Summary: Naruto Loud is the eldest son of the Loud Family, consisting of ten girls and one other boy. Being the oldest male among siblings his siblings tend to crowd around him to spend time with him...not that he minds as he never could feel tired of spending time with his big excitable family.

Pairing: Naruto x To Be Announced

Love is Loud

Chapter 1

Contributor: DragonPony022

A groan sounded as an arm slunk out from under a thick comforter as a blaring alarm woke up the teenaged boy sleeping underneath it. After a few attempts to silence it and missing the arm finally slammed down on the snooze before the comforter was slid off of him to reveal a tanned 16 year old boy with three whisker marks on each cheek and a head of spiky blonde hair that was spiked out in every direction, defying gravity as two spiky bangs framed his face.

"I swear I need to set that up to play music as that is a pain to wake up to" the boy said as he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and opened them groggily to reveal a pair of ocean blue eyes.

His name was Naruto Loud and he was the second oldest sibling in a set of 12.

As the boy sat up and got off his bed, revealing he was easily an inch or two over six feet and only slept in a pair of orange pajama pants, he reached up and pulled at a dangling cord which instantly lit up his room and also slightly blinded him at the same time.

While technically the basement, his room was done up like the rest of the house as with the amount of people he lives with the basement was the only option for him that allowed him to have his own room. Which in a house with ten sisters and one brother having a room of his own was difficult but needed at his age so he was eager to help his dad fix up the basement for him to live in.

His room was the biggest in the house, considering it is the basement, and furnished with only the stuff he needed so there was quite a lot of extra space. His bed as basically a pull out couch bed that stored away when he didn't use it and was more comfortable than one might think given his parents got massive one for him.

Elsewhere around the room he had a wardrobe for his clothes, an entertainment system for his TV and games he had bought, a desk for school work, and a computer that his dad had gotten for him from a friend of his that ended up having a spare from an I.T job he worked.

It looked a bit empty given the spacing of things but occasionally his mom would store things down here when needed as it wasn't that much trouble.

Before he was even dressed he could already hear the pounding of feet two floors above him as the race for first use of the bathroom had begun. 'Guess I'll use it later and get started on breakfast' he thought as he finished getting dressed, choosing a pair of dark blue jeans, Converse sneakers, long sleeve grey shirt and orange hooded vest to wear before heading up his room's stairs.

He, like always, was the first into the kitchen since besides his mom he was the cook of the house. 'Oh thank you mom for picking up eggs yesterday' Naruto thought as he pulled out two of the four dozen his mom had bought, eggs and milk being the two things they always had to buy, and set them down just in time to catch someone who tried to tackle hug on his legs.

"Good morning there Lana and what have I told you about trying to crash into my legs in the kitchen?" he asked as he set down Lana, one of the twin six year old sisters of his. She was a definite tomboy, the opposite of her twin Lola. She, like most of his sisters, had blonde hair that was done in pigtails with a red cap backwards on her head while wearing a green t-shirt, blue overalls, and white sneakers. Though both she and Lola both had their front two teeth missing.

"Not while cooking or holding anything breakable or dangerous" she said as he nodded and set her down and ruffling her hair with a smile.

"Exactly. Now I'm making eggs, bacon, toast and maybe hash browns if I can find the stuff to make them. How do you want your eggs?" he asked as she smiled up at him.

"Scrambled! I like them all messy looking like guts" Lana said before making her way onto a seat at the kitchen table before her twin was the next to rush into the kitchen just as he had started the stove and cracked the first egg.

"Lana! Don't you know how bad eggs are for you? Dad can't have too many so they have to be bad" Lola said as Naruto chuckled and looked over at the other twin. Unlike Lana Lola was much more girly, dressing in a pink princess dress with a lighter pink sash, purple gloves that went past her elbows, clip on earrings, tiara, and fake pearl necklace. Her blonde hair though was worn straight.

"Lola dad can't have eggs because he has to watch his cholesterol. You and Lola are six so you don't have to worry and if anything they are good for growing girls like you both" he said as Lola's frown turned to a smile before she joined her sister at the table.

"Then I'd really like sunny side up" Lola said as Naruto nodded and continued making breakfast for his sisters as he could already hear them making their way down the stairs.

"So Lucy, how would you like your eggs?" Naruto asked as he looked behind him to see his Goth 15 year old sister standing there, startling the twins at the table as Lucy looked at him.

Lucy was definitely the most different of his sisters as she wore a black dress that went to a bit around her mid-thigh with a dark purple belt around her waist and a white undershirt that had black stripes on the sleeves. She even dyed her hair black when she was very young and grew it out to where it was now down to her middle of her back, mainly so that she could cover her eyes with her bangs, with a skull hair pin that he had gotten her long ago in her hair. She was also the most stealthy as she seemed to always startle the others by appearing suddenly to them.

"What are the most goth preparation for them?" Lucy asked as Naruto rubbed his chin in thought.

"I guess scrambled as the egg is cooked and torn apart to be scrambled" he said as a slight smile grew on her face.

"Perfect" she said as he chuckled and continued to cook the breakfast before he heard a familiar happy squeal and braced himself as another of his sisters ran to hug him, this one not hitting his legs as this sister was one of the older ones.

"Leni, dear, do be careful about hugging me when I'm cooking" Naruto said as he patted his sister's arms as she continued to hug and nuzzle her head against his back.

"Sorry Naruto but I wanted to say good morning to my big bro" Leni said with smile before she let go and let him turn around before hugging him again.

Leni, while being 16 years old, was definitely the most young at heart of the older half of siblings. She also always gave him a hug every time she saw him again after being away for more than an hour. Not that he minded since she was his sister.

While she acted young her appearance made it clear she was older for sure. For her age of 16 she was just below Lori in height and ahead of her in breast size. The only reason he knew that was because of Leni being as innocent as she is told him excitedly as to her it was her first time winning against Lori. Thankfully she only proved it by showing him her and Lori's bras, showing Leni was a bigger D cup than Lori, and not the other way she could have.

Leni had pale blonde hair with side-swept bangs, commonly wearing a frilled turquoise dress, red hoop earrings, white sandals, and a pair of white sunglasses on top of her head.

"That's fine just be careful" he said with a chuckle as he hugged her back, that being the only way to get her to let go of him before she bounced off to join the others at the table. "Also how do you want your eggs Leni?" he asked as she tilted her head in confusion.

"I didn't know it was Easter. Can I paint my eggs blue?" she asked as he chuckled and shook his head.

"Leni sweetie I meant like sunny side up, scrambled, over easy, runny. That kind of stuff" he said as she frowned but it only lasted a second.

"Scrambled please but can I still have them blue?" she asked with an adorable pout that made it impossible to say no to.

"Of course Leni" he said as her pout disappeared and she smiled happily while clapping her hands excitedly.

"Oh you're making eggs!? I have the perfect egg joke, want to hear it?" another one of his sisters said as Naruto sighed and looked over his shoulder.

"You know the rule about jokes early in the morning and while eating Luan" Naruto said as Luan, the comedian of the family, rubbed the back of her head with an embarrassed chuckle.

Luan was 14 years old with brown hair, commonly done in a ponytail held by a yellow scrunchie with braces in place to try and help her teeth. She often wore a white sleeveless shirt and a yellow skirt, yellow socks, and brown shoes with a pink flower on each that matched the one she wore on her shirt that was either real or a prank squirting one that she swapped out on a random basis.

After the third time of someone getting squirted they stopped testing.

"Yeah no jokes while eating because it might make people choke from laughing" Luan said as she gave a little salute before she made her way over to the table. "Oh and can I have my eggs a bit runny?" she asked as Naruto nodded before he felt a tugging at his pants.

"May I borrow an egg for an experiment? I wish to see the makeup of the eggs mother buys" another sister said as he looked down and smiled at Lisa, the second youngest sibling as she was only four years old but she was also the smartest sister of the bunch considering she already has a PhD.

Lisa was short with shaggy brown hair with large glasses that she needed to see. She mainly wore a green turtleneck, red pants, and brown shoes with occasionally a scientist's lab coat over it.

"Sure but you have to eat while you test and no requesting stool samples at the table" he said, silencing her request before she could voice it, making her frown but not.

"Reasonable. I would like mine sunny side up if that is reasonable" Lisa said as she accepted the egg from his hand and he started making hers, already having passed out the food for Lola, Lana, and Lucy.

"Aw dang it, I wasn't first down stairs this time. Guess I need to work on my speed bro" his next sister said as she slid into the kitchen, losing control before he caught her and kept her from crashing into the fridge.

"Easy there Lynn. I'm pretty sure you're fast enough considering you almost face planted the fridge" he teased as he set her down on her feet.

Lynn was definitely the athlete of the family as she played every sport that her school offered and was on every team they had. Like Lana she was a tomboy but definitely knew how to use her being a girl to fire off puppy dog eyes that she commonly used to beg her way into sharing his couch bed whenever she and Lucy got into fights. She was 14 years old and Luan's twin despite them not really being anything alike but that seemed to be a reoccurring theme among the three sets of twins.

She had thick brown hair pulled back in ponytail that reached her mid- back, commonly wearing a red and white jersey with a red '1' on it, red and white shorts, knee high socks, and a pair of cleats.

"So how do you want your eggs?" he asked as Lynn bounced in front of him, showing off her extra energy, before stopping.

"Ooo over easy and extra crispy bacon" Lynn said before she quickly hugged him as thanks and ran off to the table to join the others leaving Naruto to chuckle at her energy this early in the morning.

"Oh so you are up. I was confused since you didn't answer any of my texts" an upset voice said as he saw Lori, the only sister that was older than him, standing with a frown as she was holding the youngest sister in one arm with her phone in her other hand.

Lori was the the oldest sister of 17, a few months older than he was, and the tallest sister but still a few inches shorter than him with large blonde hair that she shared with their mom. She wore a light blue tank top, brown rather short cargo shorts and a pair of blue slip on shoes.

The giggling baby in her hand was Lily and the youngest sister at only 15 months old. She only wore a diaper and only had a tuft of blonde hair on her head.

"Oh dang I'm sorry Lori I must have left it downstairs as it died last night and I passed out before I could charge it" Naruto said as Lori's frown lessened and she nodded before walking over to hand Lily over to him as the baby had been fussing in her arms to get to Naruto.

"It's okay but I expect extra bacon and some scrambled eggs as an apology" Lori teased as she set up Lily's chair while Naruto chuckled and nodded, making Lily giggle as he lightly bopped her nose.

"Deal" he said with a smirk as he put the happy Lily in her seat before giving Luan and Lisa's eggs as well as Leni her special blue eggs. "Yours, Lynn's, and Lily's should be out soon. All I need is Luna and Lincoln to come down and place their orders" he said as Lori nodded and sat down at the table closest to Lily to keep the giggling baby calm as they waited before pulling her phone out to text again.

"Did I hear someone say my name?" a girl asked as Naruto felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and a head rest on his shoulder.

The girl was the last of his sisters Luna. She was 15 years old and best described as a rocker, her outfit consisting of a pair of paper clip earrings, purple shirt that had a torn lower neckline and a skull on the front, a plaid purple skirt, a grey belt, and purple high boots. Her hair was brown and short with a pixie cut, the freckles on her cheeks most likely raised up as he could feel her smiling as she rested her head on his shoulder. She was also Lucy's twin and continued to follow the whole 'twins are not alike' pattern that this family had going on.

"Just in time for breakfast, what do you want Luna?" he asked as he reached back behind him, placing his hands on her sides as he rubbed them softly, his way of saying hello since he couldn't turn around and because she was clinging to him.

Luna, along with Leni and occasionally Lori, had to be the sisters that often clung to him although Luna was more so at home than anyone else. She often hung out with him in the basement as she claimed the basement had the best acoustics and because she wanted to play for her biggest fan.

"You know how I like it so just let me stay here as I'm still tired" Luna said with a slight purr to her tone as she almost swayed under his touch. He could even hear bits of her 'British accent' coming through, something that only happened whenever she listened to music she really loved or was really happy and relaxed. Though her 'purrs' only came out when they hung out and relaxed together which he found funny.

"Okay but you can't eat on my shoulder and I'm not feeding you….again" Naruto said as he took his hands off her, chuckling at her whine, before he went back to cooking. "Hopefully Lincoln comes back as I want to make my food soon" he added as Lori helped him get the other food to the table as she knew how unmovable Luna was early in the morning especially when Luna found him to cling to.

"I'm here, I'm here! Is there still bacon?" a boy yelled as he quickly slid into the kitchen, panting in exhaustion.

"Great timing Lincoln and yes there is. How do you want your eggs" Naruto said as he looked over his unoccupied shoulder to look back at the only other male child in the house besides him.

Lincoln, unlike any of the other siblings, has short white hair while commonly wearing an orange polo shirt, blue jeans and white sport shoes. With him being the only other male sibling in the house Lincoln commonly looked to him for advice or help dealing with the girls in the house. Plus at 13 years old he had the whole puberty thing going on which was extra hell in a house full of girls.

He also had the habit of talking to himself but he wasn't going to judge considering some of the stuff the other girls did

"Scrambled please and thank you" Lincoln said as he slid towards the table. "You see living with 10 sisters gets crazy but at least there is one brother that I can go to" Lincoln said making Naruto chuckle as he let it slide since they all had their quirks.

"Okay Luna you have to let go so we can sit down and eat" he said as Luna groaned and buried her face into his shoulder, not letting go but at least walking with him as he made his way towards the table with the last of the food.

"I don't want to. You can still use your arms and I'll take one arm off to eat. Deal?" Luna said as she moved herself over, still holding onto him but now clinging to his side to allow him to sit down at least.

"No fair, I want to hug big bro as well" Leni whined as she snuck her way under the table and popped back up in the spare seat next to him before hugging on his other side after Lori moved her plate to their side with a chuckle.

"Aww, it's always nice to see you kids getting along" their mother said as she made her way over to pat Naruto on the head.

His mom, Rita Loud, was the 'in charge' parent between her and dad. She commonly wore a pink shirt with a white collar and cuffs and purple pants with her blonde hair being a shorter style similar to Lori's, something the older sister got from their mom.

"Oh and thank you for making breakfast. I expect you'll clean up after you are done eating?" Rita asked as Naruto nodded, making her smile before kissing the top of his head.

"Now don't sit around inside for too long as it is a great day outside" his mom said as she picked up her and their father's meal before making her way back up to her room after all the kids nodded.

Breakfast went by fast, thankfully with not that much of a mess considering everyone was still waking up, and once everyone was done he was stuck with clean up.

Not that he minded since Lynn was helping him a bit, making it into a 'race' of hers which wasn't bad since it got it done faster. "So Bro I hear you got this new sports game a few days ago. Are you ready to get demolished in it?" Lynn teased as she swung her hip into his to playfully shove him as their hands were full with dishes.

"Oh really? Seems like someone needs to be knocked down a few notches. Bring it little lady and you'll see why I'm the game master of this house" he teased as Lynn chuckled and started to speed up.

"Just watch, when I win you'll have to do whatever I ask for a reward. One of these days I'll win an order and not have to listen to me" Lynn teased as since she liked to make everything into a challenge or a sport she also liked to have a prize for winning. They both decided to make the prize one free order that the winner can give the loser and can't refuse.

Naruto commonly used it to get her to help him with his chores while Lynn made him wear a matching jersey as her 'number one fan' or hold a sign at her games - which he still did even if she didn't order him to. All in all it was friendly sibling competition that his parents actually encouraged since it helped Lynn expel some of her competitive drive in a healthy way instead of challenging everyone around the house at whatever they were doing.

"Done! Come on let's play!" Lynn said as she quickly put the last dish in the dishwasher and immediately started to pull at his arm and drag him down stairs to his room.

Lynn was speedy as she quickly turned on his TV and game system, handing him the controller before he even had made it over to his couch that she was excitedly waiting on, bouncing in excitement to play and try and win against him.

"Okay, okay. Calm down there Lynn" he said with a chuckle as he ruffled his sister's hair with a smirk, making sure to plug his phone in before sitting down beside her as she smiled and quickly started a match of the football game he had gotten.

The game though was mainly for her since he liked to get games that he could enjoy with his siblings from sport games for Lynn to music games for Luna and others for his other sisters and brother in between.

Which were all paid for by his part time job.

As the game went on, while Lynn was great at real football, he always had the advantage when it came to games. It always was close but in the end he won with Lynn grumbling next to him with an adorable pout on her face.

"Fine I lost, what do you want?" Lynn asked as Naruto's smirk made her shiver as it reminded her of Luan on April Fool's Day. Thankfully for her though her brother was tame with the 'order' only making her wear Luan's clown wig and nose until dinner. Though that didn't mean it wasn't still an embarrassing punishment.

"Hey Naruto, I'm heading to the mall do you want to…" Lori said as she came down the stairs only to stop near the end as she smirked at Lynn who frowned and glared up at her.

"What is it?" Lynn asked with a glare before Lori chuckled.

"Well it's clear to see who won the little match" Lori said, ignoring Lynn's angry grumbles before turning to Naruto. "I was going to head to the mall to pick something up and was wanting to see if you wanted to come along" Lori said as Naruto rubbed his chin in thought before nodding.

"Sure I'll tag along as there are some things I could get while there" he said as he got up from the couch and turned around to ruffle Lynn's wig with a smile. "And that leaves little miss here time to practice" he added as Lynn gained a fire in her eyes before turning back to the tv to practice, allowing him to pick up his phone and head up the stairs to follow Lori.

"That should keep her occupied until we get back" he said to Lori, them both chuckling as they knew how determined Lynn could get when she wanted to get better at something or win.

"Thanks for coming with me, I just find it so boring to drive alone at times" Lori said as they left the house and got into the car. "Plus since you know most about games to get a replacement for Lincoln's game visor thing that I accidentally stepped on when I was on the phone with a friend" Lori said as Naruto held his hand on his chest with a gasp.

"Poor little guy, that is like losing a leg or something" he said as Lori rolled her eyes and playfully shoved him with a smirk as she started to reverse out of the driveway.

"Only you would think that with the amount of games you have" she teased as he crossed his arms.

"Oh like you wouldn't feel the same if something happened to your cell phone?" he asked as she slowly stopped reversing before turning to him slowly, the look of death in her eyes making him scoot away from her to preserve his life.

"Don't even joke about that" she whispered out before he quickly nodded, somewhat sweating as Lori could still be scary at times and her wrath was not something to joke about. "Good so we better hurry to the mall" Lori said, completely turning 180 degrees personality wise and pulling out on the road and towards the mall.

Naruto smiled as he and Lori drove, their drives always being relaxing and fun as with Lori being the oldest and him the second oldest they often were able to relax around each other when the others got too much.

"I'm curious why you haven't tried for your license yet Naruto. I mean you are old enough to try. Or is it that you just like spending time with your big sis?" she teased with a smirk as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Well yeah I enjoy spending time with you but also I just never had a need to since you seem to enjoy driving and are willing to drive everyone where they need to go" he said, unaware of the usual tasks she made the others do for her when they wanted a ride.

"Plus you are a great driver so I feel safe with you" he said with a smile as he watched her drive, looking at how well she drove the car from her hands on the wheel to her feet work with the pedals. He was unaware that he was staring at his sister's thighs as he thought over how good of a driver she was which made the eldest sister smile at.

"Gee Naruto you going to keep staring at my thighs and legs like that?" Lori teased as she slowly slid one of her hands up her thigh, making Naruto's cheeks darken in a blush before he opened and closed his mouth, stuttering as he tried to explain himself before she cut him off with a laugh.

Naruto frowned a bit embarrassed before he crossed his arms and looked away. "I wasn't being a creep or anything as I was just watching you drive...though you do have nice legs" he muttered, not noticing the blush now on Lori's face before she cleared her throat and playfully shoved him.

"Relax I know you were just watching me drive silly. Though thank you for the compliment since Mom always says a compliment to a pretty lady always brightens up their day" she said with a happy smile as they continued their way to the mall.

Their mall shopping trip was quick as they only came so Lori could buy a replacement visor for Lincoln, Naruto there to make sure she got the right one, and for other things Naruto saw around that were on sale that some of his sisters or one brother might like.

He didn't mind coming along for a quick visit like that or any mall trip that his sisters wanted to go on as his sisters around his age from Lynn to Lori commonly got hit on by boys at the mall. Though with him around the boys mainly seemed to back off. That and he enjoyed spending time with his family as much as he could.

As they arrived back at home, their drive back being peaceful as they talked and listened to music on the radio, he patted Lori on the back with a smile. "I'm going to check up on Lynn to make sure she isn't getting too into and upset at the game. I hope Linc isn't too upset that you broke his game now that you got him a new one" Naruto said as Lori nodded, understanding how sometimes Lynn got too into sport games which resulted in yelling and her being upset.

"Yeah best to keep an eye on her and pull her away if she gets too bad" Lori said with a chuckle as she headed up the stairs and he made his way down to his room.

Instantly he was glad that Lynn wasn't yelling or seemingly upset as she mashed buttons on the controller, looking incredibly focused as she worked to win. She didn't even seem to notice him as he walked into the room and stood behind her behind the couch.

A smirk grew on his lips as he got an idea before leaning down, softly putting his hands on the back of the couch before lowering his head to her level. He struggled not to laugh as he took a slow breath in before quickly blowing at her ear, making Lynn let out a noise that was a mix of a squeak, scream, and gasp that made it impossible for him not to laugh at.

"N-Naruto?! W-What was that for?" Lynn asked, her voice trying to sound angry but the blush and pout on her face as she covered her ear with her hand not matching all that well.

"Sorry you were just so into the game that I couldn't pass it up" he said with a chuckle, pulling off the wig and nose as he figured she wore it long enough especially after what he just did. "So how are you doing on the game?" he asked as he sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to him with a smile.

Lynn pouted a bit more before sitting next to him and her pout changing to a smile as she pointed to screen with a smug look. "Pretty good considering I beat your high score!" she said as she moved over to the scoreboard to show her name at the top.

"Wow! Nice job there Lynn" he said with a smile as he draped her arm over her shoulder and gave her a one armed hug that made her smile happily before someone quickly ran down the stairs of his room.

"Naruto! I need your help!" Lincoln yelled as he rushed in front of him and started pulling at his sleeve making Lynn frown as his arm left her.

"Whoa. Easy there Lincoln what's wrong and where's the fire?" Naruto asked with a raised brow as his brother continued to pull at his sleeve although unable to pull him up from the couch.

"Lori! Distract! Life and death! Human pretzel!" Lincoln yelled, confusing Naruto and Lynn only more before Naruto sighed and stood up, surprising Lincoln which caused him to fall back onto the floor.

"Okay, okay. Relax little bro just tell me what I need to do" Naruto said as Lincoln looked at him with glistening eyes with tears that he hoped were of joy.

"Distract Lori!" Lincoln said before running up the stairs and out of the basement leaving him and Lynn behind to follow.

"Well I'm going to go shoot some hoops before dinner as beating your high score got me all energized" Lynn teased as Naruto chuckled and ruffled her hair before she ran off to the backyard before he made his way to the living room just as Lori came in through the front door with a groan.

"Did mom send you out on an errand?" Naruto asked as Lori nodded before collapsing down on the couch with another groan.

"Yes, like almost immediately after I got upstairs. At least I can relax now" she said as she turned her head over so she could look at him. "What about you, how was Lynn?" she asked as he walked over, sitting on the arm of the couch, and chuckled.

"She was good, wasn't raging but she beat my high score so now she's out back working off the rest of her energy" he said as he could hear her whooping over probably throwing a good shot.

"Want to watch some TV with your big sis and relax?" Lori asked as she sat up and patted the spot on the couch next to her before Naruto smiled and sat down, making her smile as she grabbed the remote.

"Great! There is this one show that is coming on soon that I wanted to show you" Lori said as she scooted closer to him, leaning against him with a smile before he draped his arm over her shoulder with a smile.

"Is it one of those fashion competition shows?" he asked as Lori nodded with a happy smile.

"You know it and don't worry I'll be able to explain it well enough for you to follow" Lori said before she reached into her pocket, most likely to grab her phone until she frowned, remembering that she left it upstairs.

"Wait I got to get my phone. Stay right here I'll be right back" Lori said quickly, already having ran up the stairs by the time she finished, leaving Naruto no time to stop her to buy Lincoln any time for whatever he was doing.

Though from the sounds of Lori yelling at Lincoln to get out of her room it seemed he didn't succeed.

"I swear that little twerp doesn't understand not to go in my room" she grumbled as she came down the stairs, texting on her phone before she plopped back down next to him and moved his arm to drape over her shoulder again.

"Now come on, it's about to start" she said with a smile as she turned on the TV and shifted around to get comfy by his side while they watched TV.

For Naruto, while the show wasn't his thing, spending time with his sisters was. He even went along with the selfies that Lori kept wanting during the commercials and even set one of them as the contact photo for Lori on his phone after she poked at him to do it with a smile on her face.

He couldn't help but smile as he rubbed Lori's arm, making her smile and scoot closer to him before she was basically cuddling up to his side to get really comfortable. This wasn't an odd sight given being the tallest member of the family and a boy a lot of his sisters used him as a 'pillow' of sorts to cuddle with on the couch - even the straight faced Lucy at times.

Time always seemed to pass quickly when he relaxed and spent time with his sisters as, to his and Lori's surprise, dinner came faster than expected. The day had been moderately uneventful but sometimes in a house with 12 kids that was a good thing.

After helping his parents get some of the kids in bed, mainly Lola, Lana, and Lily, but once they were down he was able to relax in his room and finish a bit of homework that was given to him yesterday.

Though before he could work too much on it he caught the sound of a soft knock at his door. 'I wonder which sister it is this time' he thought with a chuckle as it wasn't out of the ordinary for a sister or two to sneak out and come to him. Most of the time they came because of bad dreams or because their roommate was noisy in their sleep and he didn't mind letting them sleep with him as his bed was massive and being there for his sisters made him feel like a good big brother.

As he opened the door he smiled as both Lucy and Luna stood at the door, both holding a pillow in their arms while he was thankful he chose to wear a thin t-shirt tonight as it was a bit colder tonight.

"Lynn is snoring again and I like the basement so can I sleep down here? It makes me feel closer in the earth like I'm almost buried" Lucy said as she looked at him before he patted her head.

"Go on and lay down, I'll be there in a second" he said as his goth sister slipped past him down the stairs and he turned to Luna, crossing his arms and leaned against the doorframe with a smirk.

"And what about you my most frequent visitor?" he teased as she rolled her eyes and pushed her pillow into his face.

"Ha ha, not my fault since Luan keeps telling terrible jokes in her sleep and laughing at all of them. I swear they get worse when she's asleep" Luna said as she pulled the pillow back and crossed her arms, still holding her pillow in her hand. "So can I sleep down here with you and I guess Lucy?" Luna asked as he nodded and stepped to the side to let her in with a smile.

"Sure, come on. Thankfully my bed is big enough for three" he said as Luna smiled and followed him down to see Lucy already seemingly asleep on the left side of the bed covered by his blanket.

They were careful getting on the bed, Naruto choosing to sleep in between Lucy and Luna, before Lucy turned over and hugged into his arm with a slight smile while Luna decided to hug onto the side of his chest - causing him to drape his arm around her - before both of his sisters closed their eyes.

As he drifted off to sleep he softly chuckled at being used as a pillow to sleep but enjoyed it. It made him feel like a good big brother to be there for his sisters since to him family meant everything.

And it always would.

-Chapter End-

*EDIT* As of 1/27/19 I made some changes to fit in some girls into the pair as in aging up a few of them. I made Lucy much older, Lynn a tiny bit older, and some of them twins. This will make things easier I feel and allow for some sisters/girls who were unusable in pairings to be able to be used*

Okay some of you are probably wondering "Why are you posting more stories when you have ones needing to be updated?" and the answer is because this account has no schedule AND recently my drive to write has been taking hits.

Working on new stories seems to recharge my batteries a good bit so I want to do it on this account since I have the freedom to do so.

Doesn't mean I have abandoned any of my stories on here, it's just with how I have been recently I need to let my drive heal before I focus on those.

I hope you all understand and like this and the other story I just posted

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