Title: The Venusian's Bodyguards

Author: Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater

Disclaimer: The series Gundam Wing and Sailor Moon do not belong to me, Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater. They belong to their rightful owners.

Author Notes: I have decided to change this fic a bit. I will be redoing the chapters and also fixing the plotline. As many of you know, I had to put this on hold because of a huge writer's block. Now that I realized my problem, I am striving to fix it. This is by changing the fic slightly. Please be patient with me, I will try to get this organized as fast as I can. .*.*.*.*.*. Chapter 1: Acceptance of the Mission The five Gundam Pilots stared at a particular picture. It was in Quatre's hand as the others looked over his shoulder, stood by his side, or towered over him.

"Wahoo! Now that's what I call a babe!" Duo whistled as he stared at the beauty in the photo. His elbow rested on the Arabian blonde pilot's shoulder as he gazed down.

The picture was an image of a girl about the age of sixteen. Her long golden hair fell down to her waist. The top part was held in a red bow. A glint of happiness reflected in her beautiful sapphire eyes as she smiled to someone anonymous. This picture was secretly taken while the girl was at school with her friends in the field.

"Shut up braided-baka!" Wufei yelled from the other side of Quatre.

"Ah come on guys, just look at her figure! She's hot!" Duo explained, lightly smacking the picture once with the back of his hand.

"She's our target for the operation, nothing more," Heero informed. He turned away from the group and went to look at his laptop screen. Doctor J was on. His white cat Artemis was sitting on his shoulder, looking at the screen attentively.

Trowa turned towards the monitor when Dr. J spoke to Heero. "Remember to find this girl before that unusual organization, the Negaverse, gets her first."

Heero nodded. "Accepted."

"Wait, what's the point of kidnapping this girl?" Wufei asked rudely, pushing his way to the laptop screen.

Dr. J shock is head. "You are not to kidnap her. I want all of you to treat her with respect. Do not do anything harmful to her, do you understand?" When he received a nod from all of the pilots he continued.

"Artemis informed that this girl is from Venus, the future ruler of that planet. She has a strong power in her that could cause damage to the colonies or the universe if she can not control it. And if the Negaverse takes hold of that power… let's just say our future is in ruins."

"Understood," Quatre said politely. However, Wufei was not feeling so respectful like his well-mannered teammate. "Why the hell should we believe a cat?!"

Duo chuckled, "Yeah. As far as I know, he's never spoken to us. Why not? How come he only talks to you?"

"That's none of your concern Duo." Dr. J sighed. "Heero, inform me when you have Miss. Aino. Good luck."

Doctor J began to fade into darkness before disappearing completely off the screen. Heero turned off the laptop and stared at the others. Like all of them, it confused him somewhat about the mission. Since when could people live on the planet Venus? It was bizarre. And to top it off, his old guardian Doctor J claims that he's able to talk to Artemis, telling him all this strong-power-from-Minako-Aino information. He only even found the white cat a few weeks ago behind a dumpster.

"What do you guys think? The old man's going crazy or what?" Duo asked the others, lifting his eyebrow slightly.

Quatre shook his head and smiled. "No. If you think about it, why would Doctor J send us on a perfectly made up task? It's not like him."

And the pilot of the Gundam, 'Sandrock', was right. Throughout all the years the five soldiers have been working for the scientist, he had never played a joke on them. He was always serious. Plus, the fact that Heero never backed down on a mission prevented the others from declining.

Heero turned to Trowa. "What did the paper Doctor J sent us say?"

"This Minako Aino lives close by here in London. He wasn't able to exactly pinpoint her location but she should be attending the High School nearby." Trowa informed, reading the paper out loud.

Wufei took the paper from the taller Gundam Pilot and read it to himself. "Pfft, this is unjust! This mission is a complete waste! Who the hell has powers?"

"Do what you want but I accepted the operation," Trowa answered calmly, taking the paper back.

"Yes. And when we find Miss. Aino, we are not allowed to take our eyes off her until Doctor J tells us otherwise," Quatre also added, reading over Trowa's arm.

Duo grinned. "No problem with that! With her around her I'll never take my eyes off her!"

Wufei rolled his eyes at the braided Gundam pilot. "Damn you Maxwell," he grunted.

"Enough playing around," Heero spoke in his serious voice. "Are you in or out?"

"We're in," Quatre answered, indicating Trowa and himself.

Duo flung his arm around Quatre. "Me too buddy! This has to be the best mission ever!"

The room fell quite when four pairs of eyes landed on Wufei, who held a sour expression and his arms folded in front of his chest. "So Chang, are you in or out?" Heero asked again.

After a few seconds, Wufei let out a grunt and said a faint, "So be it."

"Alright Wu-man! Good choice!" Duo cheered, raising his hand for a high-five. But of course the Chinese Pilot did not take it.

While Quatre folded the picture and placed it in his vest pocket, Heero went to the desk drawer to get his gun. He began to load it with bullets when Trowa noticed.

"What's that for?" the emerald eyed musician asked puzzled.

"Ah, you know the perfect soldier. He never walks around without a gun," Duo kidded. He already had on his black cap and sunglasses.

Heero gave the pilot of 'Deathscythe' a knowing look before walking out of the conference room in Quatre's mansion. The others followed while Quatre went to get the car key's for his van. When he caught up with them, they were already inside the car.

With Quatre at the drivers seat, Heero in passenger's seat, and the others in the seats behind, they were ready. The van was soon out of the driveway and onto the main street. Their mission had started. .*.*.*.*.*. Author Notes: I'm guessing many of you are wondering why Artemis is with Doctor J am I right? I'll explain soon. Please review/flame. Flames will be used to burn dick-head (Usagay). If you have not noticed, I hate the rabbit of the moon. So flames will do well for me. Thank you.