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"I think I have a stowaway."

The words reverberated through Erin's entire body, clenching her chest in a panic and fogging her brain with questions. She hadn't been there when Rowan had taken over Abby and attacked the others. Was Rebecca Murphy planning to do the same using Holtzmann? Had she already done something while they were asleep? How could this have happened?

"Holtzmann?" It was Abby that broke the silence. "Are you sure?"

Holtz's eyes went wide and wild in way that Abby had never seen in them before. Not the excited twinkle she got when she was working on a new project, or even the manic thrill she wore when fighting ghosts. These eyes bore straight into Abby's soul and Abby instantly understood. The fearless, laid back Jillian Holtzmann was terrified.

"Wait," Erin stepped in, pulling Holtzmann's eyes from Abby's, "Let's just think about this for a second. First off, what would Rebecca Murphy's ghost gain from possessing Holtzmann? From possessing any of us? Second, how would she even do it? You said yourself, the containment unit is fully functional."

"It is now. It wasn't before." Holtz answered, "Something caused those power surges, and I think that was her working her way out. I think…I think that my hooking up those batteries gave her the exact line of current she needed to make the jump."

"That doesn't explain why," Erin argued, "and even if she escaped containment, how do you know she's in your head?"

Erin spun away from Holtzmann before she could answer any of the rapid fire questions, "Abby, when Rowan possessed you, did you know it?"

"Well, yeah I knew it," Abby frowned, "it was like watching everything unfold around me but not being able to do anything about it but scream. Lot of good it did though. I still threw Holtzmann out the window."

Erin spun back around to Holtzmann, "Any of that sound familiar Holtz?"

Holtzmann thought for a moment then shook her head. "I feel fine now."

"So what makes you think she's in your head and didn't just escape containment?"

"I don't know. The lost time, weird dream, and not to mention the so-called panic attack. I'm not typically a panicker."

"And the bleeding slime," Abby added.

"Yeah man," Patty nodded, "the slime thing is pretty whack."

Erin mulled it over for a few seconds. She thought back to waking up with Holtzmann being sick and the blank stare she'd been sporting when they found her in the lab. Something was definitely off, but was it really a possession?

"I don't think you're possessed," Erin said, shaking her head.

"I never said I was possessed," Holtzmann replied, "I said I have a stowaway."

"Meaning?" Abby asked, confused.

"She's hiding," Erin whispered, connecting the dots Holtzmann had been hinting at. Holtz confirmed her with a nod.

"Why?" Abby asked, "What does she want?"

"I don't know," Holtzmann shook her head frantically, "but I don't really wanna find out. We just fixed the window from that little poof a few weeks ago."

"None of this makes sense," Erin shook her head, "Every time we've encountered possessions, they have been blatant, aggressive possessions. She was clearly malevolent down in that basement, so why is she just hiding now?"

"Maybe escaping containment drained her energy?" Abby suggested.

"What if what happened to Holtz this morning wasn't a panic attack at all, but rather her body's reaction to Rebecca's ghost trying to take control?" Erin added.

"She wasn't strong enough to take over, but the attempt confused her nervous system to the point of going haywire and shutting down."

They paused to look at Holtz, who shrugged back at them. She had no idea what had happened to her earlier. She'd been burned, zapped, and jolted numerous times, but never haywired. She remembered trying to tell Patty that she couldn't breathe and that her hands were tingling, but Patty was on a rant and wouldn't listen. She vaguely remembered Abby speaking directly into her ear, begging her to breathe. Then the next thing she remembered was waking up in a hospital room, feeling as if she'd pulled an all-nighter with her good friend Jack Daniels. She didn't know if that's what a nervous system going haywire felt like, but she did know is that she hoped it never happened again.


"Huh?" she blinked, pulling her attention away from her thoughts and back to her friends, who stared at her in varying states of alarm.

"You okay?" Abby asked.

"Yeah, yeah, sorry. What did I miss?"

"I asked what happened last night that got you out of bed?" Erin repeated her unanswered question.

"Oh," Holtz winced, remembering the horrible image of her dead friend and Abby's actions that had woken her, "I, uh, I had a nightmare."

"Related to the ghost?"

"Yeah I guess so."

"Well?" Patty urged her to continue.

"Well what?"

Patty groaned, "I swear to God Baby, one of these days…What was the dream about?"

"A fire. Maybe an explosion or something. You were there," Holtz pointed at Patty with a smirk before pointing to Abby, "and you were there. And you…" she froze, finger pointing at Erin. The image of her bloodied face flashed in her mind.

"I was what?" Erin shifted uncomfortably.

"I, uhm, I don't remember you being there." Holtz lied, smirk gone and finger dropping.

"Anything else?" Abby prodded.

"Just lots of fire, and you guys blamed me for it. Granted, most of the time when there's an explosion, I am the cause of it."

"What else?"

"I don't know Abby," Holtz rubbed the back of her neck, suddenly exhausted, "What does it matter? It was just some dumb dream.

"Humor me."

"There was some lady there. Appeared in the mirror and just watched you shoot me."

"Wait, Abby shot you?" Erin frowned, "With her pack?"

"What did she look like?" Abby interrupted before Holtzmann could answer Erin.

"Like your typical ghost. Old unimaginative clothes, long braid, brown hair. She didn't say anything. Just stood there watching."

"Patty, did you find any photos of Rebecca Murphy in your research?"

"Yeah, I did," Patty nodded, already rushing down to her desk to retrieve her notes. When she returned she pulled the photo from the stack of notes and handed it to Abby.

"This the lady Holtz?"

Holtzmann looked down at the photo and frowned. The woman in the photo was standing poised and rigid in a nearly identical, boring dress and long braid wrapped into a bun. She handed the photo back to Abby with a quick nod.

"What does any of this mean?" Erin was frustrated now.

"I don't know," Abby confessed, "but I don't think she should be left alone until we figure it out. Sorry Holtz."

"I could think of worse babysitters," Holtz flashed a wink at Erin, who rolled her eyes in return.

"So what, just business as usual until that thing is strong enough to really take over?" Patty asked, "cause I gotta say, I'm not one hundred percent okay with that."

"I don't think any of us are okay with any of this Patty," Erin replied, "But we don't really have a choice until we know what she wants."

Patty shrugged, not having any other options, and they broke apart to their respective areas of the firehouse. Holtzmann retrieved the new trap prototype she had been working on and set it on her workbench. She could already feel Erin's eyes boring into her from across the room, which normally would open her up for relentless teasing, but now it just irritated her.

"Okay Lady", she thought to herself, hoping the spirit in her brain could somehow hear her, "Whatever you're gonna do, let's just do it quick. These shoes are not for walking on eggshells."

Erin had been working quietly at her desk, listening to the sound of metal and drilling for nearly four hours, periodically glancing up to check on the engineer before she noticed a slight change in her demeanor. It was a subtle difference, but Erin noticed the slouch to her shoulders and the slow motion of her hands, which no longer seemed to be working with much purpose. She watched her silently for a few moments, studying her face before deciding that she wasn't about to be taken over by a malevolent ghost, but rather was exhausted and fighting to keep herself upright and working.

"Holtz?" Erin spoke quietly.

"Huh?" she acknowledged without looking up.

"You okay?"

"Still me, if that's what you're asking."

"It's not."

Holtzmann looked up with a heavy blink and let out a sigh.

"Sorry, it's been a weird day."

"It's fine Holtz. I'd be surprised if you weren't a little cranky, and no offense, but you look exhausted."

"I'd only be offended if you weren't right." She shrugged, "Who woulda thought that little sleep and having a ghost induced panic attack would take so much outa you?"

"Why don't you go lay down for awhile. A nap might help."

Erin expected the engineer to scoff at the suggestion and opt for a pot of coffee or a bottle of Mountain Dew but was slightly taken aback when she just nodded her agreement, thanked her for keeping on eye on here and shuffled slowly out of the lab. She sat staring at the empty door behind her for a few minutes before standing, stretching her back and making her way down the stairs to where Abby and Patty were sitting, chatting at the kitchen counter.

"How's it going up there?" Abby asked, pouring a cup of coffee and handing it to Erin.

"Good I guess," she answered with a frown, "Holtz was starting to look really tired, so I suggested she take a break and catch a nap. Is it weird that she actually agreed and went to lay down?"

"Normally I'd say yes," Abby replied, "But she did get taken to the hospital after collapsing in the lab earlier this morning. That would take a lot out of anyone. Even Jillian Holtzmann."

"I suppose."

"Notice anything else out of the ordinary?"

"Nothing. I mean, she's obviously annoyed by all of this, but nothing that suggested she wasn't herself."

"Well, as happy as I am to hear she's still our Holtzy," Patty cut in, "but what are we going to do to keep her that way?"

"I was thinking about that," Erin replied, "Maybe we can use something we found in Rebecca's lab to draw her out."

"I'm sorry, but wouldn't that just leave us with a fully possessed, and probably pissed off, Holtzmann?" Patty asked.

"Maybe, but then we could at least talk to her. Maybe find out what it is she wants."

"You mean like Rowan wanting to destroy our entire plane of existence?" Abby asked suspiciously, "a repeat talk of pestering the living?"

"Well yeah, but at least he let us know where we stood. If this ghost in Holtzmann has some evil agenda, I think we should know about it. Don't you?"

"I guess. I just worry about what that will do to Holtz. I mean, look at Rowan."

"Yeah but he was evil before he died. Holtzmann doesn't have an evil bone in her body."

Their conversation was cut off by a loud crash from the lab upstairs. Without missing a beat, they broke apart and ran up the stairs and piled into the lab, stopping just inside the door to stare at the engineer standing over the shattered pieces of the prototype trap at her feet. Abby risked a glance behind the blonde to the rack containing their proton packs, doing a quick calculation on how quickly she could get around her and retrieve it. It was no good, she was standing right in between them. Without a diversion, she'd never get passed her.

Holtzmann spun around to face them, face twisting between a look of fear, pain and confusion. She stumbled a few steps backwards, bumping into the workbench and gliding her hand over it, reaching and grasping until she gripped a large steel pipe and lifted it in front of her like an Olympic fencer.

"Back up!" she yelled.

"Holtzmann?" Erin spoke softly, failing to cover the tremor in her voice, and raised her hands to show them to her friend.

"I…I can't… just back up!" she yelled again, wincing and rubbing at her right temple roughly with her free hand while swinging the pipe with the other.

"Fight her Holtz," Abby called out, taking a step forward.

"Abby?" she asked between clenched teeth, breathing rapidly as a tear rolled down one cheek.

"Yeah Holtz," Abby forced a smile, "It's me. We're right here. Just drop the pipe."

"I can't." Holtzmann stuttered and took another step backwards until her back was against the wall. "Take me back. I have to go back."

"Back where?" Erin asked.

The pipe dropped from her hand with a loud clang against the floor and Abby made the dash to grab her proton pack from the rack as the blonde slid down the wall to curl up on the floor, gripping her head between her hands, growling in pain, fighting against her own mind. Patty followed grabbing her pack and hoping to god she didn't have to use it.

Slowly, the woman stopped writhing and began to relax, resting her forehead against the cool tile and her breathing evened out until she ceased doing anything at all, laying as if sleeping curled up on the floor.

Erin looked to Abby, hands still raised up dumbly in front of her. Abby shrugged while still aiming at the still form of her friend. Knowing they had her covered, Erin slowly stepped toward her, carefully dropping to her knee and reached a trembling hand to the engineer's shoulder.

"Five more minutes," the woman groaned into the floor and Erin's eyes shot up to meet Abby's before looking back down at her friend.

"Holtz?" she asked, rubbing her shoulder again.

This time the blonde reached back and shoved her hand away from her, "Beat it Gilbert. I said five more minutes."

"Holtzy!" Patty yelled, making them all jump, "If that's you, you get your ass up now and tell us what the hell just happened!"

Holtzmann turned her head to glare at the noisy intruders, eyes slowly focusing on Erin before realizing she was curled up on the cold floor and not in the bunk she had fallen asleep in. She sat up, brows furrowed in confusion as she looked from Erin to Patty and Abby, armed with their proton packs and aiming at her. Suddenly her dream flashed in her mind and she worried they would actually shoot her.

"Whoa, hey," she pushed herself up and raised her hands in a manner similar to what Erin had done to her minutes prior.

"Holtz? That you?" Abby asked suspiciously.

"Uh, yeah. I think so. Feels like me," she answered, rubbing her hand over her face as if to check, "Who else should I be?"

Before any of them could even attempt to answer her, she noticed the broken trap and groaned as she stepped over to it, Abby and Patty's proton packs forgotten.

"What the hell happened to my trap?" she whined.

"You don't remember?" Abby asked.

"Remember what?" Holtz frowned, "Last I remember was laying down in my bunk and waking up here. Guys, how did I get here?"

Nobody responded. None of them knew where to begin.

"It happened, didn't it? She took over," Holtz grimaced, "What did I do? God, Did I hurt anyone?"

She started pacing short lines, breathing picking up as she asked questions but didn't give them time to answer.


Then she was shoving Erin and Abby aside and crowded the historian, grabbing her hands and lifting them up into a boxing position.

"Hit me," Holtzmann ordered flatly.


"Hit me," she repeated, "I watched you knock that asshole Rowan out of Abby and he was in full on fighting mode. Now wind up and let me have it."

"Holtzmann, come on, that's crazy," Erin said, looking to Abby for help.

"You're always threatening to throw me across the room or clock me upside the head," Holtz ignored them and continued, "Here's your chance!"

"You can't be serious man," Patty tried to drop her hands but the blonde caught them and lifted them back into position twice before grabbing them tightly and holding them there.

"Patty, please!" Holtzmann pleaded, suddenly sounding weak, and the crack in her voice made Patty pause and really listen to her. "Please? I don't want to hurt anyone."

Patty tried to look away from the engineer for some help from Erin and Abby, but she was locked in on the desperate blue eyes of her friend and for a moment she wished she were wearing those damn yellow glasses so she couldn't see the tears forming in them.

"Holtzy," Patty clenched her fists before turning them over to gently push Holtzmann's hands down from holding them, "I can't hit you Baby. You know that."

"You didn't hurt anyone Holtz," Erin reasoned with her. "There's no need for this."

"Then what happened?"

"I think we've got this all wrong?" Erin spoke up after a moment of silent recollection, "This is not some malevolent possession. If that was Rebecca and not Holtz, then she's not evil at all. She's terrified."