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[Some Where in Space...]

(Location: The Massive)

The end…

After seven long years it was finally happening! The destruction of their enemies was finally upon them! The great and powerful Armada had begun its reign of terror on the whirl-pool galaxy. The Tallest had been watching with unmeasurable pride as their fleet of ships conquered one enemy planet after another. They all fell down, begging for their mercy, except for the final standing planet. The final planet on the list had been matching their forces head to head, and toe to toe. Yet, after months of war, the enemy was struggling to keep up.

"Look at them squirm!" The Tallest leader known as Purple laughed.

"Yes; like little worms writhing on a hook," Red agreed. "That's right, run! Flee, little cowards. Cower in fear before the Almighty Tallest!"

Suddenly there was a beep of an incoming call. "Incoming transition, Sir," an Irken pilot reported as he answered the call. In just seconds, the image of a Zorganain appeared.

They were small creatures, but their forces were mighty, and their technology was the most advanced in the entire whirl-pool galaxy! However, the once strong Zorganain Commander now looked weak and tired.

"What is it?" Red asked. "Come to threaten us?!"

"No, we… we have decided that we want to discuss our terms of surrender." The Zorganain Commander spoke softly, his voice weak, and full of defeat.

"Your terms…?" Red asked.

"Yes. My men are weak; they're tired…" the Zorganain Commander reasoned

"And why should we help you?" Purple snapped.

"All we're asking is for food and water." The Zorganain Commander rasped.

"So you're telling me that you'd give up for such small, trivial little things?!" Red asked in surprise.

"My men; we're desperate. Please…" the Zorganain Commander was begging now.

"Well, it's just too bad we Irkens don't need water," Purple laughed.

"Surely you must have some!" the Zorganain Commander asked hopefully.

"Actually…" Red smiled. "We do, and if you announce your surrender right now then you can have all the water we possess. Drink to your hearts content! We'll even give your people reasonable work hours!"

"Agreed!" The Zorganain replied. "We surrender."

"Good then. Our troops shall board your ship shortly," Red informed him before cutting the transmission.

"But, Red, we don't have a planet with water; it's a rare resource! Only so many planets have it left…"

"Yes, and that small collective number includes a planet where one of our own Invaders are right now." Red said with a smile.

"And which one would that be?" Purple looked at his list, confused.

"Navigator Bork, set our course to these coordinates…" Red ordered as he showed a set of coordinates on the large screen.

Purple's eyes widen as he recognized the coordinates. "Him! But Red, if we chose Earth then he will be rewarded, not punished! And after all the crimes he's commented he deserves to be punished! Besides, we hate him!"

"My Tallest, twelve out of the fifteen allied armies of the Zorganain's have heard word of our rare supply of water. They have announced their own surrender as well."

"So you're telling me the entire success of Operation Impending Doom 2 is because of HIM?!" Purple was stunned!

"Stop worrying," Red assured his companion. "All we have to do is announce our gratitude and wait for that worm to royal mess it up, as he always does!"

"And what if he doesn't?" Purple cried. "Then we'll make him mess up, just like we did last time." Red whispered.

Purple bit his lip, but nodded all the same. "You're right that little swine will mess up, and then we'll finally be rid of him!"

The Tallest burst out laughing, knowing their final threat to their power would soon be vanquished.

"Now where were we?" Red asked "Oh yes!" he said suddenly remembering. "Like little worms wiggling on a hook." He exclaimed, looking down on their enemies once more. "Flee you cowards cower in fear before the Almighty Tallest for surely no one is greater than thee!" they both laughed evilly.

"No one?" a dark and sinister voice spoke. The Tallest froze in utter fear and silence as a dark figure seeped out of the shadows. He was tall much taller than the Tallest and well-built too he was dressed in the finest silk of the planet Irk with a long red cape that trailed behind him His facial features seem to be permanently fixing in an evil stare of pure loathing his red eyes glowing. Walking closely behind him was a much smaller version of himself with one slight difference is evil eyes glow Pink like his mother, behind him was an even smaller version of the emperor, but his eyes were purple.

The Tallest knew them all too well! "Emperor Nax we were not expecting you until tomorrow" Red was the first to overcome his fear just enough to speak to his Emperor, the true ruler of Irk.

"Yes why are you here so early?" Purple asked awkwardly

"Such loose tongues..." the smallest version of the Emperor spoke "Perhaps we should have them cut off!"

"That won't be necessary Grogg." the Emperor spoke "Red, Purple you remember my sons" He gestured to the two Smeets beside him. "Maz, and Grogg."

"Yes Uh Maz sir, you've grown since last we saw you" Purple admitted. "You're almost as tall as me."

The smaller Smeet, Grogg cleared his throat. "Aw yes, and Grogg, you too have grown I see." Purple whined nervously.

Maz rolled his eyes, why his father insisted in taking the brat with him, he'd never know. Hell the brat shouldn't even exist. 'This is just father's way of getting back at me!' he growled inwardly.

Grogg was so stuck up and full of himself, and it only made Maz think that this must be how his older brother felt about him; and Maz hated knowing how Zim felt, it made him feel sorry for him. And he hated it!

"Now if you don't mind us asking my league" Red asked more respectfully. "Why have you come so early?"

"For good reason." the Emperor took a seat at the controls. "As you must already know the rebellion has promised their surrender in exchange for water.

"Wait how do you know that?" Red blurted. Of course he meant no disrespect he just wondered if the king had been ease dropping on them this whole time.

Emperor Nax smiled wickedly, confirming his suspicions. "You should always be prepared for me to show up uninvited." He mused, and then continued. "The Zorganain Nobles had spoken to me first about a surrender agreement, but I told them that negotiating a surrender was beneath a noble such as me. And that if they wished to have one take place it should be done between those lower then us."

"So they had their soldiers contact us." Purple said.

"Yes, however the Zorganain Nobles had already told me what they expected in return so I had come here early to see if you knew of a planet with such a rare source. Only to find out you already have one in tow."

"Uh yes! We do." Red stammered. "One of our most trusted invaders has been on the planet for some time now, he knows the natives well."

"Good he'll need to." Emperor Nax said.

"Wait why?" Purple asked.

"What?" Emperor Nax spoke in a threatening low voice.

"I mean why do we need him to help us with the natives, all we need is their water." Purple said in a more humble tone.

"Because planets with water are fragile, if it's balance is tilted even slightly it could ruin everything. We can't afford having this water be contaminated, or dried up from our efforts to destroy it or its people." Emperor Nax explained.

"So you want Earth completely as it is." Red asked shakenly.

"Earth? Is that what they call it?" Emperor Nax asked.

"Yes my Lord." Red answered.

"What a horrible name." Maz hissed. "The first thing I'm going to do when I take over it is rename it!"

"How come you get the new planet?" Grogg snapped.

"Because I'm next in line to the throne worm!" Maz teased. "Perhaps if you had been born sooner it could be yours."

Grogg growled, but said nothing.

"Boys..." Emperor Nax spoke in a warning tone. "Earth is a rare planet, a jewel, and many of my enemies will try to steal it from me if they ever hear of it. There for I will say who is deserving of it."

Maz smiled, knowing his father would chose him anyway.

"Now that, that is settled who is this invader that I owe my gratitude to?" Emperor Nax asked casually.

Red, and Purple froze, as if just remembering that the very invader in question was actually the Emperor's son. "Uh..." Purple elbowed Red. "Sir...Red here has something to tell you!" he pushed Red forward fearfully.

Red gulped.

"Well?" Emperor Nax asked somewhat amused, he could tell something was up, but he wasn't sure what.

"It's a funny story sir, you see the Invader is actually someone you know." Red stammered.

"Please like a lowly dirty blood would know our father." Grogg scoffed.

"Yes highly unlikely." Emperor Nax agreed

"Actually he isn't a mix breed." Red said fearfully. "He's your son."

"What?" Emperor Nax snapped.

"It's Zim Sire, he's the Invader of Earth!" Red admitted.


Maz had never felt such silence, it was deafening. It was suffocating!

His father turned to him slowly, murder written on his face.

"You said you killed him!" Emperor Nax growled.

"OOO You're in trouble now." Grogg teased.

"What is he doing in the Irken Military?" Emperor Nax hissed, eyes blazing red with anger.

"What he's always wanted." Maz snapped. "He's fighting our enemies, and making a name for himself, and now it is because of him that this planet is yours."

"He's right." Purple admitted. "We had no desire for Earth at first, Zim is the one who saw its potential." He hatted praising the swine, but he was a prince none the less, and his father was present.

"I see, so you all knew this whole time where he was!" Emperor Nax snapped.

"I knew where he was." Maz admitted. "But once he left the academy I was left in the dark."

"But you knew!" Emperor Nax growled at Red, and Purple.

"He made us swear not to tell you!" Red lied.

"Yeah what were we supposed to do? Disobey a prince of Irk?" Purple screeched. "Second born or not he's still a prince."

"Zim is not second." Emperor Nax corrected them, "he is my heir, first in line to the throne!"

Red's, and Purple's eyes widen as the same thought entered both of their minds. 'We've been plotting against the heir this whole time!' Oh Irk they were dead, but only if Emperor Nax discovered the truth.

Emperor Nax seems to register their shock. "You never knew?"

"He just told us he was really a prince…" Red stuttered. "We just assumed that he was the younger since he had snuck away to join the military."

"Yes we assumed he was looking for his own outlet of power since he wasn't getting the throne." Purple added.

Well at least that much was true, they had assumed just that.

"And you never thought to tell me?" Emperor Nax asked. "How many times have we spoken over the years, and you never…"

"He told us not to." Purple repeated.

Emperor Nax seems to nod at this. "Just following orders?" He asked. "That's your excuse?"

Red, and Purple nodded.

"Fine you want to make that plea, than I will buy it for now." Emperor Nax said, settling back down. "But if my son tells me a different story than you are dead!"

Red, and Purple gulped.

"So if there is anything else you need to tell me now's the time." Emperor Nax warned.

"Well that's it…" Red trailed off. "Well except for the fact that he's banished."

Emperor Nax saw red. "You banished my son!"

Maz snickered. "How did he manage to get banished?"

"Quiet you!" Emperor Nax hissed, then turned back to the Tallest. "Answer the question!"

"It was during Impending Doom One." Red piped. "We instructed him to stay put, but he wanted to prove himself so he took up arms, only he became disoriented, began fire at his own comrades."

"Zim would never do that." Maz whispered.

"Not intentionally." Purple cut in. "He was drugged with PX 13, and since he disowned his royal heritage he was judged as a common soldier in the court. The brains wanted to sentence him to death, but we managed to lighten the sentence."

Of course this was a lie, the Tallest had wanted him to die, however now that they knew he was first born, and not second; they were glad the brains hadn't saw things their way.

"So the Brains are responsible." Emperor Nax's tone seemed calmer, no one argued with the brains. Their word was final!

Red, and Purple nodded.

"Once banished he was sent to Foodcourtia, but once he heard of Operation Impending Doom 2, he came back in hopes of regaining his place in the collective." Red went on.

"And of course considering who he is and his situation we agreed." Purple said. "We assigned Zim to Milky Way Galaxy where he soon chose Earth as his target."

"Of course like I said we never saw its potential." Red cut in. "But it would appear Zim's instincts were right."

"And that is everything?" The Emperor asked.

"Yes Sire." Red and Purple said in unison.

"Very well…" he nodded. "As I said before if Zim tells me a different story your dead!"

Red, and Purple gulped once more.

"And as for you!" Emperor Nax turned to Maz. "My word still stands, this planet will go to whoever proves to me that they deserve it that includes your brother."

"So you're just going to let him get away with defying you!" Grogg snapped.

"That is your eldest brother you are speaking so poorly of." Emperor Nax hissed. "And unlike the two of you Zim has the guts to tell me no! His high since of Independence will make him a great leader one day. Yes, perhaps there is something to this decision of his. Perhaps his decision to rebel has better prepared him to become the next ruler. Perhaps more so than I ever could."

"So that's it, he's off the hook?" Maz asked astounded by his father's reaction.

"Oh no he will answer for his actions." Emperor Nax assured him. "However he will be given a chance to prove to me that his defiance was not in vain. So if you still want the throne, you will take this planet from your brother."

"And that goes for both of us right?" Grogg asked wickedly.

Emperor Nax smiled. "Yes, whoever secures this planet for the Empire; will be my successor."

Maz's eyes narrowed, "That planet is as good as mine!"

"Oh really?" Emperor Nax laughed. "Your brother has been on the planet for how long now?"

"Seven years Sire." Red answered.

"Well than it looks like he already has a seven year head start." Emperor Nax mused.

"Good he's going to need it." Grogg snickered.

"No destroying the planet, and no exposing your true selves to the natives." Emperor Nax warned. "I do not want our enemies to be on to us."

"Yes Father." Maz, and Grogg said in unison.

"What about Zim?" Red dared to ask.

"Easy we go to Earth where I will watch my sons, as they fight each other for the planet, and my throne. You will inform Zim to not destroy the Earth, that the Nobles see promise in it! And that is all!" Emperor Nax warned. "You will not tell him about me, or that I know where he is. Got it?"

Red, and Purple nodded, their minds having the same thought. If Zim didn't mess this up he'd take his place as the rightful heir and be out of their way forever. However, if he had somehow come to figure out the truth behind his banishment, then they would pay the price.

And it was then in that sick twisted moment that Red, and Purple secretly began rooting for Zim's success and loyalty more then ever,

"Good, now continue our course to Earth!" Emperor Nax ordered.

The pilot nodded, and they continued on to Earth!

A small, and rather chubby Irken cringed from within his hiding place, and for good reason. 'I have to warn Zim!' He thought. 'He'll be ticked when he learns of this!' The chubby Irken sneaks out of his hiding place, revealing his true identity. It's Invader Skoodge!

In a blink of an eye he disappeared into the shadows as the Massive traveled on, closing in on the source of the Tallest anger and hatred...

Irken Zim, The invader of Earth.

-To Be Continued...

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