Chapter 1: Irken Prince

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(159 years ago,)

[Location: Planet Irk, downloading chambers]

He was small...

Then again, his mother was also very small. Emperor Nax watched as his new born son was deposited out of his small test tube, for years the Emperor has combed his entire Empire for the perfect strand of female DNA in hopes of producing the perfect heir. And now after five failed attempts Emperor Nax had finally done it! He had finally found the perfect strand to mingle with his own DNA, which had now created the small male smeet before him.

The Smeet was indeed small, and with large pink eyes full of wonder he looks around the small breeding chamber, finally his eyes stop to look at the large computer brain floating before him.

"Welcome to life IRKEN CHILD." The Brain said in a booming voice." Report for duty."

The Smeet jumps up and wrapped himself around the robotic arm, giving it a big hug. "I love you cold, unfeeling robot arm!"

The computer brain sent him down a chute that would lead him to the download chamber. Once he was there he would be given his name, and then his life would begin. And what an Amazing life it would be, to be born as the Prince of Irk! The young Smeet flops out of the chute and into a chair below. He looks around wide-eyed and curious. A much larger computer brain addresses him.

"You are two minutes old, little Smeet. Prepare to be filled with the whole of IRKEN KNOWLEDGE!"

"Okeydokey." The cute Smeet said, his pink eyes wide in awe. The machine attaches to him and he briefly shuts down as information courses into him. His spasms and jerks with the incoming knowledge. It stops. He wakes.

"UPLOAD COMPLETE! You have been given a name. IDENTIFY YOURSELF."

The Smeet blinks once. Twice. And then, with a big gulp of air, he screams "I AM ZIM!" He shouts!

Emperor Nax smiles, Zim…in the Irken tongue that name meant 'One of Greatness.'

"A fitting name for a prince sire." Tallest Myuki assured him, her purple uniform rustled as she walked to stand beside him, her violet eyes mirroring respect as well as admiration. Yes, he was the true ruler, the Tallest were just figure heads that ruled over the less important Irkens like the soldiers, and the drones; But Emperor Nax was the true King, and as royalty he only associated himself with Nobles, or Pure Breaded Irkens! There were twelve pure bloodlines in all, and the eldest of each blood line made up the members of the Irken royal council. The council took part in every decision the Emperor ever made. They were more like advisors though since he never had to listen to their input.

The mix breeds such as the soldiers, and the drones were beneath him, and disserved to be treated as such.

Suddenly the newly named Zim stops, shocked by the knowledge that has filled him…. Or lack thereof, apparently. "That was ALL the knowledge?" He asked, somewhat disappointed. "BORING! And so many mistakes! 40 million mistakes, to be exact. Starting with..." Robotic fingers come out and shove him from the chair. As soon as the chair is vacant, more hands reach out and clothe the child.

Emperor Nax forces down another chuckle, the prince may be small, but he had his mother's loud and demanding spirit! in fact everything about him matched his mother, from his light green skin to his short stature, only one thing screamed that he was the Emperor's son; his eyes. A pair of piercing ruby orbs that seemed to penetrating the very soul, filling it with the cold breeze of dread.

He enters the chamber and approaches the small Smeet. Zim looks up at his father, a wave of curiosity clouds his face. It is important for the young prince development as a leader to see his father first and foremost, as for his mother...well the boy would never know her; it was for the best after all. An Emperor had to be cold and rule his people with an iron fist, and motherly love just didn't produce Tyrants!

"Do you know who I am child?" He asked Zim.

Zim looks at him thoughtfully. The second brain's "knowledge" had informed him of this very Tall, and powerful male before him. "Father." he says simply.

Emperor Nax waits to see the boy's response, before he had jumped on the robotic arm calming his love for it, which was not the Irken way. For a moment, he fears this one may also be defective like the other five had been, but to his relief the small Smeet simply smiles up at him with obvious admiration. "Very good, come my son." he says walking back out through the chamber door.

The small Smeet known as Zim rushes after his father, in fear of being left behind. His father could make it easy for him, and pick him up, but he won't. Emperor Nax will never hold his son, and Zim knows this,

This after all is the Irken way…


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