A heavy silence settled within the room. Nobody dared speak or move as they all awaited for some sort of explanation for her presence. In all honesty, Rose was curious herself. Why was she here in this little 'business meeting'? What purpose could she possibly serve any of them? Rose had immediately noted Moriarty's change in demeanour. Where he had bothered with small 'formalities and small talk' before (this being speaking about sleeping with his bodyguards), he now looked as if he were plotting the man's murder. Truly, it did. His eyes were scanning along the man's body and not in a flirtatious way. No. It was as if Moriarty was sizing him up. Thinking about what he could possibly do to him. This was odd. Then, all of a sudden, Moriarty swallowed and chewed his gum loudly. His pale hand flicked in a dismissive way.

"Don't acknowledge her, she's nothing but a pet, she wont bite you, unless you ruffle her feathers. Now, let's skip the dreaded formalities. What can I do for you?" His tone took on the same that she had with customers; entirely false.

The older man bristled at the words, his eyes glaring holes into both Moriarty and Rose on separate occasions.

"This needs to remain a secure conversation."

"Nothing's secure." Moriarty smirked at Rose, his eyes trailing down he figure.

"You're a newcomer. You perhaps are a big-shot lately, but don't forget who you're up against. "

Moriarty's eyes became hard as he rolled them upwards from Rose until they settled on the man who'd spoken. A look of absolutely murder had taken over his features.

"No, no. Don't go and shout insults at me. You see, you came here to my private location...uninvited. If anything, I should be turning you into shoessss. Besides, you're the one that paid for me." Moriarty's voice had taken on a very serious tone, his head shaking from side to side slowly. As he spoke the last sentence, his eyebrows shot up in a suggestive way.

Rose couldn't think of one situation, even between herself and Moriarty, where the tension had been as thick. Though she was as Moriarty put it an 'ordinary' she didn't fail to miss the fact that the female bodyguard had flinched at Moriarty's underlying threat. It had been a miniscule movement. The dark haired woman had shifted her weight to her left foot and her eyes had become a fraction wider, a sharp but soft intake of breath had occurred. Glancing at the male bodyguard, he appeared to look the same as he had the entire time. So why did she react differently to the way her boss was threatened? Rose's eyes remained on the woman. It seemed instead of staring blankly ahead into the void like the male bodyguard had been doing, she was staring at the back of the Korean man's head. This was interesting.

"Come here, Rose. That's a good girl. Walk over to Daddy." Moriarty stood up from his seat in an elegant and energetic jump. The bottom of his suit jacket flapped up in the process. The way he said "Daddy" was low and over exaggerated.

Rose felt anger boil within her while he patted his thighs as if he were beckoning a pet dog to come towards him. His eyes were glinting with something that both excited her and terrified her to no end. It was danger. Feeling multiple pairs of eyes on her again made her skin crawl. She wished the wall would allow her to sink back into its foundations. Rose wanted to run out of the room. Unfortunately, the dangerous warning in Moriarty's dark eyes consumed her.

As if she were being enchanted, she felt herself very slowly walk over to the desk. The feeling of the Korean's man suit against her arm as she brushed passed him caused her heart to plummet. Rose found her eyes locking with Moriarty's the entire time she moved towards him. Her heart was pounding, fear practically oozing out of her. Rose knew for a fact that he didn't mean for her to stand on the Korean's side of the desk but rather his own. She figured avoiding as much of his anger or frustration as possible was key to survival in this situation.

Eventually, she found herself standing by Moriarty's side, though a few steps away. For a brief and blessed moment she felt powerful. In front of her, the Korean man and his bodyguards stood. It was as if she could imagine herself as powerful as Moriarty was. What if this was my office? What if I was able to be like him? What if I had the entire world at my fingertips? That thought caused her to snap out of it. What was she thinking? No. Rose argued with herself. No, I don't want to be anything like him. Ignoring the odd feeling of both excitement and guilt to wash over her, Rose stared unblinkingly ahead at the Korean businessman. He was staring at her in such a way as if he couldn't comprehend her existence.

The feeling of dread sparked within her as Moriarty's figure became excruciatingly closer. The man had managed to take small step without her realising. As if he were a cat sneaking up on his prey. Before she felt his presence, she heard and felt his breath against her neck. It was warm and utterly disturbing. A finger brushing over her waist caused her to instinctively flinch closer towards the desk, her hip bone knocking against it in an excruciatingly painful way. A whimper escaped her lips at the feeling of the wound beginning to form from the pressure. Her heart seemed to pound only faster and faster as his presence seemed to slowly leer in closer. It wasn't until his chin connected with the flesh of her shoulder that she realised how close he had been. Sweat trickled down from the temple of her forehead to the base of her neck. The weight of Moriarty's head resting upon her shoulder didn't relieve itself. A guttural sound came from the back of his throat as he chuckled. It wasn't a kind laugh. It was as if he were laughing about something no one else knew and he was being cocky about it.

"I think he likes youuuuuu." Vibrations could be felt from Moriarty's voice box. They vibrated from her shoulder down to her wrist.

Moriarty's lips were now dangerously close to her ear. The tickling sensation of his heavy breathing and the faint chuckle that accompanied it had her trying not to flinch. His head was now tilted to the side, as if he were trying to terrify her as much as possible. Though, Rose had a feeling his eyes were on the Korean man.

"Pet, have I ever told you that my favourite animal is the duck?" Moriarty asked lowly, growling into her ear. Before she could possibly make sense of his ludicrous question, the feeling of his hands forcefully tugging her down onto the carpet below them caused her to become confused.

An earth-shattering sound of breaking glass pierced painfully into Rose's eardrums. She found herself screaming but her scream was lost in the melody of broken things and the sound of something 'zipping' above her. Out of fear and shock from the sudden noise Rose had clenched her eyes shut. Her legs were splayed out awkwardly on the carpet from the way Moriarty had tugged her down. His fingers had felt like talons digging into her sides. Feeling as if she were about to have a heart attack, she placed her hand over her chest, feeling the uneven and quickly paced thumps of her heart beat. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god. Rose's fingernails had just dug into the carpet, the feeling of micro-hairs beneath them causing her teeth to clench together. What had just happened? Slowly, the sound of broken glass ceased.

"NO. YOU FUCK-" The sound of the Korean man wailing and choking on his own breath caused Rose to perk up a bit. Wait what?

Slowly Rose opened her eyes, coming face to face with the black desk. Hesitatingly, She glanced in Moriarty's presumable position to find herself facing his pants. The black and expensive detailing obvious in the closeness of it. Above her, Moriarty stood. His face was set in stone as he looked on to the sight before him. His jaw was clenched and his eyes were as if they were on fire.

"I told you I don't go in much for female body guards. That statement wasn't just inclusive of my employees." The words were like ice as he spoke them. So cold. Moriarty had said it lazily, his accent had become heavier.

Gulping, slowly Rose stood on shaking legs. The sight was gruesome. The woman's body lay on the carpet. Between her eyes a large hole appeared, blood was leaking as a steady flow of crimson down her forehead and neck. The body was lifeless. Limbs and arms were splayed every which way. The Korean man was kneeling beside her, his head in his hands. Tears sprouted from his eyes and trickled down his face, a soft and haunting wailing sound coming from the back of his throat. It was a much different sight to the man she had witnessed just moments ago.

A 'tut' sound came from Moriarty.

"Emotional attachment. It's a real killer." A sick grin formed on his face as he glanced down to gouge Rose's reaction.

Rose felt sick to her stomach, quite literally. The way he flashed his white teeth at her in a proud way about his actions made her look away from him and back to the dead woman. Rose had never seen a dead body before. It was rather odd. Just moments ago she had been watching the woman's reactions, noticing all of her very-much-alive traits. So, the 'emotional attachment' as Moriarty had put it went both ways. It seemed in an essence slightly unprofessional and dangerous. If the Korean man had formed such a bond with the bodyguard, why did he bring her along to somewhere such as Jim Moriarty's location? Why even bother keeping her employed? Rose didn't understand emotional attachment. No one had ever awakened it within her soul. Unless you counted Billy, her crush from when she was five. She saw others become obsessed with each other. They never seemed to have time for anything or anyone else. Rose had never been able to grasp it. Looking at the sight before her, the way the man seemed to be in absolute torture, she was glad she didn't. In this instance, it was an absolute weakness. Rose was trying to understand why she wasn't feeling any sympathy for the pair.

Then, Moriarty's hand enclosed itself around her wrist and she found herself tearing her eyes away from the sight. Rose couldn't help but wince as his hand created pressure against the lacerations and bruises. Tears threatened to well up but she gritted her teeth, choosing to use her pain to glare up at Moriarty's smug face. His perfectly trimmed eyebrow raised to create soft wrinkles on his forehead, a look of both anger and amusement danced in his dark eyes. It was odd the way he seemed to be able to have multiple contrasting emotions at once. Rose continued to glare at him, though. For all of the things that he had done to her and what he was going to do to her. She willed all of her frustration and anger into her eyes, making sure he noticed. His eyes became a fraction wider, the undeniable look of curiosity had sparked within them once more.

''People do get sooo attached to their pets. I know of one man that keeps his under lock and key all day and night, like a dog. Shall we entertain that idea?'' The sentence was a warning. His eyes were expressing it, the way they seemed to attempt to penetrate every private thought of hers.

His head had tilted down, he was gazing at her through his long lashes. Moriarty was trying to intimidate her. This time it was working. Images flashed in her mind of herself in a cage or some kind of torture room like he had put her in before. Rose had no doubt he was sick enough to do so. She also had no doubt that whatever man he was speaking of surely existed. Almost immediately, Rose stopped attempting to pull away from his painful grasp around her wrist. Though her body was tense, she allowed the faint tugging of his hand to guide her to where he wanted them to go. Slowly, they began to walk towards the door. She couldnt help but glance at the dead woman again, the blood still trickled down her face. It was odd. Just like that, that woman's whole life was gone. It was curious to think about. Did the woman have enough time for herself to register that a bullet had come through the glass as soon as it happened? Did she know that her life was about to end mere milliseconds after?

The warm and unwelcomed feeling of Moriarty's left arm slinging around her shoulder caused Rose to freeze. Though Moriarty was a slim man, Rose was practically emaciated at that point. The weight of his muscled forearm dug painfully into her neck, his fingers on the other side grasping the edge of her shoulder tightly. His scent was smothering her, the mixture of cologne and peppermint becoming intoxicating. Her entire body had gone rigid from his gesture, stopping them in their tracks just before the opened door. Her heart pounded as Moriarty had stopped too, her eyes remaining on the door. He was so close that he could feel him breathing. His chest beside her, she could feel it against her arm rising and falling steadily. Rose didn't like it when she was reminded he was human; that he was physically normal. How many other people in the world were as twisted and demented as him who walked idly through crowds of 'ordinaries'?

At that thought, Rose couldn't help but glance up to his face, assuming his eyes would be on her own. They weren't. Moriarty's chin was angled towards the Korean man. Rose watched his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed. The hairs along his jaw seemed to be growing by the minute. His hand gave a sharp squeeze around her shoulder, causing her to flinch. His dark eyes were still watching the Korean man who was continuing to sob over the woman's body. Rose could see the way the rich brown colours of his eyes were swirling in something akin to curiosity as he watched the sobbing man. It was as if he were watching a play unfold. One that he had perfectly rehearsed in his mind over and over again. The curiosity in his eyes reminded Rose of a scientist watching some sort of experiment or subject. Of course, 'ordinaries', were his main subject matter. For a brief and blessed moment Rose thought he would watch the scene play for much more time. That was until his eyes slowly flickered down to meet her own. She felt her mouth go dry at his sudden staring. Though, oddly, this time his staring didn't seem to have any real purpose. It was as if he were simply observing her as well. The sweat consistently beading above her brow was beginning to become too much. Her body was overheating due to his closeness and the danger of the situation. Thankfully, Moriarty glanced past her to look at the Korean man, his curiosity had disappeared and a look of boredom transformed in his eyes. Rose watched as Moriarty's pale neck arched as he began to speak, a neutral expression had overtaken his features.

''Sorry for your loss.'' The meaning behind the words were empty.

Just like that, his arm was forcefully guiding her out of the room. The handsome bodyguard on the side of the door was missing, though the other remained. His face betrayed no emotion nor fear to the situiation that had just occured inside the room. He did however step away from his position and with one nod in Moriarty's direction, he began to walk down the hall in the opposite direction to the way they'd come in. Suddenly she was being pushed in the same direction. Gritting her teeth, she had half a mind to kick out at Moriarty's legs. Instead, she simply slowed her pace as best she could, His fingers came up to finger the back of her shirt, tugging on it as if it were a collar.

"Off you pop." Moriarty sang, giving her body an extra push for good measure with his hand now against her back.

His hand remained there as they walked. His chest was so close to her back that she found herself brushing against him multiple times. Rose followed the bodyguard, they weaved their way through various halls until the bodyguard went through a door. It entered into a foyer of sorts. The sound of Moriarty's shoes clicking against the marble flooring as they walked only reminded her of how close he was. Two golden elevator doors were at the end of it. A soft 'ding' sounded as they opened. The bodyguard stood aside it, staring straight ahead in the direction of them. Rose gulped as she entered it. It was certainly luxourious. It was large enough to be a bathroom. The walls, instead of metal, were large mirrors. Her own reflection stared back at her. Behind it, Moriarty's stood, his eyes hard and focused on the top of her head. He was at least a few inches taller than a quick second, his reflection's eyes flickered down to meet her own. His jaw began to move as he chewed the gum in his mouth, his expression was full of boredom. Rose felt frozen on the spot. The door's behind Moriarty's reflection closed yet his hand still remained on her back. Why hadn't the bodyguard come with them? Rose arched an eyebrow as she pondered this. Music played within the elevator, a mindless tune.

"If you didn't notice that male bodyguard disappeared when the lover was shot. Two birds one stone and all that.." Moriarty's voice was oddly soft and almost unrecognisable.

It was almost as if he were muttering to himself. The only reason she knew he was addressing her was because his eyes hadn't left her own through the mirror. Why he hadn't turned them around to face the doors was beyond her.

"It was stupid of him to bring her along if he didn't want her...harmed." The statement from Rose's mouth was hoarse and cracked on various syllables.

Why did I speak? Why did I speak? Why did I bring it up? Moriarty's eyes fluttered closed for a few moments, a smile that seemed to appear almost painful for him transformed across his face before it disappeared, a straight line appearing.

"Yes, well. It's quite funny, the little things you ordinaries do when you like one another." He mused, his eyes trailing up towards the ceiling as he seemed to think about something or another.

Rose chose to remain silent after that. Ordinaries. Before that little ordeal, she hadn't really considered the Korean man ordinary. But that was only because he had appeared dangerous. Moriarty seemed to refer it to people who weren't like him. She wondered how smart he really was. Though, admittedly, not many non-intelligent people couldn't pull off being someone who was consulted to find and hire people to commit crimes. Assassinations at that.

Eventually, the doors finally opened. Immediately, Moriarty spun them around so that they were headed out. An enormous foyer invited them, complete with marble flooring and open plan windows. Unlike most hotels, there was no reception area. Because Moriarty owned the building. Who else lived in this gigantic place then? Rose wouldn't doubt if only Moriarty himself lived there, he was that eccentric.

They were soon out of the buildings and onto the emptying street, save for a massive black limousine parked conveniently just in front of the building. Sebastian stood in front of it, his muscled arms were folded across his chest. Once he spotted them, he opened one of the back doors. From what Rose could see black leather seats lined inside of it. Moriarty's insisting hand on her back was beginning to annoy her.

"After you." He muttered, pressing her so hard she half-expected to fall right into the car.

With cheeks blazing, she crawled into the car awkwardly, well aware that he backside was on display as she did so. The squeaking of leather against her knees did nothing but make her blush heavier. Eventually, she managed to clammer her way to the end of the five-seater, directly next to the other door. Her face was on fire as Moriarty slid much more elegantly in. Rose thanked the heavens that he left as much distance as possible between them, choosing to sit next to the other door. This allowed her some room to breathe as her heart hammered. The door was slammed shut beside Moriarty. A black screen covered the space between the driver's seat and the first part of the limo that they occupied. As the car started and began to move, a silence settled in.

The silence was deafening. Anxiety had built up within her. Even though there was much more space between the two, Rose couldnt help but think this was far more awkward. Being in a small enclosed area that had almost no exit was terrifying her. Not to mention that she had no idea where Sebastian's was driving. Rose kept her eyes on the window, which had been surprisingly easy to peer out of despite the fact that they had been heavily tinted from the outside. A constant pattern of cars drove passed them. Some children occasionally pointed at the limo and adults gawked, she probably would have done the same given different conditions. After a while, the silence became deafening. Moriarty hadn't moved, save only for once, when he had taken his phone from his pocket. Rose had watched him from the corner of her eye. He was a blur of pale hands and a dark suit. The only sound besides the faint hum of the engine that Rose could hear was Jim's fingers constantly tapping against his phone screen. Somehow it was odd to her that someone like him had a phone. Rose couldn't imagine trying to text the man. She had a feeling it would be rather comical.

Eventually, Rose's rigid body had become stiff and her wounds hurt more than ever. She realised after a while that it was unlikely Moriarty was going to spring anything on her. He had no time for it. They were currently relocating somewhere else and his phone didn't seem to want to be quiet. So, Rose closed her eyes, mostly from mental exhaustion. The leather seat was incredibly comfortable. Eventually, her body began to fight against her mind until it relaxed somewhat. The soft and re-occurring melody of Moriarty's fingers tapping against his phone put her slowly to sleep, as if it were some sort of twisted lullaby. As the darkness began to embrace her, she tried not to think about the fact that he was probably organising crimes, big ones at that.

A bright flash of white interrupted her sleep. As she opened her eyes out of fright the light blinded her. The brightness of it stung her eyes and she winced at it, blinking away the pain as the brightness dimmed. Blurry shapes invaded her eyes. Soon, they'd began to clear into recognisable objects.. A phone screen was suddenly infront of her face, it displayed anincredibly unflattering picture of herself sleeping. Rose's head was lulled to the side, her long blonde hair a frightful mess. The fading claw marks from Moriarty's fingernails were only highlighted from the flash. The sight sent shivers down her body because she knew just who had taken it. The screen removed itself and instead, she was met with Moriarty smirking ear-to-ear. His pale face was pointed downward, looking at the phone in his hands. His dark eyes danced with a sick delight and amusement as he looked up.

"Aren't pictures of sleeping pets just ad-or-ab-le?"