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Summary:  J/H.  Hyde's thoughts on his relationship with Jackie

Credits:  Song is John Mayer's Your body is a Wonderland. 

If you want love

We got the afternoon

You got this room for two

One thing that's left to do

Discover me

Discovering you

It all started in the summer, as a lot of good things do.  Although at the time I wasn't trying to start anything.  It was just something to pass the time.  Or so I say.  At some point mid kiss, somewhere after hot but before heavy, I decided that Jackie and I weren't quite so wrong.  Weren't quite so "unnatural" as Eric would later put it.  And besides I never cared what other people thought anyway.  Sure she was new money and I was old poor.  But the class system is just a tool of the government.  A conspiracy to stop cool guys like me from getting hot girls like her. 

One mile to every inch of

Your skin like porcelain

One pair of candy lip and

Your bubblegum tongue

And she was hot.  Just about everything that she obsessed on and blabbered on about was something that turned me on.  Her hair, conditioned and shined.  Her skin, lotioned and smooth.  Her damn lips that tasted like honey and I swear better than maple syrup on Sunday pancake breakfast.  I couldn't control myself.  Even when we were busted and I should have let it go.  I couldn't.  I didn't even try.  We fit together too well.  Even though I couldn't be everything she needed sometimes and even though she couldn't change either.  The point is we didn't have to be Foreman and Donna.  Perfect. Complimentary.  Some damn 50's sitcom couple.  We did what we did.  And well.

Something bout the way

Your hair falls in your face

I love the shape you take when crawling

Towards the pillowcase

You tell me where to go

Though I might leave to find it

I'll never let your head hit the bed

Without my hand behind it

Even before when we couldn't stand each other, we had something.  I hate to admit every mom and third grade teacher are right but you just can't dislike someone that much without liking them a little.  I'd call her names and she'd give me go to hell looks but come Veteran's day we showed our true colors.  Even if we did lie about it.  We weren't ready yet.  She wasn't truly finished with Kelso yet.  The idiot had to break her heart one more time and eventually mine in the process.

Damn baby

You frustrate me

I know your mine all mine all mine

But you look so good it hurts sometimes

So the "get off my boyfriend" incident occurred.  But in the end it didn't matter.  We both realized it was more about left over feelings and old pain than any true love revelation.  Kelso and Jackie aren't true loves.  No fairy tale romance there.  He just got lucky.  He opened his eyes and heart before I did.  And I guess I have him to thank for bringing her into my life and screwing up his so many times.  But I probably never will.  Bad asses don't say thank you.  They don't say I love you either.  But then they probably wouldn't forgive their girlfriends for slips of the tongue.  So maybe I'm losing my edge.  Cause I do love her.  And she loves me.  Which makes me think the sitcom couples of the future might not look like Foreman and Donna.  And maybe Hyde and Jacks might fit the fairytale.  And despite my reputation I wouldn't mind a happy ending.