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Title: I love you. not!

"Psst, Master!"

Alucard looked up from the book he was reading only to see his fledgling, Ceras standing on the doorway of his room. He cocked an eyebrow, she was smiling like the cat that ate the canary and also she was holding a scarlet bouquet of roses in one hand.

Unusual and very, VERY dangerous, he said to himself as he motioned for her to come in. The blonde girl slipped inside his room almost in a ballerina-esque entrance. She was almost tiptoeing in happiness as she dramatically shoved Alucard her scarlet bundle.

"Master, don't you know what day it is today?"

The hellsing top agent placed his pointer finger on his chin and pretended to be in deep thought. Truth was, he despised guessing games and whatever it is that Ceras has in mind she should say out loud. And damn it! That voice! Does she always have to use that singsong voice whenever she's overjoyed?


"Not interested." He finally admitted but that didn't even put a damper on her high hopes. She practically slapped a calendar on his face and with eager finger pointed out a date brightly encircled with red marker.

Alucard pulled his face away from the large datebook and read the demanding discernible. His mouth formed as he read the date that Ceras was so happy about, February 14. His jaw almost dropped to the floor but he was fast enough to recover and pull himself together just in time.

"Isn't it great?Now you can have an excuse to be sweet to your Master!"

Alucard eyes became big and wobbly all too suddenly delighted at the many thoughts and ideas of what may happen for the day. Maybe he can finally let her wear that provocative red dress he had been keeping for centuries or maybe they both can have a romantic candlelight dinner for two or maybe he can finally have some fun tonight because proven from his long existence strange things happen during V-day.

"E-hehehehehehheh, Hehehehehehehehe," Alucard was chuckling to himself now, too lost and too wistful as he eagerly rubbed his palms together greedily. Yes, things might get interesting tonight. Perhaps he should go over his trunk and find some decent clothes. There's no need to wear something that you don on a battle for days like this.