Prologue- Saira

I could feel the shift of events, my future changing quicker than I could keep up with. I never knew a single mistake could destroy everything we worked so hard to build. Suddenly, my beginning was turning into my end. The cold breeze brushed against my skin making me shiver. My eyes were closed, I couldn't bring myself to open them but my senses were never so alert. It was the time of night, the sun hid away taking its comforting warmth with it. Darkness spreading its wings over the brightest corners of the Earth it's grim shadows devouring the only hope I had towards humanity. I felt stronger. No, I was stronger, but evil was winning.

The black void was within me, there was no sound, no emotions, or pain. I was slipping into complete darkness. It didn't feel as I thought it would. I felt empty and confused. I didn't know why I wasn't strong enough to fight its temptation. I broke his trust, his command was straight forward. How could I be so foolish?

No, this was not death. Not the end. This was far worse than death. This was sin. . .