Willow's Savior

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon does, the lucky guy.

Authors Note: Rated PG-13 for a few curse words. About the same as an episode. Takes place after Spike got the chip and no Tara.

The night was deceptively peaceful, and that in itself would have been cause for alarm, if I had been paying attention. At this particular time, as I carelessly made my way down the deserted streets of Sunnydale, my mind was wandering to the events of earlier this evening. It all started with the chaos demon that Buffy and the scoobies were trying to fight. He was planning to bring about hell on earth, an almost daily occurrence in my life since I met Buffy. Well this particular demon was very strong, and Buffy and Riley had their hands full just defending themselves, so Xander and I took it upon ourselves to be the distraction.

This tactic would have worked beautifully if I hadn't tripped over a stick and fallen directly into the demon's path. Before I could get to my feet the chaos demon hauled me up and tossed me full force into a nearby tree. Next thing I know, I am on Giles' couch with an ice pack on my head. My shoulder felt like it was on fire and I could barely move it. When I called out for Buffy and the others, all of them ran into the living room to make sure I was okay. What surprised me most was the fact that I was okay. Of course my shoulder was sore and I did have a killer headache, but I was still in one willow-shaped piece and with friends. That feeling lasted all of ten seconds until I tuned in to what Buffy was saying.

"That was a really stupid thing to do. You could have been killed, I shouldn't even allow you to be fighting at all. You're research girl that's what you do, I'm the Slayer. I fight the baddies. I can't be worrying about your safety while I'm fighting. Willow, you're a liability and can't even look out for a stickā€¦"

Buffy probably kept speaking, but I had had enough. I forced myself to stand even as the world started spinning around me. Once I got my bearings, I left Giles' house without a word, glaring at the Slayer telling her in a look what I thought of her at that moment. That was what I was thinking about while making my way home at one in the morning. So preoccupied was I, that I didn't notice my vampire attackers until they were almost upon me.

As the vampires circled me I managed to sidestep one while stacking a second. There were still three left and I soon found myself cowering down against an alley wall, my heart beating so fast I could barely breath. I kicked out at an older-looking vampire with long brown hair, but that just got him pissed off and he slapped me hard across the face. My head fell back and hit the wall and the last thing I saw before I blanked out was the male vampires hideous visage coming towards my face. I tried to move away from his fangs, but found I couldn't as the world around me faded to black.