365 Drabbles: 89. Masquerade

Writing Day - Write about someone acting the opposite of what another person expects, or having the opposite reaction to a piece of news.

January Event The National Hobby Month: Ballet Dancing: Write about someone dancing.

The ultimate Patronus Challenge. H.11. Horned serpent: write a story that takes place at a masquerade ball.

The Daily prompt Thread 22nd - (quote) "The prince of darkness is a gentleman." - William Shakespeare


Word count:734

Hermione felt herself getting nervous with each passing moment. The Masquerade Ball would start soon and she would have to dance with, Severus Prince, as her father's wishes. Her first public appearance with her fiance. She feared his reaction to this. He hated her,( or so she thought). He couldn't have taken lightly the news that they were betrothed.

"How do I look?" she asked her maidservant.

"Beautiful, milady. He won't be able to take his eyes off of you." she answered with a smile.

Hermione looked once more in the mirror and sighed. She had never been one to care much for her appearance, but he made her feel the need to look beautiful for him. She was in love with him, there was no denying it, she had been delighted when her parents had announced who her chosen husband was.

He captivated her in a way no one else had he was older than her, old enough to be her father some would say, but she had fallen in love with him. He was mysterious, unapproachable, he had a dark side that made her want him even more.

He had been a regular guest at the castle ever since she was a child. He should have been her tutor. Well, he had been her tutor, but only in Alchemy. Still he had never seen her more than a child. (Not until recently anyway) Or if he did had never shown it.

"The prince of darkness is a gentleman." she murmured, putting her mask. He was her prince, but would she ever be his princess?

She wondered if tonight would be any different; yesterday he had behaved as cold as always with her.

The music stopped when she entered the ball.

"Continue," she said with a nod of her head. This wasn't her first ball, but she was as nervous as she had been back then. Even more so.

She looked around through the many costumes and masks hoping to notice him. Suddenly she felt a light tap on the shoulder. Turning around he recognized him instantly.

"May I have this dance?" he said in his deep voice, bowing in front of her her.

She felt herself going speechless; surely she was dreaming, he would never do this-ask her to the ball; she most certainly had not expected for him to ask her.

"Hermione?" he whispered and the sound of her name on his lips woke her up from her dream state.

"Yes." she murmured and it seemed that this was what he had been waiting for.

He took her hand in his and he put his other hand on her they started dancing and she had never felt more alive than in that moment.

"So you are to be my wife" he stated while twirling her around.

She nodded, leaning in his touch. They were one with the music.

"I take it you are not upset at the news."

She shook her head frantically.

"No, of course not. You must know that, that I…"

"That you love me. Yes, I do. I am aware from sometime of your feelings for me. And from my own feelings."

She looked at him surprised.

"You didn't know. I hadn't wanted for you to know. I hadn't hoped, I hadn't dreamed that your father would choose me. You hadn't expected me to dance with you."

"No, but I am glad you surprised me. I was worried at your reaction. I really hadn't expected for you to actually want to dance with me tonight. I thought I might have to drag you to the dance floor."

He smiled.

"Trust me, I want more than just dance with you," he said his eyes darkening slightly and making her blush,"Take your mask off" he whispered, taking his down.

"Why? It is a masquerade ball." she said.

"I want to see you, not a mask."

She nodded,taking her mask off.

"So beautiful,"he murmured pressing a light kiss on her hair.

She leaned into his touch, putting her head on his shoulder. They continued to dance all night, keeping each other tight.

Even when the music had long stopped the two of them hadn't noticed. They were lost in their own bubble and continued to dance, spinning around, one in each other's arms. And no one had the heart to tell them to stop.