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Summary: Riza has just given birth, but where's Roy? Post Brotherhood. Oneshot.

Chapter 1:

Riza was tired. At one moment she felt as tired as when the gold tooth doctori had cut her neck and she had been bleeding to death on the floor. But Riza didn't care. She knew Roy. Something was wrong. She knew him so well that she knew if he felt fine, he would've refused to leave the room. He would've rushed in the first moment they announced that they had a son. But a few minutes had passed and Roy wasn't in here.

Yes. The door opened. To reveal Olivier Armstrong and her dear Grandfather. General Grumman. Grumman smiled and chuckled, "I have a beautiful Granddaughter I lived to see to be such a mature woman. Now I can't believe I have a Great-Grandson. Even if his father is egomatic and not the best man in my interests." Riza let out a weak smile. But anybody could tell she didn't mean it.

"Where's Roy?"she inquired.

A voice from the doorway answered, "Roy-boy turned tail and left the moment he was ushered out of the room, saying something about tons of work to do." This voice belonged to Madame Christmas.

Miraculously, Riza's face didn't fall completely. In fact, most women in her case would've cried many dozen times. Riza hadn't shed a tear. Riza Hawkeye was strong, and smart. She knew Roy couldn't go anywhere. She knew Roy still loved her. But she also knew that you couldn't force somethings on people. If her husband didn't want the child, then for him, Riza would consider putting the child up for adoption, or taking all the responsibility of the child on herself. Roy wouldn't have to suffer being forced into parenthood by an unplanned baby. Roy hadn't taken it badly per se, but he hadn't taken it well either. Roy had been calm. Too calm. He became distant. Sure. He came home. He worked with her. He gave her quick kiss on the cheek here and there, when she was feeling particularly horrible on a certain day, but these past 9 and a half months, he'd never done anything further. He didn't secretly take her hand and caress it, or squeeze it to reassure her. No passionate kisses. No hugging. And he definitely avoided talking about the baby. Even till now, they'd never really made a nursery. Sure, they had an extra room, but it was still filled with her guns, and his junk. Roy stopped calling her Elizabeth when they were alone. Which was why Riza didn't allow herself to feel anything over the baby but sadness yet. She didn't think of names for her son. She didn't let her face fall. Sure, there was a twinge of sadness in her eyes, but the rest of her face was stoic.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to have a talk with that boy. Coming with me, Grumman?"Madame Christmas asked. Grumman nodded and they turned to leave. "Wait. Grandpa,"Riza called. Grumman turned around, and his fast was soft, but serious. Riza almost never called him Grandpa after Roy left for the military. It had done something to her irreversable for sure. Grumman could count the times on one hand.

1. After she came back from the Ishvalan war, broken.

2. His coronation of becoming Fuhrer.

3. When she and Roy told him they were engaged.

4. Her wedding day.

5. When she told him Roy's reaction about her pregnancy.

"Don't be so harsh on Roy. And... if you see him. Tell him I love him, and would like him to name our child,"Riza pleaded. Grumman nodded with a sigh before he and Christmas left for real this time.

"I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now, Riza,"General Armstrong observed. Riza didn't even answer. She just kept staring at her son. His tuft of hair looked exactly like Roy. He already resembled Roy more than her by a lot.

Armstrong chuckled. "I always admired you, Riza. Even if you picked a jerk with a cocky attitude and has an ego even bigger than his mouth."

Then Armstrong stopped to study her before adding, "They're exactly like each other even though the little one is just about a hour old. They may not seem worth it at first. And they aren't. For me. But you need to hang on. Because I can tell you love both of them much, much more than I love my brother. Which isn't saying much, of course. All right. I'm done with this sappy stuff. You need rest. I can tell you're at your limit." Then General Armstrong walks back out, closing the light and door on her way so that the only thing lighting the place up was the streetlamp lights, moonlight, and the lamp on the bedside table.


The next thing Riza knew, she was awakened by crying sounds. She tiredly pried open her eyelids to see a sleeping Roy next to her in the armchair before realizing where she was and why she was there. Riza glanced at the clock. 4:00 a.m. She had only been asleep for about a hour. With a grunt, Riza slowly propped herself up into a sitting up and swinging her legs off the bed, and painfully stood up, supporting herself with the bed. Riza took a step over to the crib and instantly collapsed. Damn her weak legs after 10 hours of labor and only one hour of rest.

The crash awoke Roy and he was there in an instant, supporting her and pulling her up. For the first time in a while, Roy was close enough so Riza could smell him. It wasn't a smell that could be described. It was just Roy. It was Roy and it had always been so comforting to her. "Why did you have to put him all the way over there?"Riza grunted as he heaved her back onto the bed before turning to grab the baby in a very manly and awkward way before dumping the fidgeting newborn in her arms.

"It was about to fall,"Roy answered, plopping back down in his armchair. Riza noted his use of it. Not "our son". Not "our child". Not even baby. Riza pulled her shirt down just enough so that the child could nurse, and Roy watched before noticing that while Riza had done all this, she had also watched him intently. Roy turned red and looked away.

With an amused smile, Riza commented, "You're my husband. I won't shoot you where it hurts most if you just look. It's not like it isn't anything you haven't seen anyways." Then they fell back into a weird silence once again.

"Wanna hold him?"Riza asked. Roy looked back at her, eyes wide, before nodding slightly. Riza handed it to him carefully as he sat on the edge of the bed. He held their son awkwardly before Riza adjusted his arms. The baby instantly nuzzled against his chest and went to sleep.

Riza looked for a spark in his eyes, something to show that he was feeling what she was suppressing so that she wouldn't be disappointed. But there was nothing. All he did was look stiff, terrified, nervous, and confused. Riza's guts felt like they had twisted themselves in a knot. Or was it her heart?

She knew very well what she had to do. If that was what she had to do to help Roy acheive his dreams, and to not force something into his life, which was her fault, that would hinder his progress to the title of Fuhrer, then she would do it. Even if it was like ripping half of her heart out and shattering it with her own hands.

I've tried many, many times, that I haven't published, as well as the ones I have published and taken down, to write a Roy and Riza fanfiction. I hope this is okay. Right. If that's it, I'll just go back to being embarrassed of my poor writing skills.