Only Human chapter 9

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Xander and Angel walked through the darkness of the cemetery. Neither talking but both having the same thoughts on there minds. Finally the vampire with a soul made a decision to speak.

"Darla's back in town." The dark haired vampire said as if it meant nothing. Xander just nodded his head for a second before answering.

"I know." Angel nodded his head.

"She asked for my help. I told her I would." Xander nodded to Angels statements before speaking.

"I knew you would." The duo again walked in silence for a short time.

"She came to you first didn't she?" Angel asked with a little seriousness in his normally unreadable voice. Xander sighed and nodded his head.

"Yeah. She asked me for our help." Angel didn't ask the young man to elaborate further he didn't need to. The two demon hunters walked on there patrol with no words spoken between them. After the patrol was over both men thought the same thing. They had just had the quietest night since they had met.


Buffy Summers didn't know what to think of her new status, her new friends. She wasn't sure about anything anymore. She thought of the people she had met today and put them in little categories.


Willow is the kind of girl that all mothers want. She's smart, genius even, and nice. Buffy liked her. Of course old Buffy wouldn't have said two words to the red head. Buffy wasn't proud of that fact.


Cordelia was a snob. She was OLD Buffy personified into a brunette. Buffy couldn't help but feel a 'slight' kinship with the young woman even though she knew they would never be best friends.


Jesse was the clown. The comic relief of the gang. well of Xander, Willow, and Jesse's gang anyway.

And finally


Buffy wasn't sure what category Xander fit in. He wasn't a clown that was for sure. He seemed to harbor a lot of pain. But he was kind. He was handsome and to her he was slightly mysterious. She found herself putting him in a category she had never had before. A category she hadn't named yet.

Buffy thought of all her new friends. All of the people she had seen and met in the last 24 hours and she came to a decision. She couldn't shirk her calling. She couldn't run from her responsibilities. If she did one of her new friends might become an enemy. She wasn't sure she could stand that.

"I'll talk to the brit tomorrow." She promised herself as she fell into an unmerciful sleep.


Xander found no sleep that night. He sat on the bed in his room and had a staring contest with the dark blue walls. He couldn't sleep. He was tired, he could barely keep his eyes open, but he couldn't sleep. He wasn't afraid of sleep but he knew that if he slept the nightmares would come. He would be reliving every single painful moment in his short life. From his parents death, to his torture, to... her death. He couldn't handle it anymore. Everything was beginning to pile onto the young man. Although the main thing on his mind was Buffy. The slayer. She would need his help. Eventually he would have to tell her about himself. What then? He didn't know the answer. He did know one thing though.

"I'll talk to the brit tomorrow."


Buffy flew through the doors of the library in a fast and purposeful walk.

"You win." Buffy said as she looked at her watcher. Giles took off his glasses and cleaned them.

"Excuse me?" He asked with what seemed like genuine curiosity. Buffy looked at him for a moment before speaking.

"I'll be here after school to train or whatever." With her parting words she left the library. Giles turned and shook his head.

"She gets right to the point huh?" A voice asked making Giles turn quickly. He didn't hear the doors open.

"Oh it is you." Giles said with a little bit of disgust. Xander chuckled slightly before walking up to the older man.

"I want to help." Giles looked at Xander with false confusion. Xander sighed and looked him in the eyes.

"I'm out there fighting every night anyway Giles." Giles nodded slightly to the information but didn't speak. Finally Xander began to speak again.

"There's something you have to learn about this game Giles. This isn't football. In this game you only have three teams. The good, the bad, and the dead." Xander turned to leave the room without another word only to be stopped by Giles's voice.

"We will be here after school." Xander turned and nodded to Giles.

"Sure thing." Xander walked out the door leaving Giles in thought.


Xander sat beside Jesse at there usual lunch table.

"So what's with you and the Buffster?" Jesse asked as he bit into his sandwich. Xander looked at him and shrugged.

"Nothin man. I just met her." It was Jesses' turn to raise his eyebrows and mock glare at his friend.

"Really? Well I have it on good authority that she wants some Xander lovin." The smile on Jesse's face grew as Xander looked up at him in shock. The Xander frowned.

"Uh huh, sure Jess." Jesse tried to speak but was cut off by a very enthusiastic Willow. Followed by a radiant and still not sure of her acceptance Buffy.

"Guess what guys. Buffy is in all of my classes." Both young men smile and nod. Jesse is the one to speak.

"That's great Will." Xander chuckles as Will and Buffy sat down. Buffy beside him and Willow beside Jesse. Xander didn't seem to notice.

"Yeah you can help her with the big words." Xander said with a playful tone. Buffy slapped his arm and mock glared at him.

"Very funny." Jesse was still laughing and Willow was smiling.

"So tell us about yourself Buff." Xander said as he kicked the still laughing Jesse under the table. Buffy looked kinda uncomfortable before speaking.

"Not much to tell. I moved here from L.A. after my parents divorced. Kinda a boring bio ya know?" Jesse and Willow nodded but Xander snorted lowly. So lowly only Buffy heard the young man. She looked at him for a second but let it go.

"So we Bronzing it tonight?" Jesse asked the group with a smile on his face. A smile that never seemed to go away.

"I don't know about me." Xander said as he looked toward the doors of Sunnydale High. The rest of the gang followed his view to see the school bully Jack picking on a freshman.

"I'll be right back." Xander said as he stood. Willow tried to talk him out of it for a second.

"Xander. Principal Flutie said one more fight and you were suspended." Xander just kept walking. Buffy looked at the large football captain then at Xander. Finally she turned to Willow.

"He's going to get killed." Jesse laughed but was quickly stopped by Buffy's glare.

"Xand-man can take care of himself. Chances are there won't even be a fight."


Xander walked up to the two young men quietly and quickly. Neither noticed he was there until he spoke.

"I think he's had enough Jack." The big linebacker turned to face Xander letting the young freshman go. Jack looked at the young brunette vampire hunter with disgust and no respect.

"You want to take his place Harris?" The big man said as he took a step toward a calm Xander Harris. Xander smiled slightly.

"Actually I was going to take yours." Before the big linebacker knew what happened he was hunched over holding his stomach.

"Don't threaten me." Xander said as he quickly slammed his knee into his opponents head. As the big man went down Xander walked into school. No one said anything about the fight.


Xander walked into the library to see Giles and Buffy holding quarter staffs. Giles was loosing.

"Good one Buff." Xander said as Giles fell to the ground. Buffy turned quickly her eyes as wide as saucers.

"Xan. um. hi, I." She stated not know what excuse to use at the moment. Giles however stood and glared at the young man.

"It is about bloody well time." Giles said and tossed the stick to Xander who caught it in mid-arc.

"Sorry." Was the only excuse he gave as he shrugged one sleeve out of his leather jacket then changed the staff to his other and did the same. Buffy looked at Giles then Xander, then finally back to Giles.

"What is Xander doing here?" Giles seemed like he was about to speak only to have Xander cut him off.

"Helping you. Slayer." Buffy looked at him in shock.

"How did you know?" She asked in disbelief that made Xander smirk.

"I've known about vamps for years Buff. It didn't take a genius to figure out your the slayer and the brit is your watcher." Buffy looked at him for a second before looking at Giles.

"He's not helping." Giles looked flustered and Xander groaned and rolled his eyes. Buffy looked at him seriously.

"There's a big deference between a dumb jock and a vampire Xander." Xander chuckled at Buffy's statement before nodding.

"Only the strength and speed Buff. The brain is on the same level." Buffy didn't laugh. Xander sighed before walking forward purposely with his staff in a forward position.

"I've been fighting vamps for a few years now Buff. I've been through more shit than you. Need me to prove it?" Buffy put her staff in position and attacked.

Buffy brought her staff around and went for Xander's legs only to have the young man jump the attack and bring his staff in a downward arc toward the top of her skull. Buffy jumped to the side at the last instant rolling to her feet only to have a kick in the mid-section that lifted her from the ground for a second. She used the momentum to spin and bring her staff around to hit Xander's head. At the last second he ducked and brought out his right leg for a sweep kick. Buffy jumped out of range then kicked out with her left leg hitting Xander in the shoulder. As Xander fell backward he rolled to his feet his staff still held in his right hand. Giles looked on in shock. He had only last half a second with his slayer. This young man was going to last awhile.

"Good enough." Buffy said surprising everyone in the room. Xander smiled at her and put down his staff.

"So I have the slayer seal of approval?" He asked with no play in his tone. Buffy looked at the floor and nodded her head.

"Just be careful." Xander's smile fell from his face and he nodded.