Never in my life did I think that I would meet a WWF superstar let alone become friends with one....
That night started out like any other. Well not like any other exactly. A bunch of friends and myself had gotten tickets to see WWF in Philadelphia, so since I have never been there my friend Kelsey drove. The entire show was great and I had finally gotten to take a picture of my favorite WWF Superstars Matt and Jeff Hardy. Little did I know that leaving the arena was going to be one of the scariest and one of the most interesting night of my life.
We had all left together and I had to run to the bathroom so I told them to wait for me at the front door. Well by time I got back I realize that they left me there. Now being my first time in Philly I was scared. I had no idea who to talk to and I could not find a cop anywhere.
After sitting in the parking lot and seeing that everyone left and that my friends were not coming back for me I really started to worry. I knew that my parents where not home and no one would be able to come pick me up. I sat on a curb and tried to figure out how the hell I was going to get myself out of this mess that I had gotten into. It might sound silly but I started crying not knowing how I was going to get back to my house which was about 6 hours away. Suddenly this car had pulled up and the female in the front asked me how to get to the hotel that they were staying in. I told her that I was not from here and I could not tell her. Tears where streaming down my face. A man in the backseat got out of the car and asked me what was wrong.

"Well where would you like me to start?" I said. The man sat down on the curb next to me... "Well you can start from wherever you want but are you ok?" "No, I am not." I said sobbing like a child. " I came her to see WWF with my friends and they left me... I have never been in this place and I am 6 hours away from home, and I have no clue how I am going to get back to my house. My parents our out town, Oh my gosh what did I get myself into..... I am never going to get home." I said with tears running down my eyes. "Well if you like to can come to the hotel with us and we can call someone from there." he replied. " I am not trying to be rude." I said with my head down but I don't even kno~~~ before I could finish I looked up and realized that it was Jeff Hardy, the one person that I wanted to see all my life and kept telling myself that I never would get the chance too. Now I felt like the biggest ass in the entire world. " Oh I am sorry, I didn't even realize who you were.. I didn't mean to say that. I am so sorry, I didn't mean to cry on you." I blabbered like a fool. " It's fine. Don't worry about it. honestly, I mean the invitation to come to the hotel to call your parents or someone to get you is still open." said Jeff" Really, you don't mind taking a 19 year old crybaby with you." I said. " Hey guys do you mind if we bring her with us." He yelled to Lita and Matt. "Nope, its cool with us." Matt yelled out. "there it is settled, you are coming with us." He said with a smile. "Thanks." I said as we got into the car.