Hey guys, Tronmaster here. No characters, no gimmicks, just me. I'll be perfectly honest, I know that two of my stories, RWBY: Hallowed Scars, and RWBY: General's Remnant aren't getting the reception that I initially hoped for. But you know what they say: Rome wasn't built in a day. And yes, my work on the first trailer for RWBY: General's Remnant wasn't the best. But look, I'm still going to write it. If any of you from Reading RGF want to check out my other two stories, great. And please, do try to be constructive in your criticisms, it's the only way I'll grow as an author. Now, with that out of the way, here's my fourth overall story, and the second one to be updated weekly. In this case, every Thursday. And yes, it is another RWBY Crossover. This time, with Borderlands. So, as you know, pretty much every Borderlands game starts with an introduction by everyone's favorite weapons merchant Marcus. And this is no different. Ladies, gentlemen, and those of unspecified gender (yes, that was taken from DBZ Abridged), I give to you, Borderlands: Remnant Minds (also, there will be spoilers for Borderlands 2, Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, and Tales from the Borderlands, so yeah, spoiler alert).

So, you want to hear another tale? One of adventure? Of high octane action? Of romance both normal, and unusual? Do you want a tale, of bloody evolution? Well, You clearly have nothing better to do. And, I've got some time.

Now, after the fall of Handsome Jack and Hyperion, and the literal fall of Helios Station, the Borderlands of Pandora experienced an unprecedented time of peace. Well, as peaceful as you can get on a planet where literally everything is out to kill you, but I digress. Anyway, the point is, Pandora did not face anymore threats from money-obsessed corporations, killer mercenaries, crazed madmen, and horrific monsters and alien superweapons. But, for six young, adventurous Vault Hunters, seven if you count their reprogramed Hyperion Loader Bot, life on Pandora became, a little dull. So, at the behest of a former Hyperion stooge turned unintended Vault Hunter, they set out on a job that would, hopefully, change their lives forever. And you know what? It did.

So, listen now, as I tell you a tale of seven Vault Hunters, a bunch of teenagers, and a little robot, and how that one robot's blunder, changed the lives of those Vault Hunters, and the teenagers, forever...

Location: Pandora, specifically, 23.5 miles from the city of Hollow Point

Time: 12:00 PM

[No P.O.V.]

Pandora, it's large, full of secrets, and has creatures and people that will kill you if you just so much as make eye contact. Whether you love it, hate it, or are driven mad by it, it can be home. Our story begins with a panoramic view of the desert landscape about 24 miles out from the city of Hollow Point. There's nothing for miles, and all you see, is a lonesome road. There's almost no sound, save for the wind, and the screeching of circling Rakks. The camera pans down, showing more of a close-up of the road.

On the road, is a single creature. No bigger than a large Doberman. And, it has four mandibles. This is one of Pandora's native creatures, a Skag. It roars before crossing the road, stopping for a moment. Only to be run over by a vehicle.

[Music Start: "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" by Cage the Elephant]

The vehicle that ran over the skag is one of the many ramshackle vehicles found on Pandora. A Bandit Technical, modified to fit about eight people, max. Inside the technical, we see our heroes. One driving, one in the passengers seat, and six more in the back bed. One of whom, seems to be asleep.

The camera cuts to the driver, a young man, no older than twenty, with dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, a pale skin complexion, and wearing the tattered sage green outfit of a mercenary. This is Sean McAllister, former commando for the Vladof corporation's elite Spetsnaz mercenaries (imagine the short splash screen that happens with character introductions). Sitting besides him in the passengers seat, is a young woman, also no older than twenty, with the same dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, pale skin complexion, but wearing a brown sleeveless vest, with an undershirt beneath it. Her right arm is adorned with tribal, almost alien tattoos. And in her hand is a strange device, almost the size of an old school cell phone. The young woman is Hailie McAllister, Sean's twin sister. And the device in her hand is an ECHO Recorder. A recording device commonly used on Pandora.

Hailie, turning to her older twin brother, asked, "How much longer until we're at the spot that Rhys told us about?"

"How the hell should I know Hailie? We've been driving for an hour, two at best. Look, if I ask Bruticus, will you try and find out what's on that ECHO Recorder?" Sean replied to his younger twin sister.

"Alright, alright. Look, I'm sorry Sean, it's just that we've literally haven't had a decent paying job in months. What with Axton and the others gallivanting around the damn universe, looking for the other Vaults." Hailie said.

"Ah, don't worry about it sis. Truth be told, I'm getting kind of bored myself." Sean replied to Hailie. Sean later tuned his head slightly, asking, "Hey, Bruticus, how much longer until we reach the coordinates that Rhys gave us?"

Looking at the back bed of the technical, one of the occupants, a reprogramed Hyperion Loader Bot, the yellow paint job was replaced with red, green, and blue, and a minigun attached to his right arm replied in a robotic voice, "It will be another 5.3 hours exactly until we reach the coordinates that Rhys has given us."

"Alright, thanks buddy." Sean replied, internally sighing at the prospect of another five hours of driving.

"You're welcome Sean." Bruticus said.

Hailie, deciding that she doesn't have anything better to do, tinkers with the ECHO Recorder. Trying to find out what was on it. After a few minutes of messing with the wires and circuits of the ECHO Recorder, finally activates it. Only for it to suddenly start playing random Mariachi music, startling one of the passengers in the back.


"Shit, sorry Talia, my bad." Hailie replied sheepishly, shutting off the ECHO Recorder.

The woman in the back, Talia Jenson, is around the same age as Sean and Hailie, if only a few months younger than both McAllister twins. She has light brown hair, with a single streak of purple, green eyes, and a fair, olive complexion. She was raised on Pandora's moon of Elpis. Hence her accent. She wears clothing typical of a scavenger. Sitting next to her is her older half-brother, and the oldest out of the six human Vault Hunters, Matthias Hammerlock. A young man of twenty one, also with an olive skin complexion, but with white hair, and brown eyes. He wears clothing more attributed to a aristocratic hunter. Both his, and Talia's clothing being blue in color. Like Talia, he was born on Elpis, but he was raised on Athens-7.

"Hey Tali, keep calm. We're all a little irritable and tired from the four hours since we've left Hollow Point." Matthias said to his younger sister, trying to calm her down.

"Alright. Look Hales, I'm sorry, alright? I just, I just want this job to have a decent payout. I'm sick and tired of living on this piece of shit rock in the middle of nowhere space." Talia apologized.

"Don't worry Talia, we'll be fine. We've made it out of worse situations before, haven't we?" Asked the person seated to Talia's right.

"Yeah, but that was pure luck Kord. Besides, we've got a lot riding on this job." Talia replied.

The young man, now named Kord, who's real name, Wallace MacIver, is known only to his friends, has a slightly tanned skin tone, jet black hair, purple eyes, and wears the clothing similar to that of a stereotypical commando (think Rambo mixed with Dutch from Predator). He's also the youngest Vault Hunter of the group, at nineteen.

"Look, I'm just saying, what if Rhys' intel isn't solid? We could be walking right into a Bandit camp, at best." Kord said.

"And at worst?" Matthias asked.

"At worst, we end up with what Roland and the others dealt with a few years back." Kord replied.

"You mean a giant Lovecraftian tentacle monster that almost destroyed the universe?" Asked a person sitting across from Kord.

"Hell if I know Delilah, but I guess we'll find out when we get there." Kord replied.

The final of the seven Vault Hunters is Delilah Saveros. A native to Pandora. She's the same age as most of the Vault Hunters, at about twenty. She wears an outfit more found in post-apocalyptic fiction. A brown duster jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. Along with black work jeans, and black combat boots. Her skin tone is more in line with some native Pandorans, a tan complexion. She also has dark brown hair, and green eyes.

"Come on guys, this could be great!" Spoke another robotic voice, this one more high-pitched than Bruticus.

"Oh for the love of God, Claptrap. Will you just shut up for one, single, solitary moment!?" Kord asked/shouted.

The eighth member of the group is Claptrap. He's shorter than the others, and is the last Claptrap unit left after Handsome Jack destroyed the rest. He's small, box-like in appearance, with two arms with clamps where his hands would be. He has a mostly yellow chassis, with a single white stripe running vertically across his body. He also has a single antenna, and one wheel.

"Nope, sorry Kord, that's just not in my programing!" Claptrap replied cheerily.

Kord could only sigh in annoyance at Claptrap's response.

"Look Kord, like it or not, Claptrap's our best bet at getting inside of this mysterious Hyperion facility. And besides, you get used to his overly enthusiastic personality after awhile." Sean said optimistically.

"I hope you're right Sean. Otherwise, I'm turning him into a dart board." Kord said, malicious glee in his voice.

"Alright guys, we're approaching the facility now, let's get ready. Sean said, getting everyone's attention.

But little did any of them realize, is that this job was going to change their lives, forever...

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