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[No P.O.V.]

Team RWBY, plus six of our seven intrepid Vault Hunters all still had horrified expressions plastered on their faces. And, considering who their guide is, who can blame them?

"P-professor Oobleck?" Talia stuttered, as the reality of the situation finally made itself clear, and Oobleck began to talk fast, as per the norm.

"Yes, I'm afraid those bags won't be necessary, students, seeing as you've opted to shadow a Huntsman on what is essentially a reconnaissance mission. I can assure you, we will not be establishing a single base of operations; rather, we will be traversing several miles of hazardous wasteland and making camp in any defendable locations we may stumble upon. I packed all of our essentials myself, plotted our air course, and readied the airship, donated by our allies from the Vytal Lance. And..." Oobleck said at rapid pace, zooming right in front of Talia, in her face, "It's DOCTOR Oobleck. I didn't earn the PhD for FUN, thank you very much!" He finished, quickly backing away.

"What the..." Delilah sighed, looking at her friends.

"Come now, children; according to my schedule, we are already three minutes behind!" Oobleck stated, "...schedule!" He, finished, asshole, zipping towards the airship, where it's now that Sean notices the insignia of the Vytal Lance on it (Imagine it looking similar to the insignia of the Vytal Festival, but with the sword in the center being replaced by a Lance, said Lance having a Vault symbol at the center.) and a familiar-looking cobra painted near the cockpit.

"Well, alright, then! Looks like we're going to save the world with Doctor Oobleck- okay yeah when you say it out loud it sounds worse." Ruby said, acting as positive as before, only to change to be as depressed as the others.

"Jesus Christ. This'll be a long week." Hailie muttered.

"Save the world?" Nora shouted, making our eleven heroes turn around to see Team JNPR walking up to them.

"And speaking of crazy..." Kord whispered, only for Matthias to elbow him in the side.

"You're going on world-saving missions without us? I'm hurt...sad! Maybe a little hungry? That last one's not your fault, though, REN..." Nora said, acting dramatically, Ren, for his part, crossed his arms and turned away.

"Sounds exciting. Where ya going?" Jaune asked the group.

"Nowhere, just outside the kingdom, is all." Delilah replied nonchalantly.

"Hey! So are we!" Nora exclaimed excitedly.

"Ren and Nora wanted to shadow the sheriff of a nearby village." Pyrrha added.

"Dope." Sean responded.

"We set out tomorrow." Ren finished.

"Guess you guys are stuck on Claptrap detail." Kord snorted.

"Sweet! Then he, and them can party with us tonight!" Shouted Neptune, as he and Sun walked towards the group, "We're shadowing a crime specialist. All inner-city detective stuff. We get junior badges."

"Nerd." Talia deadpanned, while Jaune is awestruck.

"We normally go to the city with you guys, which means stuff's always exploding and junk, so we thought this might be a better way to check out the kingdom when it's, you know... normal." Sun added, as Hailie snorted in an unladylike manner.

"Sun, you and Neptune are hanging out with a bunch of Vault Hunters, expect to get shot at about 1,000 times more than usual." Matthias deadpanned, as Oobleck appeared from the airship.

"Four minutes, students!" Oobleck called out, as the others smiled awkwardly at our heroes.

"Well, uh... Wish us luck!" Ruby said, as the friends disbanded, the eleven finally heading off on their mission.

We cut to the airship, now flying over buildings and streets, the pilots talking over their closed comm channels.

"Gotta admit doc, never saw you as a fighter." Talia admitted, trying to initiate small talk.

"I admit I fancy myself more of an intellectual, but I can assure you, as a Huntsman, I've had my fair share of tussles." Oobleck answered, as Ruby tilted her head in confusion.

"Like the mushroom?" Ruby asked, as the others looked at her.

"Those are truffles." Blake answered, leaning over.

"Like the sprout?" Ruby asked, scratching her head in befuddlement.

"Those are Brussels." Yang answered, also leaning over. Sean and Hailie trying to contain their laughter.

"Besides, given my expertise in the field of history as well as my dabblings in the archaeological surveys, our dear headmaster saw fit to assign me to this particular...assignment!" Oobleck continued.

"Plus, we've got a walking, talking, shooting sonar beacon with us." Matthias noted, making Oobleck nod in agreement.

"What does history have to do with this?" Weiss asked, as Delilah facepalmed.

"Why, what a preposterous question you silly girl! Why, history is the backbone of our very society! And the liver! Probably the kidneys, if I were to wager." Oobleck said, turning sharply on Weiss.

"And that means..?" Weiss trailed off.

"The southeast quadrant outside of Vale is home to wild forests and deep caves, but it is also the location to one of the kingdom's greatest failures!" Oobleck added, as the mood went somber for a moment.

"Mountain Glenn." Ruby answered simply.

"Sorry guys, but we kinda missed the history lecture the rest of y'all got, mind filling us in?" Kord asked.

"Mountain Glenn was meant to be an expansion of Vale, an attempt to break out of the natural borders of the kingdom." Sean answered.

"Unfortunately, it was overrun by the Grimm, and disconnected from the rest of the city." Hailie added.

"Correct! And now it stands abandoned as a dark reminder." Oobleck said.

"And a likely place for a hideout." Blake finished.

"Precisely!" Oobleck said, adjusting his glasses and smiling.

Meanwhile, on a ridge overlooking the failed settlement of Mountain Glenn, a platoon of Lost Legion troopers were surveying the landscape, as the airship our heroes passed by.

"Commander, we picked up an anomaly on the scanners." One Lost Legion scout said to his superior, walking up to him.

"What sort of anomaly, corporal?" The Commander asked, as the corporal fumbled a datapad.

"W-well sir, our scanners detected several ECHO signals passing by. Most of them belonging to the Vault Hunters." The corporal answered.

"The ones who disrupted our operations at the dock weeks back?" The Commander asked, the corporal nodding in conformation, "Was there anything else on the scanners?"

"Yes sir, Aura signatures. Five of them to be precise." The corporal replied, less nervous than before, "We believe that four of them are those brats who're friends with the Vault Hunters."

"Well, we've been meaning to test out some new toys, eh corporal?" The Commander chuckled, the corporal smiling under his helmet.

"Yes sir. I'll get the others ready." The corporal responded, moving to gather the other Legionaries.

"You do that corporal, you do that..." The Commander said, chuckling to himself, as he looked over to a set of ammo cans, all of them labeled in bright red, 'AURA PIERCERS'.

[Back with our heroes...]

The airship carrying our heroes came in over a spot of abandoned street, hovering over the LZ, Sean and company waiting for the go-ahead to jump.

"Alright, we're here. Now, after you guys get off, we're out of here." The pilot, a female newt Faunus said over the roar of the engines, "Don't wanna be here any longer than we need."

"Understood Flight Lieutenant, it won't take long to finish our reconnaissance." Oobleck replied.

"Anyway, if you absolutely NEED to bug out, call me on the ECHO net, CCT's too unreliable outside the kingdom." The pilot added, "Callsign's Cobra 1-1, savvy?"

"Yes ma'am." Sean said, giving a two-fingered salute.

"Wait, how exactly-" Was all Ruby got out, as the co-pilot shoved her, and the others, sans Oobleck out of the gunship.

"Happy hunting!" The co-pilot shouted, with a hearty chuckle, the airship taking off, only for a rocket to hit it, the co-pilot barely noticing as he was completely consumed by a fireball, the airship lurching to the side.

"JESUS CHRIST!" Matthias shouted, as the group ducked.

"Shit! Jessop!" Thee pilot shouted, barely regaining control of the gunship.

"Cobra 1-1! Are you alright?" Delilah asked.

"Ugh! Co-pilot's dead, listen, you guys need to get somewhere safe, the commotion-" Was all the pilot got out, as another rocket slammed right into the cockpit, killing the pilot, and causing the airship to crash.

"Hit the dirt!" Talia shouted, as everyone got out of the way of crashing airship.

"COBRA 1-1!" Sean yelled, as everyone looked at the wreckage, right before gunfire erupted around them.

"JESUS!" Kord shouted.

"FUCK!" Hailie yelled.

"AMBUSH!" Matthias cried out.

"Get to cover!" Oobleck ordered, the group doing just that, but not before a stray bullet nicked Weiss in the shoulder.

"OW!" Weiss cried out, griping her left shoulder, dropping Myrtenaster on the ground.

"Weiss!" Ruby shouted, running to grab both her partner, and her weapon, getting the young heiress behind cover.

"Ok, what the hell is happening?!" Yang shrieked, as Sean and the others returned fire.

"Guess the White Fang knew we were coming." Blake mumbled, performing first aid on Weiss' shoulder.

"Doubt it." Matthias replied, continuing to focus on the firefight.

"Yeah, and unless the Grimm learned how to use firearms, we can rule them out." Kord added, firing a rocket at the building where the gunfire was coming from.

All the while, Delilah was taking pot-shots from a vantage point she had located, when she noticed something.

"Oh, mother of Crawmerax!" She yelled, quickly contacting the others, "Guys, it's not Fang, it's the Legion!"

"The Legion?!" Hailie shouted, as she noticed more Legion soldiers coming out of the building, making her curse inwardly.

"Sean, I don't know if we can hold out here!" Talia said, her hands shaking slightly, making the young Vault Hunter sigh, before putting two fingers to his ear.

While that was going on, a platoon of Lance soldiers was patrolling nearby, led by Taylor, his helmet underneath his arm, until suddenly, the Lance Corporal (heh) ran up to Taylor.

"General McAllister, sir, there's a distress signal over the ECHO net." The Lance Corporal said, causing the entire platoon to halt, much to the chagrin of the rest.

"Can it people." Taylor chided, "Corporal, patch the distress signal through." He added, the Lance Corporal doing that.

"Mayday! Mayday! Is there anyone on this frequency?! This is Beacon student Sean McAllister, my friends and I are pinned down in the Mountain Glenn ruins by Lost Legion soldiers! Huntress Weiss Schnee is wounded, our pilot is KIA!" Sean shouted, before he was cut off by an explosion.

"Sir, what should we do?" Asked a Lance trooper to Taylor, who was completely silent.

"Uh, sir?" Asked another trooper, as Taylor began to tap his fingers against his helmet. And, after several seconds, he spoke.

"LANCEMEN!" Taylor shouted, causing the platoon to stand at attention, "Ready your weapons, and check your Auras! We've got some Beacon students to save! Oorah?"

"OORAH!" The Lance platoon shouted, marching forward, as Taylor put his helmet on.

'Sean, Hailie, hang on guys, big brother's coming!' Taylor thought, drawing his pistols, and moving with the rest of his platoon.

[Back to the battle]

"OH SHIT!" Kord shouted, barely avoiding a grenade from a Legion grenadier, said grenade destroying a chunk of wall.

"Kord! Are you okay?" Ruby asked, rushing over to the explosive expert.

"Yeah, frigging peachy-CHRIST ALIVE!" Kord replied, only to be hit by a bullet in his arm.

"KORD!" Sean yelled, firing back at the Legion.

Gunfire could be heard across the entire area in and around Mountain Glenn, with even the local Grimm steering clear of the battle for now, waiting to strike at the weakened victor. Unfortunately for our heroes, the Legion began to encircle their position. Forcing the group into an abandoned clothing store.

"Ya know, I was hoping to fight Grimm. Not. The. Lost Legion." Talia complained, as she fired at two Legion troopers, killing them instantly.

"Well, encountering hostile human enemies is part of the job description." Oobleck replied, as a familiar ball of fur appeared out of Ruby's backpack.

"Zwei! Now's not the time!" Ruby chided, as the gunfire suddenly stopped.

"Hey guys, the gunfire stopped." Kord squeaked.

"Yeah, we kinda noticed, smart-ass." Hailie mumbled, as the group stepped outside, only to see the sight of a bunch of dead Legion soldiers, and Lance troopers standing victorious over their adversaries.

"Holy shit." Matthias breathed, as the Lance now took notice of the group.

"Is there a Sean McAllister here?" One of the Lance troopers asked, as Sean stepped forward.

"That would be I." Sean replied, "Thanks for the help."

"Don't thank us, thank our boss, he's the one that delayed our leave." One Lance Sergeant mumbled, as the leader, Taylor, unknown to either of his siblings, stepped forward, helmet on, and barrels smoking.

"Well, looks like you guys were in quite the-" Taylor got out, his voice disguised, as he then noticed the nasty looks from Sean and Hailie, "What?"

"Where did you get the helmet?" Sean asked venomously, Hailie giving the Lance leader the same death glare.

"Guys, what're you doing?" Kord asked nervously.

"We won't ask again." Hailie spat, "Where. Did. You. Get. That helmet?" She added, emphasizing every word.

'Never thought I'd have to resort to the nickname Sean and I had for Hailie as kids, but, here we go.' Taylor thought, "Well, you should know how I got it, especially since I let you draw on it, Hale storm."

"Hale storm?" Weiss asked in confusion, as both McAllister twins looked puzzled.

"Hailie's nickname from when we were kids." Sean answered.

'The only people who have EVER called me by that godawful nickname were Sean, mom, Yuri, Ajax and...' Hailie thought, before realization hit her like a flaming train car, "Oh my God..."

"Hailie, is something-" Sean got out, before Hailie interrupted him.

"Taylor?!" Hailie cried out, as Sean looked at her in surprise.

"Wait, what?" Sean asked, as Taylor took off his helmet.

"Glad to see you're just as observant as ever Hales." Taylor said, finally removing his helmet, "Glad to see you two."

"Oh my God..." Sean breathed, tears welling up in both his and Hailie's eyes.

"TAYLOR!" Hailie shouted, running towards her big brother, tackling him in a hug.

"Missed you too Hailie." Taylor said, "Well Sean, why don't you join us?" Taylor asked his younger brother, who, without hesitation, joined in on the hug.

"Y-you jackass." Sean squeaked, tears rolling down his face.

"God, I missed you guys so much." Taylor said.

"We missed you too bro." Hailie replied, as the three siblings broke off the hug.

"Aww, this is adorable." Delilah said, cooing at the sweet reunion between the three siblings, when a Beowolf roared, ruining the moment.

"FUCK OFF ASSHAT!" The McAllister siblings shouted, drawing their pistols and filling the Grimm with lead, Sean and Taylor's pistols blowing its head off, the Beowolf dropping dead.

"Jesus, overkill much?" Talia muttered.

"No such thing" Hailie proclaimed as Oobleck coughed.

"Glad to see you again Taylor." Oobleck said, as the Lance medic finished stitching Weiss' wound.

"Likewise Barty." Taylor replied, as another Lance soldier ran up to him.

"Sir, gunship wing Manticore just radioed in, they're on their way for extraction." The Lance soldier reported, Taylor nodding in response.

"Understood." Taylor said, as Sean and Hailie looked at their brother, "Well, I'd offer you guys a lift, but Oobleck would scold me."

"Correct!" Oobleck noted, "And, as much as I would allow you and your siblings the chance to catch up, I'm afraid we're currently embroiled within our mission."

"Fair enough." Taylor sighed, "When you guys get back, we'll catch up, ok?"

"Ok." Hailie confirmed, "We'll hold you to it."

"Gotcha, be safe." Taylor said, giving Hailie a hug.

"You too bro." Sean replied, fist-bumping his older brother, just as the gunships set down.

"My God, they got here quick." Talia said, flabbergasted.

"Oh, by the way, General Ironwood is in town." Sean noted as Taylor boarded the gunship.

"I heard, gonna have to give him an earful later." Taylor grumbled, "Anyway, good luck on your mission guys!"

"Thanks bro!" Hailie called back.

"Oh, and Ruby and Yang?" Taylor asked, getting the attention of the Rose-Xiao Long siblings, "Thanks for taking care of Sean and Hailie!"

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