A Simple game

Disclaimer I don't own anything of Stargate Atlantis and this is just a person using creative writing.

Summary : A high school economics teacher finds an control panel from the episode "the game" from stargate Atlantis and makes his students ( a class of around 20 children ) play the game divided into a few planets ( 5 planets with 3-6 players on each planet.), who knows how this will end in success for the students in a nice high school game or the start of an interstellar war

P.s. You do not have to watch stargate or the episode 'the game' of stargate Atlantis to understand the story

Chapter 1

Location : Great Britain, England, North Yorkshire

It was almost silent in the forest except for the hoot of an owl or the sound of a flying bird.

Then leaves could be heard crunching, something unusual was walking the forest what was not normally heard around the forest.

A bright light could be seen approaching and the squirrel climbed back onto his spot in the trees as the sound came closer.

You could hear the beings breath in the trees but luckily it walked further.

The squirrel was not noticed by the most dangerous being on the entire earth;

The Human

And it was walking towards 'the shelter'.

Michael Flemings was walking through the forests of northern England in the night enjoying the outside.

He saw a nice open field in the forest and started to gather some fire wood and he would start to set up a tent so in short, set up camp.

A person might wonder " why is Michael here alone in a forest at night " well if anyone would watch (which would be ridiculous since there was no one around) they might be surprised what he was thinking.

Michael was not a poacher or a forest guard he was an economics teacher at high school.

It is a stressful job being a teacher keeping a class in control but Michael enjoyed teaching and making children wiser and happier.

Still it was a stressful job and so in the weekend Michael had gone on a trip in the forest from when he was still (relatively) young.

He used to enjoy roaming the forest listening to the animals and observing the beautiful nature and he still does but there was something nagging his mind because his class would need to start to learn how to manage infrastructure and businesses but he could not think of any way to make the lessons enjoyable.

Some students of his suggested to play a game since almost all of the students of the class did enjoy gaming but he could not find any game that would be fun though still educational.

"Well" Michael thought " let's not think about that now and enjoy the peaceful nature" still even when day turned into night and he set up camp listening to the camp fire and the night animals it still kept him occupied with the thought.

Maybe he would buy a paradox interactive game though they were mostly too simple for hiss class and some of the students were kind of pacifistic so then those games would get boring pretty soon.

Then his head shot up " maybe a civilization game " he thought but then he thought it is a rather simple game and not really complex enough to learn anything.

Michael would sigh and look around the open field for any wildlife or interesting plants.

Then Michael saw something glistening reflecting the light of the fire back to him.

Michael was a curious man and because of his nature would walk closer to the thing that reflected the light curious of what it might be.

He walked closer to the object and when he looked closer it seemed like a metal plate that was stuck in the ground.

Michael frowned but touched the plate curious for what reason it might be in the forest.

He then moved his hand forward to touch the plate and then he heard something click and then the ground was pushed up like a trapdoor and light came from under it.

As the trapdoor opened Michael took a step back with shock in his face" well this is not what I expected " Michael thought and he then looked down into the hole.

Under the trapdoor was a bright room with modern white/grey panels and some sort of ipads spread around on tables.

Michael went down a ladder and saw what was in the room.

Then as he went down the lights went brighter and he could see the ipads standing around the room more clearly.

He carefully observed what was in the room and then he walked towards one of the around 30 sort of iPads stationed around the room.

Carefully as he stood in front of the sort of IPad he touched the screen and it would show a screen with a village and multiple buttons.

He saw the village on the screen and he clicked on the screen and it went closer; it did that very smoothly and almost seemed to work on his thoughts.

He then clicked on another button that showed the different statistics of the village which seemed to be in the end of winter.

Then a voice would be heard

" hello overseer, this is your village. You are the leader of the village and command how it develops it can do anything you want and it is all for you to observe what happens in these situations. This device is controlled by touching the screen and thinking of what will happen then this action will be done. Much luck overseer"

Michael would listen perplexed with the device; it seemed precisely what he needed and he would make use of it seeing as there was no one who used it.

Though the part of thought control was a little bit creepy he just shrugged it off as a new gadget and he justified his actions to himself that the door was most likely controlled by fingerprints and if it worked then that meant it was his now.

He then looked around the room for something to carry it on and then he saw a bag.

The bag seemed futuristic and when he picked it up it was super light and comfortable.

Michael wondered how he would explain how he got this and he thought that this was just given by a game developer to see how people could use the game.

Then he put all the sort of IPads in the bag which seemed almost the same weight as when he put the sort of IPads in and he then walked out of the bright room.

He then went back to his tent in the camp he head set up and thought that now his little problem might be solved.

Still he could have never imagined what kind of consequences his actions might have.

This was the fire chapter of a simple game it was more of a small explanation of how it started but I hope you enjoyed it.

I hope that I will be able to update once a week and that I will not get the terrible sickness of writer's block

Michael has the lantean control gene and because of that he could access the the door and in my version of the story you do not need the lantean gene to play the game.