Every movement was intense agony, but Ranma had gotten used to it. Every muscle and sinew burned from overexertion, threatening to end his career as a martial artist. The pigtailed girl refused to give into the pain, vowing she would push herself further, past the pain, past human levels of endurance, and elevate herself to a plateu that none before have reached.

It was for Ranma Saotome to be the best, and she was by far. But being the best came with a price that hindered her as much as her determination assisted her. Unfortunately, instead of heeding the warning of taxation throughout her body, she would endure even more torture for the art. The life of a martial artist was frought with difficulty and peril.

The stout man in front of her grunted in anger at the girl's inability to keep up with his harried pace, "Come on, boy, I want to make it to the Tendous sometime today!" The sneer on the man's face could not be mistaken, he was angry with his ward. The ingrate didn't seem to appreciate the effort he put into the girl's training; that she wasn't giving her all for the art.

The balding martial artist turned one final glare to Ranma, at least she was worth this one act of honor.

Akane stared at her thickly calloused hand that bulged with intense sinew and muscle. the brick that had been before her was utterly pulverized by her blow, not standing a chance against the nearly overmuscled girl. Akane closed her eyes, feeling the need again. that urge that helped her become better, stronger, the greatest martial artist in Nerima. A need she had to indulge in without anyone knowing.

She never asked Dr. Tofu how he came across his steady supply, but was grateful for the steroids he supplied her. She went over to her dufflebag that she consistantly kept with her, and started to reach for that sacred bottle that allowed her to keep her edge.

"There you go again, Akane. No wonder all the boys think you're weird!"

Akane jumped at the sound of her sister's voice, and spun around to confront Nabiki! Fortunately, she hadn't retrieved her precious drugs, and revealed them to her sister, "Not everyone things the world revolves around boys, Nabiki!"

The somewhat obese girl, dressed in extravagant designer clothing shrugged indifferently, "Maybe if you had a few instead of girls, you would see differently." Akane glared, but said nothing. It was a softspot for Akane that her heartless and greedy sister touched on. Akane would gladly take girls, or well-mannered boys, but knew they wouldn't respond positively to her grotesque physique of iron-hard muscles. Instead of affection, Akane found her drive in the want, the NEED for strength. "Anyways, the sniveling worm we endearingly refer to as our father found a couple of genetals to announce a family meeting, thought you may want to be there at least for the humor factor of it all."

Akane nodded, silently willing her sister to leave her alone

"Faaaather," Kasumi called out in an infinitely vapid tone. She oblivously wiped imaignary blood trails from her eyes, even though they weren't currently bleeding. Her head swished to the side almost listlessly, as she continued, "We're all here now, faaather!"

"My dear Kasumi-chan, how I would not survive another day without you, or my other two lovely daughters!" From a dark corner, a seemingly withered shell of a man crawled into the light. His gray hair stuck to his face like a mangy mop, complimenting the disgusting stubble upon his jaw. His olive green gi hung loosely from his decrepid body, withered from years of neglect, years since the death of his wife.

"What is it you wanted to tell us, Daddy?" Nabiki asked in a saccarine-sweet voice that only Akane and herself knew was completely patronizing...

A bandanna clad boy stared listlessly ahead, with no direction or secure destination. He had only one drive in life, and had forgone all else for it. His family, his home, his physical health, his very sanity had been forefeit, all in the name of revenge.

Ryoga's glossy, ice cold glare kept forward. Even if it took all of Hell's eternity, Ranma would die by his hands. He would see Ranma's blood spilled up to his elbows, bathing his arms in crimson atonement.

For Ryoga, his salvation lay with Ranma's demise

Upon the helm of a rickety vessel, a lone young woman stared ahead with black, soul slaughtering eyes. Her arms were folded over her chest, while her right hand held onto her ever-present spiked steel-gray bonbori mace.

She learned the location of her advisary, the redheaded bitch that dared continuously upstart her in the village tournament, and every confrontation before that. What pissed her off so much more, was the fact that the girl insisted on leaving her alive, after every defeat.

Shampoo hated Ranma with a cold passion only matched by the fiercest arctic winds. She vowed to her Great-Grandmother that she would bring honor back to herself and her clan, by bringing the scalp of her prey back to display on the village tournament log, where she had suffered her fist defeat... ever.

And as the village champion, she would not bring dishonor to herself again.

"But..." the young girl whispered, before a moan escaped her lips.

Her companion ignored her pleas, and continued with the minstrations that would leave the girl completly at mercy. Ukyo Kuonji enjoyed the seduction of girls such as the one slowly being stripped under her. Every conquest put her closer to the vow she made to her father, that she was now a boy.

At the same time, she hated it. It wasn't right, it was without a doubt something that was absolutely wrong. Each time, a part of her screamed out, begged her not to continue, but over time, it had been a lot easier to ignore.

There, the girl would now be begging for her to continue, and then Ukyo would reveal her physical gender. Once the girl under her realized what Ukyo originally was, it would be too late. The best part about it, they always kept her secret, for shame of what people would think about them, if they found out they had been with another girl.

For Ukyo, life was both heaven and hell, and she had Ranma Saotome to thank and curse for it.

"An old friend of mine will be arriving shortly..." Soun Tendou replied in a voice that had shown more life than in the past eight years...

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