The Grounds

They stood before the massive gates as they slowly opened seemingly of their own accord. Connor was abuzz with excitement a light shining deep in his eyes, this was it he was finally going to know one of the best kept secrets in the world. The conspiracy nut in him was aching to get going but a sharp glance from Cutter forced him to hold back and keep his mouth shut.

"So this is Hogwarts?" asked Cutter, "Looks a bit medieval, are you sure none our devices will work within the schools grounds?"

"Yes to all three I should think." replied Dumbledore. "The castle was built during the middle ages by its founders, and there is so much magic in the air and ground and its inhabitants that muggle magic like your detectors and even Mr. Beckers gun, as well as your tranquilizers. I will of course ensure that a staff member is with you at all times to aid in case of an emergency." He turned and looked at the lot of them and said momentarily serious, "I hope I do not need to impress upon you how important it is that you not reveal that you are muggles to anyone. I have arranged for you to be accompanied around the school by Professor Moody and around the grounds by Rubeus Hagrid. We will of course be meeting him shortly as he has informed me of some strange calls emanating from the forbidden forest that I feel you may wish to investigate." Dumbledore turned on his feet and began to head towards the edge of the forest and a simple cottage that sat against it.

As they walked Abby looked over at Cutter and shred a glance with him, she nodded at Connor quietly saying, "You need to say something." Cutter turned to Becker and said, "You and Abby keep going I need to have a little chat with Connor." and with that he grabbed connor by the arm and held him back, once they were out of earshot he began, "Now Connor I hope you realize how big this is."

"Oh do I! I mean it's crazy innit Magic is real I mean it must be the biggest coverup of all time!" He practically squealed with excitement.

"Exactly, so remember to keep your mouth shut and try to get a hold of yourself you can geek out later. For now we don't have time for you to mess about there are possibly lives at stake here." He turned and began to follow the others again.

From inside the castle a pair of green eyes watched. They wondered what was going on and who those strange people that were walking dumbledore were. They continued to watch as they passed the Beauxbatons carriage and walked right up to Hagrid's door. They watched all the way until Hagrid opened the door and let them in.

Hagrids Hut

They sat around the fire that burned in the center. A kettle sat on the fire boiling water, "Tea should be ready any moment now." said Hagrid smiling warmly at the strangers. They returned the smile all except becker who more of nodded than smiled he was still sizing Hagrid up and deciding the best way to take him down in an emergency.

Dumbledore spoke first, "Hagrid if you wouldn't mind telling these people what you told me it would be greatly appreciated."

"Righto professor." The kettle began to scream and Hagrid took a moment to pour the hot water and set the tea bags before beginning, "I heard a strange noise out in the forest the other night, unlike anything I'd seen there before. Now I know the sounds of the creatures that live in this forest and it sounded nothing like any of them."

"What did it sound like?" interjected Cutter.

"It was a low and long moaning sound, gave me chills all the way down to my toes. Anyways I went to investigate and heard something moving around in the branches above me and turned just in time to swipe somethin out of the air. I hurt the poor thing so I brought it back here to heal, I don't think it meant to attack me in the first place it was probably just scared anyways, just before I brought it back I heard that long low moan followed by a hooting of some kind. I didn't recognize that sound either so I came right back here and haven't gone out since." Hagrid finished and gave a nervous glance at Dumbledore as if apprehensive about something, "I s'pose you'll be wanting to take a look at the creature I brought back with me won't ya?"

Cutter spoke first, "Yes we'll have to take a look at it, it may give us a better idea of what we're dealing with." He glanced at Abby, "if it is hurt Abby here is a capable zookeeper and may be able to help."

Hagrid softened at this and stood up, "Alright, I'll fetch him. Mind he won't like it much, poor Herbie, can't seem to get a break." Hagrid stepped out of the room and retrned holding a small creature in his arms. It had a sling on its wing, was a dark brown to black color with red highlights on the long tail and leathery wings. It had a beak like mouth filled with conical teeth that seemed to burst from the mouth in all directions. "He's a bit small for a dragon but he'll get there, won't ya Herbie."

Abby jumped up, "He's beautiful!" and immediately began fussing over its broken wing making sure it was properly cared for.

Cutter smiled and looked over at Connor, "Well what do you think pterosaur or dragon?"

Connor gawked at Cutter in utter disbelief, just yesterday he wouldn't have believed dragons existed, now he had to tell a man that was clearly half-giant that the thing he was holding was not a dragon. "Definitely a pterosaur, if I had to hazard a guess I'd say it was a rhamphorynchus based on the tail."

Hagrid seemed a bit confused by this, "What do mean by ramforwhatsit!"

Cutter stepped in before Connor could say something, "It's ok Hagrid we are simply trying to identify what Herbie is, we don't believe he is a dragon."

"Then what is he?" asked Hagrid Gruffly.

"We believe he is a prehistoric creature, more specifically a pterosaur from the late Jurassic, that arrived here through a portal in time and space." He paused to let that soak in before continuing, "Now based on Herbie here we can safely say that something from the Jurassic is wandering through your woods, and we will have to take a look tonight."

Abby cut in, "You've done a great job of caring for him, I expect he'll be right as rain in no time."