Ah! It's been a month past when I said I'd update this, but here it is. Sorry guys. I kind of lost the characters and my vision on this story but I do have a few more things planned for it. I'm going to be updating this daily for the rest of the week in hopes that I tie it off in a nice bow. I finally feel like I have hold of the characters again. Please comment. What you'd like to see or what you think I could do better could really help me breakthrough for those of you who might even still care. :)

6 weeks passed by without much ado. Bryan and Whitley were in a new puppy-love bubble and Lorelai's morning sickness began to fade. The whole town knew as did her mother and daughter. Everyone knew not to ask Luke questions but Lorelai was constantly bombarded with naming questions, how she was feeling, had she felt the baby kick yet? One day she was particularly exhausted and decided to hole up in her office and work on invoices.

Everyone knew not to bother her from the way she entered the building that morning. Unfortunately, Whitley wasn't there when it happened so when she arrived, Michel sent her to inform Lorelai that the plumber failed to fix the issue in room 8 and said he'd have to come back tomorrow.

The soft wrapping on the door was met with an unenthusiastic "Come in" and Whitley peaked through the door with a bubbly smile on her face. This was the last thing Lorelai wanted to see at the moment- another happy face that was going to ask her how she was feeling. But to her surprise, Whitley didn't ask. She simply gave the message Michel told her to and started out the door.

"You're not going to ask how I'm feeling? Or any number of pregnancy related questions?"

Whitley looked back, confused she replied, "Did you want me to?"

"No. I'm just surprised is all."

"Oh, well I'm not exactly good at verbal and emotional cues so I try to look at someone's face and when I saw yours it said 'don't talk to me' or at least I thought so. It could have easily been an 'I need to vent face' and I wouldn't really be able to tell the difference. I just, um, well I made a guess. I'm sorry. And now I'm rambling and you're probably thinking I'm really stupid right now."

"No," Lorelai assured her. "It's just everyone's been asking. I guess I noticed you weren't that well aware of social cues but so is my stepdaughter April, and Kirk. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to compare you to Kirk. Strike that from the comparison list. Now I'm rambling."

"It's okay. I try really hard to make it not so noticeable so it not really registering until I said something actually makes me feel good about myself. My mom used to work with me on faces. We'd have tea parties and she'd put paper plate faces she drew on my dolls and stuffed animals and we'd talk about what and why each one felt the way they did. I never knew I wasn't normal until my mom started getting sick. She told me that my elementary school teachers were concerned that I had social issues. She didn't want me labeled with something so she held me back in first grade and we started the tea parties and I adapted. She wanted me to know though because she wouldn't be there to… to help me," Whitley said choking up a little. It was rare for her to show any emotion when telling a story about herself. Most of the time, she was nonchalant about it but some of her stories surrounding her mother's death really caught her emotions. This was one of them.

Lorelai came around her desk and hugged her. "Aw, hon. I'm so sorry. You're so strong and brave for making it as far as you have. We all have something. I was always the too loud girl when I was younger."

"Thanks Lorelai. I'm sorry. Here you were upset about something and you wind up comforting me."

"Aw, kid, you made me feel better just by being you. I sometimes forget how lucky I am now. I have this whole group of people who care about me and both of my parents and I'm mad because they're trying to be there for me and all you want is your mom here for you. Gives real perspective, ya know?"

"Yeah," she agreed as she wiped away the tears.

"I should apologize to you. You came in here all happy and you're leaving all weepy."

They both laughed, "Yeah, I am pretty happy… the happiest I've ever been."

"Does it have to do with a certain 6'2" bass player who has an obsession for germs and a bigger obsession with you?"

Whitley blushed. "It might. He's kind of oblivious to my faults and he's so sweet with Jazz. I'm just…"

"Happy," Lorelai completed the thought and Whitley nodded. "Good. So do you have Valentine's plans then?"

"Yeah, Brian's actually going to cook for us. Well I'm pretty sure his aunt's going to cook and he'll reheat it but it's a nice thought. It's nice having him around the house."

"I know what you mean. So have you two, you know?" Lorelai asked with a raised brow. Whitley didn't get it from the obvious confused look on her face. "Have you done the dance between the sheets? Made the beast with two backs? Celebrated Hump day vertically?" Lorelai was going to continue but Whitley got the picture and blushed once more before she answered.

"Oh, no. I um, well we talked about it on our first date. I told him I'm not ready and he says he's okay with it. I hope he is. I'm just going by his word. I just explained that I don't really notice faces that well. We have been dating 6 weeks. Maybe he thinks it's time? I haven't asked lately. Oh God, do you think that's why he's making dinner tonight?"

"Woah, woah, woah. Take a breath. If Bryan said he'll wait, then he'll wait. He's a good young man. Plus, Luke threatened him to be there for you and he seems to have taken that to heart. I didn't mean to scare you. I think it's good you're waiting."

"You do? Did you wait?"

"Well, as you know, having a kid doesn't make dating easier. I hardly dated until Rory was a little older and even then I hardly ever got that far before they either bolted at the knowledge of her or tried stronger advances thinking a kid meant I was easy. I'm glad I didn't hookup with those guys in the end becase they weren't worth it. Just because you've done it before, doesn't mean you have to do it again. You said your first time didn't feel like a choice. Make sure that if and when you do have a first time with Bryan or someone else, that you chose it. No one else can choose it for you. Discuss it with him and continue discussing it with him and most of all, be on birth control for at least one month and use a condom anyway. You're too young to have a second kid in a new relationship. It'll just muddle feelings."

"Thanks, Lorelai. You always know what to say."

"Because I remember my mistakes, kid. Most of the advice I give you is because I've either done it or watched someone do it and it end badly."

"Well thanks for sharing your mistakes then."

"Any time kid… any time."