Love is Loud

Chapter 3

-Few Days since Last Chapter-

"I hate your alarm Naruto so much! I was having the perfect dream" Luna groaned out as she leaned over Naruto to turn off his alarm, falling on top of him after silencing the alarm, her head face down beside his with her arms now wrapping around his chest.

"Mmmm you see bro? This is so much better" Luna purred out, his hands going to her back to rub it softly which only made her purr more and nuzzle her face in the crook of his neck.

"As much as being lazy in bed all morning sounds great we can't, we have school" he said as he patted her back, making her groan loudly and mumble something he couldn't quite catch into his neck.

"Fine! Stupid school interrupting a perfectly good morning" Luna grumbled out as she sat up and put her hands on his bare chest as she arched her back to pop out the kinks in it. "There's always the weekend for lazy mornings spent in bed" she told him, smiling down at him, slowly trailing a finger down his chest a bit before she moved both hands up to quickly ruffle his hair, making him smile up at her with his eyes closed.

She had to really push herself to get off of him, finding it annoying to pull herself away as she enjoyed cuddling up to him far too much. Especially when he was shirtless.

"Trust me I know, there is always at least one sister in here like that" Naruto said as he sat up, watching Luna throw her legs over the side of the bed and stand up.

"I know, I always try and be at least one of the two sisters that are down here given the 'only two at a time' rule mom set up to keep this place from being too crowded" Luna said, still annoyed of that rule at times as it meant if she wasn't quick enough, and if it wasn't a special occasion, she couldn't get a place on her 'second bed', something she called Naruto's bed due to how much she crashed on it.

"Yeah well you are the most consistent crasher tied with Lucy and Lynn" Naruto said as he noticed Luna's smirk on her face.

"Good! Who knows maybe I'll eventually be able to sneakily move my things in here I mean I already got some clothes down here" Luna teased, looking through his wardrobe and the drawers on the inside before pulling out an outfit of hers.

"You and like half of the sisters all do. I limit it to one or two outfits per sister so I can still have room in there for my clothes" he said as given he shared his room with the washer and dryer it made it easier for them to sometimes just leave their clothes down here at times.

"Yeah, thankfully no one else goes through it or else they might question all the panties you have~" Luna teased him, wiggling a pair of purple panties at him and smirked at him over her shoulder.

"True that would be an odd conversation but given our family I doubt anyone would be shocked to see things mixed up" Naruto chuckled, looking away with a blush as even if they were his sister's panties they were still a girl's panties.

"Well I'm going to go change, don't fall back asleep on me or I'll be really annoyed" Luna told him with a chuckle and a joking glare as she took her clothes and headed upstairs to change in her room.

'At least it's Friday' Naruto thought to himself, getting up off his bed as he also popped his joints and quickly got dressed. He was still waking up as he stepped out of the basement, seamlessly walking through the chaos that was his house in the morning as he had several years of practice with it.

"Mom where's my shoes!?" Lana yelled as she ran through the house before looking under the couch.

"Check near the backdoor, you took them off there when you came back in from playing in mud" Naruto yelled to his younger sister as he started to pour himself a bowl of cereal once the milk was put back down and quickly handed it off to another sister who wanted it.

"Thanks Naruto!" Lana yelled back before he heard her run off somewhere else to get ready.

"Getting ready in our house is always chaotic but if there is one person who can help with getting everything together then its Naruto. He seems to know where everything is" Lincoln said, once again narrating before Naruto walked over and ruffled his hair while he held his bowl in his other hand.

"Cause I know what to look out for and notice as our house is always a chaotic mess in the morning little bro" Naruto said before he kept walking through the chaos before he sat down at the table.

"Hey, hey Naruto? What do you do when the light suddenly turns red?" Luan asked as she quickly ran up to his side, bouncing excitedly and seemingly having rushed to him the second she thought he was up given her hair wasn't even done yet.

"I don't know Luan, what do you do when the light suddenly turns red?" he asked, smirking a bit as the look on her face showed she was really proud of this one.

"You 'break-fast'! Get it?!" Luan said, bursting into laughter herself as people around her groaned but he couldn't help but laugh a bit at it.

"Okay I'll admit that was actually pretty good but turn around so I can do your hair for you" Naruto said before Luan put her hands on her head, feeling the back of it before smiling as she seemingly didn't even notice she had forgotten to do her hair.

"Guess I forgot, I was just really in a hurry since I just thought of that one and knew it was perfect" Luan said as she sat down in the chair next to him, handed him her yellow scrunchie and he picked up a brush and started to brush her hair for her.

"It's fine, wouldn't be the first time a joke made you forget something" he told her, continuing to brush her hair before he helped her put it in a ponytail for her.

"Thanks Naruto" Luan said as she turned around and hugged him with him hugging her back.

"Luan?" Naruto asked, stopping her as he raised an eyebrow at her with a smirk as she tried to walk off before she turned back with a seemingly innocent smile.

"Yes big bro?" she asked with her hands behind her back and her head tilted to the side, trying her best to look innocent and cute before Naruto pointed behind him with his thumb.

"Please take this off of me" he asked her, getting her to frown and snap her fingers with a 'tsk'.

"Dang it, I thought I finally got you this time" Luan grumbled before she removed a 'Kick Me' sign off his back and crumbled it up.

"Luan that is the oldest trick in the book, a book I showed you. You are going to have to try harder than that" he told her as she pouted and crossed her arms.

"I'll get you one day, I'll show you" she said before he hurried off, not noticing the 'Kick Me' sign on her own back.

'She has a while to go before she challenges a master' Naruto thought chuckling to himself before he heard the running of someone else and a person crashed into him to hug him.

"Good morning Naruto!" Leni said excitedly, giggling as she nuzzled against his back and hugged him tight.

"Good morning Leni but be careful running in the house like that, okay?" he told her before blushing as she hugged him tighter as he felt something, something he shouldn't be feeling if Leni was wearing something she was supposed to be.

"U-Um Leni? Not to be weird or anything but are you wearing a bra?" Naruto whispered to her, looking over his shoulder before she let him go, allowing him to turn around to face her as she tilted her head to the side with her normal cute innocence.

"What? Of course I am. See?" Leni said with a giggle as she started pulled down the neckline of her dress a bit, making Naruto's eyes turn wide given he knew she wasn't, before another set of hands stopped her.

"Leni! Thank god I got here in time! Naruto is right, you did forget your bra, you left it on your bed" Lori said as she was somewhat panting, most likely from running downstairs to stop her sister, speaking in a whisper for the last part so no one overheard.

"Oh! I'm sorry" Leni said with her ever gentle smile, not reacting to the fact she almost flashed him her breasts. "I guess I'll go put it on" she added before getting up and walking upstairs.

"God, I love Leni but sometimes I swear she'll be the cause of me getting gray hairs before I turn 18" Lori said with a groan as she sat down in the chair next to him and collapsed onto the table a bit. "Glad I got here in time or you would have seen more of Leni then you ever expected" she added, smirking over at him as she nudged his leg with hers.

"Yeah I was frozen as she was pulling down her neckline, one of those deer in headlight moments" he told her, smirking back at her as he nudged her back with his leg.

"I bet" Lori retorted with a chuckle before she frowned. "Actually, I should probably go check on her and make sure she puts it on. Can you help get the kids in the van?" she asked before Naruto nodded, having finished his cereal.

"Sure thing as I am pretty good at it" he teased her a bit before he put his bowl in the sink and cleared his throat.

"Okay everyone! Last call! We are off to school so finish up now and meet by the door, no excuses!" he said in a loud tone, not yelling, as he made his way towards the door.

"Aww I was so close to beating my hackie sack record" Lynn whined out as it fell on the floor, making her frown up at him before he ruffled her hair.

"There is always time for that later okay? Please don't play with it on the way to the car either" he told her, picking it up and handing it to her as she pocketed it and nodded with a smile.

"Fine but after school you have to watch me break my record. Its only fair" she said, making Naruto roll his eyes while he couldn't help but smirk.

"Fine, I'll watch it just get your butt to the van" he told her, gently tapping her butt with the side of his foot, getting her to stick her tongue out at him teasingly and running off to the car as Naruto stood by the door and watched as one by one he watched his sisters, and brother, walk out.

Some of them were chuckling and giggling to themselves as they noticed Luan's Kick Me sign, smirking his way as they knew it was him who did it. He knew they'd take it off and show it to her once the youngest kids arrived at their school as they wouldn't actually let her get potentially kicked or laughed at like that by other people.

"Okay I got her and this time she is definitely wearing it, don't show him" Lori said as she guided Leni towards the door, lightly slapping her hand when she went to pull down her neckline again.

"Right, like don't show people my bra. I'll remember for sure next time" Leni said as she slapped her forehead with her hand while Lori rolled her eyes and continued to guide her to the van with Naruto following them once he made sure the house was locked.

The drive to school was as calm as a van full of a bunch of kids could be although Lori always did a great job to keep everyone under control to a point where they weren't too wild. Once the kids were dropped off at the elementary school, or middle school in Lincoln's case, the ride to the high school was much more relaxing.

"So today is a half day right?" Luna asked as she hopped out of the van, stretching before putting her hands behind her head as if she was relaxing with a smirk.

"Yeah, mainly just have to stick around for the pep rally and then we are free" Naruto told her as Lynn was the next to hop out of the van.

"You'll be cheering when I come out with my team right?" Lynn asked as she looked around, already messing around with her hackeysack again.

"Of course we will, we always do don't we?" Naruto said, smirking as he kicked his foot up, stealing her hackeysack and kicked it around a bit before they started to kick it back and forth a bit.

"Sigh. These things always so bright and loud. The sooner its over the better" Lucy droned out a bit as Naruto frowned and rubbed her back.

"It won't be so bad, at least I don't think so. If you really wanted to you could go under the bleachers with Haiku and your friends" he suggested before Lucy shook her head.

"Despite my dislike towards it I prefer to stay near family. Makes it more tolerable" Lucy added as Naruto gave her a one armed hug with a smile, happy to see she chose family first.

As they started to walk towards the school Naruto perked up a bit as he saw a familiar figure running their way with a smile.

The girl was Sam, a friend of his and Luna's and also a lover of rock like her. She had light blonde hair with a teal streak in the front with green eyes and pierced ears. She very much fit the rocker look with a white t-shirt with the RAF on it, a light blue leather jacket that had a skull patch on the back, purple ripped jeans, a black studded belt, and dark purple boots.

"Hey guys, morning" Sam said with a smile as she waved to them as the Louds piling out of the van was something she always could find early in the morning.

"Morning Sam, I'm going to go catch up with Carol and Bobby. I'll meet up with you at the assembly, okay?" Lori asked before he nodded, her giving him a quick hug before she walked off, his other sisters except for Luna doing the same, Lynn throwing in a slug to his arm, shortly after.

"So with it being a half day what are you guys planning to do after school lets out? I ask cause some of the guys were talking about having a jam sesh as a few of them got some new amps" Sam said, smiling as while rocking out wasn't Naruto's thing like it was hers or Luna's he was still really skilled with a guitar given Luna's given him a lot of lessons. "Plus I got a new pick that reminds me of you" she added, pulling out an orange pick that had a bit of a yellow tip to it and handing it to him.

"Aw that's cute," Naruto said with a chuckle as took it from her hand and looked it over before handing it back "and it's tempting but I'll think about it. Luna I'm sure will want to go so if I don't I'm sure one of us will go" he added, bumping his shoulder against his sister's as he knew better than anyone how almost impossible it was to keep Luna from a jam sesh.

"You sure bro? It's always killer when we get to rock out together" Luna said as she draped her arm over his shoulder, smiling as she poked him in the stomach to try and urge him along to say yes.

"We'll see as my boss had a worker text me about possibly picking up a shift so until later I'm kind of in a limbo" Naruto said as he grabbed her hand and gave it a squeeze, trying to show her he'd love to but was unsure.

"Ah always the responsible kind, girls really like that in a guy" Sam told him as she nudged him with her elbow with a smile while Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Yeah I wish any girl who is interested in me with 10 sisters all around me, majority of which are rather protecting" he said before feigning a fake cough as he said Lori and Luna in between coughs. Some weren't bad at all like Luan, Lana, Lisa, and of course Lily, but some were very 'protective' like everyone from Lynn and upwards more or less.

"Dude! I am so not like that" Luna said, pouting as Naruto and Sam looked at her with a look as if they didn't believe her one bit. "W-Well, at least I'm not as bad as Lori…." she added, looking away with a slight blush on her face as with them looking at her like that it was impossible for her to really deny it.

"Aw don't worry about it Luna, you and Lori mean well. It makes me happy knowing I have people looking out for me" he told her, draping his arm over her shoulder before ruffling her hair with a smile which only made her blush increase.

"Come on bro, we don't want to be late" Luna said as she quickly slipped out of his arms and started to speed walk in front of him.

"Who knew Luna was the punctual type" Naruto told Sam, a bit confused as he followed after Luna, missing the sigh and shaking of Sam's head before she followed after them. "But you know if I can't make it today I know I'm off Sunday so you could always come hang out with me and Luna to jam since I'm told my bedroom has some killer acoustics" he added, smiling behind him at Sam as she trailed a bit behind him.

"Sure, private jam sessions are even more fun" Sam said, smiling happily with a light blush as even if she couldn't hang out with him today she now had Sunday to look forward to.

The pep rally, like all pep rallies, was loud beyond belief as he sat with his sisters and a mismatch group of their and his friends all around them. It was common for things like this as this was one of the few times all their groups were seen together.

"Ugh, these things are always so boring!" Naruto groaned out, as with Lynn's team leaving the gym that had been the only part to really pay attention to, before leaning back on his bleacher seat and against Lori's legs as he tilted his head back to look up at her.

"Tell me about it" Lucy said with a slight frown as she sat next to him as Naruto, while unsure how this always happened, was in the middle with all his sisters around him.

"I know you two, they are literally the worst but it'll be over soon and then maybe we can go to Burpin' Burger before the kids get out of school or something. I know you might be called in but you can do that much at least, right?" Lori told him as she looked down at him, absentmindedly running her hands through his hair and playing with it which was just one of those things that was normal when they were bored and around each other.

"Yeah, I can do at least that much plus a burger sounds great right about now" Naruto said before he frowned as Leni clung to him tighter as she had never been fond of the overly loud noise of the band mixed with how gyms always seemed to make them even louder. "Doesn't that sound good Leni?" he asked her, trying to get her mind off the noise.

"Yeah! A milkshake sounds like totally perfect right now" Leni said, smiling happily as she looked to him and Lori.

"You're right, it does sound perfect" Lori said as she pet Leni's head for a moment before feedback screeched a bit and made everyone in the gym cringe at the sound.

"Okay students! One last thing to announce!" the principal said as she smiled and looked around at them. "I know you all remember the raffle we put together last week where all you had to do was fill out your name with a transcript of your grades given to you by your homeroom teacher showing you had at least an A in four of your classes and you'd be put into a drawing to win a free limo service for a whole day! Well we have the winner!" she said, getting everyone to cheer as everyone who entered was excited and hoping they might be the winner.

"Well I'm happy to announce that the winner is….Naruto Loud!" she announced everyone looking around to find him before he stared wide eyed as everyone looked at him.

"Woo! Way to go bro!" Luan cheered, smacking his back from beside Lori above him, getting him to stand up as he was shocked to be the winner.

He absentmindedly removed the 'Kick Me' sign off him and crumbled it up, not noticing Luan 'tsk'ing again at her failure while the other sisters rolled their eyes at her, as he walked down to the center of the gym. He felt a bit embarrassed with all eyes on him as everyone applauded and cheered him while he made his way down there.

"Congratulations Naruto on winning! Just goes to show you that good grades pay off!" she told the gym of students before leaning over to him and holding the mic away from her a bit. "All you have to do is call the number on the back and pick a day. They told us it was really easy" she told him, smiling at him as she squeezed his shoulder before she handed him an envelope which as he peeked inside, contained a yellow ticket.

"Now let's hear it one more time for Naruto!" the principal said to the students, making them cheer loudly again as he looked up and smiled for a photo with her for the school paper.

He was on autopilot as he walked back to his sisters, all their and his friends congratulating him as he sat back down. "Wow…can't really say this pep assembly is boring anymore can I?" he asked with a chuckle as his sisters chuckled alongside him.

"Wait until mom, dad, and the others hear about this! They literally will not believe it" Lori said, shaking him excitedly as Naruto nodded as Leni grabbed his arm and tugged at his sleeve a bit.

"You'll take us with you, won't you?" Leni asked with a frown as he chuckled and ruffled her hair to get her to stop frowning.

"Of course I will Leni! I'll be taking all my siblings as there is no way I wouldn't enjoy it with all of you" he said with smile before all of his sisters quickly moved in to hug him from all angles, even the stoic Lucy.

The pep assembly was a blur for him after winning the raffle and before he knew it they were at Burpin' Burger as they waited for the kids to get out of school given they had a full day of school unlike them. The majority of the friends from school had left but Sam had asked to tag along until the jam sesh which was more than okay with them.

"I still can't believe you won Naruto! Shame I wasn't in the gym at the time" Lynn said as she tossed her fry into the air before quickly moving her head to catch it in her mouth as after years of practicing and missing she had reached a point where she got them in more often then she missed them.

"So when do you think you are going to use it?" Luan asked, dipping a fry in her milkshake before popping it into her mouth.

"I'm thinking tomorrow honestly. Otherwise I'd be way too excited throughout the week until the next weekend" he told them as he took the pickles off his burger, handing them to Luna, and took a bite of his burger. "Plus I know I'm off tomorrow so it's for the best" Naruto said, pulling out his phone and the ticket as he looked to his sisters, silently asking if they agreed before they all nodded.

The call was easy to make and simple to set up as he chose to have the day start at 8am so it could end at 10pm which allowed for 15 hours to enjoy the limo as given they were kids they couldn't quite use it for a full day. He of course had called his parents beforehand and, like Lori had said, they were beyond surprised but excited that he won and allowed them to stay out until 10. The younger kids which were Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily would have to come home at 7pm for dinner.

"Wait until the little ones hear about this. They are going to flip! It's going to feel like we are rock stars dude!" Luna said as she was practically almost bouncing in her seat from excitement while Naruto already could hear bits of her British accent leaking out. "Hell we could pick up Sam and really get the jams bumping" she added, draping her arm over Sam's shoulder and pulling her in close to her with a large smile on her face.

"Y-You don't have to as isn't this more a family thing?" Sam said, blushing a bit as Luna held her close to her a bit while also leaning her head against hers.

"Oh Sam don't be so nervous you're a friend so you're more than welcome to come along. You'd just have to meet us somewhere that we can pick you up from" Lori said with a smile, trying to ease Sam's worry as she understood how she must be feeling like she was somehow intruding despite being invited by Luna.

"Yeah Sam, it honestly isn't a bother so don't stress out so much, while we do enjoy doing things as a family we don't keep things just to us as the more is always the merrier with the Louds" Naruto told her, smiling at her as she nodded a bit nervously. "Also I'm glad you are so excited Luna but I still want to do things that you and the others want to. I mean I'm not going to hog it nor do I have a bunch of plans so we should easily be able to do some stuff that each of you want to" Naruto told them, allowing Leni to snack on his fries since with his siblings whenever they went out to eat fries were basically shared among all of them.

"Aw you are just too sweet to us Naruto" Lori said as she hugged her brother tightly as he chuckled. "Well whatever we do first is going to be something you want since you did win this" she added, giving him a look that told him not to argue as despite his extreme kindness of letting them each have an activity to do with the limo she was going to make certain he got to enjoy it most of all.

"Oh gosh I just remembered I like need to head to work" Leni said as her phone started to chime, her having set a reminder. She had only just recently gotten a job at the Reininger's Department store, at first the family was worried due to how Leni was but they were confident she could handle it after Naruto had kept an eye on her during one day of her work. "Lori can you drive me there?" she asked, looking to Lori with puppy dog eyes as Lori sighed and set down her drink.

"Also could you drop me off at my gig? I'm booked at the local nursing home as well. I believe its on the way" Luan told her as she too had a job of a comedian and had booked a gig on a half day as it was an extra chance to make some money, although her asking only made Lori groan.

"Fine but are you guys going to come with?" Lori asked before the other siblings looked at each other before Naruto shook his head.

"I'm fine, you can come back once you are done. We'll keep your food safe give or take a few fries plus Burpin' Burger is close to the other schools so it's a great place to wait for the kids" Naruto told her as Luna nodded as well.

"We will hold down the fort big sis!" Luna added with a salute as Lori chuckled as she stood up and grabbed her drink.

"I'll be back in a bit. If the kids show up tell them to be patient and we'll get them something when I get back. Also don't tell them about it until I get back! I want to see the looks on their faces" Lori told them with an excited smile before she left with Leni and Luan, not before each of them gave Naruto a hug.

"You and your siblings really get along. It's so different from me and my brother as we just seem to argue a lot" Sam said as Luna laughed at that and patted her on the back.

"Oh trust me we all argue and fight like crazy, the only one who doesn't seem to do that is Naruto and our parents are thankful for that" Luna said with a chuckle, draping her arm over Naruto's shoulder and pulling him up against her where they were now cheek to cheek.

"Well I just feel you shouldn't fight with family. Plus the most any of them really do is annoy and exhaust me so there is no need to get into a fight" he told Sam, poking Luna's cheek as he draped an arm over her shoulder while Luna couldn't help but smile happily.

"Yes our brother truly is sanctuary in the chaotic world that our family. Plus his room is spooky" Lucy said, making a bat design on her burger as Luna patted Naruto on the back before they pulled apart and Sam chuckled at their interaction as she had been to their house a few times and crazy was an apt description of things in that house.

Sam though had to leave after a bit, their friends coming to pick her up for the jam sesh while Luna decided to stay with Naruto. "So I guess I'll see you tomorrow?" Sam said, still unsure about being invited to the limo drive given she felt like she was intruding on a private family thing.

"Yes you will and stop worrying" Naruto said as he waved her off. "We'll pick you up outside your place or do you have somewhere else better in mind?" he asked before Sam thought for a second and nodded.

"Yeah, it'd be the easiest I guess as long as you are really certain about me coming along" she said as he and Luna groaned.

"Yes we are sure stop worrying so much" Luna said with a chuckle while Sam blushed a bit from embarrassment before going forward to hug the two of them.

"Okay then, thanks and I'll see you tomorrow" Sam said, giving them time to hug her back, before she rushed off to their friend's van and waved one last time to them before getting in.

"Sam needs to seriously chill" Lynn said as they sat back down and snatched up Naruto's soda and taking a sip of it, getting a flat look from Naruto despite him being use to it.

He never understood it but some of his sisters just always seemed to take his drinks, even if they had the same kind or more soda then him. Thankfully refills never cost anything at fast food places.

"Well how would you feel if someone was doing a big family thing and you got invited? You'd feel like the third wheel of sorts, we'll just have to make sure we make her feel welcomed and in place" Naruto said, snatching his soda back as Lynn gave him a smile that showed she was somewhat sorry but he knew she'd still do it again the second he looked away.

He started to feel excited as his siblings started showing up a good bit after Lori returned from dropping Leni and Luan off at their jobs. Once everyone was there he was finally able to reveal the 'surprise' he had told them about.

"No way! You won a limo ride all day Naruto!?" Lincoln asked, standing up excitedly slamming his hands on the table as he looked at him with almost stars in his eyes a bit.

"Yes now sit down before we get kicked out" Lori scolded her before Lincoln quickly sat down with a bit of blush on his face though no one could blame him as everyone seemed excited for it.

"So it is going to be happening tomorrow? Seriously?" Lola asked, clearly as excited as the others as a limo ride was beyond fancy and luxurious.

"Yeah I figured tomorrow would be best as no one works then and mom and dad already gave us the okay. It starts at 8am so we'll have plenty of time to enjoy it so you all need to go to bed early, you got it" Naruto told them, getting nods from everyone.

"So what are we going to do with the limo?" Lana asked as she sprayed a ton of ketchup all over her fries to where it seemed like more ketchup than fries but then again with Lana that wasn't surprising.

"Anything you all want. I want you all to enjoy it as much as I do so while we will start with something I want we will take turns doing stuff all of you want as long as it doesn't take up that much time okay?" he told them before he widened his eyes as he saw all of his siblings from Lincoln and younger dive at him for a hug, knocking him off his chair as he groaned under the mosh pile that was a Loud family hug.

"Ow…maybe I should start wearing a helmet for moments like these" Naruto grumbled out, looking up to Lori and Luna as they merely smirked as they stood above him. He though quickly blushed a bit as Lori moved over to help him as with Luna wearing a skirt he had a clear view up it.

Much like with Leni this morning his eyes were again stuck in a deer in headlights moment where he couldn't look away, noticing she wasn't wearing the pair she put on this morning as these ones were much more 'mature' to where they seemed almost see-through. Thankfully though her skirt kept him from seeing through it and he was able to look away as Lori pulling him up after helping the kids get off him snapped him out of his daze.

"Come on guys, mom has told you all not to dog pile Naruto like that, especially in public or when there is a hard surface under him like tile floors" Lori told them, helping dust Naruto off as Naruto shook his head, trying to shake off the sight he just saw before his siblings grabbed his arms.

"Can we really each do something with limo?" they asked before Naruto gently pulled his arms out of their grasps and ruffled each of their heads with a smile.

"Of course! I'm not going to hog it the entire time" he told them which only made them hug him again, only this time not knock him over.

"Okay, okay, as much as its always sweet to see you all hug on Naruto we do need to finish up eating and go home as mom also said if you don't get your homework done you can't go" Lori said, clapping her hands to get their attention.

Naruto had seen his siblings eat fast but this, this was an entirely different level that had him shocked. By the time they got home all of them rocketed to their rooms, save for Lisa given she had no homework.

"Wow, never seen them move that fast. They must really want to be able to go on the limo ride" his mom said, smiling as she came to give him a hug. "And congratulations on winning your prize sweetie, your father and I are very proud of you for you being rewarded for your good grades" she added while he hugged her back.

"Thanks mom, I'm just surprised I won" he told her before she pulled away a bit, her arms still on his shoulders.

"Honey, you are incredibly lucky. Your father teases about you having the devil's luck all the time as every time I let you spin the wheel at any store's event you always won. I'm just glad you don't abuse it" Rita said, teasing him as she ruffled his hair while wiping a fake tear from her eye that only made him roll his eyes at.

"Yeah dad though says when I turn 21 he's taking me to a casino" Naruto told her, making her laugh a bit and nod.

"Sounds like your father" she said with sigh. "I know they didn't give you homework on a half day but make sure anything else they gave you earlier in the week is done okay?" she added as she wanted to make sure everything was done for him as well.

"Got it though I might be called in, not entirely sure so we'll see" he said as she nodded and patted his cheek.

"Well still, try and get whatever you can, if you have anything, done" she said before letting him head down to his room.

In the end he did get called into work and, like always it was peaceful. When his boss heard about his limo ride he basically begged Naruto to come in to eat with his family with the limo as he knew how much it would boost his store.

Of course he somewhat planned to as his work was one of the few places that could handle the full Louds.

The rest of the day went rather quickly with him returning home, having dinner, and going to bed with no sister bunking with him which was probably due to the fact they were all excited for tomorrow.

In the end he was able to get some sleep before he woke up to his alarm, which he set an hour and a half before limo arrived so he could get breakfast ready for everyone to get the day started off right.

He though found himself having his third 'deer in headlights' moment as he stared at his sister Lori with her shirt off and her bra halfway on where it was covering her breasts but she hadn't put the straps over her shoulders so she was holding it in place with her hands.

Lori was easily described as beautiful and considered as one of, if not the, hottest girl in Royal Woods High. Right now he easily and definitely understood why and how as she stood there, her D cup breasts pressed a bit as she held her bra in place while showing bountiful cleavage due to her bra not being completely on.

"M-Morning N-Naruto" Lori said, her tone shaky but somewhat calm as she stood there frozen, getting him look up from her chest with a dark blush as he nodded stiffly as he too was frozen in place on his bed.

"M-Morning Lori, w-what are you doing here so early?" he asked as he was making a mental and conscious effort not to have his eyes trail down again towards her chest.

"M-My good bra ended up down here so I figured I could change before you woke up. I'm up this early cause I wanted to make sure everything was ready for when we went on the limo, w-why are you up so early?" Lori asked as he coughed into his fist and rubbed the back of his head while he looked away.

"I-I wanted to make breakfast for everyone before they got up" he said which got her to smile a bit.

"W-Well that is very sweet of you Naruto but I shouldn't expect anything different from you" she said, smiling sweetly at him, a blush still on her face from the situation they were stuck in.

Naruto could only nod, not really sure what to say or do as sure he had walked in on sisters in the past but normally it was easy to just turn around and run out while apologizing and it was never this bad before.

Though the second Naruto's eyes trailed down again, looking back at Lori's cleavage he quickly turned around and got off his bead, somewhat startling Lori as he started to walk out. "I'm making breakfast" he said, a bit stiffly before he left and closed the door behind him.

The second the door was closed, unknown to the other, they both squatted down a bit and buried their faces in their hands with blushes that were so dark they turned their ears dark red.

'God what is up with things recently!?' Naruto yelled in his head, a blush still on his face as these weird scenarios just kept happen to him recently and he had no idea why. Leni was easy to chalk up to her being forgetful and innocent but Luna's up-skirt and this just now with Lori wasn't so easily written off.

He tried his best to shake the image of Lori's breasts out of his mind, going to start cooking breakfast for the family and occasionally shaking his head when it started to reappear in his head. He also didn't turn around when he heard his bedroom door open and close as he knew if he looked at Lori right now he'd start to blush and remember again.

It seemed though that the smell of food mixed with the excitement of the limo ride was enough to get all of siblings up by seven. Breakfast was also seemingly devoured as their excitement was making them do everything fast to make sure they were ready by the time the limo showed up.

"Hey Bro! You think I should bring my mini amps for the limo?" Luna asked as she hugged him from behind as he sat at the table, her arms around his neck and her head on top of his.

"Just two, one for you and one for Sam unless you think she'll bring hers" he told her before she nodded and gave him a quick hug.

"Got it, thanks bro!" she yelled as she ran up to her room, weaving through several other running siblings who were all trying to get things ready as the time the limo was supposed to show up at was getting closer and closer.

"Okay girls! The limo is supposed to be showing up in five minutes! Don't forget anything and be ready" Naruto yelled through the house as he leaned against the door as he saw a few sisters like Lori, Luna, Luan, Lisa, and Lily all waiting in the living room while everyone else was still scrambling around to get everything together.

"Hey Naruto?" Lori asked as she walked up to him, a soft blush on her face that he quickly grew as well once looking up at her. "I just wanted to say sorry for this morning. I should have gotten changed in my room" she apologized, whispering as she didn't want anyone to overhear them.

"Don't worry about it really, you had no idea I had an alarm set" he told her before she hugged him, glad he was so understanding and was quick to brush it off.

"Well at least in the end you got to see a real good sight right? Not many have seen that so I hope you liked it~" Lori teased with a smirk, a light blush still on her cheek as she moved to his side and hugged his arm with a smirk.

"I-I-I w-what?" Naruto stuttered out before Lori laughed a bit with a smile while elbowing his stomach playfully.

"Oh relax Naruto, I was teasing you" she said as she gave him a wink and walked off giggling a bit while Naruto crossed his arms and grumbled a bit.

His grumbling was short lived as a fancy honk from outside alerted them that the limo had arrived and no sooner than a second later all of his sisters were excitedly in front of him waiting for him to open the door.

"Okay girls please don't charge in there right away" Naruto said, trying to calm them down as they looked like they were about to explode.

"We won't as we all agreed we'd let you get in first so hurry!" Lola said, pushing him off the door as he chuckled and opened the door.

"Okay, okay Lola, no need to push" Naruto said as he walked out to see a man in a black chauffer suit open the back door to the black limo he had arrived in.

"Good morning sir I'm Kirby your personal chauffer for the day" Kirby said introducing himself as Naruto held out his hand towards him.

"Nice to meet you Kirby but drop the sir stuff, Naruto is fine and personally I'd suggest hiding behind the door" Naruto said, getting a confused look from Kirby as he entered.

Naruto was instantly impressed by the limo, it seeming so much bigger and longer on the inside as he noticed a large assortment of snacks and drinks near one side and what seemed to be a small jacuzzi as well.

As his sisters ran in nearly a second later he was glad Kirby heeded his advice. The second they got in they were swarming the place with Lola jumping into the jacuzzi as she had worn her waterproof dress while Luna quickly figured out how to get the disco ball down from the ceiling as well as the flat screen to slide out from above the jacuzzi along the window. He though chuckled as Luan played peek-a-boo with Lily using the divider screen between the front seats and the back area.

"I want to go pick up my team when it's my turn!" Lynn said as she had her baseball glove on and tossed her baseball into it a few times.

"I want to go to the mall!" Leni said excitedly as Lucy moved down from looking out the window beside her.

"I know a funeral procession we can ride in" Lucy said before Lori sat down beside him in the back and whistled to get their attention.

"Guys, guys, I know you're all excited, trust me I am too, but we agree Naruto first then we all will pick the order of which we go" Lori said, holding up a top hat that she had borrowed from Luan that she had put pieces of folded up paper with numbers 1 to 12 on them as Sam was still coming.

"Okay, so what do you want to do first bro?" Luan asked as she got out of the front seat and sat next to Lily.

"Well before I pick I believe we have to pick up Sam" Naruto told them as Kirby got into the front seat.

"Tell me the address and I'll take you there. I'll even wait to start your timer until we get there as long as it isn't far as I'm so use to driving around snobby guys" Kirby said, tossing off his hat and showing a bit of a Brooklyn accent with his relaxed nature and kind gesture getting them all to smile at him.

"Thanks man! It's real close I promise" Luna said as she slid up to the front and gave Kirby the address for Sam's place and as they pulled up Kirby got out to open the door for Same as she nervously walked into it.

"Wow, this is so cool" Sam said in awe before she set her guitar case down next to Luna's. "Thanks again for letting me come along" she added as Lori gave her a one armed hug as she sat down next to her and Luna.

"Don't worry about it Sam, just enjoy the limo~" Lori said getting Sam to relax a bit before everyone looked to Naruto again. "So bro, where to?" she asked as Naruto rubbed his chin in thought.

"I have somewhere in mind but it ties into where Leni wants to go since the video game shop is in the mall, is that okay?" Naruto asked, getting a gasp of happiness from Leni before he grunted as Leni crashed into him for a hug.

"Oh thank you Naruto, we get to go to the mall~!" Leni said with stars in her eyes as she hugged and nuzzled against him.

"Well with that I can't say no but that means Leni is sharing her turn with you" Lori said before Lisa softly cleared her throat.

"With there being 12 of us as I am not counting Lily which then becomes 11 considering how Leni and Naruto are sharing their turn. That gives us each roughly 81 minutes of the 900 minutes we are given for our turns if we plan to use the whole allotted time like I figure Leni will" Lisa said as every looked to each other.

"Well I was planning for my turn to be used for dropping me off at a pageant with you all picking me up afterwards. I want the limo to intimidate all my competition!" Lola said with a slightly evil laugh while Lisa nodded along.

"I too had a similar plan as I am scheduled to give a lecture at the university and was wishing to be dropped off only to be picked up after. I feel a limo would give those attending a feel for how important I am" Lisa said, adjusting her glasses as she looked to the others.

"With my team we do have a game so I guess I'm in the same boat of wanting to be picked up later but I want to pick them up as well. I kind of asked mom to call my coach beforehand. I figured it'd really pump up and boost morale and also intimidate the other team" Lynn said with a slight nervous smile due to not asking if she could do something like this beforehand as Naruto chuckled and ruffled her hair to show it was okay.

"So there will be eight people using the limo for actual things and not just being dropped off. Got it, how much time does that give everyone?" Luna asked as she turned to Lisa.

"Roughly 112 and a half minutes each or 1.8 hours each and that's if we are going with the estimate of everyone using the full time which I doubt we will" she explained as Lori waved her hands.

"It doesn't matter, let's just enjoy the time and not go counting minutes. Lisa, Lynn, and Lola just tell us when your events are and we can easily fit them in, right?" Lori asked as Naruto nodded.

"Of course so Kirby, if you would be so kind, start the timer and off to Royal Woods Mall" Naruto said as Kirby gave a salute and started a timer over his radio that had 15 in the hour slot.

"Sure thing pal, off we go!" Kirby said while everyone cheered as the limo drove on.

"I seriously can't believe this, it is so cool!" Lincoln said with an excited smile as Lola got out of the jacuzzi with Leni handing her a towel.

"Well believe it little bro cause this will one day be my life when I make it big~" Luna said as she pumped her fists into the air, her hands doing the 'rock on' symbol. "And when it is I'll invite you all along whenever you want" she added with a smile which got everyone to smile as well since they all believed in each other's dreams.

"Well us both in a way" Sam said as she too dreamt of being a rock star.

"Maybe you and Luna will end up in a band together. I wouldn't doubt it since you both are great musicians and singers" Naruto told them, making Sam blush a bit and smile as Luna grew a massive smile.

"Ah it always makes me happy to see my number one fan believe in me" Luna teased as she blew him a kiss.

"We've arrived at Royal Woods Mall everybody" Kirby said as Lana looked out the window.

"Whoa that was fast!" she said before Kirby chuckled and opened the door for them.

"You'd be how little traffic there is for a limo, it comes in handy" Kirby told them with a wink as they walked out.

"Actually do you think I could get dropped off at my lecture? It is quite soon" Lisa said, looking to Naruto who nodded.

"Sure thing, I'll drop you off and come right back. Does that sound good Naruto?" Kirby asked while Naruto nodded again.

"It's totally fine as I feel you'll be back before we even get out. Just be sure to call me when you need to be picked up and enjoy the empty limo" Naruto told her ruffling her hair as she smiled softly with a nod.

"Of course brother" she said as Kirby closed the door and went back to the driver's seat.

"Well? Lets enjoy the mall as limo riders" Naruto said as the siblings cheered and all rushed into the mall.

Going to the mall while having ridden in a limo was a bit different from just normally going to the mall as the second they showed up they had people whispering and trying to make things easiest for them. It even somehow got him a discount on all the games he was buying which of course prompted him to get a few more games that he had his eye on but had originally decided to hold off on.

With how this went he had decided to go into the computer store and check out some things there, getting the parts he needed for his computer at insanely cheap prices which was amazing given the normal price those parts usually were.

It felt a bit odd but also nice even if he knew it was only because of the limo but it was something to enjoy while he had it.

"Dude, Sam and I just got a discount at the music shop for like everything we wanted and a few things they gave to us for free! Is being in a limo awesome or what!?" Luna said as she and Sam had bags in their hands.

"Same here, this was the best shopping I've ever had!" Leni said with a happy giggle as she hugged Naruto again and nuzzled into his chest again with a large number of bags in hand.

"Yeah it was literally insane and I'm glad we didn't go to Reininger's as I would feel bad with the amount of discounts we got" Lori said as she also had nearly as many bags as Leni did.

"I've never had so many comics before~" Lincoln said, clearly in bliss as he had a large stack of comics in a box that he was carrying around.

"So I take it everyone enjoyed their shopping?" Naruto asked, his sisters and brother all nodded enthusiastically as they were seemingly overjoyed at the shopping they had accomplished. "Okay then back to the limo!" he declared as all his siblings, as well as Sam, cheered and they made their way back.

"Wow~ Seems like you guys got a nice haul" Kirby said with an impressed whistle before he opened the trunk for them to put their things in and closed it. "So where to next?" Kirby asked, opening the door for them as both Lola and Lynn raised their hands.

"Oh are your things at the same time?" Naruto asked as he let his siblings go inside before him.

"Well we still have to pick up my team so we can drop off Lola first and then go to get my team. Is that okay?" Lynn asked Lola before her younger sister nodded.

"Sounds perfect" Lola said, clearly giddy at the idea of showing up to a pageant in a limo and what kind of effect that would be on everyone.

Once Lola was dropped off, once again having been told like Lisa to call when she was done, it was Lynn's turn. Once her team, and coach, were in the limo Naruto was relatively surprised to see everyone being calm other than a rowdy pregame chant.

Once they arrived though they charged out of the limo, it having boosted their morale and after a quick hug from Lynn before she left, a pregame superstition of hers, he and the others cheered for her one last time as she and her team went towards the field.

The rest of their limo trip was exciting and a bit of a blur from Luan taking them to a prank and novelty store where he and Luan stocked up for the eventual yearly April Fool's war to Lucy enjoying acting like a dead body as she asked Kirby to drive as slow as he could in front of a cemetery.

It eventually became time for them to pick up the sisters they had dropped off and next thing he knew it was even time to drop off Lily and the younger siblings off with their parents.

"So what now? It's almost getting to the end of our time with the limo" Naruto told the others, snacking on some of the Burpin' Burger that they all had gotten before they had to drop off the younger siblings.

"Oh don't worry Bro, I've got something in mind" Luna said as she leaned forward from her seat and pulled out her guitar from its case and set it on her lap. "Ready for a little private concert Sam?" she said, smirking over to her friend as she seemed to have the same idea as she had already started to pull hers out of its case.

"You just sit there and watch Bro, we'll rock all of your socks off" Luna said with a wink as she started to mess with her guitar and tune it as she sat across from him on one of the rows of seats on either side of the limo.

"I don't doubt it" Naruto said, smiling at her as she continued to work on her guitar. He watched her as she strummed it a bit. He was honestly always surprised and amazed at how talented Luna was when it came to music, sure she had taught him a bit but he was mediocre compared to her.

Just watching her strum her guitar was nice to see as it always seemed natural in her hands. As he watched he quickly blushed as he noticed her legs starting to spread which gave him a clear view up her skirt.

He was never one to peek up skirts but he was a bit confused as to what Luna was doing as it almost seemed like she was doing it because he was looking. But she wouldn't do that, would she?

In his confusion and shock from it he ended up staring a bit too long, allowing him to see just what she was wearing and if by how small the front of panties were his mind immediately went to a thong. Hell the front was so small he swore he saw bits of hair sticking out the top.

That bit of visual info was enough to turn him beat red and shake his head as he snapped out of it, hoping to god that no one saw him staring up his sister's skirt.

Lori though glared at Luna, while not noticing Naruto had seen up Luna's skirt, she did notice Luna's choice of panties and how she had them spread towards Naruto. 'What does Luna think she is doing? Wear a thong and spreading her legs in front of Naruto!?' Lori thought, not liking how Luna has been recently as she had noticed that Luna did the same thing in Burpin' Burgers yesterday.

As they finished setting up Lori felt she might have to keep an eye on Luna since she knew once he was revealed to not be blood related things might change with a few of the sisters.

"Alright everyone! Let's give this limo ride a rocking send off!" Luna cheered as she and Sam started rocking out on their guitars up in the middle of the limo, the disco ball spinning above her as lights shined from it.

Everyone cheered as the music played, Luna and Sam dancing a bit as they played. Naruto was beyond glad he had won this limo as he always loved and enjoyed family moments like these as even in the chaos of a big family he loved that kind of chaos.

-Chapter End-

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