Author Notes: This is not an updated chapter for "The Venusian's Bodyguards." This is an important note to Bevies and Butthead. Sorry that I have to do this, readers, but these two flamers have just sent me a so called flame just moments ago. It was exactly 1:40 a.m. when I got it. This is what they said: Your storys pretty good but it doesnt have serena in it so it sux with out her From Beavis

Howcome you dont like the couple serena and heero not heero and mina that sux but don't get mad i'm just say that maybe heero and mina make a good couple

so don't burn serena in your story becus if you do mina will die in my story ok from Butthead

I am sure that the people who know me well know how I handle these kinds of situations. I always write a comeback to a flamer, especially when it was 100% bullshit, like Beavis and Butthead flame. Here it is, to Beavis and Butthead. Your flame is what I would call stupid, a waste of your time, and child's play. It had no value in it what so ever and I doubt it made dick-head haters think twice of disliking your favorite moron of the moon.

If you think I care if Minako dies in your fics then you have another thing coming. You may go ahead and write a bashing Minako fic. At least I'm not stupid enough to go read a story were the author hates my favorite character and paring. Plus, everyone knows by now that I hate dick-head. I have posted at least four fics and people have seen my penname, Aino Yuy (It's a clue that I love the paring Minako/Heero) aka Usagi-Hater (Oh my, and what does this mean? Surly even a kindergarten would understand that.)

Yes, happy to say it but Usagay is a dick-head. She is not just a meatball-head but also a dick-head. Hate to burst your bubbles huns.

I shall pretend you are little kindergartens by the way you two are acting. Now listen to me closely. I hate dick-head. And if I hate dick-head, what makes you think I would like dick-head with Heero? Not only does dick-head/Heero parings suck, they are screwed up as well. First off, many of the couple's story plotlines are used dozens of times. Heero is usually out of character (OOC) and, this also makes me wonder what this world is coming to, Dick-head being out of character.

The moron of the moon being serious all the time? She being able to pilot a Gundam? She can barely keep a straight face in one series and how the hell would she be able to control a Gundam with her weak minded statistics on anything except food?

But I guess people do have a right to dream right? But seriously, if people are going to dream, don't torture the characters by making them fall in love with a dick-head like Usagay, one of the most annoying, stupid, and weak characters in the anime world.

I do not care if you hate the paring Minako/Heero. That is why I do not go near people who do. And do not be telling me that Minako is just like dick-head. She is far from the balled rabbit. Minako a better senshi than that dick-head will ever be. She knows how to behave at the perfect time and is skilled, unlike the moon moron who can only use her wand to stop an enemy.

During my time on I have received quite a few of flames. And I have noticed that people who leave them do not have enough courage to post their flame in their account (I most certainly would not be surprise if you did not have one, you are most likely too stupid to figure out how to.) or at least leave their e- mail address. Surely everyone has an e-mail account.

So right now you two are certainly not a nuisance to me. And all this flame you guys tried to write only caused dick-head to burn more. Hey, it is not my fault that you are killing her with your brainless attempts in stopping me. I'm sorry if this makes you mad… nah! Making you mad means another flame. And another flame means burning dick-head.

*Sighs* such a shame that dick-head's fans are killing her. So, so, so very sad *sarcastically.*
That's about it for now. Although… Butthead, about me not getting mad, that was pretty stupid. If you do not want people to get mad, do not try to make them angry. Easy as that hun. And I'm telling you the truth, go ahead and bash Minako. Kill her if you like. But at least Minako-fans are not as brainless as you two are and read it. Aino Yuy aka Usagi-Hater