Stephenie owns this characters still. This hasn't been beta'd or anything. I just wanted to see if I can still make words?

"Oh, shit," she groaned and tried to roll on her side. That last few minutes were a blur but the pain in her head was real. What felt like a strong hand came down on her shoulder and held her steady, not letting her turn. A second later the owner of the hand spoke.

"Wait a second. I think you hit your head. Maybe you shouldn't move? I'm not sure how heads work…" the voice trailed off and, if her head wasn't pounding, Leah would have rolled her eyes.

"How heads work? Are you serious?" She practically yelled as she sat up, blinking and seeing stars. Leah put her head in her hands as the past few moments came back to her. She was running and decided to take a short cut, then a door opened and the next thing she knew she was on the ground.

"Sorry," the person mumbled and Leah looked up, barely meeting his eyes. He looked worried and Leah felt a twinge of guilt for almost yelling at him.

"It's fine," she said as she tried to push herself up. Leah felt his hand again, only this time it was trying to lift her to her feet. While she appreciated the gesture she was pretty sure he was the reason she'd been on the ground in the first place.

Once she was standing she pushed his hand away and brushed the dirt off of her before finally turning and meeting him head on. She had expected to see a young kid who had swung the door too wide while taking the trash out but instead found a man in his late twenties, at least. He was tall and lean, wearing dark jeans and a black t-shirt. His hair was a mess of copper: sticking up everywhere and falling over his forehead in casual disarray. His eyes were bright green and still worried.

"Are you okay?" He asked again.

It took Leah a moment to answer, but she eventually found her voice.

"What the hell? Don't you look before swinging doors open like that?" She cried with her hands on her hips.

She expected the guy to be more apologetic but instead he crossed his arms over his chest and narrowed his eyes. Leah couldn't tell if he was trying to be tough or defensive. Either way, the look was working for him.

"No, I don't generally check before opening the door to an alley that's usually empty before the crack of dawn. What are you doing out here anyway?"

That time she did roll her eyes and, with an exaggerated sigh, swept her hand in front of her and gestured to her running gear.

As his eyes traveled down her body and back Leah felt her face grow hot. She could have sworn she saw the corner of his mouth tug up when his gaze reached her eyes again. If she hadn't been so angry with this stranger she definitely would have found him attractive.

Okay, she still found him attractive.

"Well, maybe you should be more careful running around alleys that you don't know."

Leah made a sound that was between a groan and a growl. "I know this alley plenty." She gestured to the door that said Carl's Place. "Carl and I go way back. And he's never hit me with a door."

Her oppo ser dropped his arms from his chest and ran a hand through his messy hair. "Oh. Okay. Um…sorry about this. Totally my fault."

With that, he gave her a weak smile and disappeared into the door, closing it gently behind her. Leah shook her head and turned away from the door as her watched beeped an alarm at her. She'd spent too much time arguing with a stranger and now was running late in the literal sense. Her head ached a little, but she tried not to give it much thought.

The handsome stranger on the other hand…he was a tough thought to shake.