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Ch 1: I Make A Mistake:

Piper stifled a scream as a monster's head was sent off flying. She clutched her cushion tighter to herself, and squeezed her eyes shut.

"For goodness' sake, Pipes," Thalia grumbled as she popped the popcorn into her mouth. "It's just your typical horror movie. It's not like the screen is going to suddenly become alive and gobble you up."

The black-haired girl immediately regretted saying that, because that only made Piper bury her face deep into her cushion. Thalia rolled her eyes. "Geez, you really are an idiot, aren't ya?" she sighed exasperatedly as she crossed her arms. "It's Halloween, and here I am watching some boring movie with an idiot and a walking dictionary. I feel so pitiful."

"And you better apologise to this 'walking dictionary' right away," Annabeth said dryly. "Or I will snatch that popcorn away from you."

"Oh, holy soul," Thalia said in a dramatic manner. "I apologise for my rudeness. Please don't take my popcorn away from me. Thank you very much for your consideration."

Annabeth shot her a look. "Besides, it's not Piper's fault that she is not immune to horror movies like the two of us. It's not surprising that she finds this terrifying. Though I shudder to think what will happen to her if she watches movies scarier than this," she ended with a slight laugh.

"Scarier than this?" Piper looked at her with wide eyes. "How do you even survive through all this? I could barely sleep a wink at night after watching these things. In fact, it's a surprise I haven't died from a heart-fail yet!"

"Well Pipes," Annabeth said as she munched on popcorn. "We survive this because we know this is not real. Demons, monsters, ghosts. Such things don't exist. Also, many horror movies are ridiculously idiotic from an angle."

"Yep, just watching those makes me laugh," Thalia nodded her head.

"Thalia, you're the real monster here," Piper frowned. She screamed once again when a large humanoid scorpion appeared out of nowhere. (In the movie, of course.) Piper clung onto Thalia's arm in a vice grip.

"You know Piper, if you're really that scared, I could just switch off the television if you want me to," Annabeth glanced at her.

Piper's eyes brightened. "Yes, please do!" She faltered. "Unless it's okay with Thalia…?"

The mentioned girl shrugged. "I don't care as long as you let go of my arm. You're cutting off my blood supply." Piper rolled her eyes as she released her.

Annabeth switched off the television and closed her eyes. It was Halloween, and here she was in her messy house with her two friends, watching movies with one who finds them boring, and one who finds them scary. Thalia was right. She too felt pitiful (though she was not going to tell that to Thals of all people).

I wonder what the twins are doing right now, she thought of home. I bet they are out trick-or-treating with Dad. Lucky fellows. Annabeth let out a sigh.

"Now what's with that depressed sigh?" Piper said. "We're not that boring. Probably."

"It's not that, Pi-"

"I know!" Thalia shouted. "I know the perfect thing that will cheer you up!" She grinned at her. "Maybe not cheer, but it will be exciting for all of us." She stared at Annabeth dead in the eye. "You don't believe in folklore, do you?"

Annabeth raised an eyebrow, unsure why her friend was asking this. "I guess it depends on what sort of folklore you are talking about…"

"Perfect!" Thalia's grin widened, her eyes were glinting with excitement. "You see, there was this myth that one of my relatives once told me. Quite an ancient myth. And I want you, my dear, to try it out."

"Why me?" Annbeth asked dryly.

"Exactly! Why her?" Piper repeated, shooting Thalia a curious glance. "Why don't you just try it yourself, Thals?"

"It's always fun if a person like Annabeth tries out stuff like this. The down-to-earth people and all," Thalia winked at the blonde girl, whose left eye had started twitching. "And I'll admit, I'm scared shit to try this out."

Annabeth blinked. Thalia was scared shit? Scared of a silly little myth? Did the sun rise in the west that day? Well, she thought. If Thalia is scared, then this stuff might be somewhat interesting. There's no harm in listening, is there? "What's this myth you are talking about?" she inquired.

"So you intend to do it!"

"I'm bored," Annabeth shrugged. "I can spend some time doing this."

"Good!" Thalia dropped her voice to whisper after that, trying to sound eerie but failing massively at it. "And this is what the folklore says. On Halloween night, a young woman has to walk backward on a flight of stairs with a candle in one hand and a hand-mirror in the other, in a dark house. As she gazes into the mirror with the help of the candle light, she is supposed to see the face of her soul-mate. However, there are chances that she might see a skull instead, which indicates that the person dies before meeting her true love!"

Annabeth and Piper looked at each other. "And, that's it?" Piper asked.

"I'm not going to walk back a flight of stairs! Especially not in a house without light! Do you want me to land up in a hospital with a broken leg? Our examinations are not far away!" Annabeth protested.

"Where the heck did examinations come from?" Thalia muttered.

"Besides, I don't even have a hand-mirror," Annabeth continued. "I had one before, but Matthew broke it." She shuddered when she thought back of the time her brother had dropped the mirror and cut his ankle with the glass shards.

"Well, you can just walk backwards while staring into a wall mirror," Thalia shrugged. "It makes no difference."

Annabeth pondered over it. "There is a full-length wall mirror in my bedroom. And I'm sure I have some candles in the kitchen. But this sounds a bit childish." In fact, this sounds totally ridiculous, she wanted to add.

"Hey, I think you should try it out," Piper cut in. Annabeth shot a withering glance at her. The brunette laughed. "Oh, you never know. You may see Luke's face in that mirror," she snickered when Annabeth's face turned beet red.

Thalia slapped her back. "Now that's the Piper I know and love." She wiggled her eyebrows at her blonde friend. "So, whad'dya say Annabeth? Ready to go? Or are you going to chicken out, eh?"

Annabeth huffed. "Very mature, you two," she mumbled, her cheeks still red. "Fine, I'll try out this stupid folklore."

"I'll fetch the candles," Piper said as she raced to the kitchen.

Thalia grabbed Annabeth's arm. "And we're going upstairs!"


"Why did I agree to do this?" Annabeth muttered. "Why the hell did I agree to do this?" She looked down at the lit candle in her hand.

"Whatever Chase," Piper said with her hands on her hips. "All that matters is that you've already said yes. You can't back out now. Besides, it's just a childish thing. There's no need to be afraid."

Annabeth scoffed. "I'm not afraid. I just…" Feel stupid. That's all.

"The two of us will be waiting outside," Thalia nodded her head (why she did that, Annabeth had no idea). "Remember: close the door, turn off the lights, walk bac-"

"- Walk back while looking at the mirror," Annabeth finished. "I know, I know. I have a good memorising power, remember?"

"Alright-y!" Piper clapped her hands. "Good luck meeting your soul-mate Annabeth!" she winked.

Annabeth shot her a glare before slamming the door shut. She let out a sigh as she stared at the light switch. I can't believe I'm actually doing this. She bit her lip as she pushed the switch, allowing the room to turn dark.

She stared into the mirror. In the dim orange-light of the candle, her reflection stared back at her. Annabeth made a face. Her reflection did the same. "Well, this feels really awkward," she mumbled.

She took a deep breath and stared ahead at her reflected face. She took a careful, small step backwards, and then another, and then another, her heart pounding hard with each step. She wouldn't be surprised if her heart suddenly jumped out of her chest and landed on the floor. Sure, that would be very gross, but she wouldn't be surprised. I knew it, she mentally screamed. This thing is stupid! Stupid! I'm not going to see Lu- any face in this freaking mirror!

After two or three more steps, she felt her lips curl into an amused smile. What am I thinking? Did I seriously think that I would see a face in the mirror? Sheesh! This is real life, not some stupid, cliché supernatural mov-

Annabeth sucked in a sharp breath. For a second, she was sure she saw something in that glass! Something like a black haze. Annabeth took another step, and she saw a face flash in the mirror. Green eyes, she immediately thought. I see green-


Annabeth jumped as her ankles hit against wood and she fell back on her bed. Confused, she blinked a few times and stared at the mirror. Nothing. Just good old reflection staring back at her, looking confused as to why she was confused.

Annabeth felt her heart race. She was sure she saw something in that mirror! She sat still for a moment, before shaking her head at her antics. What am I thinking? That's just impossible! She stared at the candle in her hand. Maybe it was a trick of the light. "Yes," she said out loud. "It was a trick of the light."

Chiding herself for the umpteenth time for agreeing to do this thing, she switched on the lights. For a moment, she glanced back at the mirror. She immediately shook her head and slapped her cheek. "Just what do you think you are doing Annabeth?" she muttered as she opened the door.

She came face to face with a grinning Thalia. "Hey!" the punk girl greeted. "Pipes had to go home. Her dad called and asked her to come home for having a father-daughter night or something. She was really disappointed that she couldn't stay and wait for you to come out. But that's not the point. Did you see anything? Any face? Or skull?" she urged in a very excited manner. Her behaviour reminded Annabeth of her twin brothers.

"I didn't see anything," Annabeth said firmly. "Nothing at all. You should know better than this Thalia. After all, such things don't happen in reality! Did you seriously think that a face would appear?"

Thalia shrugged. "To be honest, not really. But still, I had this strange anxiousness inside me." She gave her a pointed look. "You should really confess to Luke, by the way."

Annabeth felt herself flush. "Stop it," she mumbled. "You know I don't have the guts."


The two stared at each other. Thalia decided to break the tension as she went for a smile. "So, you still up for popcorn and movies?"


Annabeth sighed as she closed the front door. After irritating her to no limits and ending all her popcorn, Thalia had finally decided to call it a night and had went back home.

She felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her. Today had been quite eventful. Now all she wanted to do was go into her room, crash onto her bed and sleep like a corpse till late morning. Yes, what could be more blissful than that?

Having thoughts like these, she walked into her room and closed the door behind. She shut her eyes. Thalia was right. She should confess to Luke. If she was rejected, fine. She couldn't blame him for rejecting her. After all, there were far prettier, nicer, funnier girls out there. With them around, what chance did she have?

I am afraid of rejection! she thought. I am afraid that this silly confession will mark the end of my friendship with him! What shall I do? Should I confess? Or not? Yes? No? Yes? No? Argh, this is crazy! The great Annabeth Chase is going crazy!

"Are you the one who summoned me here?"

Annabeth gasped and her eyes flew open. She sucked in a sharp breath. How in the world did she not notice the unwanted presence in her room? Because on her soft comfortable bed, the figure of a man sat. A man with green eyes. Green eyes. Eyes which Annabeth had seen before.

The man cocked his head, as if waiting for her to reply. Annabeth's mind went overdrive. Who's this random guy? Why is he here? How is he here? Is he a thief? A rapist? A murderer? Someone dangerous? This is bad. I should do something.

And with that, Annabeth did the only thing that popped into her mind at that moment.

She yelled some random battle cry and hurtled the nearest fat book she could find at the stranger.


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