Willow's Savior

Chapter 14

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon does, the lucky guy.

Authors Note: Rated R for a few curse words and talk of sex. About the same as an episode but better safe then sorry. Takes place after Spike got the chip and there is no Tara.


Over the next two days everyone was feeling remarkably better, even Spike. Once he finally woke up, he was his usual sarcastic self, although he was still a little weak from the injuries he sustained fighting the demon. After finding out that every Scooby contributed to his recovery, with the exception of the unconscious at the time Anya, Spike began to treat the others with more respect. Although that didn't stop him from making cracks about everyone, but they were somehow less acidic than before. The others for their part still raged on and teased Spike, but the vitriol was gone from their encounters.

Although Spike was feeling much better, he still wasn't healed enough to go home, which is how I found myself staying overnight at Giles house for the next few days. I did not want to leave Spike alone so I stayed with him and tried to keep him entertained. We were almost never alone however, because it seemed that the others were taking Spike's condition seriously and stopped by quite often over the next day or two. In my opinion they were trying to annoy him, but they said they were just worried.

The second afternoon than I stayed at Giles' house everyone else was out. Buffy was at Joyce's visiting for the afternoon. While Giles, Anya and Xander were at the Magic Box. There was not really any reason for Xander to be there too, but he didn't want to leave Anya's side just yet. Since he didn't have to be at work until the next day, he decided to spend the day with his girlfriend, hopefully future-fiancé.

Either way, with everyone else busy, that left Spike and I alone watching television on Giles' couch with my head resting gently on his shoulder. In a lull on the show, Spike put the X-Files on mute and turned me to face him.

"You know pet, a funny thing about Vampiric trances." Spike began in a serious voice which made me nervous. "The vampire in the trance can hear and feel everything going on around him, although he can not respond to external stimulus."

"Um, what do you mean?" [Please let him not have heard me. Please]

"Well for example, any type of conversation near him, he could hear perfectly but couldn't respond until he came out of the trance."

"Giles, uh, we didn't, ah, It's not what you think." I stammered our looking at the ground, putting some distance between us.

"Really, luv?" Spike asked gently, placing a reassuring hand on my shoulder as he lifted my face to meet his. "Because from here it sounded as if you were in love with me."

"I-" I didn't know how to respond and tried to turn my face away from his once again. He wouldn't let me hide however.

"Look at me, pet." Spike murmured nuzzling my cheek gently. As I shyly looked into his eyes he smiled encouragingly at me. "Anybody, including me, would be privileged to have you care about them."

"Spike?" I questioned hopefully, looking at his overly bright eyes and gentle expression.

"I love you too pet, and don't you forget it." Spike answered as he moved closer to me until he dragged me into his lap, causing me to squeal in surprise. Before I could do more than pinch him, he was kissing me passionately. By the time we moved apart, I was breathing heavily and my eyes were fluttering where I rested my forehead against Spike's. "So how are we going to get the Watcher and Slayer together, pet? After all I believe you and Rupert made a bet."

"I'm sure we'll think of something."

The End (For Now)