that the only one you procured?"

"Not exactly. I captured some bizarre looking Infested chargers, aberrant even by those monster's standards." Claims Ren. Cephalon Simaris asks if he managed to synthesize any of them. Much to his disappointment when Ren says he unleashed them on The Vur'ka to cause mayhem among the Grineer.

"Tenno. You must go back immediately for those specimens, at once!"

"I'm not really sure that's possible, you see the ship sort of crashed into Eris. And um, exploded?" The operator states.

"You must return either way and with haste. What you have wrought upon this solar system is a far greater threat than the ordinary hordes of Infested. You must ensure that those aberrant organisms, did not survive. Do so and you shall be rewarded for your noble efforts." Simaris backs off with these last few words and goes back to archiving his synthesized data logs. A wretched feeling turns Ren's stomach as he exits the room with many thoughts troubling him once more. As much as it bothers him to return, at least he will not be venturing alone this time. With his lovely adventure buddy on the mind, he begins to wonder where she wandered off to. He instructed her to rendezvous with him at around noon by the docking area where they parked.

The boy knows not to worry too much about his friend, after all; she is far stronger than he is anyway. The Tenno wanders into a small right wing section of the relay to a trading post to deposit some prime parts from the void he has no use for. As the Ducats roll in, he senses someone creeping up behind him at an uncomfortably close distance. Ren turns quickly to intercept the crashing fist of an unknown Warframe. Ren bends his knees as the might of his opponent is overwhelming, it is an Atlas Warframe.

'The fuck is this guy's deal; I guess some people can't wait in line for their damn turn.' Ren thinks.

Alone in a secluded part of an unpopular section, there is nobody else around. Unable to use his inner powers due to the nullification effect of the relay itself, he relies on his agility. Shoving his opponent away, he examines his attacker.

An Atlas with no external accessories besides a Tartarus helmet. The coloration is a combination of snow white with red complimentary segments.

"I don't who you are or what you want pal...but I'm gonna kick your ass!" Ren boasts as he goes in for a flying kick. The Atlas reacts by moving to the left slightly while intercepting his leg and then hurling the Tenno against a wall. As Ren tries to recover, his enemy quickly grabs him by the neck with one arm and slams a fist into his gut. The assailant tosses Ren across the floor as the boy lays writhing in agony, covering his stomach. He cannot move as the Warframe begins walking towards him. It stops a few feet away from him as an operator begins to materialize. Red energy surrounds the being as Transference is complete in exiting the vessel.

A rather slender figure emerges dawning a full set of Varida apparel of a similar white and red color scheme to the Atlas. The unknown assailant removes their head gear to reveal a familiar face. Baffled by the revelation, Ren cannot muster up the words to speak as the other operator initiates the conversation. Taller than Ren by a few inches, a dark skinned female with a compact figure and a black ponytail looks down on Ren. Her indigo blue eyes pierce right through his train of thought.

"Remember me you little shit? You left me for dead in the Void and cost me my best Warframe!" The angry female barks as Ren tries to recall the event.

"Wait? What, oh your... no you can't be her. I saw the Sentients capture you right in front of me. How did you escape?"

"I wasn't captured dickwad, they stole my Warframe while I bailed. I already can see that Teshin has shown you nothing, you're just as pathetic as the last time I saw you!" Says the chick as she grabs Ren by the collar and prepares to introduce her fist to his face.

"W-wait wait! Hold on, hold on! Uh, Myrrha, right? We can work something out!" Pleads the boy as the girl loosens her grip on his collar.

"You remembered my name I see, that'll buy you some time for now. But what about my Warframe!" Myrrha yells to Ren's trembling face. He looks around quickly, and tries to come up with a tempting offer.

"I have something better than a regular Warframe, it's yours if you don't pound my face in please?"

Myrrha's eyes glisten as Ren quivers with anxiety. No words come out of her mouth as the slim and lightly built girl motions for the boy to follow. Ren has no choice but to oblige and tail behind her or risk a serious ass beating. Myrrha brings Ren to her squadron consisting of three other Tenno warriors of various Warframes. She clutches the boy in a headlock while introducing her teammates one by one.

"Listen closely pipsqueak, because for the next few days, these guys will be your new teammates. The guy on the left in the Rhino suit is Thor, our heavy weapons specialist."

"Fresh meat." The Blue and orange Rhino waves raising one hand.

"Then we have our Nyx, Banou. Not much of a fighter, but she gets the job done."

The pink polka-dotted Nyx is silent and makes no indication of any interest to his presence.

"Lastly we have Keeva, our Trinity." Myrrha pronounces.

She greets him with a wave. "Hey there kiddo!"

The Rhino Thor with Thrak helmet in full view, makes his way over to investigate Ren."So Myrrha, what's with the kid? He stinks like newbie and looks like he couldn't even hold his own in a fight."

"It's a long story Thor. I'll explain back on our ship. Besides, he's coming with us." The woman states from her Atlas. Being brought aboard their vessel was not mentioned in the arrangement between the two and causes Ren to cry out furiously.

"Whoa what! You didn't say anything about going on your ship! What about my own ship? I can't just leave it here!"

"Pipe down shrimp! Your ship is already aboard ours anyway. You sort of have to come with us now." Myrrha says. Expecting resistance, the Atlas user renders Ren's body unconscious and carries him onto their ship from the docking area. Though her squad mates questioned her harsh treatment, they do not interfere with her agenda as she is their leader after all. As for their ship, it is a much larger vessel dubbed The Little Lotus. It is essentially a destroyer class Tenno ship, sporting various greys and silvers, it is ornate and detailed in typical Tenno aesthetics. The ship is so large that it is docked in a separate area in the relay specifically for vessels of similar dimensions. The ship bares two forward cannons and some smaller armaments on the underside and overhead. It is quite long and bulky in appearance with massive thrusters to the rear.

Ren presses his face against a glass window and watches in horror as the Vesper relay grows smaller and smaller. Once again his ship and himself have been taken, but this time he will not have Nisha or Sudo to assist him.

'Fuck my life. The Infested aberrant beasts released, held prisoner by other Tenno, I left without saying anything to Nisha and on top of that I was just bluffing about giving Myrrha something better. What am I gonna do?'

He sits hunched over in a little white stool with red cushioning in a someone's study room. The red carpet lining on the floor, large book shelf and desk towards the window side make it feel cozy and calms his nerves. This is the best holding cell that Myrrha can offer the boy and of course, the door is locked.

While Ren sulks miserably, the crew is informed of the little Tenno's involvement with their squad leader and why he has been brought aboard. The other Tenno formulate their own opinions as they begin conversing among one another while their commander excuses herself. She drops off her Atlas in her living quarters before heading on down to see the prisoner. The oval door slides to the left as the access code has been inputted and Myrrha strolls in without care to find the boy still in the stool behind the large writing desk.

"Comfy over there, squirt?"

"Yeah I'm just loving the Tenno hospitality you show to your own kind." Ren groans as he motions to the electrically wired hand cuffs.

"Glad you like them; it wasn't easy finding something in your size short stuff." Muses the girl as she walks over to the desk Ren is behind. He gets up and moves with his back towards the window away from her.

"Oh another small joke, like I haven't heard that one before. Is there something you wanted or are you just here to aggravate me? I really don't see how capturing me will get you back your Warframe or what I had promised for you."

"Yeah about that Ren, I'm very curious as to what you have to offer me. That's why I came here, to have a nice little chat with you. Especially if it's with one of my former squad mates!" Myrrha yells out as she grabs Ren by the shoulders and pins him against the window.

"Argh! I left because I couldn't stand the way you were treating me."

"No, you left because you were weak and useless. And everyone else back then knew it, at least that's the way it was until you ran away." The woman says solemnly as she looks down and away from Ren's face. She continues her ranting as the boy tenses up, remembering his failures and the consequences for his old teammates.

"They left me Ren, because you abandoned us. But this new squad I've assembled is even better than the first believe it or not. They are not fools like the others and they are certainly not cowards like you!" She barks, slamming Ren against the glass window.

"You have my ship and a whole new and improved squad. W-what the fuck do you w-want from me than?" The boy mumbles out without any defiance in his tone.

"What I want from you? Isn't obvious my naive little Ren." Myrrha whispers in his ear.

"What? W-wha- what do you think your doing? Stop that! No, please..." Ren's voice fades while his muscles stiffen and pupils dilate.

"You may not have gotten taller since I last saw you, but I'm sure you've grown quite nicely since we last had our little encounter. I mean, isn't this what you had in mind when you said you had something better than a Warframe?" The dark skinned vixen pleasantly says as her hands slide down his abdomen towards his lower region.