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The Start of Nothing

The Kyuubi was not a happy being at the moment. He was currently in a fight with a mere mortal man, who was actually able to keep up with him. Add that to the rest of the insects buzzing around him and you'd have the source of his irritation. Snarling, he swiped his tail, taking out a good portion of the shinobi and buildings around him. He almost felt content with himself, until he felt something tug down on him.

He was slowly being dragged down by huge chains made of...chakra. His body thrashed about wildly, the claw of his paw thrusting deeper into the two shinobi currently impaled on it. The chains around his body tightened, holding him down and preventing any further movement. He looked down into the eyes of one of the individuals, who stared back at him from underneath his blonde bangs. The small smile on his face, stained and dripping with blood, seemed to beam with the words 'I won'. It was almost as if the mortal was unaware that he was going to die soon.

The Kyuubi tried once again to free himself as he felt his essence being drained from him, but to no avail. He wasn't one to do anything unnecessary, so begrudgingly he resigned to his fate and allowed himself to be resealed. While it would be an inconvenience, he supposed he could wait a little while longer for freedom. One thing was for sure though.

Those Uchiha had to be eliminated. All of them.

(The next day)

'Im getting too olld for this shit.'

This was the thought currently going through Sarutobi's head as headed down the dark hallway leading to the council room. In one hand was the white hat once owned by the fourth, now re-owned by him, and in the other was a new born baby, sporting three whisker marks on each cheek, something Sarutobi hadn't even noticed yet.

"Dog, I take it everyone is seated?" The Hokage asked wearily. He was happy to see he had made it through the attack, but not at all surprised. He would've been shocked had he not lived.

"Yes, Hokage-sama, they've all been seated, though it seems some did not make it..." The Anbu said, trailing off at the end.

He looked at the little bundle in the Hokage's arm, wondering why he/she was being brought to the meeting. He immediately remembered what had happened yesterday in terms of birth wise and stiffened when he saw the sharp look the Hokage gave him. Sensing the tension the Anbu now gave off, and positive he got the message he was insinuating, the Hokage immediately dismissed him. Steeling his resolve, he entered the the council room.

He was immediately faced with numerous questions posed by the council. Civilians asked about their shops and banks, while the shinobi half focused on the casualties and measures took to insure the villages defenses. Soon, however, the child in his arms was noticed and he told them about the sealing of the kyuubi in the child. The reactions were not quite what he expected.

The shinobi looked at the boy with a mixture of curiosity and astonishment that the beast was being held in such a small body. The civilian council shocked him the most however by their lack of response to the announcement. He was beginning to feel proud of the maturity they showed in such a situation, until one member spoke what was on all of their minds.

"So now we just dispose of it, right?"

Sarutobi frowned. "No, the child will stay in the village with me while I watch over his development."

Needless to say, the reaction was not a positive one.

Without knowing it, he began to leak out small amounts of killer intent, which was more than enough to shut up the civilians.

"I never stated you had a say in this matter! Do not be confused on the matter, this is a dictatorship. Consider yourselves lucky to have even been told in the first place. Now, this child shall stay within the village under my watch, and if anyone else has anything to say on the matter we can discuss it personally. Am I clear?"

Seeing that his point got through to the members, they spent the rest of the meeting delegating task for the major rebuild that was going to take place within the village for the following days. He caught a few of the members throwing dirty looks the boy's way, but they would immediately look away as soon as he turned his attention towards them. He sighed before dismissing them for the day and retreating off into his office for the rest of the night. The council members slowly moved out until only a few were left behind, who were talking amongst themselves.

"Well, looks like things are going to be really hard trying this time around, eh guys?" Inochi said looking over at his two teammates. Shikaku merely looked at him, before deciding it would be too troublesome to respond and preparing to go home. He wanted to get as much sleep as possible before the old man Hokage started rolling out the missions.

Chouza smiled sadly at his friend's attempt to lighten the mood. "Come on, let's go see how our families are doing."

Nodding, they each got up to go check on their respective families, all the while dreading the work that was soon to come.

(Uchiha district)

A day after the attack, the Uchiha district was still in dismay. A good portion of it had been destroyed during the battle, while the rest was left mostly untouched. Families were mourning the lost of loved ones, while celebrating for those who survived. This was the sight Itachi Uchiha came back to. Unlike his fellow brethren, he actually listened to what the Hokage advised the people to do. He went to the evacuation site, taking his mother and little brother with him. His father left to provide support for the other forces, something Itachi himself desperately wanted to do as well. He knew he wouldn't be of much help though, so he settled for taking care of his family.

The mood around the compound was rather somber to say the least. The attack of course played a part in this but there were other things floating around as well. Rumors had already began swirling that the Uchiha were some how involved in the attack and council meeting did nothing to subdue these thoughts. The Hokage assured them that he had their back in the matter and knew they weren't directly involved, yet an air of doubt was hanging over these words. All in all, things had definitely been better for the Uchiha clan. He was leaving out of the store when he overheard two clans men talking.

"Did you hear the news? I heard they plan on moving the clan compound to the outskirts of the village! They say it would be easier on us than waiting for the area to be rebuilt, but I feel like we're being setup."

"What, really? There's no way the Hokage would agree to that man."

"I told you the Hokage didn't truly trust in us. He believes we had something to do with it just like everyone else does, and now he plans to shove us into the smallest corner of the village he possible can to undermine our power!"

"Im sure its just a rumor. Besides, the attack just happened not to long ago. How could all of this have already been decided this early?"

"Just goes to show how much they fear us, doesn't it?"

Sighing, Itachi made his way back home with the things his mother asked him to get. He stiffled a yawn, shifting the bag on his shoulder to a more comfortable position. There were still a few more things that he needed to get, not to mention his afternoon training with Shisui. He kept another yawn from escaping as turned into the main shopping.

He had far too many things to do, with far to little time to do it.

(Hokage Tower)

Entering the office, the Hokage walked over to his desk and took a seat, closing his eyes for a few moments of peace. That's when he remembered the baby in his arms and took his first real look at him. The golden blonde hair reminded him of his father and he noticed the three whisker mark like birthmarks on his face. He sighed, knowing that those would only make his life that much harder. Well, for the time being of course.

He summoned his Anbu to see who were available for small errands he needed to be done. He sent out a group of them to find Danzo, who was missing from the meeting. He sent out another to look around for Jiraiya, who would no doubt still be roaming around the village after the tragedy at hand.

He looked down at the paper work on the desk, and almost fainted from the amount of work he had to catch up on. Peering out the window, he noticed most of the buildings surrounding the office was destroyed, or atleast partially. Realizing how much work needed to be done, he shifted little Naruto into a more comfortable position on his arm and got to work. He never noticed the set of red and blue eyes looking up at him with a face of curiosity.

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