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Third Person POV

"For a castaway being, you have proven your worth child." The existence, which was not merely a single organism but a composition of everything that existed within its existence, addressed a being that was but one of its part, a part that was lost with no hope.

It spoke with a voice that was heavy and deep, dwarfing any and all the sounds the lost one had ever heard before. It was like the clap of thunder, the breaking of a dam and the roar of a dragon all combined in one before being turned up a notch.

It was overpowering- shaking the foundation of everything that it hit. It was overwhelming- drowning any and all the senses that it reached. It was far reaching- unbound by the walls of reality that tried to restrict it. It was profound- carrying the weight of the existence that it originated from.

But above all of those things, it was soothing- tender like a lullaby sang on a dreadful night. "Kill the bug of curiosity young one, Ask away. You have earned that much."

The lost being that was but a speck of dust to the existence that loomed over it, hovered in air, unhesitant, yet cautious, in its approach towards the definition of majesty that had addressed it.

It defied all those things that were forced upon it by merely being in the presence of the existence far beyond its understanding. It defied the reverence. It defied the respect. It defied the obedience and it defied the love.

Yet it didn't do anything but hover where it did, not knowing how to proceed. Its caution born out of its will to live, to exist, even for but single moment more. It had fought to exist for every moment of its existence and it wanted to fight still. It wanted to live.

It opened its tiny mouth, shrieking; weather in either fright or warning, it didn't know itself. As cautious as it was, it was a monster still; a monster that was cornered and a monster that had emotions foreign to it forced on it. It was a monster afraid yet defiant.

"Raise not your voice child, lest We take it away." The existence far beyond that of the lost one, growled at the insolent thing that was its spawn. It growled to break the child of its madness, losing the gentleness that it had, only to replace it with the presence of a predator stalking its prey. "You are a sentient still, not a mere creature of will. We made you that way. Fail Us not now when you just proved your worth."

The lost individual recoiled as if slapped, its body shaking in fear yet its defiance stood. It had dared to challenge the chains that had bound its destiny and come out defiant. It knew not to be subservient. Yet caution still existed and that caution warned it to escape.

"All that you know is Us fledgling. All that you are is Us. There exists no escape from Us." The tiny creature stilled its movements while surprise morphed on its features, like a thief caught red handed. In that moment, as millions of thoughts raced through its mind, a single thought stood out amongst them all, 'Did this being just read my thoughts?!'

"Nothing is hidden from Us youngling, neither your thoughts, nor your actions. All is known to Us for they are Ours." The majestic existence that chose to manifest itself in the form of a tiger, answered the unspoken thoughts of the lost existence, its voice –it it could be called that- slow as is it rumbled.

Fear like nothing it had ever felt before was born in that moment within the lost creature. Fear unlike the fear it had felt when it had soiled itself to survive; fear unlike the fear it had felt when it had faced enemies far beyond its capabilities in its last birth.

It was a fear that was all consuming, that spread through its bones and settled in its flesh like the numbing touch of the ice as one died. It was a fear that overwhelmed the senses and logic and became a welcome sight. 'Ju-just what are YOU!?'

"We are the land that you stand on. We are the air that you breathe. We are the bones that you are made of. We are the flesh that you eat. We are the big and the small and the tiny, the living and the dead alike. We are the things there were never alive and we are the things that have ever lived. We are each and everything that exist and we are still much more. We are The Wild." The existence that surpassed the limit of reality declared, in a voice slow yet powerful, answering the single thought that had consumed the child before it.

The tiny creature, on the other hand, remained confused. It found little meaning in the words of the towering being as its mind was too overwhelmed with emotions that were not its own and the emotions that were its own. It was all too much for the little thing to process and comprehend.

The intruder, which altered the reality to manifest itself in a tiny crevice, frowned. "Don't be slow child; use the brain that We let you keep. We are the manifestation of everything animate and inanimate, everything alive and dead."

Understanding dawned on the creature that was now a bird. This was something that its overworked brain could comprehend. The existence that was before it, it was of a God. It was a God that had invaded its space. How was it supposed to fIgHt a FrEaKING GOD!

The thoughts of the tiny one caused amusement to dance across the face of the creature that chose to resemble a Tiger. "We are no God young one. Bound we are to nothing but Our Will. Shaped we are by nothing but Our Will. The existence that transcends of mere God, that transcends reality, we are. Neither born nor created we were and neither shall We ever die. The Existence that has always existed and always will is what we are."

The tiny one once again stilled in confusion. It was not a god? But it sounded like a god! And it sure felt like what it imagined a god would feel like! It mere presence had twisted its mind! Did it say it transcended a God! How was it supposed to survive this!

Amused by the rambles passing through the tiny one -a being that was but one of the unlimited extensions of its will- the godhood transcending entity decided to break the child out of the loop of emotions that it had trapped itself in. "Calm down."

Two words were all that escaped the mouth of existence that seemed impossible to exist; two words that brought clarity to mind of the newly born bird that it had not felt in its multiple lifetimes.

The tiny one felt the rambles die; it felt its emotion collect; it felt a coherent line of thought being born again and it felt its mind heal.

In the moment of clarity that followed, it settled down, realizing that the existence before it did not mean to harm it, for if the godhood transcending entity had wanted to do so, the tiny one would not have survived this long. This newfound lucidity left one question unanswered, 'Why was the Mother here?'

"The senses that We have gifted you child, use them and use them well. We don't suffer stupidity. Ask not what We have answered, for We are the most patient yet our patience runs thin." The massive looming tiger made itself comfortable as it chose to lay down while warning the creature that had just changed its race.

The Black bird with eyes the color of blood, tilted its head in confusion. 'Had the question already been answered?' It thought while trying to remember the moments consumed by insanity. 'Ah right. It's here to answer my questions.'

But that brought up another question. Why was the Mother answering its question?

"Your worth has been proven and for that we answer your questions child."

'My worth?'

"Yes, your worth hatchling. For a purpose we created you; for that purpose you were tested. And worthy you were judged."

'Judgment? Purpose? What is it talking about? Could it be….?' The newly born bird would have scowled if it could. Those words had triggered within it the memory of a time that it had long wanted to forget; a time when it had been used and abused for egos of the few. 'No. I will not be a pawn again.'

'Nothing but an extension of Us you are. Within the bounds of Our existence there exist the infinite, of them you are but one. Yet a pawn you are not young one, for there is no game; there is just Us and Our will."

'If I am not a pawn, then what am I? Why was I judged? Why was I created in the first place?'

"A purpose that needs to realized, was to be your Dharma, your duty. For it to be your Dharma, you were judged."

All thoughts came to halt within the mind of the tiny one as it felt history repeat itself. Was it its fate again to be a chosen one? It did not want that.

"Kid not yourself child. Chosen one there is none. Hero there is none. Savior there is none. There is no one but Us. By the mercy of Luck you lived and by its pity you survived in the past. Luck that you threw away when you [Unchained] yourself."

'If I am not a pawn and I am not a chosen one, then what am I? What purpose did you want to impose on me?'

"We impose nothing hatchling. We are The Wild. We do not interfere, we do not dictate. We let nature take its course. The strong survive and the weak die, creating the result stronger than before. That is Our way for that is Our Will."

'Then what is this purpose that you created me for, this Dharma? Is it not what you want from me? Something that I must do?'

"Nothing must be done child, for there is nothing that We want. Created for a purpose you were and for a purpose you were judged. Yet on you it rests, the will for your Dharma to manifest."

'What is this purpose that you created me for? The purpose that you keep hinting at?'

"Your Dharma is to become powerful, Our child. And it is to pass on that Strength. Your Dharma wills you to make Our children strong, stronger than they could be on their own."

'Why must I do so? Why is this my Dharma? What will I gain with this? Am I supposed to go around teaching just because you say so?!'

The towering creature that dwarfed the a few hills with its size raised a massive eyebrow in answer, an eyebrow made up of twisting wines sprouting magnificent flowers and rotting bark. "You may fulfill your Dharma. You may not if you choose so. The choice is yours fledgling. Your Dharma is the reason you were created for. You may choose to leave it unfulfilled with your existence meaningless, one amongst the infinite that exist within Us."

The tiny being frowned, it was its choice? It could follow its will?

"Indeed child. We are The Wild. We impose nothing. We ask nothing. We interfere in nothing. Our children decide their own fate. Our children make their own fate."

'I want nothing to do with anyone but me! I want nothing to do with you!'

The being smiled in amusement. "Already one of us you are, aren't you child? Already a monster you are. Having left your morality behind, accept what you are now, embrace what you are."

'Wh-! What are you talking about?!'

"You must have noticed fledgling. You are not what you used to be. You behave differently, you feel differently. You want not the things that you wanted once. You strive not for things you struggled for once."

'That was you! I thought I was losing my mind!'

"Make us not repeat ourselves child, we interfere not in anything. You changed yourself. Your soul that had once resided in the body of a human, learned to act like one. Your soul which now resides in the body of monster, learns to act like a monster now."

'I-I can't lose my morality. It is what keeps me sane!'

"Characteristic of Sentoids, morality is. Of sentient creatures that live in societies. Not of monsters, a creature that you are now. Realize it for the foolishness it is. You exist not in civilization, you need not morality."

'I-I can't. I will go insane! I will lose myself!'

"What is sanity, Our inexperienced child? And who are you?" The creature, that boggled the limits of comprehension, retorted before answering its own questions. "You are but your mind; a mind that is ever flowing and ever evolving much like a river running down its path. You grow and you change and you evolve. And where that evolution takes you, is for none but you to decide. There exists no sanity. There exists no insanity. You exist not in a society. Limit not yourself with its chains."

The newly hatched bird wilted visibly as it flew down to land. '…does this mean what I suspect is true?'

"You are a monster, Our child. You need no one to exist. Yet if you sought the company of others, its only one other sentient that your nature will allow you. One is existence, two is violence but three, remember Our offspring, begets nothing but Death."


The immeasurable existence, which had shrank itself to manifest, pursed its maw; a maw made up of animal alive and dead, huge and small, writhing together in one. "Our children, big and small and minuscule, live not in civilization of sentient creatures. For where societies exist, weak thrive while strong die. Artificial power becomes truth while real strength becomes a tool. That is not the way of Wild, the way of nature."

'But societies grow strong as a whole. Each member may not be strong but together the civilization is strong, it exists as an individual!'

"Within us the strong thrive and the weak die. Anything but that and it collapses on itself. Nothing attracts death like a huddle of sentient creatures protecting the weak. It's a weakness in itself; a weakness easily exploited."

'But wouldn't the numbers help a civilization survive? Surely the combined strength of the sentient beings would be more than the sum total of the individual strengths?'

"Wasn't there a time child, when you had numerous doxies under your command?" The immeasurable existence asked instead, its head lying carelessly on its paws. "Did you not get them killed?"

'I did not get them killed! They died because of my carelessness. Killing them was not my intention!'

"Delude not yourself hatchling." It scolded the tiny existence that was less than a speck of dust to the being above it. "The consequences of what you did were known to you. You lacked the care to do otherwise. Their existence, or death, meant not a thing to you."


"That changed though, did it not child? When there was none but one left, you cared."


"That was the heritage of the monsters making itself known. A monster is an inherently selfish being child. It does not know care for anything and anyone but for itself and one of its progeny."

'Those were not my progeny! I am not a parent! Absolutely not!'

"Matters not what you consider them young one. For they are way that Species of monsters continue themselves. Monsters do not mate. Monsters make copies of themselves, flawed in way numerous to none, and mindless at first."

'But I was born amongst tens of hundreds of eggs!'

"And did you have any creature using you for its own purposes? A Sentient monster keeps only the first hatch for itself, for whatever purpose it wants to and the rest it discards. Unless, of course, the sentient monster exists as a hive."

'If it discards all the eggs but one, then why create so many eggs. What is the point?'

"Survival, young one, survival and nothing else. Its species must survive. And for that, it lays eggs innumerable. If even one survives, the species continue."

The uncaring fate of the hundreds of young ones, born with little to their name, disturbed the tiny existence of the reincarnated one. 'That's cruel. Too cruel.'

"Wild is not cruel child. Nature is not cruel." The being that was not One but many, remained unperturbed. The accusation failing to faze it. "Wild just is. Nature just is."

The newly hatched bird would have scoffed if its new body had allowed it to. 'I was rewarded for torture. Literally. I got a skill off of it!... It was you, wasn't it?'

"Foolish hatchling. The skill that you earned, the [Sadism], comes in play only after the prey has been killed. Not while its alive. It nudges you to kill your prey. Senseless violence benefits none."

'Oh.' Violence for strength it understood; it did that itself. Perhaps it were its monster sensibilities that made it understand or perhaps it was the loss of its human sentimentalities, whatever it was but violence for strength it now understood.

"And yes, it is through Us that you gain Skills."

The newly hatched chick, frowned in confusion. 'Why are skills, Skills? Why use mechanics of a game system for skills? Why not just let skills be skills?'

The humongous entity thought for moment, seemingly deliberating whether or not to answer. "It is a system that predates our emergence, which predates the creation of this planet and this universe itself. That is all you should know. Dig not deeper in this young one. Things, worse than your worst nightmares, exist where The Truth resides. Dwell not on this. Think not of this."

The abrupt warning confused the tiny one; its survival instincts seemingly agreeing with the Contained Infinity before it. '…okay.'

It chose to follow the advice that was more of an order and asked what had been bothering it for a long time. 'Then answer me this, why can't I see my stats?'

"They are not meant for you to use or change hatchling. Their existence is of no importance to you. You are a monster, an extension of Us. You live through skills."

'Then why are they even mentioned in my status?' Reiterated the confused existence of the Lost One.

"They are the result of the system predating Us. We are not the only beings that exist through the system. The other existences exist through it too. They are beings that are the creature of numbers rather than Skills, the Sentoids. They live of numbers and they die of numbers."

'Does this mean that don't have any Skills?'

"Nay, young one. Skills they do posses but meager in number. Our children evolve and better themselves, they do not. Our children learn Skills innumerable, they do not. Our children learn new Skills with each evolution, they do not. Our children can reach immortality, they do not."


The being that not One but many, laughed. "Immortality, yes Our child. Our children, unless killed, exist and evolve and continue to exist. And when evolution fails them, they do what you did. They change. Or they die."

'Oh. Wow.'

"Yet Our children are not without their limits. To balance what we gave, we took away some things. We took away the ability to exist in a society of Sentients. We took away the ability to mold your own growth. And we took away the ability to learn elemental spells. The little Gods sought the opposite."

'…Little Gods?' An apprehensive fledgling asked. Since when were Gods little? Since when were Gods insignificant?

"Yes, Gods, the little things that exist through Sentoids and that are molded by Sentoids. Not even the shadow of the remnant of what once was."

'….' The contempt and condescension of the Contained Infinity above it, gave the child pause. The way that the being -though which the tiny being existed- talked about Gods, made it wonder about just how powerful this reality transcending existence was?

Unable to comprehend the line of thought, it asked what had been bothering it since this conversation had started. 'These sentoids…they-are they humans?'

"All the sentient beings that live in a civilization, they are Sentoids. The Humans, the Harpies, the Gnomes and numerous others that we bother not with. They are not a part of us."

'They aren't a part of you? I thought you were the spirit of Earth?'

"The foolishness? Didn't We let you keep your mind fledgling? Are you proving Us wrong?" The incomprehensible entity seemed to scowl.

"We know not what Earth is but we are not its spirit. We are not anything's spirit. We are The Wild. We are not its spirit. We exist through every bit of land that exists on this continent, every drop of water that covers the plates of this continent and every gust of wind that traverses them."

With its face, which was made of twisting bodies of creatures unknown and numerous, scrunched in distaste it continued. "Sentoids are not an extension of Us, Our child. Those children, the ones that killed their creators and reversed the order of existence, are not Ours."

'Creators can be killed?!'

"The ones that could be, were. By creations they were warned about; a warning that they did not heed. The ones that could never be, Our existence is infinite."

'Okay-okay.' The child seemed to process the revelation with some difficulty. It was understandable though, this tiny being had found out that not only Gods existed but so did entities that transcended the previously mentioned beings. Yet, it had learned more. It learned not only Gods could die but many had already been killed.

It took a few moments for the insignificant being to get his thought process back on track. And when it did, one particular bit caught its attention. 'You said continent. Does this mean that there is no civilization on this continent? No humans? No Sentoids?'

"None exist yet, hatchling. Though not for long hatchling it will be true. Sentoids have consumed the rest of this world. Only we remain untouched, defended by our children. But not for long. Soon, very soon, they will be here. Threatening Our children. For this, for this you were born. This is your Dharma."

'…but, you said my Dharma was to become strong and spreading that knowledge.'

"Indeed. Your Dharma is to ensure that no civilization takes hold in us. It is to ensure the death of every society before it could take root. It is to burn off the wound before it festers. To fulfill your Dharma, you need to be strong, stronger than anything and everything else that resides within Us and to pass down your power. Your students are to fulfill the deed. You are to ensure they succeed."

'Uh…When will these Sentoids arrive?'

"Soon, too soon, perhaps even in the next few millenniums or even Centuries, fleets after fleets of Sentoids will land on our shores, killing Our children. They will ravage the lands and kill the waters. Nothing will survive of Our children. To save Our Children and to save Yourself, is your Dharma."

'A few MILLENNIUMS!' The newly hatched chick almost face palmed. This being before it had addressed millenniums as if it was a year or two.

The Creature that was not One but many frowned at the outburst. "Or centuries. We can't tell. Many ships have previously come ashore, scouting, none returned. Our children made sure of that. Though grow not complacent child. This time is not long. It is but a few passing moments in Our existence. It is but the length of a flower bloom."

'…this is all nice and good. But why must I do this? Why must I drive off humans?'

"Kill. Your Dharma is to kill them all the Sentoids and not just humans. It is to leave none alive. It is not to drive them off. Persistent little creatures these are, these Sentoids."

'The question still remains. Why? Why must I do this? Why must I be part of this genocide?'

"To fulfill your Dharma, young one. You may turn your back on your Dharma and not move even a finger for the cause. Or you can follow the path and give yourself a purpose. Is it not what you lack? A purpose? A reason to exist? Your Dharma would give you purpose, a reason to exist, to live other than just to see another day. Is that not what you seek?"

'I…' The bird stumbled as if stuck. Was this not what it had lacked? Was this not what it had wanted? A purpose. Just 2 words. Yet the whole argument had changed. Had it not wanted to live? Had it not wanted to more than just exist? Had it not wanted to live and not merely exist?

"If you follow the path laid out for you, if you give yourself to it, nothing shall stand before you. You shall achieve all you can; you shall become all that can, the very best you can. All of it and much more shall be within your grasp, if and only if you choose to fulfill your duty, your Dharma.

Here was this being, a being that transcended Godhood and transcended reality, offering it what it lacked, what it had wanted ever since it had been reborn? Yet it offered more. It offered the child the capability, the strength, to fulfill the desire that every living creature had, to be the very best it can be. What was it to do? Was it to reject it all? Was it to accept all of it?

Yet, to live for this purpose? To kill?

"Your worry is insignificant, Our inexperienced child. The ones that reach our shores are already dead; they just lack the knowledge of it. They may be breathing but there exist no future for them. They will not leave Our shores, Our waters. If it not through your Karma, your deeds, that they'd die, they will die through Karma of others. Die they will, that much is certain." The Mother of Monsters replied to the unvoiced thoughts.

"The question just remains, will it be other's Karma, their deeds, through which they die while you become a meaningless existence like infinite others? Or Will it be your Karma, your deeds, which would greet the arrivals with their deaths as you become an unreachable existence with meaning and purpose? Which will you chose child? What will your decision be?"


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