Jolting, the ship spun crazy through the Time stream. None of the legends had ever felt the ship act as bad as it was then. Even Gideon had gone offline. Mick held tightly to Len as light flooded the windows of the WaveRider.

They all breathed a sigh of relief as the WaveRider came to a bumpy stop. "That was so much better than that other machine we use" Rufus says smiling. Wyatt and Lucy nod in agreement. Lucy smiled as she undid her seatbelt and was glad that she didn't feel like throwing up and she could walk straight.

The others looked at them. "That must have been one piece of shit machine if that was easy on you" Mick said. After what the time keepers did at the request of Rip Hunter he no longer felt the effects but he knew the others did. He rubbed Len's back and kissed his temple. "I'm fine Mickey, just a little whip flash this time that's it" Len said smiling and kissing Micks cheek. Sara and Nyssa were trying to get their bearings while Kendra and Ray just tried not to throw up. Wyatt gave Mick a weird look.

"What's wrong space man, not into two guys kissing" Len said kissing Mick deeply right on the lips. "It's not that, it's the fact your pilot there seems to have no reaction to time jumping but the rest of us do, even you guys. So why is that?" Wyatt says starring Mick down. Mick looked at the floor. He didn't want to recall what had been done to him. He never wanted Len to know the full extent of the torture and there was no way this new guy was gonna get it of him. "None of your damn business. Now lets see where we are. Gideon, any ideas what time period we've landed ourselves into?" Mick asks trying not to get upset.

"Captain, we seem to have landed in 2167, exactly one year after we jumped but I don't know why" Gideon said. "Thank you Gideon, we will take it from here" Mick says sitting down. "Ok, so we know that 2166, the year we just left is the year Rip was sent back from to recruit us and the year he tried to get us all murdered in. So, who in the hell would force our ship to the same exact place one year later. I wonder if it's crazy Hunter" Mick said trying to keep his voice neutral.

Lucy looked at Wyatt and Rufus. "It could be he isn't working alone this time" Lucy said quietly. Mick and the others look at her. "The man we are chasing, his name is Garcia Flynn and he works for a secret organization called Rittenhouse. It's a group formed in 1778 but seems to have its fingers everywhere. It could be that this Rip Hunter friend of yours also works for them" Lucy said fidgeting in her seat fearing that their reach could extend into the future.

Mick takes a deep breath. "I bet old Vandal works for them as well" Mick says holding Len's hand to keep him calm. Len smiled at him. He loved knowing he was Micks security and safety net because Mick was surely his. Mick relaxes. "First things first, let's find out why we were dragged here and go from there. We work as a team so you three, try to keep up" Mick says and they all start to get themselves ready.

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus stay where they are. They had never been to the future so they didn't know exactly how to prepare. After a while, Lucy started to wander around a little and Rufus took in the control panels. Wyatt did what he always did when he was nervous, started getting his weapons ready. He finished and handed one to Rufus and holstered it to his side. Lucy waited for Her's but it never came and she turned her back to them both.

"Alright team, let's move out" Mick says patting Lucy on the shoulder and giving her a pistol. "A lady should never go out without protection" mick said smiling. Lucy blushed and smiled back leaving Rufus fuming quietly and Wyatt in shock. She didn't say a word to either of them and followed as Mick smiled and waived at the two men and after taunting Rufus and Wyatt he led the team out into the unknown.