"Because it's true, because I love you Molly Hooper," said Sherlock.

"You…what?" asked Molly.

"I love you," said Sherlock.

Molly didn't say anything.

"Sorry am I doing this wrong?"

"What's going on Sherlock?" asked Molly.

"I'm making amends, telling the truth, isn't that what people do?" said Sherlock.

"Not you. Never you, Sherlock. Honestly I've heard more apologies and pleas from you in the last half hour than in the last few years combined. What is going on? Is this another case, some sort of sick game?" asked Molly.

"Molly I know my track record isn't exemplary, but I mean it, truly. I love you. I finally accepted this earlier today when I saw the coffin that Euros meant for you. I couldn't stand to think about losing you, about not being able to talk to you or see you ever again. I destroyed the coffin because every time I even glanced at it I imagined you inside, dead, beyond help. The image destroyed me, so I destroyed the coffin."

"I thought…I thought I didn't count," said Molly.

"Molly, I've told you before and I'll tell you again, as many times as it takes. You've always counted, you matter the most. And I love you."

Molly leaned forward and kissed him. Sherlock let out a low groan and pulled her closer to him, cupping her face with his hands he kissed her back. They pulled apart a minute later, touching their foreheads together as they caught their breath.

"I forgive you," said Molly.

"Good because now I need to apologize for something else," said Sherlock.

"What?" asked Molly.

"You need to move on, we can't be together," said Sherlock.

"You just told me that you love me, and we just kissed. And now you're saying we can't be together? I don't understand, why?"

"Because you deserve better and being with me would put you in too much danger," said Sherlock.

"What do you mean danger?" asked Molly.

"My work attracts too much attention, if we start dating it will be in the papers. I don't just say this to be dramatic, Molly, I have a lot of enemies. I can't put you in that position not when you mean so much to me," said Sherlock.

"Do I get a say in this?" asked Molly.

"Don't you agree?" asked Sherlock.

"No, I don't. Sherlock you are a great man, you're smart, you care, you don't lie when the truth matters, and you put others around you before yourself. And I don't care about the hypothetical danger to me, you put yourself in danger all the time, and that's ok because it's your choice. You don't get to choose for me," protested Molly.

"I just, I can't lose you Molly. I can't," said Sherlock.

"Then don't let me go," said Molly.

"My sister proved today that my enemies can use you to get to me, I don't know how she figured it out but I can't risk more people finding out. The work I do shows up in papers, my name in the tabloids. People speculate if there's anyone special in my life. If they were to know how I feel about you…I can't take it." said Sherlock.

"Sherlock, I'm telling you I'm willing to take the risk," said Molly.

"And I'm telling you, I'm not willing to let you. I came here to apologize for what happened today, and I've done that so I'll let you sleep. Good night, Molly Hooper," said Sherlock.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson reopened for business, accepting new clients and cases. John knew that something had happened between Sherlock and Molly, but he hadn't asked and Sherlock hadn't offered any information. Sherlock barely talked at all, unless it was about a case, and John noticed he was composing a lot more often as he was doing now. John's thoughts were interrupted as a new client walked into the room.

"Hello, Are you Sherlock Holmes?" she asked.

"Uh yes he is, and I'm John Watson. How can we help you?" said John.

"My name is Helen Stoner, my sister Julia died from a supposed heart attack, but I think she was murdered, and I think I'm next.

"Right, one moment please." Said John before standing up and going over to Sherlock who was still at the window composing.

"Sherlock! We have a client!" said John loudly.

"How old was your sister?" asked Sherlock.

"30. We were twins, I'm 32 now," said Helen.

"Why did you wait two years if you think your sister was murdered?" asked Sherlock

"Because I didn't think she was murdered until recently," said Helen

"And what makes you think she was murdered?"

"When my mother died, everything went to my father. However, there was a provision built into the will so that when my sister and I married, we would each get a sum of money. My sister died two weeks before her wedding, last week I told my father that I was engaged and he got so enraged he destroyed some furniture. Can you prove that my father killed my sister?" she asked.

"30 is young for a heart attack" said John.

"It's rare but not impossible, could be interesting. We'll take the case." Said Sherlock, he needed a distraction, any distraction.

Molly Hooper was busy getting ready for her next autopsy when she was interrupted.

"Tom? What are you doing here?" she asked, giving him a hug.

"I wanted to see you, I'm sorry to catch you at work but I couldn't wait," said Tom.

"Couldn't wait for what?" asked Molly.

"For this," Tom leaned in and kissed her.

"Tom, I…" said Molly.

"Have lunch with me, please, that's all I ask,"

"Ok," said Molly.

"Great, thanks, I'll pick you up at 12. That's when you get off, yeah?" asked Tom.

"I'll see you then," confirmed Molly.

Tom left and Molly continued on with her day. She was getting ready to leave for lunch when Sherlock and John walked in.

"Hey Molly, we've exhumed a body and we need you to do an autopsy," said John.

"It'll have to wait, it's time for my lunch," said Molly.

"Lunch date, you mean. You've been kissed in the last few hours. Your lipstick's smudged," said Sherlock.

"Yes, a lunch date. With an old friend," said Molly.

"Ex-fiance," said Sherlock.

"Oh your seeing Tom again?" asked John.

"It's just lunch, but it could go somewhere. I think I gave up on him too quickly, he really is a great guy," said Molly.

"Nope," said Sherlock.

"Piss off Sherlock, you have no right to comment on who I choose to date. I'll do your autopsy as soon as I get back now both of you get the hell out of my lab," said Molly.

John looked surprised but immediately left, dragging Sherlock out behind him in case the great consulting detective didn't get the hint.

"What the hell did you do now?" asked John.

"What do you mean?" asked Sherlock.

"To Molly, what did you do to Molly," said John.

"I told her I loved her," said Sherlock.

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