A/N: All right....I wrote this several months ago, on the bus to Disneyworld. I was listening to my friend's Cher CDs, and I got the idea for this fic, so.....here it is. Cats belongs to Andrew Lloyd Webber, Train of Thought, which this is based on, belongs to Cher. No flames, please....they aren't healthy for the moral, y'know.

Bombalurina lay next to Tugger, wide awake. The tom beside her was fast asleep, mumbling something from within his subconscious. Leaning closer, the red queen realized the word he was whispering, and her fists clenched in anger. "Damn him." she thought, hot tears burning her eyes; for the word he had murmured was the name of another queen.

It had happened before. This certainly wasn't the first time he had cheated on her. Every time, she swore up and down that they were through, and she'd never take him back. Yet every time, she did. He was her addiction.

She needed him.

Yes, as much as she hated to admit it to anyone, even to herself, she needed him. Something about the maned tom drew her to him, and she didn't know why. Whenever he was gone somewhere, she was fine. But when he came around.......

Bomb's mind raced frantically, her thought-train careening wildly off-track. She was being driven insane. She had to stop it, had to get rid of the addiction.....

Had to get rid of him.

"Get rid of him...." her mind echoed. At first, the thought startled her. But the more she turned the idea over in her head, the wiser it seemed to be, the more logical a solution it was.

"Yes....I'll get rid of him..." she thought, a strange smile playing on her lips. Silently, she tiptoed to an old dresser and opened up the drawer. As the smile became more sinister, she pulled out a gleaming handgun and loaded it deftly, then turned back to the sleeping tom.

With slightly shaking paws, she raised the gun and aimed it straight at Tugger's head. One claw extended to reach the trigger, curved delicately around the cold metal. She stared at him a moment, and suddenly her heart ached with love.

She loved him.

With a swift, determined movement, the gun was pointing at her own chest. She drew a deep, shuddery breath, then pulled the trigger.

Tugger awoke to the sound of a gunshot directly beside him. The first thing he saw as his eyes opened was Bombalurina crumpled on the ground, a gun in her paw and blood pouring from her chest. Immediately, he was by her side, cradling her in his arms with a completely disbelieving stare on his face. "Bomby...." he whispered.

"Don't feel bad about me, Tugger," the dying queen rasped. "I'm out of the way....you can go....be with her..." With a shuddery breath, the red queen sank back to find peace of mind in her lover's arms and her own rapidly pooling blood.