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Author's Note: This is more of a slice-of-life story. In this world, there are no Nova or Pandora.

This story revolves around Charles Bonaparte and her friends in college, and the various things that follow that path. Which include, romance, friendship, drama, sex, and all that stuff.

I hope that you enjoy!

Dorm Life

Chapter 1

Charles was lying down and staring up at her ceiling, listening to some music when her phone started vibrating on her nightstand. She quickly snatched it up and answered it before it could fall off of the stand.


"Charles?" A familiar female voice asked.

"Yesss." Charles questioned, with an eyebrow raised. "May I ask who this is?"

"This is Roxanne. We're working on a project in Ms. Elise's science class together."

"Oh," Charles nodded, "I thought that you sounded familiar."

"Yeah." Roxanne replied, with a laugh.

"So, what's up? And, how'd you get my number?" Charles asked, curiously.

"I asked Ms. Elise for it and she said she normally wouldn't give it out, but since we're partners, she would make an exception." She explained.

"I see." She took a drink of her tea before continuing. "So, did you have a question about the project or something?"

"Well, not exactly. But, since we're working together, I thought that it'd be a good idea if we hung out and got to know each other a bit. I mean, this project is going to take us a month or so..." Roxanne trailed off.

Charles paused for a moment, and thought to herself.

Feeling a bit awkward, Roxanne continued. "It's okay if you don't want to. I just thought that-"

"Sounds good. Did you have anything in mind?" Charles cut her off.

Afterall, it did make sense. And, it's not like Charles was doing anything important at the moment. Her plans were just to lay around and listen to music, and maybe watch a movie or something.

"Oh, cool." Charles could tell that Roxanne was smiling, even though she couldn't see it. "So, are you free tonight?"

Charles looked around her room for a moment before replying, as if to see if she had anything going on.

"Yeah, I'm free." She said, pressing the phone to her ear with her shoulder as she started to fiddle with her fingers.

"Sweet." Roxanne said, cooly.

Charles nodded habitually, like Roxanne could actually of seen it.

"So, what do you want to do? Go out for coffee and chat a bit?" She asked.

"Actually, there's a party going on tonight. Are you down to go?" Roxanne listened for even the slightest hesitance from Charles.

Charles paused, with a "Fuck, really?" look on her face.

Parties weren't really her thing, but she didn't have plans tonight and she's been wanting to try new things anyways.

"Sure…" Charles replied, with a bit of uncertainty.

To which, she got a, "Hell yeah!" with a laugh from Roxanne.

Charles couldn't help but giggle a bit.

"What's your dorm number? I'll come pick you up." Roxanne volunteered, cheerfully.

After giving Roxanne her dorm number, Charles hung up the phone and got ready for the party.

She had to change out of her PJ's, and get into something suitable for a party. So, she stripped down to her skimpies and put on a black and gray plaid skirt, and her A Day To Remember shirt that had the band's name in bold white letters, outlined with violet.

After giving herself a quick look-down in the mirror and checking every angle to make sure that she looked good, she spritzed on some of her Cherry Blossom perfume. Given, it was a party, and most of the people there were going to be too drunk to care if she smelled nice, but still. It made a difference to her.

As she walked over to her bed to pick her phone up, she heard knocking at her door.

"Dang. That was quick." Charles thought to herself, as she walked to the door.

Before opening it, she took a look around to make sure her room was at least presentable for a guest, even if they were only there for a few minutes.

Opening the door, she seen a busty magenta-haired girl with a mischievous smile.

"You ready to turn up?" The girl asked the small blonde, with a playful wink.

"Sure am…" Charles said, while trying not to laugh at the girl's choice of words.

Roxanne smiled widely.

"Let's go!" She shouted with glee as she took Charles by the hand and started down the hallway.

"Wa-Wait a second! I gotta lock my door!" Charles shouted in vain, as the girl continued dragging her.

As they pulled up to the big white house that the party was at, they seen a bunch of people all over. There was a guy trying to help his stumbling drunk friend to their car, there was a group of people that formed a circle and was doing a kegstand, and a ton of others laced all throughout the property. It was like a scene that you would see in a movie.

"Dang. Hollywood hit the nail on the head." Charles thought, never having actually been in this type of atmosphere.

As if knowing what she's thinking, Roxanne asked. "You've never been to a party, have you?"

Charles got a bit flustered, "I haven't…"

"I see."

"Just because it's not normally my thing." The petite blond added, as if to defend herself against an accusation.

"I got you." The buxom girl laughed. "But, I promise that you'll have a lot of fun tonight."

"What makes you so sure?" She asked, with an eyebrow raised.

"You'll see." She said, taking Charles by the arm yet again and running up to the house.

Making their way through the crown they made it up to the door, which Roxanne knocked on rather loudly.

The door was cracked open by a raven-haired guy with a dull expression, which changed when he seen Roxanne.

"Heyyy, girl." He said, playfully and with a grin.

"Heyyy." Roxanne winked at him, and chuckled.

The boy turned his attention to Charles.

"So, who's this cutie?" He said, smirking at her.

Charles' face lit up beet-red, and turned her gaze to her feet.

"Cut it out, Arata." She scolded her friend and gave him a jab in his arm.

"Ouch. I was just kidding...kind of." The boy laughed.

Roxanne stared at him.

"What? I said I was just play-"

"Are you going to let us in to party or not?" She cut him off with a smile, to which he grinned back.

"Of course, Milady." He pulled the door open all the way and bowed in a welcoming manner, as if he was the butler of the house.

Since the door was fully open now, Charles got a better look at the boy.

He had short and shaggy black hair. He was kind of short, lean and decently toned. His eyes were reddish, which is abnormal, but cool. Overall, he wasn't bad looking, but he wasn't the type that Charles would go for in a romantic way.

"You comin' in or not, shorty?" He asked, taking said "shorty" out of her observing state and she realized that Roxanne went ahead.

Her mind shifted to his comment, causing her to narrow her eyes at him.

"Did you just call me short?" She seethed.

Lord knows that comments being made about her height was one of Charles' biggest pet peeves; especially by someone that isn't much taller than her.

He couldn't help but chuckle at her reaction.

"Yes." He said teasingly, intentionally egging her on.

"You're only like three inches taller than me." Charles snapped back.

The boy waved his hands in a defensive manner, "I'm only playing around, sweetheart."

Just before Charles could respond, her friend popped back up and put her hand on the smaller girl's shoulder.

Charles turned her head, seeing that Roxanne was holding a cup up to her.

Taking it, she took a look and whiffed it's content.

It was clear and had a strong, nostalgic scent.

"Is this Absolut Citron Vodka?" She asked.

Roxanne smiled, and gave her a questioning expression. "So, you're a drinker. I would've never guessed."

Charles shook her head, "I only guessed it right because it's what my granpda drinks."

"Ohhhh. I got you." Roxanne replied, while motioning for Charles to follow her.

As the two girls made their way through the crowd of students and into the kitchen, one of Charles' favorite songs came on. Sick Or Sane by Senses Fail.

"Well, at least the music doesn't suck...so far." She thought to herself, as Roxanne came to a stop in front of her, causing her to halt so that she wouldn't bump into her. The sudden stop causing her drink to slosh around and spill a little.

"Crap," She thought to herself looking at the few specks of booze on the floor. "It'll be alright."

Roxanne turned around, looking at the smaller girl with a smile. She stepped slightly to the side, revealing two other girls.

She gave each of them a quick lookdown.

One of them had blueish-green hair and the other had dark blue hair. Both of them had brownish colored eyes, and nice complexions. They were both well-endowed in the breast department and they each looked rather fit. They were both gorgeous.

Charles eyebrow twitched for a moment.

"Why the hell does every girl I know have such big boobs, but me!?" She screamed internally.

"Nice to meet you," The tan one said, while bowing, snapping Charles out of it. "I'm Cassie Lockheart."

"And, I'm Julia Munberk." The blue-haired girl added with a smile.

She gave them a shy smile, slightly flustered.

"It's nice to meet you too. I'm Charles Bonaparte." She replied, whilst bowing her head.

With the introductions out of the way, Julia decided to try to break the ice. "I think that you're in my science class with Ms. Elise."

"Yeah. I'm actually working on a project with Roxanne in that class. That's actually one of the reasons that we decided to hang out tonight." Charles replied before taking a sip of her drink. Which was a bit stronger than she imagined it would be, causing her to squint her eyes and crinkle her nose a bit.

"I got you," She said, as she took Cassie by the hand and pulled her closer, causing the girl to blush. "We're partners for that same project."

"I see. Have you guys got actually started on it yet?"

A few drinks in and some some small talk later, they were all fully relaxed and having a good ol' time. Given, they were still just chatting. But now, instead of it being about school and other subjects that you'd talk about at your family dinner, they were opening up about the good stuff.

"So, Charles. I know that we just met, but I have to ask...are you still a virgin?" The darker-haired girl asked, with little to no actual worry about her bluntness.

Charles' face lit up red and her expression answered for her.

"I see, I see." She replied, with a smile.

"Y-yeah," A flustered Charles replied, turning her gaze towards her feet. "I just haven't met a guy that has interested me…"

Julia's smirked.

"I can definitely feel you there. That's why I have this beauty right here." She said, leaning in and giving Cassie a smooch on the cheek.

Charles eyes got wide for a second, as a fierce blush crept onto Cassie's face.

"Wait, you two are a thing!?"

"Yeah, you couldn't tell?" Roxanne walked up with a couple more drinks in her hand.

"I mean, they were being a bit touchy, but that's just how some people are." She explained.

Julia was grinning from ear-to-ear at this point.

"Oh, if you think we're being touchy now, you won't believe what we do at-"

Cassie jumped and cupped her girlfriend's mouth, completely embarrassed.

"H-hey! Don't just go telling people stuff like that! That's private!" She scolded her.

Julia gave her an empathetic look.

"Sorry, dear. You know how I am when I drink." She apologized before giving Cassie a loving kiss.

Charles couldn't help but watch the two as they continued to talk and Julia patted Cassie on the head in a comforting manner.

They were a cute couple. Julia seemed strong and open, while Cassie is shy and more reserved. Not to mention that they were both attractive, especially Cassie. As some would say, she's as cute as a button.

"Here," Roxanne nudged Charles with her hand, which still held a cup of booze. "I got this for you."

She smiled, but shook her head.

"I'll pass. I've probably drank too much already."

After all, they all have put a decent amount of alcohol away for the night. Especially Charles, considering this was her first time ever indulging in it. The lights were starting to bother her and she even felt a bit light-headed.

Her friend gave her a bit of a pleading expression, and nudged her with it once more. "One more won't hurt. Besides, you want to try new things and have some fun, right?"

Charles smiled, knowing that one more will lead to a lot more. But, she was having a blast and she didn't want to kill the good vibe going on, especially for Roxanne. After all, if it wasn't for her, Charles most likely wouldn't have made friends with Julia and Cassie or even be here at the party.

Taking the drink with a smile, she thanked her.

"You're welcome, milady." Roxanne replied, with a giggle.

As she grabbed the cup, an abrupt roar erupted from the living room. Which caught everyone's attention.

"What's up, Seth!?" Arata yelled rather loudly.

"I came to party, man!" She heard an unfamiliar guy's voice reply, followed by boisterous cheering.

The boy's voice was friendly and laid-back. It wasn't too rough or too high. It was welcoming, and a bit soothing. It peeked her interest. So, curiously, Charles looked over to see what he looked like.

He had medium length dirty-blonde hair, his ears were pierced, his skin was slightly tan, and he had a grin on his face. And, his taste in clothing was pretty good. He was donned in black twill skinny pants, a gray and black marled polo shirt, a pair of purple and black skating shoes, and finally a leather bracelet strapped around his wrist.

"Not too bad." She thought to herself, with a nod.

Roxanne looked at her with an eyebrow raised, then smirked.

"Hey, Seth! Come here for a minute!" The busty girl screamed from the kitchen, snapping Charles back into the moment.

The boy looked over to their direction confused for a moment, but then headed their way with his grin back in place.

Charles couldn't help but get a little nervous and her heart started beating faster than normal as he strode to them.

"What the hell's wrong with me? Calm down!" She screamed internally.

The boy walked right up to them and snatched Roxanne up in a big hug.

"What's up, girl?" He asked, weaving her from side to side, practically squeezing the life out of her.

"Y-you see it." She struggled to speak, due to the lack of air.

After being put back down, Roxanne turned the tables on him. Tightening her grip on Seth and lifting him so that his were off of the ground, all while crushing the boy in her monstrous grip.

"Uggh." The boy groaned.

Roxanne chuckled as she released him.

Landing on his feet, he looked her in the eye with a mischievous smirk.

"Dang, Roxy. Are you even a girl?" He asked, earning a glare and punch in the arm from the abnormally strong female.

"Owww." The boy playfully whined.

"If you can stop being a jerk for one minute, I have someone I'd like to introduce you to."

The boy looked over to Charles, who was standing there awkwardly watching the exchange between the two.

"Oh." Seth said nonchalantly, staring Charles straight in the eyes.

That moment seemed to pause for Charles, and her heart started to beat harder and faster. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was because now Seth was up close and she got a better look at him.

She could see how toned he really was, and how shirt hugged his chest and arms, yet hung a little loose over what she assumed was abs. I mean, he has to have abs right? He looked way too fit to not have them.

And as if his muscles weren't enough, his dark brown eyes were captivating. His gaze was intense, but gentle at the same time. It reminded her a bit of a lion roaming the plans. Sure, that sounds corny as hell, but it's really how she seen it.

But, what got Charles the most was his scent. He smelled amazing. She didn't know what kind of cologne he was wearing, but it was intoxicating, even more so than the booze she had been drinking all night. SIt was so enticing that, she wanted to just bury her face in his chest, and just rest there eternity.

"It's nice to meet you, ma'am." He said with a warm smile, and an extended hand. "I'm Seth Stone."

"He's so formal…" She thought, with a slightly flushed face.

"N-nice to meet you, too. I'm Charles Bonaparte." She replied, shaking his hand.

After watching the two smile at each other and awkwardly keep shaking hands, Roxanne once again decided to step in.

"Seth and I met back in America. We went to the same school there, before we both eventually transferred here."

Charles, getting snapped back into reality, realized that she hadn't let go of his hand yet and quickly released it, while mentally thanking Roxanne.

"I really can't handle my alcohol." She thought to herself, embarrassed.

"I see. So, are you two related or anything? Or just old friends?"

Roxanne got an overly exaggerated expression of disgust.

"Heaven's no." She laughed. "We're just old friends."

"Oh, I s-" Charles was unintentionally cut off by Julia letting out an excited squeal. So, she looked over to her.

She was jumping up and down while grabbing Cassie by the arm, which earned her a bunch of odd stares.

"W-what is it?" Cassie asked, slightly flustered at her girlfriend's sudden sporadic behavior.

"This is my song!" She shouted, jubilantly.

The group turned their attention to the song that just came on.

"And I know what you came here to do

Now bust it open, let me see you get loose."

Which got all of them pretty hyped up. Which, who wouldn't? This song is dope.

"Awww, snap. Come on guys, we all have to dance." Roxanne said, ushering everyone to the crowd of the now gyrating bodies.

As Julia and Cassie led the way and the rest followed, Roxanne whispered to Charles.

"Now's your chance. Go get 'em!" She said, while giving the smaller girl a push on the butt, causing her to bump into Seth. Who, in turn, instinctively turned around to see who it was.

"U-Um. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to." Charles stuttered, nervously.

He just smiled and and asked if she wanted to dance, which she nervously nodded her head yes to.

"She's too cute." Roxanne thought out loud, while watching the two.

After dancing to a few songs, throwing even more drinks back, and some friendly conversation; Charles ended up on Seth's lap on a fancy loveseat that was made out of suede, in the backroom of the house, with no one else around.

"So, that was your first time ever dancing?" He asked, chuckling lightly.

"Don't laugh. I've never really done anything like this." She replied, with a joy that she's never felt before.

The sound of his laughter, his voice...everything about him made her happy. Given, the alcohol is probably influencing her mood as well, but she felt that this was genuine, regardless of that.

He gave her a questioning look.

"Wait. Do you mean that this is your first party, too?"

"Mhm." She replied, with a nod.

He went silent for a moment, then grinned.

"Well, I gotta say, you sure can handle your alcohol for such a small girl." He said playfully, giving her a pat on the head.

She gave him a pouty look.

"You're a jerk." She said with a giggle, whilst wrapping her arms around him and nestling her face against his chest.

As she relaxed, she suddenly became more aware of his scent again. It wasn't as strong as before, but still alluring. And, his chest was solid, but comfortable.

With curiosity kicking in, she decided to run her hand over his stomach. As she suspected when she first seen him earlier, he totally has abs. From the feel of them, pretty good abs, too.

Charles shivered as she pictured what they might look like. Not only his abs, but his bare chest, his arms...everything.

Acting reflexively, she straddled him and wrapped her arms around the back of his neck. This through Seth off. Normally, he's all smiles, but now he's a bit flustered and looks like he doesn't know how to react.

She hadn't seen him blush all night. It was too cute. He was constantly grinning or smiling, so seeing the sudden change only prompted her to go further.

With a faint smirk, she leaned in so that their noses were touching and rested her forehead against his.

Speaking softly, she said, "You know, I've never really been interested in anyone until tonight."

His heart started beating faster and his blush intensified. "O-Oh, yeah?" Was all that he could muster out.

"Yeah." She replied, coolly, while gently taking ahold of his chin and leaning in to kiss him.

Both of their hearts were beating excessively and they were each pretty on edge at this point. Charles was way too caught in the moment to care about how nervous she actually was, though.

But, not wanting to seem like less of a man or like he wasn't interested, Seth leaned in the rest of the way so that their lips connected. Her lips were warm and inviting. They were sweet, but not like something he's tasted before. It turned him on a bit.

This was her first kiss. Having never liked anyone before, of course she hadn't kissed anyone yet! She felt like her heart stopped for a millisecond, but then it started pounding rapidly and she got a little light-headed.

She was so nervous! In an instant, she began worrying about whether or not her breath smelt bad or is she wasn't doing it right. But, she didn't have much time to think about it, because Seth had regained his composure and decided to take the lead.

He placed his hands on her hips as he deepened the kiss, gently slithering his tongue into her mouth. This made Charles' jolt a bit, surprised. But, she quickly regained composure and reciprocated by sliding hers into his.

Seth couldn't help but smile, internally. She was way too cute with how suddenly her flips switched. One moment, she was shy, and the next she was brazen.

Positioning himself so that he was sitting straight up, he slid his hands down and gave her butt a nice squeeze. Which turned Charles' on a lot more than she imagined it would. Instinctively, she responded by grinding herself up against his crotch and kissing him rougher than before.

As their hormones raged on, the two continued to feel each other up and roam one another's bodies, and they were tongue wrestling like it was a championship match. All of this only fueled the fire burning within both of them.

Seth was rubbing Charles' breasts under her shirt, with the only barrier between him and her goodies being her bra. The thought of that made his member throb even harder and strain against his pants more than it already was, which she felt pressing up between her thighs and grinding against her panty-clad womanhood.

Charles' was getting too heated, and she couldn't take it anymore. She broke apart their lips for a moment and yanked off her flannel and all but tore off the shirt that she was wearing under it.

As the discarded shirts hit the ground, she looked Seth in the eyes and gave him a moment to take in the sight before him. Her blushing face, fair skin, toned tummy, and modest chest, which was only covered by her black and purple polka dotted bra now. Her lithe frame had him captivated.

"She's so beautiful." He thought, mesmerized.

Not giving him another second to think, she began kissing him again. This time, a bit more paced. Then, after a few slow kisses, she placed his hands back on her breasts and used his hands to squeeze them some more.

His head began to spin in arousal, but an unpleasant feeling sprang up in his chest.

His conscience spoke up and he realized something. "We can't do this."

He broke apart their lips and pulled back a little. "If this keeps up, we're going to have sex. You know that, right?"

Her face grew cherry red at hearing it out loud. I mean, of course that's where this was going. But, hearing it stated so plainly caused her to get embarrassed.

"Y-yeah. Of course, I do." She stammered, obviously flustered.

He gave her a gentle smile.

"It's just that...Right now, we're both pretty drunk," He paused, thinking about how to word what he wanted to say, "And, you're a really sweet girl. I don't want you to wake up in the morning and regret doing something, and I definitely don't want you to feel like I've taken advantage of you."

She slouched a bit and thought about what he was saying.

"I understand. I have drank a lot tonight, but are you sure that you're just not interested anymore?" The last part, she just ended up thinking out loud.

He chuckled.

"Of course that's not it, dear. I'm very interested." He said, leaning back in and giving her a quick peck on the lips.

"Then, what do you want to do…?" She asked, never having been in this type of situation.

To which, he pulled a pen out of his pocket and took ahold of her hand and turned it over, and began writing on her wrist. "It's my number. If you'd like, I'd love for you to call or text me and maybe go on a date to get to know each other better."

She looked up from the scribbled number and to his face, which was graced with a warm smile. Which, she returned.

"I would love that."

Just then, Roxanne walked in and seen her friends in a risque position.

"Ohhh, myyy. I'm sorry to have interrupted you guys." She snickered, turning around to leave again.

Charles and Seth both became flustered at being walked in on.

Despite the embarrassment, she quickly covered her chest up with one of her shirts and called out to her friend.

"Were you looking for us?"

Roxanne turned back around.

"Yeah, I was going to see if you were ready to go, but I can see that you're busy." She said with a wink.

Charles face lit up even more. "A-Actually, I'm ready to go. If you are, I mean."

Roxanne looked at Seth and shot him glare, questioning whether or not he did anything wrong. To which, he shook his head no to and gave a nervous chuckle.

She looked back at Charles. "Yeah. Put your clothes back on and we can go."

Charles nodded and slipped back on her shirts, stood up, then dusted herself off.

"Ready." She said, giving Roxanne a sweet smile.

"Alrighty. Let's head out." She replied, as she headed out of the room.

Before following her, Charles gave Seth a quick kiss on the cheek. "I'll talk to you later, okay?"

He nodded with a smile.

On the car ride back to the dorms, Charles developed a headache and began to feel queasy. It was written all over her face, and Roxanne noticed.

"You okay, newbie?" She teased, caringly.

"I'm not gonna lie," Charles said, rubbing her temples. "I kind of regretting drinking all of that booze."

She laughed, "Well, I can understand why. You drank more than I did."

Charles began laughing, but immediately regretted that too. As the more she laughed, a sharp pain shot through her head. Which caused her to let out an exaggerated "Ouch."

Roxanne bit back a giggle and continued to drive.

Back at the dorms, Roxanne helped Charles to her room and offered to stay if she needed her help. But, Charles has always been the independant type, so she turned down the offer, kindly.

As she turned the doorknob, she remembered that she didn't get to lock the door earlier due to Roxanne dragging her off to the party in a hurry. Even though, it only happened a few hours ago, it made Charles giggle.

She walked in the room, and shut and locked the door behind her. Then, she started to walk towards her bed when an overwhelming urge to vomit washed over her. Cupping her mouth with her hand, she kicked it into high gear and ran to the bathroom.

Propping herself up with one hand and holding her hair with the other, she began releasing all the alcohol that she had taken in that night, wave after wave, into the toilet bowl. The smell was awful and the taste was disgusting. Which made her throw up even more.

She was in there for a few hours, passing in and out of consciousness, with her arms wrapped around the toilet. But, when she finally felt a bit better, she made her way to her bed with a mini trash bin. She climbed into the bed and set the wastebin right next to it, just in case she needed it.

"This is what hell must feel like." She groaned, as she made herself comfortable and dozed off into that sweet drunken slumber.

The next morning, Charles woke up to the alarm clock ringing, and she felt like she was hit by a freakin' car the previous night. So, she leaned over and shut her alarm off.

"What the hell?" She groaned in a sleepy voice, whilst sitting herself up and cupping her forehead with her hands.

She began thinking about the night before and piece by piece, most of it played out in her head. To which, her chest tightened.

To confirm whether it was all real or not, she looked down to her right wrist. On which, was a phone number and the name "Seth" written in pen.

"Oh, Good Lord." She thought out loud, not knowing how to feel about it all.

Author's Note: I know that too much didn't happen in this chapter, but I hope that you enjoyed it, regardless. It's been a long time since I've posted anything on this site, so I hope that my writing skills have improved too.

Thanks for reading!