August Event: Romance Awareness Challenge

Day 18: You can talk to your soulmate in your mind.
Optional prompts
(word) Overmorrow

365 Drabbles: 286 . Worthless

Words: 400

It is said that you can speak with your soulmate in your mind, that you share one, mind, one soul and that it happens when you first kiss. You and your soulmate become one.

That didn't happen. His first kiss with Hermione was special, but nothing had happened. Nothing to indicate that she could be his soulmates. And soulmates were such a rare thing anyway. The last persons that were soulmates in this world were Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel.

It didn't matter for Severus though. He had known that Hermione was the one for him, the only one. She made him whole. And no matter how hard he had tried to deny it he had felt it from their first kiss.

And yet, nothing had prepared him for his wedding day. The kiss that they had shared as man and wife had been magical. Like a light had engulfed them and they were the only people in the world. And then she had felt her. Truly and wholly. And she had felt the same. He had gotten to see all her memories, her feelings and she had gotten to see his miserable childhood and how worthless his father had made him to feel. And how the Marauders had unknowingly continued his legacy.

Since that they their minds had become one. They could talk with one another, they could meet their and discuss leaving their bodies in a dream state and they could protect themselves better from Legimancy attacks. They had kept it a secret though. So even now, years later, only their closed ones knew that they shared a soulmate bond.

They had perfected the ability over time,now they didn't stop to talk with each other or stare at each other while conversing in their mind.

It had been hard at the beginning to hide, but now talking like this was their second nature. Though sometimes their children complained that they were always stuck in their own world.

"You're thinking again, my love. I cannot sleep if you think so loud." Said Hermione in her mind " Come back to sleep." She said and beckoned him to return in bed.

Severus came and put his arms around her. He could feel her falling asleep. How he loved her! She was his everything! His days and nights, his tomorrow, overmorow, his forever.

And he was never going to let her go.