Aramis had moved back into the small bed with me and had pushed and prodded me (Just like he used to) until I was pressed against his side, with him partially curled around me, his long legs spilling off the side of the bed.

Athos had been gone for about 5 minutes, so we had time to talk, just the two of us, for a bit. Or so said Aramis.

"You realize that actual doctor will have to give me a checkup, right?" I asked him after a moment of comfortable silence.

His arm tightened around me, "I know. But I am a legal doctor."

"So you aren't working with the others?"

"I am, but that doesn't mean my doctorate is nothing just because I'm a Musketeer." He replied fondly. "Also, the moment you are out of here, I've already got a room set up for you at my house. Not that you'll need the extra bed."

I snickered, "Aramis, I do have an apartment in London. And a legal team there, not just a bunch of vigilantes running around causing trouble. I can't just drop everything to go running to all of you."

"Why not?" He whined. "You're a Musketeer, Rogue."

I smiled in amusement, "And I thought you were an adult." I teased lightly, before sobering, "At any rate, it isn't in my profile to just up and leave without a good explanation. And no, going up to my boss and saying that I wasn't only born in this century, and instead was one of the original Musketeers and as such have to quit to rejoin their reincarnations, is not a good reason. He'd think I was insane, and would have me institutionalized. But, I do have a lot of downtime between cases, so I could come and go from Paris." I mused.

"What do you mean, a lot of downtime between cases?" Aramis asked curiously.

I shifted in his arms, "Well, The Horsemen are usually only sent out on the extreme cases. Cases no one else can solve easily, since we have a notorious reputation for being difficult to kill. Most of the time, we go alone to each, unless it's something really big, or the others are just bored and want to tag along. Not standard protocol, but my boss doesn't really care. We do our jobs, and we do them well."

"Here I was thinking the Horsemen reputation was all made up." Aramis commented wryly.

I rolled my eyes, "Anyway, because we're only sent on major ones, and because we usually tackle them alone, we each have a lot of spare time. Also, not many people know we are the Horsemen. We see, but normally aren't seen." I smirked wickedly, "Plus, there is the whole thing about 'dead men tell no tales' and all."

Before I could continue, or Aramis could offer up a quip, a voice from the doorway had us both turning.

"Yep. She is still as terrifying as she used to be." D'artagnan's stood in the doorway, wearing jeans, boots, and a t-shirt. Happy smile on his face and his arm curled in a sling against his chest.

Constance was beside him, arm curled in his uninjured one, and a broad smile set on her face, blue eyes bright and cheerful. But I could see that she was still as watchful as ever, clever hawk that she was.

"Bugger out of the doorway!" A growly voice commanded in mock anger, and, with a laugh, the couple moved out of the open door.

Porthos and Athos entered then. Porthos was dressed in a pair of sweats and a white t-shirt that was slightly too big waist-wise, toothy smile in place. He looked tired, and was favoring one side of himself.

Athos rolled his eyes at me, blue eyes practically glowing with happiness.

"Kit!" Porthos bellowed happily.

"Bear!" I cheered back, and his face got even happier.

Then Constance was hugging me tightly, almost too tightly, and I laughed, returning the hug as best I could.

"Nice to see you again, Constance." I told her.

She smacked my shoulder lightly as she pulled away, blue eyes bright and almost glassy, "Nice to see you too. But why did you have to be injured?"

I shot her a cheeky grin, "Because, even in this life I still have no sense of self-preservation."

"Something we still need to work on then." Athos commented wryly.

"Also, I agree with D'art." Porthos added.

D'artagnan shot me an impish grin, "You are still terrifying."

I bared my 'fangs' at him, then threw him a wink, "Don't you forget it. I am still the Horseman of Death. There's a reason for that."

The only response I got was him rolling his eyes at me and Constance lightly smacking my arm.

I huffed, but shot them both an easy going grin.

"And despite all that, you still manage to act like a child." Athos commented dryly.

I threw him a wink, "What's the fun in being a grown up if you can't act childish sometimes?"

"What indeed." He replied, a wry smirk on his face.

"Athos." Aramis suddenly whined, "Rogue said she isn't going to jump into a Musketeer position! I offered up my house and everything!"

I rolled my eyes again, amused by it all, but my companions stared at me.

"But, you're a Musketeer!" D'artagnan cried.

"See? I'm not the only one who says you belong with us." Aramis pointed out moodily.

I rolled my eyes, "As I've already explained to Aramis, I can't just stop being a Horseman without good reason to. We move as a whole. Before we were a part of the England unit, we were in America. We move as one, or not at all. And I have responsibilities, a case I'm currently working on, so I can't just leave all that unfinished. One, it would break the streak the other Horsemen and I have running of about 20 solved cases within the span of two months. And two, it would weigh too heavily on my conscience if I abandoned it now. Innocent people could get hurt if I do."

Before anyone else could say anything, Athos stepped forward, "What case were you working on before you got abducted?" He asked.

"A case involving the Spanish Mafia. They've been moving around Europe, and the only reason I know they're Spaniards is because of the amount of work I've done in the past two weeks." I replied easily. "I do have to give them props for hiding their trails so well; but there is a reason one of the Horseman were sent in. And apparently, even if I was abducted, I still found them." I tilted my head, "Actually, they found me first."

"You aren't talking about the morons who abducted all three of you, are you?" Porthos growled.

"Yep." I replied, popping the 'p'. "I was there for, oh, two days? Before these two popped up." I waved towards Aramis and D'art.

"How do you know they were the mafia?" Athos asked.

I gave him a flat look, "I've been following them for two weeks. I've memorized the files we already had on them, and pictures. So I knew who I was looking at the moment they showed their ugly mugs."

Aramis snickered, "And exactly how much time did you spend in America?"

I smirked, adopting my American accent, "Well, just about a year. And let me tell you, hailing cabs in New Jersey is a nightmare."

"That was… surprisingly good." D'art commented.

"Don't sound so surprised." I grumbled.

"Getting back to the mafia." Athos interjected smoothly, "There is a good chance that the same people we're after, are the people you're after."

"I was thinking that too. They questioned me about a letter. Does that mean anything to you guys?" I asked.

"It's a letter between a spy in the mafia to Treville." Athos replied, "This letter had information about the headquarters of the mafia. However, we believe the mafia didn't know what the letter stated. Hence why they abducted Aramis and D'artagnan."

"And they probably nabbed me because they realized I was following them." I mused. "I've been getting sloppy I suppose."

"Egads." Aramis drawled sarcastically.

I shot him a dirty look, then looked around. I realized then that the happy, warm feeling in my chest was not the medication. I had the rest of my family back, sans Treville, and I was happy.

"Now, can I break out of here?" I threw in with a smirk.

The others groaned at me, with Aramis saying a definite 'No, you're too injured' and Porthos shouting 'Hear! Hear!'. I laughed, leaning back further into Aramis' arms, and chose to forget my responsibility, if only for a little while.