I ran my hands parallel, one real, one not, to the needle as I pushed the fabric slowly and carefully across the metal plate built into the desk. The wheels turned in time as I pushed on the paddle under the desk that pushed the contraption through the desk up and over to the inverted L that held the needle. It buzzed and spun with spools of thread as I pushed forward, almost, almost damnit.

The fabric snagged at an odd angle and I had to pull back the fabric and fix it, again. I was nearly finished with this piece too. As good as shinobi I was and with my high affinity with fabric as it was one of my main weapons, you'd think I'd be able to use a sewing machine without much trouble. But no, as I pulled it back I saw I had to pull out the stitches and rethread everything, again.

"Well shit."

In the corner I heard Minami snicker at my light cursing as she sat at her desk on the other side of the workshop we shared. The papers and seals that covered the wall and desk she worked on, a realm of paper and ink in stark contrast to the realm of screws, fabric and thread on my end.

"Why do you bother with that thing, Ume? Can't you sew just as fast with chakra?"

"As much practice as I have patching the burn holes in your clothes with my chakra, the seams are never quite straight."

I leaned forwards and Danny fidgeted from his place on my lap, the fully grown black and white tom stretching and curling into himself to make him more comfortable as I moved. I pulled up the needle and moved the metal plate so I could start to fiddle with the bobbin.

"Besides, the sewing machine does a double stitch, so it holds better."

"What does it matter, it's what, only thirty per cent khakri? Not very strong."

I caught her turning, pushing her goggles on top of her head. Those were her work goggles instead of her combat goggles, the difference being that she had taken a set and attached a pair of jeweler's magnifying glasses.

"Well no, not compared to one hundred percent, but still pretty strong. It's certainly easier to clean than ten percent."

I leaned back into my chair.

"But then, you've burned holes in fifty percent, so anything less than one hundred and you'd probably have holes in more than your chunin vest."

"Hey, it's not my fault that it couldn't take the heat."

"The chunin vests were sixty percent, with a layer of wire knit between the middle strong enough to catch kunais without a scratch and you managed to burn through it in less than a week." I replied dully.

"As I said, they should use a higher percentage if they're going to use that as armor."

"No one else CAN use higher percentages outside of the Land of Water and you know it." I rolled my eyes. "And it's not like the sewing guild is going to give that up either."

"Well, to anybody but you." Minami replied.

"I'm only a preliminary member, and that's because I made sure they kept their compound after the Mizushima fell."

As I said this I finished pulling out the stitch and restringing the bobbin before sliding down the metal plate.

"That and you're willing to test things for them to use. Speaking of testing, why are you wearing the mark three prosthetic? I gave you the seven to use last week."

I looked down at my false hand. It was a thick cylinder made mostly out of wood with some screws here or there that had been filed down to the surface, at the end of the cylinder was a ball that had attached to it had three square thick fingers with no joints that could only really open and close through the movement of the thick threads attached to the inside of the ball that went all the way down to the special attachment that was implanted onto the end of the stub of an elbow that led to what remained of my natural left arm.

"The flat palm it makes is the heaviest of all of the ones so far, and the weight helps me keep the fabric flat when I feed it through. I have the seven on me, and the six as a back up though. I haven't combat tested them yet though. Anyway, as far as fabric goes I'm working my way up. Strong as it is, it's a bugger to work with the machine. The needles keep wearing down too quickly. I think we'll have to get chakra needles as well as a feeding grip to use this on the fabric. Even then it'll take a lot of control to do."

"You can put it in the queue, cause this takes way more priority than a fancy sewing machine."

Minami held up something that I didn't immediately recognize from the distance as I had my head down. But looking up I almost tipped the table as I made it to her side. There was a burst of wind as Minami slammed her hands on her seals to prevent them from blowing away.

"Damnit Ume, would you stop doing that inside."

Danny yowled in agreement, his front paws clinging to the front of my kimono, claws knit in deep as he then climbed up my chest and onto my shoulder.

"Where did you get that?"

I reached out for the distinctive three pronged kunai, which Minami pulled back.

"Black market, took forever to sort, but after going through the records it looks like the real thing. But that's not the important part."

She reached down onto the desk and held up what she was looking at. It had been pinned and splayed onto the board. A complex array set into dizzying patterns.

I blinked as I stared at it, at a loss for the meaning but understanding the implications.

"Minami, you know what that seal's for, right?"

"Teleportation." She smiled at me, her grin splitting her face. "True teleportation, not your windy stuff. Wouldn't it be amazing if I could figure this out? Travel would be instant for everyone! Than we wouldn't have to worry about fighting the weather to transport goods."

She pulled her goggles back onto her face. "I think I can get some of the stuff down for some short ports already, though I even have some prototype ideas."

I blinked at that and let out a sigh. It would be a great improvement if she could manage that, however.

"You have to be careful with that, as great as it would be for everyone to have that power, well, everyone would have that power."

"I know, I know, I'd have to make breaker seals to put into private residences, but regardless, all the possibilities..."

"You still haven't perfected civilians using storage seals. Let alone those heating seals you created. There was also the cold seal debacle."

"No one died, and we managed to prevent that man from getting frostbite." She replied.

"But you need to slow down."

"Look, I'm being careful. This stuff is way out of my league normally but as I said, I'm only doing short distances to start, maybe a few feet at most. If it doesn't work, we'll know immediately and if it does, well I'm only bending the fabric of space and time so it shouldn't cause a tear or anything."

"Well, if you put it that way I…" I choked when my mind caught up with that. "Wait. The what?"

"The fabric of space and time, you know like in a wrinkle in time? Where they push space together."

She held up the seal.

"That's what this is, except, it's like an anchor I think it's why you need one at the place you're going, 'cause you're bending space."

"Minami, you can't even sew a straight line in normal fabric, why are you going to mess with the fabric of space and time? You didn't even know what that was until I explained the concept to you not once, but three times."

"Cause it's fun." She replied. "Besides, I can sew just fine, I fixed my own pants this time."

She pointed down at the patchy pants with the off color thread sticking out at odd places. I let out a snort, putting my hand on my face.

"You didn't even knot the ends."

I said it as I leaned down and produced a pair of scissors out of my sleeve. She moved her leg out and I started to cut at the end strands and pulled the uneven seams tighter.

"You know, if I was a guy this would look really bad if someone walked in on this."

I rolled my eyes as I leaned down and knotted the ends quickly, though not at the most neat angle. At least it wouldn't fall off as soon.

"If someone walked in on this they'd likely assume I was doing, exactly what I'm doing."

"I guess, you are the reason Hiroshi refuses to wear jackets with buttons any more after you stabbed him the first time to fix a loose one."

"That was an accident, you know it, I know it, the Water Daimyo knew it too."

I replied quickly as I looked up at Minami.

"Right, I forgot about that part, god it must have been hilarious. I have to ask Kiriko again for details or Suigetsu, he said something about some weird sound coming out of Hiroshi."

"They weren't there." I turned away. "They were just in the same building, is all."

I finished the knot and stood up.

"Anyway, be careful. Also, get Mitsuki in here to check your damn math."

"She's running the clinic today cause Kyoko's visiting the stones today." Minami replied.

I let out a sigh, right the stones. It took some time after the last civil war, but eventually a monument was made to the casualties of the war, collectively known as the stones. Before, such honor was reserved only for shinobi, but after doing a log of the civilian casualties we decided to do the same. It wasn't formal or glossy, it was really just a large stone cut and carved, but it was there and it was a reminder of what war cost for this country, not just for the shinobi, but for everyone.

"Right, it's that time, isn't it."

I let out another sigh. It had been about a year since the end of the war. It seemed like such a short amount of time, but a lot had happened.

"Seriously, don't test it before Mitsuki looks at it."

I walked back to my sewing machine and lined up the fabric again and started on the pattern. It was a relatively simple dress that I was making with undyed cloth (which was cheaper to use), but working with the fabric to get the kinks out. I'm not sure how much time had passed as I struggled with the fabric to try and get a straight consistent seam without constantly breaking the needles.

It was only when I heard the sound of a chair falling that I looked up and saw Minami standing up and backing away, her chair abandoned as I looked at what she was staring at.


I heard the wind shift as I focused on what had happened. Pressed against a practice dummy was a piece of paper, which glowed for a few seconds before something started to crack in front of it. The wind shift was a sucking motion that was forming around the paper. It started to get louder and the crack in the space of the paper started to expand. Danny, who was perched on my shoulders decided that the only safe and sane place was in my top and jumped down into it.


I got up from the desk and whipped out a hand. Out of my sleeve several needles flew attached to thread that I used to will their path wide. I was aiming to tear the seal on the paper, the only surefire way to break the circuit and stop whatever the seal was doing.

But the wind going into the seal became stronger and pulled the threads in one by one, reeling out of my arm and into the abyss opening. Paper was flying everywhere, by this point being sucked in, the chair going as well. I had to stick my feet to the floor and put my hand onto the metal desk, which was screwed into the stone floor, as more and more kept flying through the expanding hole.


I was enhancing my voice to be heard over the racket.

Minami was clinging to her own desk, it was stone and built into the wall, with all four limbs trying to work her way away from the hole.



The shout died in my throat as I had to duck down, but still got side swiped by some of the tools I had clipped to the wall. Turning back from that I saw the hole in space on the dummy expand and shiver, apparently this was an increase in strength because the large pieces of machinery on my side of the shop started inching forward. Even worse, Minami was losing her grip on the desk. I knew logically if I sent my wraps to grab her they'd just be pulled off my arms like the thread was. The suction was too strong, my own sewing desk was creaking and moving forward towards the hole, the metal frame bending. If this continued she'd be sucked into singularity. Gone forever.

I didn't have time to really process this as the eventual happened and she lost her feet and was now only hanging on by her hands, moving down to her fingers. So I moved. It wasn't hard to get to her, I didn't even have to flicker as I jumped and let the pull bring me towards her. I grabbed onto her body, my feet dragging towards the hole as she lost her grip to the additional weight. Well, okay, that probably wasn't the best move. But I had somewhat of a plan as I pushed out the chakra.


I screamed pushing chakra into my feet, pushing wind back behind me towards the hole. There was a slight jump as it tried to push us forward a scant few feet. But still away from the hole.


I screamed, forcing us forward as fast as possible, but draining me, just desperation pushing me to keep going. With the distance we managed to get her hands to the ground and pushed chakra to stick us down and move us forward along with my own efforts inch by inch. I looked back and saw the hole continue to shake. Was it losing stability? I didn't know, I wasn't a damn physicist, but it was getting stronger and every burst I put through was getting weaker.

Damn my rotten freaking luck.

As I pushed forward I was still looking back, staring at the abyss at my feet trying to pull us in. The sweat that was starting to bead on my face was being sucked in just as fast as the papers and the bits of metal. I wasn't afraid to die, that was a fact, but that was another realm of unknown. No one knew what happened in black holes. I certainly didn't want to find out, but I couldn't take my eyes off of it as it started to shake. As I squinted at it I thought I could see hope. The edges were receding into it, was it going to collapse? Well, I hoped that was a good thing, I didn't know but I was hopeful and I watched as it started to shrink into itself even as I continually tried to use my jutsu to go against the suction. It was this distraction that stopped me from seeing the metal as it hit me.

The sewing desk apparently was too top heavy, because it went barreling backwards and hit me square in the head even though it jumped Minami completely. I'm not sure I could have dodged it even if I had seen it coming and I could only rely on shinobi grade durability to prevent me from losing my damn head completely, but the impact shook me and my grip equally, so as the impact created the blaring pain as my vision was filled with metal that dented I flew back with me no longer gripping Minami.

I could see her, her mouth was open as she was reaching back but I couldn't hear if she was screaming. Not over the blaring winds or the ringing in my own head as my vision started to edge with darkness. But she disappeared, as did the stone room and the metal bits flying like a dot in the distance as everything went completely black.

Hello peoples! So this is the first crossover I've made, the premise of this crossover is Ume thrown into another world. The Ume here is set about a year after the current place in Sugar Plums (Chapter 141 for future readers). This fanfic will also use a slightly different style. It'll switch between first person (Ume) and third person (Everyone else). This story is meant to be more lighthearted in tone and general atmosphere.

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