It was no surprise that when Jane had entered Art class, along with Daria, there were studious, wary stares firing at her from the other students in the room. As she turned her own gaze to acknowledge and greet them with a sharp scowl, they quickly turned back to their work in attempts ignore her. Already, since that stupid act on impulse in O'Neil's class, it seemed their peers had already decided on a judgemental interpretation of Jane. Always the quiet ones, they thought to themselves. If all they did was extend their distance of to her, she could care less, at least if it didn't apply to the ones she desired to interact with.

Jane worked with black, lots of it. The A2 sheet on her easel was soaked in thick, gloppy acrylic, until the artist withdrew a couple of her own tools to start scratching through the substances, inspired to make engraving like pieces herself. Her tools of choice were without a shred of a doubt, unusual, although to Daria that was nothing out of the usual, seeing how experimental with her work the raven haired teen was. Her favorite tool of choice for the current piece was a fork; gritty and rusted. She scooped off paint, scratched it away, flicked it, not at all being messy in the progress. There was a definite shape, a portrait it would seem. The bookworm wouldn't be surprised if she were attempting to re-create what she saw earlier when she jumped her.

"Well, thanks to whatever this entity is, you're popularity in the school has upgraded from underground cynic to potential psychopath" Daria joked, as they proceeded to walk home.

"Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll reach further through, skipping the paranoia and delusions and get straight to being an alleged serial killer"

"Always looking to move up in the world, aren't you?"

"Oh yeah!" she proclaimed sarcastically, smiling.

Their casual conversation was then rudely interrupted, quite shockingly actually, as the artist felt a half full cup of soda being thrown at her from behind.

"Kevey!" shrieked a familiar, dreadful voice. "You can't do stuff like that! Just leave them alone"

Both of the outcasts spun on their heel, confronting the dimwitted cheerleader and quarterback boyfriend.

"What's your deal?" bit Daria, fishing from her pocket tissues to dab her girlfriend's jacket, face and hair dry.

"Kevin, I said knock it off! Go over there, let me talk to them" the blonde prattled on, until the stupid sportsman turned and walked a good distance along the path to give them privacy. It seemed that the prediction for being totally ignored was too good to be true. Brittney approached them steadily, not taking her eyes of the artist. "I'm sorry about that. Rumors of what happened today just spread like a flame and it really got to some people"

"Just get lost!" growled the raven haired teen.

"Please, just listen" the cheerleader pleaded. "I'm not the shiniest spoon in the cutlery draw or whatever idiom you wish to rectify, but I have enough of a brain to know there's two sides to every story"

In all honesty, the girlfriends were more stunned by Brittney's accurate use of literary definitions than her actual clarification.

"I KNOW for a fact that Jane wouldn't just jump out at you like that, Daria. You guys are too close of friends to have any non-nonsensical violence rise up and come between you two. I don't want rumors anymore than you do being spread around of you being a bully or somebody to be feared"

"The latter sounds rather appealing to me" admitted the artist. "However, yes, I'd be grateful if any rumors stopped"

"Would you mind telling me what happened? I'll let everyone know so they can stop bothering you"

Jane and Daria were stumped. Daria sighed inwardly and told her. "Me and Jane recently have been investigating a supposed haunted location and Jane felt as if one of the supernatural creatures followed me into class today"

The blonde blinked, puzzled. "Haunted? You mean, like, ghosts?"

"Yes, like, ghosts"

"No wonder you freaked out then. Oh, god! I can't imagine what I'd do if I saw a ghost"

As the conversation was brimming with excitement, Kevin found himself wondering over. "Are you guys talking about ghosts?"

Jane found potential in making the scenario work to their advantage "Yes, me and Daria are exploring a location for our creative literary assignment that turns out to be haunted"

"That sounds cool!" he said with a wide smile. "Where is this place? Can we check it out?"

His bragging was met with playful punches from his girl "You big dummy! I'm not going anywhere where there's ghosts"

The bookworm already sensed something about this going horribly wrong. Before she could protest to the notion of them so much as knowing where they were going...

"Me and Daria are gonna check it out again tomorrow. You're more than welcome to tag along for the ride" Jane proposed with a devious smirk.

"Oh, Kevey, we're not really doing this, are we?" the blonde begged, clinging to his arm.

"Are you kidding, babe? I've never seen any ghosts before. I can't pass this up" he replied, oblivious to the obvious fear in his love's eyes. "You gotcha, Jane. Hey, sorry about throwing the drink atcha"

"She didn't mean to hurt Daria. There was a ghost in the room and she was trying to protect her friend" Brittney explained, resulting in a light blush coloring the 'friend's' cheeks.

"N-No problem. Well, we'll see ya at 3pm. Meet at my place"

"Cool! We can watch it get dark and it'll make it creepier" the boyfriend grinned, chuckling as he walked off, Brittney still grasping his arm desperately.

Daria turned to her still blushing girlfriend and they resumed walking home "Okay then, maiden in armor, going to explain to me our agenda for tonight, seeing as we were supposed to be returning the damned book today and now we're dragging the airheads along tomorrow?"

"I just thought it'd be an amusing idea. Canaries down the mine, so to speak"

"Jane, we're returning the book. That's all we're doing. We're not venturing any further into this crap. I've got chills of the idea of sleeping tonight anyway"

"Yeeeah... see, I was wondering..." began the artist. "We both experienced something bizarre last night individually. I was wondering if for tonight you'd like to stay over. I could set up a camera in the room to use for a backup to our creative writing"

"Yes, of course, because Paranormal Activity doesn't have enough sequels for its crappy franchise as it is"

"I meant... in case you were scared. 'Cus I am too. I know I'm being a real idiot right now and trying to milk this thing for the sake of credit for my academics, but I don't want you to be afraid. I want you... to know that I'm here for you"

A smug smile dimly lit the bookworm's expression "Damn, what a sap. What've I done to you?"

With her blush burning further, Jane groaned and looked away.

Packing her bag for the night in her room, Jane downstairs waiting, Daria observed her room. There was something ironic about this situation: the idea of studying the events and exemplifying the horrors of an actual victim/patient of an asylum, while she herself was living in a padded cell and felt her own mentality being strained by the societal conditions and standards. Was THIS what the madman was talking about in his journal? She couldn't believe that this was reaching home for her in a sick way.

Walking downstairs, she looked to Jane, lounging on the couch lazily, and she glanced up at her. "Ready to go?"

Listening out, looking around for a potential buzzkill or intrusion like last time, she then dropped her bag, jumped onto the couch and pulled the artist into a deep kiss. Her slender arms snaked around her, rubbing the back of the taller girl, as their lips rubbed intensely together, their tongues greeting one another slickly, twirling and stroking the other. Running her fingers through Jane's gorgeous black hair, she couldn't help but feel some sort of tension. Jane continually emitted restrained moans and grunts between each meeting of their lips, as if she were holding herself back and with some evident strength. As they pulled away, both of their faces flushed fiercely, the artist even panting a little from lack of air and her eyes met with Daria's. An intense stare. Something about them was different. When it came to such things as romance and intimacy, Daria was very much a late bloomer and she didn't seem to realize that her girlfriend's pupils had dilated after that passionate make-out session.

Swallowing the thumping heart lodged in her throat and internally attempting to postpone and ignore a carnal throbbing, Jane found her feet and headed to the front door, holding it open, eagerly awaiting for her love to follow.

End of part five

(So, I technically have an okay-ish plan set out for my story that I'm following through with quite confidently right now. However, if there's a particular scene or idea you'd like me to approach, just leave a comment. Also, I may see to it that the rating gets changed for this story. In case you haven't already guessed, there may be scenes of a sexual nature up ahead and, of course, there will be some descriptions of violence and more harsh language in later chapters. Bye for now!)