The Forbidden Forest

The forest was dark and forbidding, the silence seemingly impenetrable. A slight rustle in the trees the silent scurrying of eight hairy legs. A long low call echoes through the forest, "That's new," grumbled Hagrid to himself. Hagrid considered himself well versed in the sounds of the forest and had come immediately upon hearing something new. He walked through the forest crossbow in one hand lantern in the other.

He walked until he came across a small stream where he stepped into what seemed to be a large footprint, he bent down to examine it closer. "Blimey! If I didn't know better I'd there was a dragon about, but that can't be right." Right then he heard the rustle of the tree branches above. Looking up just in time to see a creature leaping from the tree seemingly towards him, he reached up and slapped it from the air. It hit the ground with a bone jarring thud and a screech of pain. Hagrid bent down to examine the creature, it had leathery wings and a toothy beak, its tail was long and ended in a diamond. It was unlike anything Hagrid had ever seen before. He noticed one of the wings was bent at an awkward angle and realised it was hurt. Hagrid shouldered his gigantic crossbow and lowered his hand to lift the creature. It snapped at his fingers in a feeble attempt at self defence but merely whimpered and laid its head back. Hagrid whispered gently, "S'alright little fella, I ain't gonna hurt ya." He gently lifted the creature into the air, the long low cry sounded again across the grounds followed by a light hooting unlike any of the sounds he had come to know and love. "I'd best get you back to my hut before ye get hurt anymore," and with that Hagrid turned and began to head in the direction of his hut.


The Alarm blared throughout the ARC. Connor ran towards the detector followed closely by Cutter and Abby. They arrived as the detector was attempting to pinpoint the location of the anomaly, so far it had narrowed it down to somewhere near a small village in the highlands of scotland. They waited for further details, ten seconds passed then 20 after thirty seconds Cutter turned to Connor, "What's goin on Connor?" Connor jumped into the chair and began to type furiously at the detector, "I don't know Cutter it just can't pinpoint the location of the anomaly."

Lester strolled up to the detector and the small group standing around it, "What's going on I thought you people were supposed to be on the road already?" Cutter turned and stared at Lester, "We're having a bit of trouble figuring out where to go." Lester peered around and looked at the screen, "Ah well I believe I have the solution. Why don't you all head to that small village I believe its called Hogsmeade and I'll arrange for everything from there. The Prime Minister warned me something like this might happen in a couple places."

The rest of the team looked bewildered and Cutter went to argue , but lester interjected, "No don't argue that is a direct order I will contact you shortly."

The team loaded into the truck and headed off. "What's goin on Cutter?" Connor whined.

"I don't know, but I have a feeling we are going to find out," Cutter replied. Abby piped in, "Its just it seemed like Lester didn't even really know what's going on." "Best not to ask questions we are going to find the answers too," said Becker.

An hour into their drive they received a call from Lester, "I've got with me here the Prime Minister and he has made the necessary arrangements for you to visit Hogwarts, don't ask me what that is I am just told that that is where the anomaly appears to be located. You will meet with a man named Albus Dumbledore at a Hog's Head Inn. He will explain the rest to you, also Becker and Cutter, you are to keep a tight leash on the other two while you are there, there can be no mistakes.


The truck rolled to a stop a mile or so outside of the village, they would have to walk from here. "Alright everybody out," ordered Becker. He stepped from the car and walked around to the bed removing his shotgun and an anomaly detector.

Abby stepped next to him reaching in and grabbing a tranq pistol while cutter grabbed a tranq rifle. "Why don't I get a gun?" whined Connor.

"I don't think you'll be needing one Connor, anyways this should be mystery enough for you." Intoned Cutter and began to walk up the dirt path that led to Hogsmeade. The path was not a well traveled one weeds were popping up on the trail. The forest encroached from all sides and crowded the path threatening to invade. They all felt an irresistible need to turn around and return to their truck. They all turned and began to turn and head back when suddenly a loud crack sounded, and there before them stood an absurdly dressed man with half-moon spectacles and long flowing gray hair and beard. He waved what seemed to be a stick through the air and as though a fog was being lifted from their mind they realized what they had been about to do. Beckers gun was up before they could all blink, "Who are you?" he demanded.

The man chuckled softly, "You have no reason to fear, I am Albus Dumbledore Headmaster of Hogwarts. We have much to discuss before you enter Hogwarts please follow me." Dumbledore turned and headed back in the direction of the village.

Cutter hurried to walk beside the man, "So Mr. Dumbledore…"


"Professor Dumbledore, can you tell us is goin on? What did you do back there I mean its like you just appeared?"

"Apparated, which means that I did just appear in a way."

"Alright so you did just appear, then what did you do with that stick of yours?"

Dumbledore looked confused for a moment and then understanding seemed to dawn, "Ah you mean my wand, well to put it simply i lifted a charm that compels muggles such as you and your companions to simply go away."

Cutter was discouraged by this, "So you are saying that you waved your wand did some magic and we were able to keep going? Hang on Muggles?"

"Yes non-magical people are known as Muggles in the wizarding world.?

"Wizards? You mean the stuff behind fairy-tales, I hate to break it to you but that's all make believe."

Dumbledore smiled kindly and nodded towards a building just ahead, "I know it is hard to believe but magic is real, it may not explain what I am told you call anomalies but that is a whole nother matter, please come inside and I will explain everything."