Pantalaimon sighed heavilly, Lyra had been gone for over an hour and he was unsure of he should do next. At first he had thought of staying on this old, rotting jetty until Lyra returned, but he was now doubtful. Somthing that made no sense, in the back of his thoughts told Pan that here would not be where he would be reunited with Lyra.

Pan's little chest ached with a pain that was both physical and emotional, deep within him, and was so fierce he wondered how he was still alive. Pan remembered Lyra's wailing, her sobs and the endless tears and knew that she would be feeling the same sort of pain. But as he was still living and would was not in any danger of dying from this, Pan's thoughts began to wander. He was not meant to stay where he was, he was meant to go elsewhere in order to find Lyra again, but he was only a daemon without a single form, and didn't know what to do about this nor what to think.

There was a strange fluttering some meters up from Pan on the jetty which Pan sensed as being alive. At first he wondered if it was Dust, as he had so often heard that it was conscious, but he knew it was more then that. It might possibly be Dust forming into something, and suddenly Pan found himself wondering what form Will's daemon was and if this was her.

The image flickered and Pan had to blink his little eyes in order to makle any sense of this thing. Foe a moment he thought he saw something, but it faded as quickly as it had appeared. But within minutes it had taken on a stranger form and with an almost inaudible popping and whoshing sound another small dog, almost exactly like Pan appeared, it's sorrowful eyes mirroring Pan's own.

She was also in a great deal of pain, and was deeply sad and could only just whisper, "We'd never trully met and then he left me. My Will went away and left me!"

Pan whimpered with sympathy and slowly approached Will's newly formed daemon, his head low. He understood her pain, and he was also feeling abandoned soehow, even though he struggled as hard as he could to beleive Lyra had done the right thing.

Her eyes glistened and she made the first connecting with Pan, by rubbing her cheek against his. She raised her head again to look deeply and sadly into Pan's eyes, which she shared as she knew of no ther form to take.

Now Pantalaimon would not be alone.