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We couldn't believe it Jack Frost was gone. But Where? I asked myself.

"We have to get back to the pole." I said.

When we were back at the pole we sow that there were lights going out. "We have to stop this." Bunny announced.

I wasn't really paying attention to them. I can't believe it Nightmare my childhood friend turned on me. She helped destroy Jack Frost. She can't get away with this. I'll get her back for this. I thought to myself.

"Hey you alright mate." Bunny asked me.

"Oh, yeah, fine." I told them.

"That's not true I know it's not what's up?" Tooth asked.

"Well, in the past I have always looked up to Jack Frost like he was my big brother. I still do. I've always looked up to him forever." I told them.

"So you're upset that he's gone?" North asked.

"Yes." I told them

Then they heard that there was a disturbance in Langton. They went there and what they sow was amazing. There was Jack.

"Jack. How did you get here?" Tooth asked.

"I don't know." Jack said. "One minute I'm surrounded by a shadow the next I'm here."

"Well let's just get back to the Pole." North said

"Ahh!" I yelled.

"What's wrong?" Jack asked.

"Somethings going on with the children's imagation." I told them

"Like what?" Bunny asked.

That's when I transported us to another dimension. This dimension was filled with doors.

"What is this place?" Tooth asked.

"This is the imagation dimension." I told them.

"Um, It's just a huge wall." Bunny said

"What is going on?" I asked myself.

"What do you mean?" North asked

"All the doors are closed. They should be opened. That's why I can't find anyone imagation. I don't understand how someone could close all of these doors." I told them. "You guy's should go back to the Pole."

"What about you?" Jack asked

Sandy showed a question mark above his head made out of sand.

"I have to stay here and open all of these doors." I told them

"What why?" Bunny asked

"As I said this is the imagation dimension. This is where all the imagation comes from and with the doors closed like this there will be no imagation ever again." I told them.

"Ok, but don't be long." Tooth told me

"Wow, nice one Tooth. It may take a while." I told her

Finally I finished and went back to the Pole.

"So now you're done. Took you a while." North said

"Well ya, that was the entire imagation of the entire world. It's also hard to navigate that place it's like a maze." I told her.

Well that's the third chapter hoped you liked it tried my best sorry about breaking the tension of Jack's disappearance so early but couldn't think of where to go on that. So let's see what happens next chapter