Garfield was playing a game of Tetris on a plug and play system connected to the living room's television set for he was bored, eating some pizza as he got his controller dirty from playing while having food.

"I wonder what these blocks think if they could think." Garfield said to himself as he decided to imagine if it would be the case, pondering as he paused the game to get more food as he finished up the pepperoni pizza slice he had in his paws.

"Wait a minute how do we end a bland fanfic like this?" A Tetris square asked, with it being a very good point.

"Lemme see the script." An L Piece asked, looking at a piece of paper. "Uh huh... all right..."

"Well what does it say?" A Z block said.

"It says just wait for something to happen." The L block responded.

The blocks of Tetris all fell on top of each other, with none of them being able to move as a result.

"Well that's anti climactic." A straight line piece sighed in response.

Garfield blinked back into reality as he shook his head, not liking what he was imagining. "You know what... perhaps it's better to not imagine such things."

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