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Hinata Hyuuga and lady luck have never really got along. Their tumultuous relationship might've started when lady luck decided to kill Hinata's mother after the birth of Hanabi. And life for the young maiden only became worse from there. No matter how hard Hinata struggled to be kind, patient, and brave, life was always as cruel and unforgiving as possible.

Not even now, when she was doing her best to save the lives of her people, was luck anymore on her side than usual. Her journey, which should have taken weeks, instead took several months. Unfortunately, she was forced to travel alone, without a single bit of help from anyone. Just as much money she could carry, and the clothes on her back. The weather, no matter where she ventured, remained poor. Whether the temperature was too cold, to the point where she feared she may have to cut off limbs, or it was too hot. She could recall the horrible sunburn that left her nearly immobile. Still she continued to travel.

Her reasons for doing this journey far surpassed any pain she had to go through. It was her only real will to live at this point.

Hinata stood in the middle of a large throne room. Her legs were sore from standing for so long, and her back ached from being forced to support the weight of her large chest. She knew what was happening, the mighty king of the castle decided it was more than appropriate to test her patience. Probably because he heard about her family name, and hoped to infuriate her. The pale eyed princess knew that he would most likely be more than happy to kill her at the slightest hint of impatience and disrespect.

Instead, she hadn't moved a muscle in the hours that she stood there, surrounded by guards in a large room, staring at an empty throne. The entire throne room was more akin to a war room, or a torture chamber. The stone walls were cold, and covered with nothing but weapons. Large, pointy weapons. Many of them were larger than her. She tried not to focus her attention on them. The carpet was an inky black, with only an odd pattern stitched into the entire floor. The color matched blood, and the unfamiliarity of the pattern left her unnerved. It had some sort of meaning, and Hinata wasn't unfamiliar with demonic practices. Whatever the pattern meant, it held a great amount of power, and meant nothing but bad news for her.

But she shouldn't focus on that. At least, not for now. It would make her nervous. And right now, she needed to remain as focus, and as calm as humanly possible. The lives of everyone she knew and loved were all on the line.

Her heart nearly escaped her body when flames erupted from the throne room. It was sudden, and loud, and she could feel the heat lick at her skin, nearly bringing her skin off in the process. It reminded her of the feeling of the sun bearing down upon her skin as she traveled through the desert in order to reach this place. Just as suddenly as they appeared, the flames appeared, they were gone. In their place stood a man. Just the sight of him was enough to cause Hinata's knees to quiver.

This was it.

This was him.

The man who had caused so much pain and suffering to so many different people. The man who had wiped entire kingdoms off the face of the Earth in a matter of weeks. His mere name sent people into an alarming wave of panic. It's even rumoured that those who survived his wave of destruction would commit suicide at the mere mention of him.

She swallowed, and watched him stalk over to her. She didn't bow her head in submission, and instead kept her eyes trained on the demon before her. She wanted to focus on his appearance, instead of his reputation, or the overwhelming aura that threatened to crush her very soul.

His hair, in contrast to his dark castle, and even darker history, was a luxurious bright blonde. He had his hair cut short, and even then the strands were still wild and unmaintained. They looked as if he had just rolled out of bed after a harsh night of tossing and turning. Her hands twitched, the urge to run her hands through his hair and straighten it out, as she often did with her younger sister. Of course, doing so would most likely lead to her losing said hand. So she promised to maintain self control.

His body was tall, and lean. He wasn't an 8 foot tall hulking man, but he was an entire head taller than her. Albeit, Hinata was a very short person. But she was positive that he would be able to tower even the tallest of the warriors from back home. She couldn't properly determine how built his body was, but he was thin, even in his armour. Based on what she knew about his prowess in war, and how often he fought in wars, he certainly did not lack in the muscle department.

His overall outfit consisted of black armor. It wasn't as dark as the floor, but it remained just as unnerving. A dark red cape dragged behind him. She could clearly see his sword, sheathed at his side. His face lacked any type of emotion on it. On his cheeks were three dark whisker marks going down the side of his cheeks. However, none of this created as much fear, or as much apprehensive as his eyes.

Unlike his cape, and the odd design in his carpet, his eyes were a bright red. It glowed in the barely lit room. But Hinata was willing to bet on her life that they would glow regardless of the amount of lighting. They were deep pools of crimson, not unlike rubies. They flickered and flashed with several emotions. All of which were too fast for her to study. His gaze kept her rooted to her spot, until he was directly in front of her.

She stood stark still as he carefully circled around her, never more than a few inches away from her. She could hear a deep rumbling coming from him, leaving her rooted to the spot even more. She could feel his gaze trailing up and down her body. It sent chills down her spine. Finally, the blonde stood in front her. He left only a small gap between the two of them, leaving Hinata breathless. His gaze bore deep into hers, his face remained stony.

Her thundering heart was the only sound she could hear in the still silence.

Suddenly, a bright grin stretched across his face, giving him a more boyish charm.

"Well well well, I'll be damned! I heard that a Hyuuga was waiting for me, but I didn't expect to actually find you here. Especially not alive!" He exclaimed. Despite everything around him being dark, and gloomy, including his aura, his tone remained bright and cheery. Almost like he was greeting a dear friend he hadn't seen in a long time.

Hinata took a couple of steps away from him. He made a move to close the distance again, when she suddenly bowed deeply to him.

"Hello my lord," Hinata pat herself on the back for keeping her tone clear and steady. "I am most grateful that you have taken the time to see me today, despite my short notice appearance in your castle."

She straightened herself up after her attempt at brown nosing an unfeeling bloodthirsty king. Hinata almost giggled at his gobsmacked expression. His mouth almost touched the floor, while his eyebrows had disappeared into his hairline. His mouth snapped back to it's place, and he gave her a large grin. She tried to shiver at the sight of his razor sharp canines. She didn't want to think about them sinking into her pale flesh.

His mouth snapped upwards into a large grin. The blonde king proceeded to release a booming laugh that further shook Hinata's fragile mental state.

"Holy shit! For a Hyuuga, you are super polite!" He said once he was finished laughing. He suddenly jerked down, so he was only an inch away from her. She could feel his warm breath against her lips when he spoke his next words.

"Makes me really wonder what you're doing here!" His words sent multiple shivers down her spine. His voice had changed on one word, becoming deep, and gravelly. Akin to some horrid beast suddenly speaking from his mouth.

"I um, I have come to offer you a deal." She whispered. She cursed herself for the slight bit of shaking that appeared in her voice. But how could she remain calm when this demon stood so close to her?

Hinata almost breathed in a sigh of relief once he finally stepped back away from her.

"Really? What type of deal?" Hinata ignored the amusement dancing in his eyes.

"My king, it is quite apparent that you have made the decision to...invade and conquer my kingdom." She began.

"Oh, good! You know about that! I'm glad. At least that means you guys will put up an amazing fight! So, what do you want? For me to spare the royal family? Because that'll cost ya quite a bit!" He replied.

"Um, a-actually, my lord, I would like to kindly request that you spare my entire kingdom, and in return I shall give you whatever you want." Hinata told him. She knew that this was a tall offer, especially since he was a monster known for his love of war. Still, she knew that this was worth a shot. If not, millions of her people would perish, or be sent off into slavery.

"Really?" Once more, his eyebrows shot up into the far distance. "That's a HUGE favor to ask of me, you know that right? You could just ask me to save you and your family. And maybe a few of your favorite servants."

Hinata shook her head at his offer.

"I don't mean to offend you, my king, but I would prefer it if my entire kingdom be spared. I cannot bear the thought of leaving so many of my people left to die. I could never live with myself. I vow to you, whatever you want, whatever price you might have me pay, it shall be done. " Hinata pleaded with him. She refused to be moved from her original goal. She was determined to save the lives of her people, it was the least that she could do.

"Interesting." He mumbled. She remained rooted to her spot as he began circling her once more. He remained close enough to ensure that her nerves remained rattled. His red eyes trailed over every inch of her body, taking her in.

She tensed when he leaned in close from behind her. His nose brushed against the base of her neck, where he inhaled deeply. Goosebumps littered her flesh when he dragged his nose upwards towards her ear.

"So you're willing to give me anything I want? Anything at all?" He asked, his lips brushing against her lobe.

Hinata steeled herself mentally. She was well aware of his love for women. Besides being a vicious warlord, he was well known for his large sexual appetite. She knew that to his kind, he was very much desired by almost every single female. The Hyuuga had already come to the conclusion that he would somehow include sex with her as a part of their agreement.

She had even made sure to dress for the part. She spent the past several days cleaning herself up, wiping away any bit of dirt that managed to cling to her skin while on her journey. She brought a fine colored, deep purple silk kimono that hugged her body. She allowed her hair to flow freely down her back, instead of having it tied up in a high ponytail as usual. The sheer length of it now wouldn't allow for that. She had also taken the time to make sure that her body was stripped of her, and used special bathing soaps and creams to make her skin as smooth as possible.

Hinata was ready for this.

"Of course." She turned her head to face him. Her cheeks becoming flushed as her lips brushed against his skin. "Anything you desire shall be yours. As long as my people are safe, I will happily provide for you, for as much, and as long as you want."

Both of them were surprised by the amount of sincerity in her voice, and the lack of fear in her voice. She meant every single word.

Once more, the blonde couldn't help himself as he threw his head back and laughed. Hinata's body once more tensed up. She didn't know whether he was laughing because he planned to simply kill her, and believed her request was ridiculous, or because he really liked her. Either way, she realized she wouldn't be long for this world. But as long as her kingdom remained intact, than she would accept death with open arms.

Once he stopped laughing, he met her with another bright grin.

"Alright, you have yourself a deal." He told her. Before she could even open her mouth to even gasp in surprise, he continued. "In exchange for leaving your kingdom untouched, you will become my personal servant, for as long as I please. And I require complete obedience with my every command. Is that clear?"

Hinata nodded her head so hard she felt dizzy. He agreed. He had actually agreed to leave her people alone! And it wouldn't require her to sneak behind her family's back and give him money, or jewels, or even their weapons! The only thing it would cost anyone was her, and Hinata knew that that wasn't much to begin with.

"Of course my lord, whatever you wish." She did it, she really did it!

"But there's one condition." She felt her heart stop a little at those words.

"O-oh? And what might that be?" Hinata asked him.

"If your kingdom dares to ever attack me, the deal we have made here will be broken, and I will attack with my full force. Understand?" Hinata almost passed out on the spot. She feared that he would simply add on to their new arrangement, like demanding that she include some of her servants, or family to become servants of himself as well. She could never agree to damn anyone else to this type of existence. It just wouldn't be fair.

She bowed her head low once more.

"Of course my king, I would expect nothing else." When she stood up straight, she was surprised to find his grin even brighter than before.

"Wow, you are just so interesting! Usually you Hyuuga's have a huge stick shoved so far up your asses, I'm surprised that you could even walk! And damn, whenever a young woman like you comes asking for a favor, she's either selfish, quivering with fear, or both. Yet here you are, asking for the lives of everyone else while damning yourself. And I can smell that you're nervous, but why aren't you scared of me? I don't get it. Why are you so different?" He stroked his chin as he rambled on, mostly to himself.

"Um, w-well." She fidgeted. "I'm sure you could find many women like me, my lord. Perhaps they have not made themselves known to you yet."

"Hmmm," He considered her words. "Maybe. But until they make themselves known to me, you and I are gonna have some real fun!"

Hinata didn't even blink, yet she wasn't able to see him move. He held her in his arms now. One was wrapped around her waist, keeping her glued to his body. The other rested under her chin, tilting her head upwards towards his own. He gave her only a second to realize the compromising position they were in, before covering her soft lips with his own. Hinata's first reaction was at first, to try and shove him off of her. Her tiny, delicate hands founds his shoulders, and she tried to shove him off. Of course, he didn't move a single inch.

Instead, he growled low in his throat. A warning that she needed to behave herself. He even gave her lips a sharp nip in reprimand. It worked. She halted in trying to push him away, and swallowed enough of her discomfort in order to do her best to return the kiss. She had one job to do, and she needed to stick through it! If he wanted to kiss her, it mattered not how uncomfortable she was. Hinata would return these kisses tenfold. She closed her eyes in the hopes that she could at least pretend that she were doing something else. All of her firsts were going to be taken by this hulking beast of a man in front her

Her stomach, twisted in knots. But she forced herself to press onward.

Their lips moved together, with Naruto overwhelming hers. His tongue pushed past her lips, and inside of her mouth. Her tongue retracted away from his almost immediately, but still, he pursued it. Their tongues met, with Naruto dominating the kiss. Hinata shyly participated, gently caressing him. She felt him growl through deep vibrations, and felt a strange heat flood her system when his hand moved from her face and into her hair. He buried his fingers deep into her roots. He took complete control of the movements from her head, and used this new leverage to deepen their kiss.

Oddly enough, Hinata's hands went from trying to shove him away, to grasping his shoulders and pulling him close. The feelings of heat she felt in her cheeks flowed throughout her entire body, and ended by pooling within her lower regions. She felt like a very naughty person for allowing herself to feel even remotely aroused by his actions.

Still, she couldn't stop herself from moaning once his other hand reached down, and gave her behind a nice, firm, squeeze. As soon as that noise left her lips, he pulled away. Her breathing was heavy, and her cheeks were a nice cherry red. He was just as aroused as she was, if not more. The bulge pressed up against her stomach told her he definitely enjoyed that kiss.

"Wow," he breathed out. "You taste absolutely fucking delicious."

"Tha-thank you my l-lord." She whispered back. His words brought her an unwanted sense of pride. She tried to shove it back down inside of her as deep as it could go.

She gasped when he buried his nose deep into her neck, lapping at the flesh their with his tongue. She rubbed her thighs together in order to calm the deep need pulsing between them.

"So fucking good. And god, you're so beautiful" He moaned into her flesh. When he pulled away, the grip he had on her ass and hair had nearly become unbearable. Still, she found herself enjoying the harsh treatment of her body.

"I think it's best that we head off somewhere, and continue to really get to know one another, don't you agree?" The devious blonde asked her.

Hinata couldn't quell the quiver of excitement that managed to flow through her.

"Wh-whatever you wish my l-lord." She replied, her voice somehow even lower than before.

He gave her another large grin, and with that, the two of them were engulfed in flames.

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