A/N: I saw the movie. I enjoyed the movie, and now, two months later, the plot bunnies are attacking. I wasn't originally going to post this since it's supposedly 'childish' and it's not usually what I write about, but guess what? I don't care. SO! Haters can hate, just know that I will ignore you :) I'm not really sure if this is a Maui x Moana or not, we'll see how it goes I guess. Thx for reading! If anything is culturally inaccurate, my bad *holds up hands in surrender*, I'm doing my best here.

Chapter 1: Waiting for Maui

"I assure you, Kūa, Heihei would not be good for cooking,"

Moana held the stupid rooster in her arms as Kūa, a gaunt man steaming the cabbages, narrowed his beady eyes and shook his head,

"Such a stupid creature," he insisted, "it would be better to simply put him out of his misery-"

"That really won't be necessary," Moana grumbled, ignoring the sharp pain in her hands as the 'stupid creature' in question began to peck at her fingers, "your cabbages look wonderful, keep up the good work,"

Kūa merely shrugged as Moana walked from his open air fale and set Heihei on the ground,
"Try to stay out of trouble for at least an hour, ok?" Moana pleaded with the chicken, prodding him forward as he began to mindlessly walk in that direction. Rolling her eyes and huffing, Moana adjusted the wreath on her head and moved towards the weavers. They were happily joking as Moana approached,

"How's the work coming? Anything you all need?"

"The grasses are good and healthy, Moana," Alouah, the best weaver in the village, stated with a broad smile, "rotating where we picked from really did the trick,"

"I thought it would," Moana said, "so nothing you need?"

"No, not right now. Thanks, Chief,"

Moana nodded and strode off again through the village, ruffling the hair of a few children who were skipping rocks into dirt boxes. Moana even stopped to take a turn, the other kids groaning as she racked up the highest amount of points by hitting all four of the boxes corners. Smiling and continuing on her way, the young Chief headed into the coconut grove. The men were scrambling up the trees, long ropes of woven fibers tied around their waists as they broke the nuts down into awaiting baskets,

"Moana! Greetings!"

Scurrying down a tree, Moana shared a quick Honi with Aisake, whom was a good friend of hers,

"Hey, Aisake. How's the harvesting going?"

"It's better than it's been in a while, Chief," the young man stated, waving at the bountiful baskets of ripe and green nuts falling from the trees, "I think we'll have enough to fill out reserve this season. I think it's that new soil stuff you're having us use. It's doing wonders,"

"Fantastic," Moana said, clapping slightly as she watched a few women walk away from the grove to begin husking, "and how is the new grove coming?"

"Fast growing. We should have fruits by next season. You've really outdone yourself this time, Moana,"

"Well thanks, Aisake, I appreciate that,"

The young man nodded and ran a hand over his long dark hair, holding out a hand as Moana turned to leave,

"Moana, wait,"

Turning, Moana faced her friend as he seemed to hesitate with something he wanted to say,
"Uhm...I was wondering, if you weren't busy later, if you wanted to join me for some Haupia after dinner? My brother and I are making some today to celebrate the good harvest,"

"Oh, sure Aisake, I'd love too. Thanks for offering,"

Smiling broadly, the man puffed out his chest a bit and returned to his tree, still beaming with pride as Moana turned and wandered out of the grove. She went to check on the children in their classes and the dancers who were practicing, and soon she was making her way down the narrow path towards the beach. The sea breeze smelled amazing as dirt turned to sand under her bare feet, and the coconut trees glimmered in the sunlight.

It had been far too long since Moana had actually gone out on a canoe. Two years in fact. Of course, she always had time to visit the ocean when she was checking on the fisherman, and often went swimming after her duties were done. But without Maui, something about sailing seemed...wrong. Maui. Moana hadn't seen the presumptuous demigod since Te Fiti. He dropped in once or twice after she got back, but Moana probably never saw and or noticed him, as he was probably disguised as something else.

Shaking her head, Moana strode towards the many canoes which were filled with traps of fish,

"Looks like fishing is doing well," she said, approaching her lead fisherman, Kai, who was just disembarking off his canoe,

"There are so many more big fish beyond the reef," he agreed, setting down his traps with a grunt, "I haven't caught this much in decades. Tui would be proud of you,"

Moana smiled sadly and nodded her head, tucking a loose piece of hair behind her ear. Tui, her father, had been stuck down by an illness shortly after her return. He fought it for a long while, but it was eventually too much. Moana grieved, but as she placed her stone with the conch up on the mountain, her resolve became stony. The people of Motunui needed her more than the Ocean did...she had to be the leader her father wanted her to be,

"Thanks, Kai!"

Nodding, the man walked off with his fish as Moana strode down towards where the sea met the shore. She smiled and dipped her toes in the water, shivering at how cold it was,
"Brrr...you're cold today," she said with a light laugh, feeling the tide surge up around her ankles and swell there for a moment. Walking down the coast line, Moana relished in the familiar presence of her greatest friend,
"I'm sorry I haven't visited in awhile. It's been kinda crazy lately,"

The ocean gurgled slightly as Moana slumped her shoulders and let her smile fall for the first time in days,
"Sometimes I wonder how my dad did it. I mean, there is always some problem in need of solving,"

The ocean swelled again, and in the distance, water slapped wood. The noise reached Moana's ears and she shook her head,

"You know I can't. Motunui needs me more then ever right now. Besides, I promised I would wait for Maui to come back before sailing again,"

The ocean moved slightly away from her, almost like it was offended,

"What? I like sailing with Maui. Besides, my canoe would seem awfully empty without his wisecracking. You...haven't seen him around, have you?"

The ocean lifted up slightly in a negative manner as Moana sighed deeply and nodded,

"I see. Well, I best get back to the village. I think I want to hold a Luau tonight. You know, to celebrate how good things are going,"

The ocean rose up in agreement as Moana heard the distinct noise of water on wood again in the distance. She really did want to go sailing,
"Maybe. After the party, though, ok?"

The ocean swirled happily as Moana nodded once and walked from the surf, waving to her favorite body of water as she hightailed it back up to the village. Making he way to her fale, the Chief's fale, Sina was sitting on the porch mindlessly weaving,

"Hey mom," Moana greeted, touching foreheads with the woman as she smiled tiredly,

"Moana. I haven't seen you since this morning. Everything all right?"

"It's great actually. I'm actually going to make an announcement right now,"

Sina just nodded as Moana picked up a conch shell from the lifted porch and blew loudly into it. The horn noise reverberated through all of Motunui as villagers began to gather around. When everyone was assembled, Moana smiled broadly,
"Hi, everyone, thanks for coming out,"

A chuckle went through the crowd at Moana's awkward greeting as she brought herself up a little higher,
"Because of the prosperity of Motunui in the past few months, I think we should have a Luau to celebrate,"

There were cheers as the group lined up instinctively, taking orders directly from Moana as party preparations were made. When they were all gone, Moana plopped down on the porch steps beside her mom and sighed,

"How are you, Moana?" Sina asked, putting down her weaving to look at her daughter. Moana shrugged slightly and exhaled again, removing the palm wreath from her head and setting it aside. She should have been happy. Ecstatic actually. But she wasn't, at least, not really,

"I'm...ok," the young Chief finally answered, running a hand over her face, "I'm just missing some things I guess,"

"The ocean?"

"I think sailing, is a better way to put it," Moana stated with another shrug. Sina seemed genuinely confused as she put down her weaving completely,

"Why can't you sail?"

"It's not that I don't want too," Moana insisted, "but if I leave, I don't...I don't know how far I'll go. I might lose track of time, or go off course. Motunui needs me, I can't leave now,"

"Mm, that's very wise," Sina said, "but you're not telling me the whole truth,"

"O-of course I am," Moana sputtered, her cheeks darkening with a flush as Sina shook her head. Mothers knew everything,
"Ok, ok you got me. I'm...missing Maui,"

"That's what I thought. Well, just know that your happiness matters to Motunui as much as much as ours. Don't take yourself too seriously,"

Standing, Sina left Moana on the steps as she walked towards the community fale where a large bonfire had already sprung up. Sighing, Moana unconsciously glanced to the sky, hoping to see the silhouette of a hawk flying above. Sadly, there was no winged shadow to be seen, only a dozen sparkling stars in the distinct shape of a fish hook,

"I know you're out there, Maui," Moana mumbled, "and I'll kick your butt for leaving when you get back-"

Before she could finish her thought, Moana groaned and slapped her face with a hand as the cry of a rooster could be heard coming from the community fale,

"Not again. Heihei!"