A/N: This popped into my head and I wrote in like two hours. Nothing special yet something extremely special. Enjoy!

He didn't want to do this, but she had a way of talking him into doing things out of his character.

Barba was a career-oriented man. He didn't take kindly to people sticking their noses in his work, preaching at him and telling him how to run a case or treat a victim. He had top notch education and attended enough lectures on victim's tendencies and behaviors that he practically felt their pain, so someone interfering when he was trying to work never once flew with him.

Liv did all of those things and more and the more he got to know her, the more he let it slide. When he developed those unwanted feelings for her, he let it slide to the point where all she had to do was ask for something and he would give it to her. And now that they had been dating for a year and half? She practically told him what to do and he did but hated it.

Because he usually did, but that's only because she was usually right. She understood the law just as much and having her input, he would admit, was nice. The times they disagreed lead to some hushed harsh words in their bedroom before they both came to their senses. It was the way of their jobs. Not everything they wanted to happen would and that was that.

But even if she more or less bossed him around when she was really passionate about a case, rarely if ever could she talk him into taking risks. Sure, she talked him into casual Friday's at the office, when he didn't have court and wasn't meeting with higher-ups or witnesses. She also talked him into trying flavored coffee instead of his usual dark roast and damnit he loved it too much to admit now.

Those were minor things, though. If it was a risk involving one of their cases that could jeopardize his or her job? He would gladly take the couch if it meant keeping both of them safe. Some boats just couldn't be rocked and that was one of them.

But there were times when she suggested something risky that he just couldn't stop himself from agreeing to. Times when she would lick her lips and run his hands down his chest, give him the biggest puppy dog eyes that were nothing more than lust-filled depths. She knew just what buttons to push and how to stroke his ego enough that had him giving in.

Like last night, when she promised him a dirty shower if he washed the dishes after Noah was put to sleep for the night. Or last week when she came out of their bedroom wearing a lacy set bra/panty set and his favorite paisley tie wrapped loosely around her neck.

Those moments were fine though, because they were in the comfort of their own apartment. There it was private, where their affairs would stay in those four walls.

Nothing about this, currently, was private. Nothing at all. Literally, he was staring out at into the squad room through the open blinds of the viewing window in Liv's office. He'd gotten a few odd looks from Carisi, Fin and Rollins and a few of the other uniforms working in the unit, but most probably assumed he was waiting for Liv and sitting behind her desk because he was her boyfriend and he could.

None of them knew she was on her knees, under her desk, with him half way down her throat.

Barba suppressed a shudder and did his best to look casual while her mouth and hands worked him to an almost back arching pleasure. Except he wouldn't be able to do that. No, there would be no pleasured grunts or eyes rolling into the back of his head because he had a precinct full of cops that could see him and a horny Lieutenant between his legs.

"Liv," he said, not moving his mouth and the words coming out in a slightly jumbled impression of her name. He looked down, seeing one of her hands traveling up under his dress and under shirt while the other held the base of his length, giving her a better angle. He felt her nails running through the thick hair on his stomach and he just wanted to die, thinking back to the moment he ended up in this position.

"Liv, someone's going to see us," he hissed between kisses, letting his hands travel around her waist for a second before pulling back. His girlfriend pouted but kept her arms wrapped around his neck. She was on him as soon as he walked through the door, practically, her body rubbing up against him in ways that were making him think of the night before, which wasn't at all appropriate for work.

"They can watch if they want," she joked, smiling as he rolled his eyes and let her go completely, making sure the coast was clear.

"C'mon, Rollins and Carisi are out at lunch and Fin is over at the ME's office getting the run-down…it's not like any of the other officers out there are paying attention," she reassured him, checking him out as he was bent over his brief case and pulling files out one-by-one. Barba could feel her eyes on him and bit back a smirk. It was always nice to be wanted by the woman you loved, but it made it ten times harder when they were at work and couldn't do what he actually wanted to with her.

"Still, no one but 1PP and my boss knows…and we agreed to keep it that way for our sanity. You know as soon as the squad knows they're going to be up our asses," he said, humor tinting his words. Liv just shrugged and moved closer to him as he began going over his paperwork.

Barba was only half way down the page when he felt her hand travel from his shoulder, all the way down his back and landing on his ass, giving it a light squeeze and making him jump.

"Olivia," he said warning, angling his eyes just enough to see her. God, he hated it when she wore heels sometimes. Liv just smiled despite the tone in his voice and her drifted from his ass to under his suit jacket.

"I just want to have some fun," she said innocently while her other free hand brushed against the front of his pants. He huffed and snapped the case file shut, giving her his meanest glare but it didn't deter her. Honestly, it shocked the hell out of him she would even think of doing something like this at work. She wasn't normally so in the mood all the time, but she'd been all over him lately and he wasn't entirely sure why.

Normally he wouldn't complain, but they were in her office with the blinds open and people could see.

"Can't it wait till we get home?"

"No," she stated matter-of-factly and pushed him back around her desk and forced him into her office chair. He was confused as he watched her very obviously drop a pencil on the floor and loudly exclaim about picking it up immediately.

He pushed back as she crawled towards him and he only realized where she was going with this when she was completely under her desk and grabbing the legs of her chair, pulling the lower half of his body towards her.

He made a mad dash to scramble away from her, but he didn't want to draw attention to himself, not to mention his body was betraying him at that moment as Liv's hands unbuckled his belt and was working on unzipping his pants.

"Liv, please," he pleaded, on the verge of begging her to stop but not stop now that he was hard and hot in her hands. He could hear her playful chuckle as she began to work him, making him bite his lip and tense up, his eyes threatening to close.

"Just rel-" her voice from underneath the desk stopped as the both of them heard the door to her office open. Her hands stopped and Barba's heart just about did as well as Carisi poked his head in the door.

"Waiting on Lieu?"

Barba was still for a second before nodded and cleared his throat, "She stepped out to grab some lunch. Just waiting on her to get back."

"Oh, alright. I'll leave you to it," the detective nodded and closed the office door again. Barba watched him go back to his desk, Rollins sitting across from him already back at work with Fin hanging over her shoulder. When the fuck did they all get back?

Barba moaned when he felt Liv's tongue caress his head and he gripped the arm rests of the chair. He kept his eyes peeled on the squad room though, as weird as it was to be getting a blow job while the people he worked with on a daily basis were sitting right in front of him. He sat up when he remembered she had a picture of Noah's face on her desk and he slammed it face down without looking.

If this was going to happen, he was going to enjoy it while it lasted.

Barba moaned through clenched teeth as he could feel his orgasm approaching quite fast and quite furiously. This entire scenario was hotter than it really should have been and he would dwell on the fact he could be so easily aroused by simple touches from her later, but now all he wanted some sweet release.

"I'm almost there," he whispered, feeling a bead of sweat rolling down the side of his temple. He could feel his face getting warm and he reached up to loosen his tie and pop open the top button, feeling so restricted. He could feel the familiar tremors beginning in his toes and working its way up his legs.

His legs tensed and barely was able to warn his girlfriend before he went over the edge, unable to hold back the obscene moan that had wanted to erupt from his mouth since she started. He felt her mouth cease movement until he was finished. She slid him out of her mouth, giving his tip one last kiss before helping him back into his pants, zipping him up and everything. Meanwhile, he sat back in her chair, boneless and breathing like he just finished running a marathon.

"Is the coast clear?"


Liv giggled at her boyfriend's confused answer before clarifying what she meant. He merely nodded, waving for her to come up and did so quickly. Thankfully, the squad was so engrossed in their work she was able to pop up and wipe the knees of her pants off.

"You alright over there, Counselor?"

Barba glared at her, standing on somewhat wobbly legs and walked over to her, "We're going to be discussing this when we get home."

"Can't wait," she threw back, not intimidated by his no-nonsense tone. She knew exactly what they were going to do when they got home and it wasn't going to involve talking.

The door to the office swung open again and this time Fin popped his head in with a confused look on his face. Behind him, they could see Carisi and Rollins looking in through the door behind Fin.

"Thought you went out for lunch," the detective said, eyebrow raised and clearly wanting an answer.

Liv could feel a blush staining her cheeks and Barba merely crossed his arms, looking innocent while he waited patiently for her to give an explanation. He was enjoying the hell out of seeing her at a loss for words, especially after what she just put him through.

"Uh…I got back just now…I came in through the interrogation room," she said, trying to make herself seem as believable as possible. Judging by the reaction she got from her nosy squad, she failed.

"My desk faces that direction…I didn't even see you," he pressed on. Barba made a show of leaning against her desk, picking invisible lint off his suit jacket while she called upon her quick thinking skills. But she couldn't come up with an honest answer that Fin would believe. He had known her longer than most, which meant he knew when she was lying and when she was telling the truth.

"Walk away Fin," she said calmly, deciding to end the conversation and effectively shut off questioning. Fin stared for a moment longer before he backed out of the room and closed the door, shaking his head to the other detectives who turned back to their work with questioning looks.

"Quick thinking," Barba mused, standing up to collect the files he had brought to go over, "I have a meeting in thirty minutes, so I have to go. I'll see you tonight…be ready."

Liv, embarrassed from her run-in with Fin couldn't help but smile at her retreating boyfriend, watching him walk with an extra skip in his step out of the precinct.

She couldn't wait to go home.