Pull Me Down: A Mysterious Call

Your phone rings in the middle of the night. An indiscernible voice speaks: "There is a car waiting for you outside your house. Get inside. You don't want to ignore this." Your spouse rolls over, eyes squinting, and says, "Everything okay?" What happens next?

A/N: So, I got this prompt from writer's digest website in 2015 (A Mysterious Call) and I just got around to actually finishing it. It is a birthday present to myself.

The phone wouldn't stop ringing as the older gentleman rolled over from the arms of his sleeping wife. It was in the middle of the night and he couldn't sleep anyway but who would be calling at such a late hour. The town of Forks, Washington didn't hold that much excitement for the Police Chief as of late.

Maybe Seth wasn't asleep in his old bedroom. Maybe he was playing a trick on him. But, Charlie couldn't find peace in sleep no matter how hard he tried. The ringing finally stops.

Hoping that finally sleep would find him; he closed his eyes only to be popped open by the sound of his cell phone. He chose to ignore it hoping that the person on the other end would realize the time and try again during daylight hours.

"Goodness, Charlie just answered it already. I am trying to sleep" came the irritated voice of his wife.

"Sorry dear," he whispered as he reached for the offensive device "go back to sleep."

She turned back over to her side of the bed with a sigh, the clock on his nightstand flashed at 3am as he finally answered the phone.

"Hello" Charlie whispered as he sat up on his side of the bed with no evidence of sleep in his voice.

He was more than alert and ready for action.

His wife, Sue didn't seem to notice the disturbance as she went back to snoring away.

"There is a car waiting for you outside your house" said a distorted voice on the other end of the receiver.

The chief stares at his phone in disbelief, "Jacob or Emmett…whoever this is I am not playing with you this time of night" he yells as quietly as he can, attempting to not disturb his wife again.

"Get inside it" the voice continues ignoring Charlie's threat.

The Chief stretches his hearing trying to figure out who the voice belongs to.

"You don't want to ignore this" the raspy voice continues to persist; causing Charlie to rise from his sitting position and walk over to the closet door, opening it.

The cell phone is still in his hand as the person on the other end hangs up after stating its advice. It was in the closet that he saw with his own eyes that there was a nondescript car sitting in front of his house; at least that is what the monitors connected to his security cameras were showing him.

It was then that Sue stirred, rolling over, she yawns facing her husband who was reaching for his side arm that was currently hanging just inside of the closet door, "Is everything okay?"

Stretching her arms out towards him, "come back to bed."

He'd thought that she was out like a light.

"Go back to sleep, love just some police business" he lies as he opens the bedroom door and makes his way down the hallway towards the stairs. He stops at Seth, his step-son's bedroom door and hears his obvious snoring.

Continuing towards his destination he peaks in on Leah, his step-daughter and sees her sleeping soundlessly as well.

All is well in the house as he finally descends the staircase reaching his work boots that are set neatly along the doorway. Eyeing the other three sets of shoes next to his he thinks of his precious family as he disarms the alarm and removes the security chain on the door. Unlocking the door and he slowly opens it peering out into the darkness of the night.

There it sat with its tinted windows, no lights on and he wondered who could be so bold as to call him in the middle of the night. To risk waking his family and only one person came to mind.

He stepped onto the porch in disbelief, walking at the slowest pace he could muster. He stepped onto the wet grass getting closer to the vehicle; reaching for the handle of the car and stopped.

His mind was racing as he tried to see beyond the darkened windows. There was no sound coming from the vehicle; it was at that moment that he thought, "Maybe this is a set-up."

This thought caused his hand to hover in mid-air as he looked this way and that. Seeing nothing he decided he didn't want to know who was in this car. He didn't want to risk what he had inside the house behind him; even if who he thought was inside that car.

Turning slightly his hand slipped from the handle of the door, "Wait."

Said the voice of someone he knew all too well; "don't you at least want to say hi to me" apparently no amount of years apart could stop the chill that runs down his spine every time he hears that voice."

"It's late" he whispers, not turning around to see the person that just stepped out of the car.

"Please, Charles…" hands wrapped around his waist from behind, "I came all this way to see you."

"Billy, please" softly whispers to Charlie as he leans back into his embrace. "We can't continue doing this. I am remarried now and I won't let you ruin this marriage like you did the last one."

Breathing in the scent of the man behind him, Charlie uprights himself and continues his walk back to his family.

"But…" pleads Billy.

"No buts, we aren't together anymore. I am no longer your layover stop anymore" with resolve he steps onto the porch ending his conversation with his former lover but not before hearing Billy's final words.

"I'm moving back to Forks and I will have you again Charles" he stops at the door, never turning around but sweat prickles on his forehead and his heart starts to speed up with the news.

"Good night lover, sweet dreams" after hearing Billy's declaration, Charlie just stands at the door; it takes everything for him not to turn around and run over to the running car.

To open the passenger side door, hop in and pull Billy down to his lips for one final kiss but instead he just stands at his door and listens to the car pull off from in front of his home.

"Charlie, what was it?" Sue appears at the door rubbing sleep from her eyes, "are you okay?"

He slowly comes back into focus, "Yes dear it was nothing just Officer Uley with a question. Let's go back to bed."

He ushers her inside, turning to lock up the house, removing his work boots for the second time that day.

He notices his sweatpants are tented and a wet stain is seeping through them.

"Well, before we go back to bed maybe we should take care of your problem, first" comes the seductive voice of his new wife at the top of the stairs. He follows her to the bedroom, kissing her as she leans back ready to perform her wifely duties but even as beautiful as she is Charlie's mind isn't seeing her but another.

Charlie Swan and Sue Clearwater-Swan have been married for three months now and they have been the happiest three months he has experienced in a long time but with the return of his best friend and lover, Billy Black who knows how much longer that happiness will last.