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Night 50

I woke up without much hassle. Now that I had a system in place for the dumb Drone to feed itself during the night, I no longer woke up to the high pitched screeches of the ever hungry thing.

The system was incredibly simple; all I had to do was to use the skill {Drone Eggs} to create 3 batches of eggs, twice in the night and one in the morning, right before I went to sleep. This method took care of the Drone's breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A dry chortle escaped my lips. 'Even a mere thing eats better than me.'

How fun.

Still, this had two fold effects. The first one being that the Drone leveled up all the way to level 25, with all the eggs the thing was guzzling down and the other being that the skill itself had leveled up. It had been a satisfying to see the level up screen for the skill.

[Skill {Drone Eggs Lv.3} has leveled up to {Drone Eggs Lv.4}. You can now create +4 eggs resulting in 10 eggs per use.]

With the increase in the level of the skill, I had hoped to use the skill less as my egg output increased. My hope had been brutally squashed though, as the Drone increased its eating capacity with the increase in quantity of food. I was not even sure how that moronic thing did that considering that it was a drone and lacked any kind of awareness until expressively guided.

Though, {Drone Eggs} had not been the only skill that had leveled up over the course of last seven nights. The skill {Animagus} had leveled up to level 10 as a result of my exploration of the mana system that now resided within me.

That act had also leveled up the skill, {Mana Control} up to level 8, thus greeting me with this beautiful screen.

[Spell {Mana Control Lv.7} has leveled up to {Mana Control Lv.8}. Cost of Elemental Manipulations has decreased by 8. Current Cost: 7 MP/s.]

Besides these two, the other skills to have leveled up consisted of {Fire Resistance} which had leveled up to level 4 -thus decreasing the fire damage further by 2 to -7, {Meditate Intermediate}, which had Leveled up to Level 4, {Night Vision}, whichhad leveled up to Level 6 and {Scent} that had leveled up to level 6.

Though, the most important of all the skill to have leveled up was the level up of the skill {Survive}.

[Skill {Survive Lv.4} has leveled up to {Survive Lv.5}. The minimum Time Limit and HP Limit have both increased by 1. Current Time Limit: 5 minute. Current HP Limit: 5 HP]

It would save my life one day. That thought caused a malicious laughter to bubble in me and escape like a dam bursting. 'Was I a life worth saving? Or, was I even a life anymore?'

Wasn't that just hilarious? It was. So I laughed.

I didn't even know whether I was a life or not. And wasn't that just aMUsiNg!?

How midlife crisis-esque.

…Or maybe, afterlife crisis-esque? I laughed at that out of genuine mirth.

A munching noise caught my attention and I turned to find the drone munching on the last egg from last night's batch. My standing orders to eat whenever hungry allowed it to function somewhat independently. Or not.

Not wanting to delay tonight's plans any longer, I used the skill {Drone Eggs} to create the first set of 10 eggs, the drone's breakfast.


[-100 MP]

When the last of the batch had been vomited out, I retreated within my mind to impart the daily orders to the drone, as it was still not possible for me to order the drone without retreating within my mind.

My mind, the place that was once my sanctuary, had changed. The looming castle that had been there still lurked in the background. The dark forest that had haunted the lush green grounds was still there as well. And so was the giant hut, a home for a very big man or a very small giant.

It was not those things that had changed though. It was what lied beneath all those things. It was what lied beneath the surface. The thin lines of cracks that were fine and many, hid beneath the lush grass, inside the dark shades and below the looming shadows. They were what had changed.

Like fine threads of spider web they ran. They ran and crossed and crisscrossed each other, forming a sinister maze. As horrible they were to look at, their symbolism was horrible still. Horrible and funny.

Just how hilarious was it that my mind was telling me the very thing that my Status had told me a week ago? It was something that everything, which could communicate with me in any way, was telling me.

A very simple statement that was now the truth of my existence.

The simple fact that I was going insane.

I knew it though.

And I cared not.

I wasn't even sure if I was even a life, why would I care about the sanity of a thing!? The callous laughter at that line of thought was genuine enough to even fool me.

Having already fed the Drone its breakfast, I created another batch of eggs for the Drone to eat while I was busy doing my thing for the rest of the day.


[-100 MP]

With the drone taken care of, I once again closed my eyes, though this time, I did not retreat into my mind and instead, I sank into the magic system that existed within me.

My heart raced as I tried and failed to contain my laughter. I was going down a path that had once scared me away from it!

I still remembered the fear that had shaken me to my core when I had discovered the physical manifestation of my soul within this bodice of mine. The very thing that I had tried so hard to protect in my last life was not served on a silver platter, up for grabs.

I had hated it then and I hated it now.

But I did not fear it anymore, for fear was amusing and fear was hilarious. I did not fear anything anymore, I was instead, amused. After all, I was a thing that was not even a life, what was there for me to fear?

I swam deeper and deeper within the ethereal blue river of magic that resided within my veins. I swam against the current and felt it as it moved. I felt every breath of magic as it flowed and every speck of magic as it shifted, for that was what it was, it was a river that flowed and the sand that shifted.

The deeper that I dived, the numerous the specks became and the stronger the current grew.

And soon -but not soon enough- I found myself in the ever expansive world that was not a facade.

I was here. I had reached my soul.

The ethereal glow of the endless space invited me in and I complied. I dived even further, for I had just reached my soul and not my destination; my destination was the very depth of my essence. My destination was the place where my soul was rendered into the naked truth of itself; for that was where I would find my true self, where I would find my animagus form.

As I continued to dive deeper, searching through the ever expansiveness of the endlessness, the fog began to become thinner and the glow started to recede. And finally, there was none.

Before my consciousness was a scene so familiar that it had etched itself into my mind, a scenery that I had such strong emotions for that not only had my mind shaped itself on it, but so had my soul. In front of me were the laws of lush grass, a looming castle and a gloomy forest haunting the place in the background.

Though, there was one key difference between the scenery in front of my eyes and one that had taken shape in my mind. And that difference was that nothing hid behind the shadows here. Nothing was broken. There were no cracks. This place was still whole.

And that overwhelmed me. It hit me like a bludgeon would, hard, fast and unexpectedly. And it made me fall.

How far had I fallen? How much more would I fall?

I had once been human and then an insect and now I was a pest!

But above all of that, I was alone.

In this horrible world, where my life was in constant danger, I was all alone against the world. In a world where everything tried to kill me and tried to devour my still warm corpse, I had no one to watch my back.

I was lonely and this was my fate. Hadn't that flower even told me so? A moon child I was. A creature that sought solace in a fucking flower!

Wasn't that just fucking hiLArIOUS!?

It was! Yes it was! So I laughed!

And that was not all! As if it ever would! Not only was I all alone in this world, I was not even sure that I was even a life! Was a pest a life? I did not know! But wasn't a pest just a pest? It was, wasn't it!

And that was what I was! I was a pest! Just trying to survive! One day at a time! Like a fucking nuisance! Always avoiding my death! Always destroying what I touched! I had no aim but to survive!

For what!

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I tried to survive for the sake of surviving, like an annoyance, like a fucking insect! There was no meaning to my existence, if there ever was! The day by day survival, the need to exist just one more day was what defined me! Not my aim, not my life, but my need for just another day!

Was that even existing?! Could I even claim that? I did not know. I knew I could not claim to be living. But would I now have to even give up on existing?!

Was tha-


A haunting sound interrupted my thoughts. A sound as beautiful as it was painful. It pierced right through my mind and through my heart. It wasn't a song of happiness but a melody of longing and pain and it resonated with me like nothing ever had.

I felt it in my mind and I felt it in my soul.

It was me, calling out to myself, just from another form.

My consciousness turned around without my will, and a creature came into view; a creature darker than night and with eyes the color of blood.

It flew around me, encircling me, trying to catch my attention and when that had failed, it had sang its song, the haunting melody that had reverberated through my soul and had brought me back to the present.

My consciousness solidified in response and began to take shape. It condensed and grew smaller by the second until it was but a misshapen pebble; for that was what I saw myself as, an insignificant and ugly object that had no meaning and no existence.

"Cuuccoo… CUUccoo… CUUCCooo… CUUCCOOO…. CCUUCCCOOO!" The bird called out again before landing softly before me.

It cocked its head to the side and then hopped closer quietly, as if trying not to spook a cornered animal.

Slowly, very slowly, and just as gently, it brought its head down. It rubbed its beak against my misshaped form, nudging me- to do what, I did not know.

Just as gently it had hopped closer; it brought its beak down and tilted its head even further as it tenderly touched me with its forehead.

There was a moment, followed by a change. A shift. And I felt myself transform. I felt the rough edges become smooth, the ugly formlessness take shape and the dull color become a lustrous white. And before I could comprehend what had happened, I felt my body float.

I was raised above the ground, by a force that was not my doing and one that I could not see. Yet, the ugly amusement birthed out of fear did not show its hideous face. The only thing that I knew was the majestic bird before me and how tender it had been with me. Like it had cared.

I continued to float up and up until I was at the eye level with the bird. It stared at me, just like it had been staring when I began to float. It straightened its head and I began to float towards the creature that had hijacked my attention and my being.

I floated towards it until I was but a hairbreadth away. I still continued to float towards it and then I pressed against the soft feather that adorned the skull of the creature. I hit the feathers and its skull, yet I continued to press against it.

The weirdest thing occurred in that moment. Instead of hurting the bird -something I had feared for- or hurting myself –that I had cared not for- I began being absorbed into the bird.

I sank deeper and deeper into the bird's forehead until there was nothing but a small portion of me left un-submerged. And that was where it stopped.

As if it were a clue of some sort, the bird took flight at that very moment. And with it, my consciousness flew too while it crossed the distance in but an instant; the lawns and the castles flew by as if they weren't even there.

It landed on the shore of the giant lake and hopped closer to the water until its claws were sunken and water greeted its feathers. The bird cared not for it though and tilted its head down until its reflection mirrored across the still water.

What I saw, took my breath away.

Gone was the simple bird whose feathers were the color of the night and eyes of blood. In its place stood a creature whose feathers were the darkness of the void itself; nothing reflected off of it, not even light. Where one feather ended and the other began was impossible to tell and so was to tell anything about it except its shape.

That was not the only thing that had changed about the majestic bird. Its size had changed. Where earlier it had been the size of a human palm, now it rivaled a phoenix in comparison.

Its massive wingspan made itself known as the bird flapped its wings, to settle itself. Those simple wings had multiplied in length and when folded, they gave this darkness personified being an elegant shape. Its beak had curved and taken the shape of one that suited a bird of predator rather than a prey. Its talons had grown and claws were sharp enough to cut through leather.

But the most striking feature of this beautiful existence was its eyes and the jewel that adorned its forehead. The eyes that had been the color of blood had changed to crimson lily, dark, inviting and promising nothing but death. And above those eyes, was the white jewel that shone against the background of eternal darkness like a ray of hope at the end of a sinister and long tunnel.

"Cooee…Coooeee…CCooooeeee…CCCOOOEEEE…CCCCOOOEEEE…" the bird sang again. Its voice still as beautiful as ever and still as haunting as ever, as if it was longing for something that it could never have.

Though, its song didn't shatter me into thousands pieces. Instead, it healed me like a weapon being re-forged. It built me up from the thousands of pieces that I had broken myself into and made me anew.

Mystified as I was with its beauty, I still wanted to know what it was. 'Observe.'


[Chakor. MP]

[Lv: -]

[HP: -]

[MP: -]

Its strongest attribute was its mana then. Yet, what it was, I did not know. Wanting to know everything that I could about this creature, I focused on the name of the species and used the skill again. That didn't result into anything though.

My eyes returned to its forehead and the beautiful gem adorning it. 'That is me.'

It was. The beautiful gem that magnified the magnificence of this majestic being was me.

The gem glowed eerily as I felt giddiness take birth in my consciousness and the bird sang in response. A song of loneliness and finding someone that would ease that solitude.

A knot, of what- I didn't know, that I had in me, eased.


Like the flexing of a muscle and in but a moment, my concentration broke as I returned to the coldness of my body. Cold and soreness awaited me but they didn't get my attention; the notification that awaited me as I opened my eyes did though. It was a notification that I had long been waiting for.

[Skill {Animagus Lv.10} has leveled up to {Animagus Intermediate Lv.1}. Your search for the spiritual manifestation has been successful. Animagus form confirmed as Chakor. You are now able to partially transform into your animagus form. ]


[New Race Acquired: Avian. Avian path is now available.]


[Maximum Level of current Species detected. Evolution possible. Do you want to evolve now?]


With a hungry grin plastered on my face, I stared at the window. It was all I had been waiting for and it was here! Finally here!

A laugh of a man mad bursted out of me in a roar and I confirmed, yes, I would evolve. I would evolve now!


[Chose your form.]

[Koel Lv.1: Form that unlocked the Race.]

[Chakor Lv.1: Forced form. Requirements not met. Unavailable.]

[Pixie Lv.1: Final evolution passed over from the previous race(s).]

[Fairy Lv.1: Final evolution passed over from the previous race(s).]

The laughter of joy died out as soon as it had appeared and a malicious cackle took its place. 'What is this now? I can only evolve into …a Koel.'

Of the four options available to me, two were ones that I had already rejected while the Chakor one was inside a dull grayed out window, mocking me with its words and its color.

I would take whatever I could get though. I had achieved this with patience and pain, I would enjoy this fruit!


[You have chosen Koel as your evolution. Are you sure?]


The unhinged laugh turned into a chuckle as thoughts continued to race within my mind. 'I have survived this far being an insect, I won't stop just because I wasn't given what I deserved! I will survIVE!'


[Evolution will begin now.]

The foreign power that always took control of me whenever I evolved, didn't fail to appear this time either. It forced me to make a cocoon out of my spit which solidified as I rotated.

No sooner had I finished making the coco-

Night 51

I woke up to the muffled sound of screams and screeches echoing off in the distance; the noise reminiscent of the days when the drone was left unfed.

I tilted my head in confusion and hit something hard. 'Right. I evolved into a bird.'

Pushing against the restrains of the shell, I hit the cocoon with my new found beak, breaking it away bit by bit. The drone continued to screech meanwhile, ruining the moment with its insistent need to eat. It could wait to eat for a few more moments though, for there were things that needed my immediate attention.


[Evolution completed. You have evolved into a Koel.]


[Evolution bonuses of 50 HP and 50 MP have been added to your total Health Points and Mana Points respectively. You have been completely healed.]


[Your base MP and HP regeneration have increased to +8HP/Hour and +20Mp/Hour.]


[Level up Bonuses have increased from +2 points per level to +3 points per Level Up for both HP and MP. Both the bars have been adjusted for the change.]


[Title gained: [Skin Changer]]


[Title gained: [Unchained]]


[Skill acquired: {Sing Lv.1}]

'Ooh new Titles and a skill!' I smiled with glee and with another thought, I focused on the first Title, [Skin Changer].


[Granted to a being that has changed its Race. This Title makes it easier to gain more races in the future.]

'Something nice for a change, yes?' I hadn't expected that, honestly. A bit surprised, I moved onto the next Title, [Unchained].


[You have unchained yourself from your past fate. Blessing of the Lost Fate, Unique Luck, revoked.]

'Now that was more like it.' I chuckled darkly. Nothing good had come out of these titles recently and this one was just another example. Quite contrary to that expectation, the skill gain had brought nothing but disappointment with it.

While, the Doxy evolution had given me skills that had became my lifeline, this evolution had bestowed me with just one skill and guessing from what my evolution was, I had an idea about what it may be. Not wasting any more time thinking about what it may be, I focused on the skill, {Sing}.


[Ability to bring life to your emotions.]

I tilted my head in confusion. 'What a weird descripti-'

In a moment that didn't seem to exist, yet stretched for far too long, the impossible repeated itself. In that one moment the air stilled, the sounds died and the very earth came to life. In that one moment, nothing changed, however, everything had already changed.

I stumbled in confusion, not knowing what was going on, yet knowing that something was going on; something dangerous. I didn't have time to ponder on that realization and fell as the earth beneath my feet shifted as if it was alive.

The floor continued to move, as if it was expanding under the power of a space expansion charm, while the walls collapsed on themselves and exploded. The roof, as if not wanting to be outdone, somehow maintained itself without any form of support to keep it there before it too shifted and curved in itself, creating a dome that expanded into the hard stone of the cliff.

The live stone, as if wanting to get this over with as soon as possible, began to fold over itself even faster than before. The speed of the shift continued to increase exponentially as I continued to fall, trip and stumble with its movement.

And as suddenly as it had started, it stopped; as if the world hadn't just gave way to a distortion in reality; the reality that was nowhere near to the one that had existed but a moment before.

Where earlier there had been a cavern barely large enough to hold a dozen doxies, now existed a hall large enough to dwarf the hall of any royal palace with its walls so far off that I would have to fly to reach there and a roof so high that I could fit a completely grown tree in here.

As if responding to my thoughts, nature took over the space that didn't exist but a moment before. Grass took root in solid rock, shrubs began to sprout and trees began to grow at a rate impossible to imagine. Where nothing had existed a moment before, now stood a maze of all kind of greenery imaginable.

The sound of life returned at that very moment with the chirping of insects, the calls of birds and the distant roars of various animals that hit me like a bubble popping; unexpected and sudden.

The mini ecosystem that had popped up in my home continued to shift and change. It swirled into itself as it created a small mound composed of plants, trees, dirt and animals that were all piled over each other. The space from where the life receded, new life took its place, creating a continuous process of birth that kept piling over itself.

The hill continued to grow and I continued to stumble, bruising myself all over my body. Though, in a moment where I was able to gain control over my balance, I took flight.

Before my eyes, the plants grew and were sucked into the hill and animals popped up only to be consumed by the growing hill. Nothing survived the onslaught of the gigantic mound that towered over me, nothing but me that is.

But that wasn't what had caught my attention. Instead I was mesmerized by the artwork happening in front of me.

The heap of plants, trees and animals had begun to take shape. Its base had divided itself into 4 different parts while its peak had begun to stretch. The mass of forest that it had consumed had moved from the base towards the summit as four powerful legs took shape.

The thickened summit had continued to stretch before tapering off towards the end, forming an elegant shape of a massive tail. More and more plants, trees and animals continued to pile up on the front side of the hill as it took the shape of a massive head.

I gaped in awe at the massive sculpture carving itself in front of me. The shape of the figure continued to refine itself as the plants moved from one spot to another, trees filled in places where gaps existed and animals formed the fur that moved and shifted.

And then it all stopped. It stopped leaving before me a creature that was a combination of all the living things combined. It was not a single existence but an entity formed of innumerable lives that existed within it.

It was an existence that chose the shape of a gigantic tiger to appear before me.

It existed like that for a moment before its massive eyes, made up of dead tree trunks and beautiful flowers, opened to stare at me. And with that single act, emotions that I hadn't felt since my rebirth made themselves known.

Respect for this existence, like I had not felt for anything or anyone before, struck me like a heart attack, painful and all consuming. Reverence that I hadn't even felt for magic exploded within me like a painful blast. Obedience that even my relatives hadn't been able to instill in me through all the years of abuse was birthed in me, kicking and screaming.

But the emotion that triumphed over all of those was the one that I had never felt before. It hit me like an inferno and consumed me like dry leaves; in all but an instant I was gone. It was the emotion of familial love. It was the emotion of a child's love for its mother.

Naturally, I defied it all.

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