Episode 1: An unknown threat

Fourteen months after the treaty of Coruscant.

THE OUTER RIM: orbiting Dathomir.

On the bridge of the colossal imperial dreadnought Hellfire, Briza together with her master, the tall pure blood sith Darth Veness, were overseeing the creation of a new space station. It was being build primary for controlling the shipping lane to and from Dathomir, but as of now the habitable area functioned as a trading center while the rest of the station was nearing it's completion.

For the last year, the accursed treaty of Coruscant had jeopardised Veness personal plans. She wanted a palace and a new seat of power on the planet of Alderaan. She liked the chilly and comfortable atmosphere and wanted a piece for herself, but she was forced to flee by the republic and later when the empire backed house Thul, she was left out of it by the dark council, much to her irritation.

This meant very little to Briza, peace or war matters not, she were still sent out on missions on her master's behalf. Instead of killing Jedis, she was sent to deal with renegade siths and troublesome bounty hunters. In a sense, she was still just making sure her lord and master kept her elevation over other Darth's influence and kept new sith lords below.

Darth Veness sat in the command chair looking at reports coming in from the nearly completed space station. "Good. Only a week before the station is complete." She muttered somewhat pleased, after having inspected the reports. "Apprentice, you will see to the finer details."

"Yes Master, as you wish." Briza acknowledged, accepting her assignment. Finer details was their word for making sure no one was slacking off.

"I will be in my chambers." Veness informed, rose up and left the bridge.

But before the dark lady was out of the door, one of the comm officers shouted urgently. "My lords! A fire has broken out on the station!"

"Contain it at once!" Briza firmly commanded, as her master hastily walked over to see what was going on.

"All personnel have been alerted, it should be-." A staff member on the station informed, before the transmission was abruptly cut off.

"Reestablish that connection, now!" Veness ordered her subordinate in a dire tone.

Then came an explosion from the station, loud enough that it visibly shook the entire station. Fire could be seen spilling out into the vacuum of space from the upper parts of the installation.

"What's happening!?" Darth Veness immediately demanded to know.

"WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!" A worker screamed before he was brutally gunned down. As the now dead technician lay motionless on the ground, a quick glimpse of the killer's uniform were visible on the monitor, identifying the enemy as troopers all in white.

"REBELS... APPRENTICE! TAKE BACK MY STATION!" Veness demanded enraged, her eyes glowing with hatred.

Briza didn't reply, as she was already blazing out from the bridge. Springing into a turbolift, she hammered the button to the hanger. Few seconds later she arrived to see their force in full swing. Engineers and soldiers rushed from one side of the hanger to the other to get the troop transporter ready, mobilizing to storm the now rebel infested station. Starfighters had already been deployed to disable what defense the station could use against their eminent assault.

One of the lieutenants ran over to report. "Lord Briza! We are ready to launch the assault in one minute."

"Very well." Briza quickly replied. "Bring me to the command shuttle at once."

"Right this way, my lord." Running, the lieutenant quickly led her to one of the troop transport ships, which was hastily being loaded. They ran onboard and strapped themselves in.

In less than a minute, the first transporter took off from the flightdeck and flew down toward the occupied station's docking bays, the remaining seventeen transport vessels that formed the task force, following close behind.

The station was disk shaped, the top covered in communication spears, radar dishes and protruding, spaced out an equal distance from each other, four triangular tower like structures contained the living quarters of the installation, while the bottom was dominated by a central signal spire hanging from the disk, like some sort of giant stalactite.

The seventeen transporters landed in the large main hangar of the station, and before the imperials even got the ramps lowered, hundreds of white uniformed rebels, who had dug in around the docking bay, opened fire at them from every perceivable angle.

The imperial troops immediately took cover behind the transporters to avoid being quick casualty.

To insure not every soldier would get killed, the transport pilots trained their front mounted laser cannons and opened fire, blowing away anything the rebels could have used for cover, clearing a path for the liberation to begin.

The imperial forces stormed the hanger and as they secured the place, Briza walked down the ramp "TROOPERS! DESTROY THE BAY DOORS!" As she shouted the order, all troopers immediately found detonators and placed them on the durosteel blast doors that blocked their advance.

As soon as the blast door blow open, they were met by another squadron of rebels, firing at them from the interior of the station. About a dozen imperial troopers was shoot down before they had even had a chance to take cover.

Briza ignited her red lightsabers to deflect the incoming blaster fire, all the while shouting. "BRING THE HEAVY DROIDS!" As she deflected the laser bolts, her troops was returning fire in retaliation.

In the heat of the battle, Briza felt a disturbance in the force, like an evil beast of madness had just awakened. She felt it so intently, that she paused her attack in the midst of the fighting. A blaster bolt narrowly missed her head, but thanks to her razor sharp reflexes, she quickly deflecting it away.

"My lord! Are you alright?!" The Sergeant asked in dismay, as he fired a spray of shots providing cover fire for his lord to get to safety.

Briza tried to regain her composure, but that was easier said than done. Her whole body was shaking, something terrifying had just happened and when she spoke, it was not in the confident tone she was known for. "Be on your guard Sergeant! This may very well be a trap."

"Understood my lord." The same Sergeant humbly replied, as the platoon returned fire on the rebel troops.

All of a sudden one of the troop transporters exploded. Briza turned her head in time to see several green laser beams inches from the other transporters. "GET DOWN!" She shouted just as everything from transporters to heavy battle droids were blown to pieces, splinters and melted durasteel flow through the air narrowly missing their heads, as the hanger was turned into a blazing inferno. Briza saw to her dread, that they were being fired upon, by their own mighty battleship. It was bombarding them with it's heavy turbo laser batteries. The two companies that had formed the 288 troop strong boarding party, was reduced to a mere few dozen men, frighted and surrounded.

"EVERYONE! FORWARD!" Briza shouted the order and ran towards the rebels, the remainder of the boarding party following, as the rebel gunners constituted the lesser threat compared to the Hellfire's laser cannons.

They fought their way deeper into the station, only to find the rebels waiting for them in a much larger number than anticipated. Briza was pressed to her utmost deflecting blaster shoots left, right and center. As her troops died around her, she sensed an imitate danger and force jumped backwards, somersault away just quick enough to avoid the mined floor killing her too, as it did her troops a split second later, engulfing them in a huge deafening fireball, equipment and floor pieces flying in all directions.

As the smoke cleared, the sith lord commander was nowhere to be seen. The rebel commander took up his commlink and informed. "All tropes! We have a dangerous sith in hiding. Kill or capture!" All the while his own platoon searched the imperial troops, now lying dead in heaps across the corridor.

Using the force to hide her present, Briza slowly and carefully maneuvered around the rebels perimeter. Haven been here several times before, overseeing the station's construction, she knew the layout all too well. "The main hanger is most likely overrun with rebels by now, so where else would there be something flyable?" She considered her options. She concluded that the lower hangers must be her best chance of finding a ship good enough to escape in.

The next half an hour, was the most difficult stealth missions she had ever tried. Battalions of rebels were looking all over for her. It took skill and a new and inventive way to get around unseen. To her luck, the rebel didn't seem to be too familiar with the station, which aside from the force was her greatest advantage.

After a slow and lengthy trip, with lots of detours, Briza finally reached the lower hangers. To her delight, a QY46 rhino light freighter, had just recently docked. The ship was a yellowy orange color, with a huge container like mitter section as the main cargo area. It had three large engines in the back and the cockpit was mounted on the front-top of the ship, resembling a horn on a huge beast. "Perfect! Just what I need, an old smuggler ship. It should be fast enough to get me out of here in one peach." She thought optimistically to herself.

However, two problems stood in her way; one was a traffic control station that overlooked the hanger, the second was that the ship seemed to be heavily guarded.

She went to the traffic control stations. There was one operator at the console, besides the two soldiers guarding him. Silent as a nexu, she snuck up behind the guards and in a flick of motion, their heads detached from their bodies by a single lightsaber cut. The hisse from the lightsabers made the operator turn to see a red light flying right at him. A second later he dropped dead to the ground.

Briza turned off her lightsaber and began to look at the console controlling the gates. After a minute of fiddling with the control console, everything holding the ship in place, like the ray-shield was turned off. As she looked at the monitor overlooking the hanger to determine the best way of sneaking past the guards, she noticed the freighter pilot talking to the guards that she had previously seen guarding the area. The guards looked very familiar, almost like. "Imperial mercenaries? What are they doing here?" Briza wondered, a bit puzzled. "They wouldn't help a band of rebels without some serious reason... or a hefty fee." She would have taken one with her for questioning, if there hadn't been so many.

down in the hanger, the frighted pilot was still trying to convince the bounty hunters to let him leave again. "Take all my cargo, just please let me leave."

A pink twi'lek of averaged height looked at him with narrowed eyes before replying in a hostile tone. "Shut your mouth, or 'Teeth' here, is going give you a beating! You can leave when I say so, GOT IT!" Pointing emphatically at his own face.

Before the smuggler pilot had a chance to reply, the ship's engines roared to life. "Someone is stealing my SHIP!" The Ship's owner exclaimed in shock.

"BLAST! THAT! SHIP!" Teeth shouted in a threatening tone. He only barely notice a red Zabrak seated in the cockpit of the ship, stretching out her hand toward him. The next second one of his stun grenade had been activated on his belt. "Oh Shit!" ...Was the only thing he had time to utter, before the stun grenade detonated and everyone around him collapsed on the floor with him at the bottom- When the stun effect wore off, the red zabrak and the stolen smuggler ship was long gone.

Briza quickly figured out how to fly the type QY 46 fairly well. She was lucky that she had tried her friend Jent's light freighter out back on Korriban, as this craft had some similar aspects to it.

She did expected trouble from enemy fighters as soon as she left the station, but it was imperial fighters launched from the Hellfire's decks that attacked, not rebels.

She made a number of twists and turns to get the pursuing fighters of her back. The freighter was rapidly hit by laser shoots and as the rare deflector shield was just about to give up, she quickly hammered in the the coordinates to Dromund kaas on the navy computer and yanked the hyperdrive lever. The view was lit up with stars, as she blazed through hyperspace. She collapsed in the pilot seat out of pure exhaustion. Finally she could relax. What began as just a normal day of oversight, had turned into a fight for survival.

Now that Briza had time to cool down, she began to wonder. "What had just happened? Why did our flag ship fire on me and my troops?" She remembered the sudden pain she had felt from the force, just before they were betrayed by their flagship. "Someone very powerful has killed Darth Veness and taken control of the Hellfire."

Briza didn't really find any sorrow in the death of her master, or any of the troopers that had just died. She hadn't really known any of them, but one thing that did dawn on her was the question of who had done all this. "Who could be this bold and powerful? To infiltrate both our station and our dreadnought at the same time, without being detected by either my master nor myself. I must inform the dark council of these events as quickly as possible!" She thought to herself as she let fatigue overcome her and dragged her to a world of dreams.


In the Training chambers, two jedi duelist were honing their skills by sparring one and other.

Mathorn parried a quick downward swing while asking a seemingly causal question "Do you know how long to the festival begins?"

While coming in with a renewed attack, this time from below, Jonathan took a quick glance at the chrono on his wrist. "There is three hours before it begins. We got plenty of time."

"I'm just so excited! I really want to be there before it begins." Mathorn exclaimed eagerly, as he guarded the incoming attack and followed it up with a swift counterattack, yapping at the human's head.

In the past the jedi and the Twi'lek tribe, had been at odds with each other, because of illegal settling, but over the recent months tensions between the two parties had settled down. On this day, a festival in honor of something or other was about to be held in the twi'lek village. Everyone was encouraged to watch, but only native Twi'lek species were allowed to participate.

The quick reversal came as a bit of a surprise to Jonathan, who quickly went into a defensive posture, while asking, a bit put off. "Why are you so anxious to go this festival? I'm sure it will be a spectacular performance, but why are you so enthusiastic about it? It's not like we can join ourselves."

"No, but... that's where you are wrong. We can't... Twi'lek jedi's can. I can't wait to see Mile'giko in that dress with the open mitter section of theirs." Mathorn grinned wickedly, as he tried dancing around his friends defenses.

Jonathan just shook his head and sighed, as he blocked a slash at his right arm. "I wonder if you will ever act like a real jedi is suppose to."

Mathorn had been summoned a record breaking amount of times to stand before the jedi council for bad or inappropriate behavior. "Yes I know, the council told me as much. Don't remind me, I already have a sister who never forgets to mention it either." Mathorn replied a bit irritated. "But that's the point! This is not wrong, we will just be ordinary jedi bystanders." he smirked with glee and finished with a downward slash while uttering. "What can I say, I like goils."

In all the years Jonathan had known Mathorn, he had never been able to shy away from pretty girls of any species. In addition he had a strong tendency toward thrill seeking with little fear of death. This combination had lead to many a problem and was a recurring topic on the jedi council, with banishment as the most likely outcome.

Despite all these problems, Mathorn was an outstanding fighter with an unprecedented endurance, few could match. On multiple occasions, he had defeated sith lords far above what most true jedi knights would have had been able to handle, thereby saving many people in the process. He had proven that he shared some of the potential that his sister contained, proving he indeed was of the same bloodline as her.

"Let's go and get Urr'Tar." Mathorn decided and wandered out of the training room.

"Sure, let's see what he is doing." Jonathan replied with a nod and followed suit.

In the meditation room the unmistakable green Mirialan sat cross legged on a large flat meditation pillow. "I sense... friends have invaded my totalitarian regime."

"Thats right." Mathorn laughed as he stated his intentions. "Whatever you just said. We are kidnapping you on our journey to the festival."

"A little kidnapping here and there, only helps the world rotated." Urr'Tar muttered as he rose to join them on their grand journey.

"There's still hours till it actually begins." Jonathan felt the need to point out.

"Time, matters not." Urr'Tar commented out of nowhere.

Jonathan chuckled a second, then replied politely. "Sorry my friend, but in this case I have to disagree."

"You speak as if you were there now. We will travel for days without end, may the force safeguard us on our adventure." Urr'Tar replied in an important sounding voice, while staring up at the roof above, as if there was something to look at.

"Or... We could take a speeder and be their now." Mathorn suggested with a smirk.

"The world will be forever altered." Urr'Tar mumbled as he was pushed out of the room.

"Indeed, it will…" Jonathan added dryly.

Urr'Tar's personality hadn't changed much over the years. Meditation had helped on his energy levels which had made him less drowsy than before and awake more hours of the day. He had shown great skill for mind altering abilities. The Jedi were divided on his unique view of the force as a whole. Some jedi, 'like his master' had shown great interested in his view of the universe, whereas others were inclined to think he was just plain weird, but with a decent amount of force potentiality.

Outside in the sunshine, Tikala was walking her friend Mile'giko, alongside the other jedi Twi'lek's, to the village to get ready for the festival. Mile'giko was, like her fellow Twi'lek's, wearing a traditional golden dress with silver circle patterns. The dress didn't do much to hide her figure, rather the opposite, hogging her curves and emphasizing her distinctly feminine body. Mile'giko was slightly above average height with smooth dark purple skin. While Tikala on the other hand was klad in the traditional jedi robes, which revealed little to none of her slim shape. She was shorter, with now fully grown horns and beige colored skin.

"I must admit, I am a bit nervous." Mile'giko admitted to her Zabrak friend in a low and careful voice.

"I'm sure it will be alright." Tikala reassured her Twi'lek friend with a soft smile.

Mile'giko knew the tradition of her people well enough, but it still made her a bit uneasy. "I have never danced in public before."

"I know you can do it. You are very graceful Mile'giko, no one will look down on you." Tikala assured her sincerely.

"Not as graceful as you, Tikala." Mile'giko replied as a compliment, in pure honesty. "I wish we could do the ritual together" she muttered wishfully.

Tikala chuckled whole heartedly, but her expression changed quickly, when she suddenly sensed someone was watching them from behind, someone very familiar.

Mile'giko noticed her friend's split second distraction. "Did you feel something Tikala?"

"It's just my brother. He is looking at us, I wonder why." Tikala informed cooly. Now that she streasted her senses, she noticed the two other with him. "I believe Jonathan and Urr'Tar is with him too."

"I.. see." Mile'giko didn't know what to think or feel, so she just ignored the onlookers. "I might as well just get used to it." She calmly thought to herself.

Near the border of the grounds of the jedi temple, Mathorn and his "gang" was hiding in the vegetation, but only the self proclaimed leader was watching the Jedi Twi'leks on their way, with a pair of electrobinoculars, from afar.

"Are we really spying on our own people." Jonathan asked a bit dumbfounded.

"I call it looking out for them." Mathorn replied with a grin.

"Your sister knows that you look." Urr'Tar uttered as if from a trance.

"Really? Well in that case, we just have to be more stealthy." Mathorn was still not convinced of the utter pointlessness of his plan.

Jonathan tried, for the eighth time today, to be the voice of reason. "If your sister already knows where we are. We might as well come forth and wish them good luck."

"This is much more adventurous and isn't scouting ahead what they train us to do." Mathorn pointed out for the fun of it.

"We have already been detected. I vote that we stop this nonsense and do something productive." Jonathan retorted and raised his hand to empathizes his point.

"Come on! We are suppose to be brothers in this." Mathorn argued in dismay.

"Mathorn... this serves no point. We are jedi, not mindless stalkers." Jonathan pointed out.

"The seer has spoken, wisdom have been revealed." Urr'Tar uttered in earnest and raised his hand too.

Mathorn reluctantly gave in, with a sigh. "Fine... our position have been compromised anyhow."

But before any of them got out of their hiding place, his little sister appeared above, looking down at them with a puzzled expression on her face. "Hi there, why are you watching us leave?" Tikala asked to get clarification.

"We have no reason, only he seek to be entertained." Urr'Tar explained sincerely while pointing at the lawless brother.

Mathorn looked up at his sister, looking down on the three. "Ahh... sis, weren't you just with the twi's just a moment ago?"

"I only followed them to the border. I'm not allowed to enter before the festival begins." Tikala informed in a calm and chipper mood.

"I apologize Miss Xastra, I hope you and your friends, didn't find it too uncomfortable." Jonathan apologized in advance.

Tikala gave him a curious look in return. "No need to apologize. I just don't understand why you are spying on us? When you could just as well have joined us?"

Jonathan nodded repeatedly in recognition. "In truth, I don't understand it either. It was Mathorn's idea afterall."

When all eyes went to him, Mathorn yielded. "What can I say, I just wanted to see if I could look out for my sister, without anyone knowing." He tried to explain. "But I know what you're thinking, did we learn anything from this? We did! We learned that Urr'Tar knows, that you know, that we were looking at you!"

"Did you? When did you know that I had sensed all of you?" Tikala asked curiously. This was the first time she had encountered someone who could sense, what she sensed from that distance. Not even her master could accomplish such a feat.

"I sensed when the grand sister spoke to her friend about us." Urr'Tar explained very directly, but still in his usually drowsy tone.

"That's really impressive Urr'Tar... and you don't have to call me grand or anything. My name would do just fine." Tikala said admiringly. "Do your master know of this?"

"She knows this... and many other things. Including my plants." Urr'Tar revealed without saying much.

Tikala was eager to learn more, but also knew they should be heading back to change into their ceremonial robes before the festival began. "Let's get back to the temple."

Everyone nodded and followed her back. While Tikala and Urr'Tar continued their convention, Mathorn made sure he and the Aldorainan fell back a few steps and whispered relieved. "'puif' That was a close one. Good thing we managed to distract her."

"You are too disrespectful to the Twi'lek's and to your own sister. You know that the council does not like it when you behave this way!" Jonathan whispered in a very serious tone, as his friend had on several occasions been scolded and warned. "If you continue on this path, you will be forced to leave the order, forever."

"I Know… I know. At least, they don't know about this one." Mathorn replied in a relaxed and cool tone of voice.

"One day his head will be for all to see." Urr'Tar uttered in a dream like state, as they reached the temple.