A new game for school chapter 4

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Location: Earth, Great Britain, North Yorkshire

It was early in the morning and the sun was shining in the village of Hipswell.

Yet the light was blocked out by the a pair of curtains in front of a certain house.

There was no movement in the room that the curtains blocked until a sound like it came from the deepest depths of hell came BEEP BEEP BEEP.

The mutually feared and necessary sound among the ranks of teenagers, an alarm clock. Then the person inside the room inside a bed slowly and groggily woke up and smashed the top of the clock several times before silencing it.

Location: Mardon, Tahn, Pegasus galaxy

Tristan Rothgard walked through the streets of Mardon. With his fur lined boots crunching accros the ground as he looked around the village. He observed that with the return of the oracle the buildings of the village itself hadn't changed much but the attitude of the people certainly had. At first the people of Mardon and others acted like wel… like normal just doing their duty without too much vigor. But now with the return of the oracle a fire had settled into the hearts and minds of the people of Mardon. Now they worked as hard as they could in a goal to create a better future for the people of Mardon as well as faithfully serving the oracle.

Through the generations as Mardon stagnated and remained as it was nothing much changed this included the tales. From generation to generation stories were told about the great oracle that would come one day and bring a better future. In the meantime the people of Mardon would preserve what the oracle had created. Now that the oracle had returned everything got done quicker. He himself had also profited from this with him getting more prestige and status for leading the men of Mardon into battle. With this he was met with praise. The people of the village itself were not too hostile though that had a lot to do with them also knowing of the tales of the oracle and being ready to serve. Still there were those that would deny the will of the oracle. Mainly the other two major villages in the area and the small coalition that had gathered.

They had seen the quick rise of Mardon and in an attempt to preserve their old ways banded together to put Mardon back in its old place and to loot the village, each getting an equal part of the loot and the women. This on top of the return of the oracle was enough motivation to get the people to work quickly. From the miners at the new mine who dug into the earth, with darkness surrounding them, the carpenter made bows making them quicker and better than many generations of his forefathers or the blacksmith with the strong strength of his arms smashing the iron into place. All of these worked together for a greater cause and future. Finally of all people he specifically had been selected in the oracle's infinite wisdom to lead the warriors of Mardon. To prepare him for this task the oracle had sent him information which could be used for the art of war but he also let him do a lot of thinking of what he thought was the best tactic that could be used.

Then he saw the huntsman running towards him with great haste. He seemed to be sweating and breathing quickly as if he had constantly sprinted the distance between the forest and the village. Then after recovering himself and breathing heavily for a minute he spoke with fear and urgency in his voice "The coalition, they have assembled a war party of about thirty men." hearing this Tristan frowned and contemplated the dire situation they were now in. Even with recent recruits from the newly acquired village raising the number of men to fight in battles. Since it wasn't a full-time military as of yet. Still they were outnumbered by 10 men and whilst they could win it would require a cunning tactic and the loss of many men.

Maybe it was possible to do a night time raid whilst most of them were sleeping. And whilst it wasn't honorable in war as he had been told by the manuals of the oracle honor would sometimes have to be put at a low priority if it stands in the way of victory.

At the dead of midnight the coalition forces were sleeping. They were dreaming of the near conquest of Mardon and the women and loot they could take for themselves. But what none of them suspected was that they were soon to be attacked. They had (foolishly so) presumed that they were too far from Mardon to have noticed and had drunk too much alcoholic beverages during the celebrations which had caused them to fall into a deep sleep. Thus they did not know the forces of Mardon were ever so slowly creeping closer. Tristan silently led his forces. All of them walking across a small route often taken by wild animals to get to the river. This made sure their steps were softer and with less obstructions than if the group of soldiers had walked through the forest and the fallen leaves that scattered the surface. This enabled them to enter the enemy encampment without any problem. At first Tristan had suspected that there might have been some guards around but he had not expected this to happen. Though he should have expected it if he thought logically. Still he then give a hand sign to his men and all of the men were rudely awakened. Then whilst they were still groggy with the after effects of the drinks they were forcefully put into chains by the soldiers of Mardon. Each carrying one (sometimes two) pairs of chains of either iron or hardened leather in a very strong and hard to open knots. Soon whilst most had tried resisting and 3 of the enemy had died doing so they were quickly and ruthlessly put to the chains. Most of them first being knocked out and bound by the men of Mardon.

Then the men of Mardon in pairs of two or individually brought the other soldiers to Mardon. Then in some kind of parade glory was given to Tristan for outsmarting his enemies but the townspeople threw rotten food at the prisoners. Thusly they were ashamed and embarrassed by what they had thought to be an easy and successful battle and looting would result in them becoming ashamed like this. Then the men were for now imprisoned in a cave not far from the village. In the meantime a report would be sent to the oracle that would tell them what to do with the new prisoners.

Location: Earth, Great Britain, North Yorkshire

Marcus Hotchen let out a small almost unnoticeable yawn as he listened to the math teacher speak whilst he kept glancing at the clock at the back of their class, counting down the time until the break. Though he kept attention the current calculation did not interest him that much still he heard the teacher explain the sum on the board on which stood.

(x + 2) ( x + 3) = ? The teacher had written this with a piece of chalk and then began explaining it. Though this is not that interesting so let's say the answer simply was x squared + 5x + 6. Then the bell finally rang and the class eagerly moved out of the class and into the auditorium to have a break. There the students who had economic classes from mr. Flanders all grabbing their so called tactical screens to look on recent progress. It was a surprise not only to Mr. Flanders but also the whole class how much everyone generally enjoyed it. Whilst there were obviously some exceptions most were generally were enthusiastic as to simply play a game for their economics class and get a mark for that and the game itself was also quite fun.

Marcus smiled a little as he also thought about how everyone talked about their colonies yet almost never told someone on the same planet about their tactical information. Still it was funny in the way that there was intrigue with people sharing tactical information to someone on another planet who then gave that information to a person on that same planet. Whilst nothing had taken effect with the information since none of the players civilizations had met each other it was still quite fun to see how much intrigue was going around the class.

Then Marcus eagerly saw the result of the ambush his commander had prepared. Even though Marcus liked to command everything himself it was also fun to see how the AI made their own battleplans. This Marcus mentally assessed meant that in the future it would be smart to establish a military academy to keep his commanders AI smart. Still that was a plan only for the future and it was still far of. Still his commander had gotten most of the enemy captured and now there was a dilemma. With 8 of the enemy dead there were still 22 men who he had in captivity and it would be a risk to allow them to join Mardon after they had been interrogated and stated that they would have gone to loot Mardon if they hadn't been stopped. Marcus then got a solution and thought about if for a moment. He could send these soldiers to do manual labour. They could technically pay of the debts for the actions they would have taken against Mardon and in the meantime he got more resources. Still would it be ethical to send them to manual labour.

Marcus stroked his chin thinking with his right hand for a moment whilst his left held the tactical screen. He then shrugged, it was not slavery and they would not be handled too badly, furthermore they had known the risks when they went of to battle. Finally the most important part was that it wasn't that important. It were just computer programs so it wouldn't be bad if he got some more resources and disposable men to work the farms or work in the mines whilst the people of Mardon were kept safe. Then Marcus commanded 5 men of his army to go around the 3 villages and tell them that they were now villages under Mardon after the attack of their own soldiers and would need to pay resources to Mardon. With the newly acquired villages now sending resources and increasing the population of Mardon to 800 people Marcus recruited half of the main population of the original Mardon to fight in the army when there was battle and train. Which was about 50 men. Whilst it would lower the productivity of Mardon central, which was a good mental name for the original village, it would mean he had a loyal corps of soldiers and the other soldiers could mainly focus on other issues. With the recruitment of these people Marcus then once they had been trained enough sent garrisons to all the villages of the now 70 men army. With each of the 5 non-main villages getting 10 soldiers garrisoned whilst Mardon itself got 20 soldiers stationed since it was the capital of Mardon.

Then once that military issue was dealt with Marcus set up a blacksmith guild consisting of all the blacksmiths in Mardon who then got the objectives to build equipment for the miners and farmers and most importantly make iron swords for the soldiers. Finally the few leatherworkers of Mardon would be commanded to continue the production of leather armor for all of the soldiers. The rest of the villagers would gather resources which he was quickly getting a surplus of. Marcus also began planning to centralize farming a bit. With there being land distribution so the agriculture was in the control of larger farms rather than a whole bunch of small ones. This would increase productivity and decrease the amount of farmers needed to work the field. Especially with the new farming tools Marcus had sent blueprints of. These farmers would then take up other jobs and start creating a larger middle class and be able to create better tools and other advanced assets. Marcus was pleased. It seemed progress was being made and he was slowly coming closer to his goal.

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