An Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/CSI crossover. This story is a sequel to "Should Have Gone To Vegas...", which involved Angel, Riley Finn, and other characters from BtVS. It is set a few weeks later, towards the end of Angel Season 3, Buffy Season 6, and contains mild spoilers for Buffy seasons 3 through 6.

All characters are the intellectual property of their respective creators, film companies, etc.; this story may not be sold or distributed on a profit-making basis.

Final part. Thanks to everyone who has commented, I hope you'll like how it ends.

By Marcus L. Rowland


There was a police car blocking the gate; Oz leaped onto the roof, crouching, seemed to sniff the air, then bounded off along the road, faster than a running man, stopping at intervals to sniff the road.

Grissom shouted "Get some cars ahead of him, but give him plenty of space, so long as he isn't hurting anyone let him run. Use the loudspeakers to say that there's a rabid cougar on the loose, that'll get people off the street. Warrick, Sara, with me, Nick, Catherine, stay here."

The cars set off in pursuit, with the helicopter overhead ready to follow if Oz left the road.

"Where's he heading?" asked Sara a few minutes later.

"Looks like out of the city," said Warrick.

"Certainly not much more left," said Sara. "All that's ahead of us now are some of the outer suburbs then the freeway."

"Heading for the coast?"

"Yes. Could be Los Angeles, San Francisco, anywhere," said Grissom

"With a few hours start they could already be there," said Sara gloomily

"Think positively, they might still be in Las Vegas," said Grissom.

"And this is good?" asked Warrick

"Not really..."

"It's been over half an hour now," said Grissom. "Nothing ahead but service stations and motels. He's not planning to stop, is he?"

"I don't think so," said Nick. "Although he does seem to be slowing. I think he's losing the scent."

"Not surprised, there must be five hundred vehicles an hour on this road. I hate to think what the traffic is like behind us."

"If this gets on the TV news it'll look like the OJ car chase," said Warrick, "with a werewolf on the road instead of a car."

"So far the press don't seem to have noticed, must be a big story breaking somewhere else."

"Five million dollar jackpot at the Sands," said the driver, listening on the radio.

"That'd do it. Not for long though."

Oz stopped, crouched panting, then ran towards the side of the road and off across country.

"Air 320, any idea where he's headed?"

"Looks like the truck stop about eight miles back."

"Damn. Have you got a dart rifle aboard?"

"Affirmative, CSI."

"Wait until he's closer, make sure he's going there, but drop him at least half a mile out. I don't want any accidents."

"Affirmative... Okay, he's definitely headed there... firing... he's down."

"Right, now let's get some cars to that truck stop."

* * * * *

"Where am I?" said Oz, then looked around to see a familiar cell.

"Feeling human yet?" said Catherine over the intercom.

"Pretty much. What the hell happened?" Oz dressed from his bag, which someone had fetched from his room.

"You went wolf on us, started chasing Cain. We had to dart you, you were heading for a truck stop, could have bitten someone."

"Damn. Did I catch him?"

"Led us right to him. Are you dressed?"

"Give me five minutes to put my spare talismans on then let me out of here, I need some food."

"On my way."

* * * * *

Oz was eating a triple submarine sandwich with fries when Grissom came into the canteen.

"How are you feeling?"

"Hungry, a little tired."

"I'm not surprised. How much has Catherine told you?"

"Not much."

"Well, the good news is that you led us to the truck stop where Cain and his associate were eating lunch. We arrested them, and impounded a truck carrying all of the equipment we expected; the bugging transmitters, the cage, skinning knives, rifles and other weapons, and so forth. We also found the other two bodies, buried where you said."

"Who was his friend anyway?"

"A man named Harvey White. He has no criminal record, he was apparently a hunter like Cain, just not as well known."

"And the bad news?"

"They have excellent lawyers, an LA firm called Wolfram and Hart. At the moment it looks like they'll get bail."

"I'm not surprised, Angel told me some stories about them. Wouldn't surprise me if they were Cain's customer for the pelts."

"Why do you say that?"

"The buildings were owned by Stag Properties. A Hart is a type of stag. Could just be a coincidence, of course."

"Worth checking. Anyway, their lawyer is claiming that the two corpses aren't human, and that the evidence trail linking Cain and his accomplice to the original body is tainted."

"Because of me."

"Not exactly; I don't think they know exactly how we restored the corpse, but they know that it happened. They somehow obtained photographs of it before and after. Their argument appears to be that the body currently in the morgue isn't the body that was found in the camper, and that the body in the camper was an ape."

"So what will you do?"

"Eventually, prove that they're wrong. We have genetic fingerprinting, before and afterwards, and if necessary we'll have to show the tape of the transformation. But we'll need to document every minute, to show that it isn't trick photography. We may even need to demonstrate it in court."

"Demonstrate me, you mean."

"That's right, I'm afraid. We'd have to prove that werewolves exist, and that you in particular can affect other werewolves, affect their corpses, and make them change too."

"And I'd be a freak-show forever, or until someone came gunning for me with silver bullets."

"Yes. I'd imagine that we could arrange something with the witness protection programme..."

"That's just another cage. The hell with it."

"You could choose not to co-operate."

"No... no, I'll co-operate all right. I wouldn't miss this for the world." Something strange appeared in Oz's eyes, an odd black feral glint.

"I don't understand."

"You will. I need to go out for a while, get some air. Talk to you a little later."

* * * * *

An hour later Nick found Oz outside, chatting to an attractive blonde. Oz waved, and said "You still got silver bullets loaded?"

"Um... yes. You know, nothing personal..."

"Don't worry. While Cain is around it's a wise precaution."

"They're about to release him, you know."

"I know."

The door opened, and Cain and White walked out with their attorney. Half a dozen reporters snapped pictures and tried to ask questions, which were ignored, as they climbed into a car and began to work their way out of the car park.

"There they go," said Oz. "They've murdered at least a dozen women, and they'll probably go unpunished. A dozen women calling for vengeance. Anyanka, I wish that everyone could see Cain for what he really is."

Nick saw something out of the corner of his eye, and turned towards the woman. Suddenly her face was a monstrous mask, streaked with blood vessels, and in an inhuman voice she said "Wish granted."

The car swerved, lurching from side to side, and something grey and furry could be seen inside. Soon the windows were spattered with blood.

"Nice to see you, Oz," said the woman, her face changing back to normal, "don't be a stranger." She blew him a kiss, and somehow vanished.

"I think you'd better get over there," said Oz. "Innocent people might get hurt."

* * * * *

"Three dead," said Grissom flatly.

"The last three," said Oz.

"You planned that. You and your friend the demon."

"Demons are as mythical as werewolves."

"How are we supposed to explain this?"

"Some sort of wild animal in the car. Cain was a hunter, he probably put it there."

"And Cain?"

"Ran, used it to cover his tracks."

"So you killed an innocent man."

"Cain killed another murderer and a lawyer working for Wolfram and Hart. If he was genuinely innocent I think that he would have survived. He didn't."

"Lucky that Nick had silver bullets."

"I had a spare clip if he'd forgotten them."

"Oz, what you did was inexcusable."

"I know. Grissom, I thought that you were beginning to understand. The wolf is in me. I can keep it under control, most of the time, but it colours the way I think, the way I behave. The wolf wanted them dead. And to be honest, I couldn't see one good reason not to oblige."

"And what am I supposed to do now?"

"Let me try to restore those women to their original form, then give me a lift to the airfport. Unless you're planning to arrest me I'm heading back to Tibet."

"Very well, you're free to go. And Oz..."


"You got away with it this time. Don't push your luck."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

* * * * *

"You've got everything?" asked Grissom a few hours later.

"Yeah. Guitar, clothes, a couple of souvenirs for the priests. All checked in."

"How long do you plan on staying in Tibet?" asked Catherine.

"I don't plan on coming back. Bad memories in the USA, if I ever leave I'll probably go somewhere else."

"What about that... demon girl?" asked Nick.

"Too many issues. Besides, sooner or later she'd probably turn me into a frog. I think this is my flight."

"Air India, not Air Force. At least they'll have some movies," said Catherine.

"Best of Bollywood. If you're ever in Tibet get Riley to give you my address. It'd be nice to see you."


Oz raised his hand in a half-salute then turned and walked towards the gate, whistling something. "I see the bad moon rising, I see the trouble on the way..."

Soon he was gone.

* * * * *


Catherine looked at her notes on the case and wondered what would eventually happen to Oz, and to the strange people he knew. She took a pad from her desk drawer and began to add to the notes she'd started during Angel's visit to Las Vegas:

Vampire, detective
Los Angeles - where before then? Europe prior to 20th century
- where since? in last decade?
Brief prior contact with Ethan Rayne
Mentioned witch called Willow
Link to R. Finn; same former girlfriend.
Link to Oz - knew his name - contact via R. Finn?
Link to "Harry" - female, demonologist. Harriet?
Works with woman called "Cordy" - prob. Cordelia.
- Was victim of werewolf attack four years ago.

Riley Finn
Covert government operative - military background?
Iowa accent
Link to Angel; same ex-girlfriend
Involved with experiments on supernatural creatures in California
Responsible for arrest of Ethan Rayne
Link to Oz - knows him, rescued him, recruited him for CSI
- rescued Oz from dissection - govt. project?
Possible link to California (LA? elsewhere?) where he met Angel

Ethan Rayne
Likes chaos
Prior contact with Angel.

Daniel Osbourne (Oz)
Werewolf. Former rock musician.
California accent
Wore UC Sunnydale sweat shirt - check university records?
Played for Dingos Ate My Baby - check for web sites etc.
Knows Finn, Angel, "Cordy"
Was hunted by Cain - where?
Has friends who are unofficial "monster hunters".
Former girlfriend - now lesbian
Knew female werewolf - "Ver.."; Vera? Veronica? - now deceased.
A friend influenced R. Finn to save Oz's life
- Friend's name begins "Buff"; poss. "Buffy", usually nickname for Elizabeth.
- Friend is not Oz's ex-girlfriend but knows her.
Knows a "vengeance demon", female, has phone no. Anyanka?

Oz's friend (female) and former girlfriend are monster hunters
Source of documents is British
- organisation that supports monster hunters, including Cain.

"Cordy" was attacked by a werewolf - Oz?
Oz's friend (Buffy?) is female, knows R. Finn. Angel's ex?
Experiments imply laboratories. UC Sunnydale facilities, or associated with them?
wil0 - some connection to "Willow"?
- Planted by someone who likes werewolves?
- Oz's former girlfriend? = Willow the witch??
To Do
Web search on Angel, Finn, Dingos, Oz, UC Sunnydale, monsters in California

A lot of it was reaching, of course, but if she assumed that Angel, Finn, and Oz had a lot of common history it seemed to make a little sense. She wasn't sure what she intended to do if she managed to put the pieces together, but she'd always liked a puzzle and this one was beginning to intrigue her.