Chapter Twenty-Two: The One with the Chess Game

Anna's POV

As Ray and I walked around the streets of Salem, Ray asked, "So when do you want to get married? Is there anywhere you want to go in particular?"

"Ray, I'd marry you while we're here if we could." I told him.

"Okay." He agreed, beaming.


"Yeah, we can go see the clerk tomorrow when they open and get our marriage license." He replied, "And then as soon as we can pick it up, we'll elope."

I kissed him soundly, "I love you."

"I love you too."

The next day we got the marriage license and eloped later that week at the House of the Seven Gables. Neither of us were dressed up, not that we really cared. He was in a nice shirt, jeans, and a jacket. I was in a burgundy sweater dress and boots. Both of us trying not to freeze, we hastily hurried the officiant up through his speech as we stood outside in the snow. It was simple, sweet, and romantic. For our honeymoon, we spent the next few days exploring New England. We had no plan, rather we enjoyed each other and the fun our impulsivity gave us. We didn't get home until a week later than what we had originally planned and even then we stayed home til the following Monday when the rest of our lives caught up with us. Since I wasn't needed in the shop until the evening, I went to the firehouse with Ray to see if there was anything I could help with.

"Where have you been?" Sarah asked, surprised to see us. "I thought you were coming back after Dad left."

Before I could say anything, Janine gasped looking down at my left hand, "You two got engaged?"

"We got married." Ray corrected her with a grin. Everyone looked at us astounded.

"What'd you do, knock her up, Ray?" Peter quipped.

"Not that we know of." I told him, "We just didn't see a point in waiting so we got married in Salem."

Not long after we were flooded with questions. We got asked about the elopement by Harper and the honeymoon by Winston. Janine asked about the ring. When Peter got tired of hearing all about all of it, he pulled our attention back to why we were all there. Janine sighed and handed us our assignments.

"I'll see you later." Ray kissed me softly before following after the rest of the guys. Sarah and I went to inspect a couple of houses not too long after. We did a walk through of a couple of the houses and then got lunch from Katz deli. We picked up a sandwich package for everyone else and took it back to the firehouse.

Sarah's POV

As Egon and I were packing up for the evening, Alice bounded down the staircase. She wasn't ready to leave: shoes off, jacket nowhere to be found, backpack was in another room entirely. I raised an eyebrow at her, "Where's your stuff? Why aren't you ready to go?'

"Can I stay and hang out with Zeke?" She asked, "There's a new episode of Punky Brewster and Transformers tonight."

"We can take her home on our way back." Harper volunteered. I looked at Egon to see if he was okay with it, he merely shrugged. He was fine either way. We were just happy she made a friend even if it wasn't at school. Also with her staying for a little longer, it gave Egon and I a chance to do something on our own.

"Okay." I agreed, "Harper, just call us when you're heading our way."

She nodded before picking up a call. Alice ran up stairs to let Zeke know that she could stay without another word to us. After making sure we had everything we needed, we walked out to the car.

"You know with Alice staying here a little longer, we could go do something." I suggested, "Maybe go get dinner?"

"Feel like going to John's on Bleecker?" He asked, "We could pick up a Gambino, some garlic bread, and a spinach ravioli."

"Do we have any wine left from the holidays?"

"We have a bottle of pinotage."

"Oh nice."

After picking up the food, we went back home and poured ourselves a glass of wine. Over a game of chess, we ate and discussed getting married. Anna and Ray's sudden elopement had brought up the subject again. Their idea wasn't a bad one, we just wished we had thought of it first.

"Check." I said, after moving my bishop. "So when do you want to do that?"

"Whenever you'd like." He responded, moving his king, "I can see what vacation time I have when I go into the lab tomorrow if you want."

"Or we could just get our marriage license this weekend and get married next." I suggested as I moved my knight, "Check."

Moving his king again, he said, "Okay."

"I feel like you're letting me win." I commented.

"You let me win at cards when you're the better player."

I laughed, "I do." I smiled, "I guess that makes it fair if you do the same thing with chess." I then asked out of curiosity, "So if you were to play seriously, how many moves would it take you to win?"

He smirked pridefully, "Two."

"Show me." I said intrigued and a bit turned on by his intelligence.

He bit back a small smile moving his rook, taking my bishop, "Check." I moved my queen to take his rook. "You see, I knew you were going to do that. You're not the only one who can read people. I can read you, just not in the same way." He moved his knight. "Check mate."

"You're brilliant." I smiled. As I leaned in to kiss him, the doorbell rang. "That would be Harper with Alice."

"I'll get the door." He kissed my forehead, standing up. He returned a few minutes later with a soundly sleeping Alice in his arms, "What do you say, after I put her to bed, we play another game? Your choice." I nodded in agreement and he took her to bed. After cleaning up the game, I poured both of us another glass of wine and pulled out Clue. Egon walked back into the dining room. He raised an eyebrow at the choice, "Don't you think you have a slight advantage?"

"Oh, I have a complete advantage." I smirked teasingly, "But so did you when we played Battleship."